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Should Bishop Long step down?

Bishop Eddie Long said Sunday that he would fight charges of sexual coercion filed against him by four young men who were members of Long's New Birth Missionary Baptist Church.

By Hal Straus  |  September 26, 2010; 11:33 AM ET  | Category:  National Save & Share:  Send E-mail   Facebook   Twitter   Digg   Yahoo Buzz   StumbleUpon   Technorati  
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I don't think that he should step down until something is proven. At this point, these are allegations. He may or may not be guilty of wrongdoing, but under our system one is presumed innocent until proven guilty.

Posted by: BootmanDC | September 26, 2010 1:40 PM

Based on the clip I just saw he does sound very guilty. At no point did he say that he was innocent. He said that he wasn't perfect and that he would fight the charges. Why not just come out and categorically deny the charges?

Posted by: luvleep | September 26, 2010 1:44 PM

I do not think it is matter of the allegations being true or not. As leader by example and for the greater good of his church he should step aside if even momentarily to attend his personal business and not distract from the ministry or what good he has already done. That would be the unselfish thing to do. But harvesting power instead is selfish at the expense of his church. He would be a lot more respected for putting his ministry before his selfish desires of being senior pastor unable to relinquish even temporary leadership. That is what's sad, and none of his advisors have convinced him as well.

Posted by: Blackant | September 26, 2010 1:54 PM

Some jokes just write themselves. I can't believe the booger eaters who follow this buffoonish poverty pimp didn't see this one coming.

Posted by: carlbatey | September 26, 2010 2:26 PM

Should a self-hating, homophobic, hypocritical "spiritual leader" step down because he's being sued on charges that he coerced young teenage men into having sex with him?

I personally don't have much sympathy for religious leaders who wear gold and diamond bling, drive extremely expensive sports cars, live in mansions and are multi-millionaires -- yet claim to be representing Jesus Christ.

What a joke.

Yet his church has 25,000 members who support him and his materialistic lifestyle, so he must be a sharp, cunning con artist / pastor. I will give him that.

At this time I don't think that he should step down, but in the interests of his congregation, he should step aside temporarily while he deals with his personal life. But will a man with his ambition, ego and taste for power and wealth think of others -- or himself first?

What would Jesus do?

And what will Eddie do?

I think we all know the answer to that already.

Posted by: UrsoBear | September 26, 2010 3:07 PM

Carl Batey.
What do you mean by Booger Eaters?

Posted by: bbloom222 | September 26, 2010 3:11 PM

The least this guy is doing is the standard religious claiming himself as a church tax scam. It is doubtful that any of the TV preachers or whatever they are called could stand even a cursory tax audit. On the other hand I would wish that at least one of these people, congressmen-women, preachers etc would have an old fashioned heterosexual affair with someone their own age.

Posted by: KBlit | September 26, 2010 3:12 PM

Where is the option, "Never heard of him, don't care"?

Posted by: MKadyman | September 26, 2010 3:42 PM

Are you kidding? He'll never ever resign. He and the First Lady, Rev. Vanessa have tasted the highest life possible for an ex-Ford car salesman from rural North Carolina. He won't give up anything for a set of a mere attack from the so-called Devil.

Posted by: Nparry | September 26, 2010 5:11 PM

People who use the Gospel to perpetuate their pockets -- and their perversions -- should lose all rights to 501c(3) provisions. Their afterlife will be judged by the Almighty!

This guy's life style could be feeding thousands of homeless. Really feel for members of his congregation! Sadly, fear that there may be a lot of truth to the sordid allegations since Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton have not jumped on the 'Bishop's' bandwagon.

Posted by: wheeljc | September 26, 2010 5:13 PM

Step down??!!! From what? As the self-appointed bishop of the Church of Prosperity? If the charges are true, it makes you wonder how many people are involved in this mess. I feel sorry for the rank and file members - but, the ones close to him had to know what was going on. My guess is that others will be implicated. Let this congregation figure this out for themselves.

Posted by: Lou60 | September 26, 2010 5:31 PM

No he should not step down. For what? Because someone decided they want what he got so let's destroy him? This would be playing right into the hands of the devil. Innocent until proven guilty! And its also just a ploy to get the church off focus from the real deal which is to pray for the state of our nation and not let the deceiver continue to deceive. He will be VINDICATED!!!

Posted by: darlenedesktop | September 26, 2010 5:38 PM

All of the stomping and clapping this morning at NEW BIRTH, while this man not one time told his congregation that he was completely innocent.

Why on earth would you not step aside while this is worked out for the sake of your congregation?? Your desire to address the congregation on Sunday (whoa is me aka pity party) and not the allegations with your attorney by your side, show how arrogant and self absorbed he is, regardless if the allegations are true or not!

Posted by: CourtofPublicOpinion | September 26, 2010 5:49 PM

This person must abandon his post and minimise damage to those who labour to practise their religion. How many lawsuits must be filed before he comes to the realisation that we have laws and, moreover, he must abide by which.

Posted by: prokofiev85 | September 26, 2010 6:12 PM

I have a question for all of you clowns that are ready to condemn the man and throw him under the bus? What if someone played a video tape of your life? Would you be proud for everyone to see it? Let the facts come out before you draw a conclusion. He should step down why he deals with this. I have to wonder how a grown man/ Man of the cloth sends such photos of himself to others. Anyone in that position has to be stupid to do so in the age of Twitter/ YouTube/ Facebood, etc...

Posted by: karlpagliacci1 | September 26, 2010 6:26 PM

Hes black, he supported Obama, so hes innocent of any wrong doing.

Posted by: dashriprock | September 26, 2010 6:53 PM

Jail will be a nice place for this con man. What a disgrace!

Posted by: truth1 | September 26, 2010 7:04 PM

Bishop Long should make sure that He stays in truth and to be deal with His sexuality. It would not be my judgment if He should step down, but is the judgment of God. God is of love and truth and will not allow this type of behavior "And thinkest thou this, O man that judgest them which do such things, and doest the same, that thou shalt escape the judgment of God? Roman 2:3" God will forgive Bishop Long as well as should we all, but Bishop must give the truth.

As far as Him being prosperous for working for God is appropriate. If you are a reader of the Old Testaments, God wants His place of rest on earth as well as His servants to look good. It states many times how God has given them gold and silver and ear rings and jewelry. Jesus Christ who is our Savior is a little different then His Father, which is God. The truth is, Jesus had plenty of money as people would throw money to Him which was not portrayed. Jesus states in regards to riches "And Jesus looking upon them saith, With men it is impossible, but not with God: for with God all things are possible. Mark 10:27". Jesus used allot of His money to give back to help the poor, and stayed very humble.

Bishop Long needs to be truthful with His sexuality, because as far as I am concerned and from what my Heavenly Father has told me that the allegations are true and not false. Bishop Long and all God's church leaders need to stop ridiculing people that are attracted to the same sex (those that are doing this). Instead they need to provide edification to the congregation to bring people to God. They also need to get a better understanding on what is actually the sin of homosexual activity. Jesus says "For from within, out of the heart of men, proceed evil thoughts, adulteries, fornications, murders, thefts, covetousness, wickedness, deceit, lasciviousness, an evil eye, blasphemy, pride, foolishness: All these things come from within, and defile the man. Mark 7:21-23". These are the sins that God saw in Sodom and Gomorrah. There was no love. God has seen love in people who are attracted to the same sex and their hearts are not defiled with all that I have described in Mark 7:21-23. They are actually bringing others to Christ through God's gifts. Glory to God!

"Love worketh not ill to his neighbour: therefore love is the fulfilling of the law. Romans 13:10"

"But we speak the wisdom of God in a mystery, even the hidden wisdom, which God ordained before the world unto our glory. 1Corinthians 2:7"

Posted by: Prophet_K | September 26, 2010 7:12 PM

Prophet K needs to put down the Book of Jewish Fairy Tales and use his head to see what a fraud this Closeted, on the Down Low,Con artist this Closet Case is.

Posted by: jjjfcw | September 26, 2010 7:46 PM

This is another case of Black on Black violence

Posted by: jjjfcw | September 26, 2010 7:47 PM

Yeah, he should step down. Low down.

Then again, why should he? He's been able to fleece his sheep for years now, made millions off them. If they're not worried about that, why should the sheep worry that he's got a thing .... for sheep?

Posted by: eezmamata | September 26, 2010 8:00 PM

I hope he doesn't step down. The louder they scream, the harder they fall. Great entertainment.

Posted by: williamhuxtan | September 26, 2010 8:11 PM

Really, it's all about money, isn't it?

Posted by: MrBethesda | September 26, 2010 11:44 PM

Read his lips. When the pastor said that "I am not a perfect man", it is an admission of guilt. I hope that people won't start to turn this into a racial thing.
In case they turn it into a black and white issue, let's remember who brought Christianity to the slaves.

Posted by: lepilina | September 26, 2010 11:46 PM

The whole idea of prosperity Christianity seems to mean that just the ministers get prosperous. The conspicuous desire for and show of bling and other "stuff" seems antithetical to the teachings of Jesus. It all looks like one big scam. As to the charges -- we shall see.

Posted by: weareone | September 26, 2010 11:53 PM

I believe Long should step down. To stay until the allegations are proven or unproven would subject the church and the congregations to stress and diversion from the goals of the church.

His goals are secondary to the goals of the church.

He should be thrown out if he does not resign

Posted by: wrock76taolcom | September 27, 2010 12:18 AM

He is not going to resign because his ego is too big...Just like polliticians he will deny, deny, deny until all the facts are staring him in the face then he will become humble and beg for forgiveness...

Sound like a broken record??????

Posted by: pentagon40 | September 27, 2010 12:51 AM

In a time when church membership is declining and faith in spiritual institutions and its leaders have been challenged, such situations as these should not come as a surprise. We the people do not desire to know God for ourselves, we do not desire to study to show ourselves approved, we do not want to pray, fast and seek the face of The Lord for ourselves but instead we've appointed Kings to stand in the gap and do this for us! We worship those who have been created and not the creator. I believe the sole purpose of Pastors and clergy should be to teach the people of God how to envoke God's presence, taste of his goodness, love thy neighbors and seek after those things that would bring a beloved community together(strength,love,humbleness,redistribution of funds,peace,joy etc.,)There is an arrogance about those who are spiritual leaders that places you guys above the rest! Highly favored right? But there are those of us who do fall on our face and seek the most high and are just as annointed as you are! There are those of us who do digest the bible and educate ourselves and do not desire to be spoon-fed the word of God! If, from the pulpit Pastors and clergy would change the language and humanize their sermons, which would include themselves recognizing that we are only men/women and without err, then when we find ourselves being confronted by past/present demons our congregations would understand and would be quick to forgive us and not damned us to Hell! However; we preach the "you" need to do this and "you" shouldn't do that sermons as if alot of what YOU preach "aint" at your doorstep too! Go back to teaching the people of God the importance of knowing God for themselves and calling on the name of The Lord for their own sake so that their burdens don't weigh YOU down and YOU don't have to stay 5 hours after church counseling folk on petty issues because you have taught them how to become self-sufficient on God! Personalize your sermons preachers!!!!! Begin to put the YOU in I so that WE can move forward as a people and a nation! To the people of God, the so-called "sheep" wake up and get yourself learned, educated and get out of this lazy slump of expecting these leaders to do it all for you! Find out for yourselves what wonderful things our God has planned for your life! WE ALL HAVE PURPOSE!!! Know him for yourself and judge not anyone lest you be judged! Pray for these young men and their families, pray for Bishop Eddie Long and his family and pray for this nation..but know that everything that is happening is by divine plan! I "aint" no saint people but I thank God, I "aint" what I use to be....and guess what???? I still have a long way to go!!!!

Posted by: ygreenabc | September 27, 2010 1:45 AM

I would step down. He has other pastors to cover the services in his absence. He needs to spend all of his time working with lawyers because his accusers are making sure their lawyers dig up anything that will support their stories. And the church doesn't need the distraction of reporters. If he's innocent, he wouldn't want to play out his trial in the newspapers.

Posted by: skinfreak | September 27, 2010 2:34 AM

I lived in Atlanta for 20 years, and have watched Eddie for a long time. He was mentored by Earl Paulk, who was also accused of improper (albeit hetero)sexual relationships with congregants; he has used the pulpit to support political candidates and then offered food and transportation to the pols to boost turnout for his favored candidates; he gave nearly twice the allowed amount toward the re-election campaign of the incumbent CEO of DeKalb County (who was later found guilty of race discrimination for his efforts to create a "darker administration" and who also defended himself against a rape allegation by saying it was a consenual menage-a- trois); he lives in a $1+ million mansion and has a Bentley, gets a $1 million salary (which is nearly equal to the church's charitable donations) and he STILL has not provided the records requested by Sen. Grassley in the senator's inquiry into the misuse of the ministry's tax exempt status. And now this. Click here to see some photos of the Bishop in muscle shirt and bike shorts that he emailed to one of his accusers-- and then decide for yourself whether he's a man of the cloth who should stay in the pulpit or whether he should step down.

Posted by: kanawha | September 27, 2010 7:30 AM

When you consider all the scandals that engulfed an ancient institution called "the Roman Catholic Church" over the past three decades -- everything from the orchestrated cover-up of pederasty (the latest disclosures involving Belgian clergy but before this, seemingly world-wide) to accusations of large-scale money laundering leveled against the Vatican Bank; yet another Vatican Bank scandal ... excuse me, "regulatory misunderstanding") -- one wonders why anyone pays any attention, really, to "organized" religion, let alone believes in their moral teachings; more amazing still, contributes any amount of money. Just another con ... .

Posted by: hogsmile | September 27, 2010 7:33 AM

I use to be a Christian, but I no longer believe! For those Christians that follow these pastors that make millions, is that what you think Jesus would do? If not, why in the heck are you following these WOLFS? I don't know if he's guilty of molesting those young men, but he is guilty of fleecing the flock of sheep for sure! I also believe that those mega churches should loose their tax exempt status! Any pastor that owns their own jet really says something about that man of God. His God is money you silly sheep!

Posted by: noneckmd | September 27, 2010 7:51 AM

I think he should resign because of the 6 carat amethyst diamond studded ring he was wearing in the picture. This man wouldn't
"know Jesus" if he hit him over the head with a two by four. What a fraud.

Needless to say, the IRS is too terrified to audit a church like this and determine whether it's truly non-profit. Seems like a good portion of this church's profit went to the Prophet-he got paid $3M a year in "salary."

Posted by: Afraid4USA | September 27, 2010 7:58 AM

He Prophet_K: are you running or trying to run the same scam as this con artist "Bishop"? What version of the NT did you read? Jesus loved gold??? I was taught in Sunday School that Jesus said that a camel was more likely to pass through the eye of a needle than a rich man was to enter heaven.

Posted by: Afraid4USA | September 27, 2010 8:04 AM

Why should someone step down because of "allegations"...also there are some comments posted that are just racist...completely not funny!!

Posted by: Adrian5 | September 27, 2010 8:07 AM

Bishop Long should step down, not so much because of the allegations, whose validity he did not deny, but rather because of massive apparent hypocrisy plus ripping off the suckers who have contributed so mightily to his mission.

Link to Transcript

First off, assuming the allegations are true, which may be a pretty big assumption, the individuals were past the age of consent. In their late teens, they were certainly old enough to know what they were doing. So, as the papers have pointed out in fairness, it is not as though he has engaged in anything like the massive instances of statutory rape indulged in by Catholic priests and bishops.

Also, the individuals do not claim that they didn't get compensated for their services, whether or not they actually did perform the services they claim they did. It seems that maybe there is something of a shakedown going on. Unlike the hustler who outed Ted Haggard, BUT who did not seek any money, these individuals are not claiming that the outing was because of Bishop Long's massive attacks, broadcast widely nationwide, on the civil rights of other Americans.

It is of course worth noting that like Jim and Tammy Faye, and Ted Haggard, and the Crouches of Trinity Broadcasting, etc., Bishop Long has done very well for himself financially out of the tax-deductible contributions of suckers who could probably make more effective use of their heart-felt contributions by donating to churches that serve their own communities, or to other organizations that do not pay their heads massive salaries and benefits. I'm not saying that Bishop Long should live on the edge of poverty. But it seems to me that keeping for himself ten times and more the income of the average American household may be a little bit too much.

Posted by: edallan | September 27, 2010 8:12 AM

I have no doubt how this will play out. The "bishop" (how do these titles get conferred, anyway) will tearfully admit to indiscretions caused by some sort of emotional upheaval in his life at the time, he will repent in front of his congregation, and the weak minded people who fall for these hustlers and con artists (and have almost since the time America was founded) will cheer his repentance and abjuring of the devil.

Jimmy Swaggart got to make a comeback after admitting to trysts with hookers in cheap motels, so I am sure "bishop" Long will find some way to spin this. And since he has been an outright crusading homophobe for his entire career, it will be interesting to see what the precise spin turns out to be!

Posted by: jhpurdy | September 27, 2010 8:18 AM

No, he doesn't have to step down. Let him stay and fight it out and appear the same type fool as Jim and Tammy Faye, Swaggert, etc,etc.

Posted by: pd2710 | September 27, 2010 8:52 AM

3rd option. Don't know him. I've seen him while flipping channels but couldn't pick him out in a crowd.

These polls are so inane. I wonder how many people who voted actually know of him.

Posted by: rlj611 | September 27, 2010 8:52 AM

I don't think he needs to officially step down based on accusations. However, if he were to stay out of the pulpit for a while and let one or more of his 50 or so deacons, ministers, pastors, etc... preach and teach until this is resolved, I think that would be appropriatel

Posted by: | September 27, 2010 8:58 AM

Step Down?? From a multi-million dollar BUSINESS that pays no taxes. NO GOD and NO TAX breaks. Keep giving your money to churches and you still wont get your seat in the so callled heaven. Suckers!

Posted by: porcelainproductions | September 27, 2010 9:02 AM

Step Down? No. Gay-bashing closet homosexuals who fleece their rubes should remain in the public eye so that everyone can see how corrupt the gay haters can be.

Posted by: kamdog | September 27, 2010 9:11 AM

If he steps down, his 'church' might survive. If he stays on-board, he can bring the whole thing crashing down. I hope he stays on and the rotten institution totally disintegrates. (Of course his flock of sheep will find another shepherd, but that's how sheep are... always looking for a guy hungry for their wool and mutton).

Posted by: tbrucia | September 27, 2010 9:13 AM

"...and not distract from the ministry or what good he has already done."
What "good?!
He and organizations like his, spread hatred and lies about homosexuals.
You consider that good?
How Christian of you.

Posted by: Gary12 | September 27, 2010 9:15 AM

It depends on whether he started that church. If he did, then they should probably disband the church altogether. I saw the video from this past Sunday. Those parishioners certainly weren't interested in learning the truth. As far as they are concerned, he really is being persecuted like the righteous King David.

Posted by: forgetthis | September 27, 2010 9:16 AM

The Church Pulpit is one of the most self aggrandizing tools available to all males, competent and otherwise. If the Bishop did actually suck off these pubertal males he needs to resign and pursue his homosexuality away from a pulpit that he has used to denigrate others of similar leaning. If he plans to fight this thing, then he needs to step down and devote all of his energies to the battle. He cannot lead a large social organization effectively while fighting to preserve his name and the image of the group that provides him with such a good living. He needs to give as much energy to this fight as he has given to the ridicule of homosexuality.
He looks so cute in the Spandex outfits that he may want to do some modeling of similar outfits as he seeks to afford even more jewellery for the young boys in his ex-congregation and the wider world. He will undoubtedly find more opportunities after he steps aside "temporarily" and is able to bask in the publicity of his recently disclosed extracurricular activities. This may even be a good time to form a new prayer group with Reverend Haggard whose homosexuality has been reportedly cured with prayer. The opportunities are endless, Bishop. There are more homosexuals around you than even you may realize. Good luck!!

Posted by: Draesop | September 27, 2010 9:23 AM

Whether or not he should step down depends on his congregation. In my opinion until something more concrete than allegations comes out he should not step down. He doesn't necessarily have to found liable in court either. If there are pictures, physical evidence, or anything else that backs up the accusations it would be best for him to step down.

Posted by: 6thsense79 | September 27, 2010 9:35 AM

Let his congregation decide his fate. If they are foolish enogh to follow this man then let them follow. We have enough problems as individuals and a society to deal with that we don't need to be sticking our noses into someone elses church.

Posted by: MI-Sooner | September 27, 2010 9:41 AM

I don't care if he is or isn't. He's clearly using his 'church' to live a life of wealth and extravagence. He owns a Bentley and a private jet. How many lives could he help with the money used to buy those things? His congregation knows this and continues to give him money? Chumps. This guy's job is to spread the teachings of Christ and he lives like this? What a joke. I'm guessing he'll get his in the end, though, so whatever.

Posted by: pswift00 | September 27, 2010 9:44 AM

some of these pictures of Eddie Long look mighty fishy. i mean he's not that cut. he's looks a little chubby and overweight in his suits but in the alleged photos he sent he's looks slimmer and cut.
and as far as his cars and money, he and all Christians are suppose to be wealthy. here in this life and in the afterlife. We (Christians) have a covenant with God, so we are suppose to have the best of life, spiritualy, financialy, physically everything.
also homosexuality is and always will be a sin.

Posted by: rileymrr | September 27, 2010 9:48 AM

What? Step down? What would happen to the Range Rover, the big house and other trappings of spiritual enlightenment? Maybe Rev Jesse will come visit and they can exchange tips about "after you get caught, then...." Although, at least Jesse's banger was of the opposite gender.

Posted by: laffingcatholic | September 27, 2010 9:55 AM

Step down? How about refunding those hundreds of millions of dollars he coerced on the lie that some supernatural being would look upon those donors favorably?

Such charlatans need to be put out of business and put in prison.

Posted by: trippin | September 27, 2010 9:55 AM

If he did what he is alleged, he should resign. If not, he should stay. And only he (and potential victims) know for sure. It's a matter of personal integrity.

Posted by: amaikovich | September 27, 2010 9:56 AM

This entire situation is very sad for everyone involved. I grew up as a Baptist and we always threw our support behind our pastor, even when we knew something was untoward. It was a silent agreement that we had. And anyone who would dare to speak out was tarred and feathered. No one is perfect, but it is no excuse for the church not to take these allegations against Bishop Long seriously. Some Christians are claiming that the Bishop is being judged in the media, however his accusers are also being judged by the Bishop's supporters. Where is the support system for the young men who may have been abused? I have been sexually abused in my lifetime by someone I trusted, and I know how it feels when people don’t believe you. I was victimized by the person who assaulted me, and then by people who just cast my accusations to the wind. The Bishop should step aside until the investigation has come to an end; otherwise he is using the media of public opinion also.

Posted by: blessedbobi | September 27, 2010 9:57 AM

Irrespective of my personal views about the man, and to the extent that people are saying various things about him, as well as his accusers, he is still not guilty until found guilty by a jury. I find it distressing how quickly some people are in rushing to judgment when the facts are not known. Therefore, he should not step down. If his church feels he can no longer carry out the duties as Bishop, then it is the prerogative of the church to remove him, not the court of public opinion.

Posted by: seventhrama | September 27, 2010 9:58 AM

Opiate of the masses.

Posted by: Please_Fix_VAs_Roads | September 27, 2010 10:00 AM

I don't think it is our decision. It is between him and God, and finally his church membership. If he see it affecting the church and God puts it on his heart, weather he is innocent or guilty. He should let God guide him in his action and trust me God will tell him what to do. IF HE GOES TO HIM. I believe you are innocent until proven guilty and until all facts are out I will hold my judgment.

Posted by: hbutler1 | September 27, 2010 10:00 AM

Notice how quiet the other "pastors" are on this subject...where there is smoke, there is USUALLY fire. The man "protesteth too much" against the very thing he is now caught up in...he should go immedidately

Posted by: fairness3 | September 27, 2010 10:02 AM

Why did he wear the hair piece?

Worship God not any man.

Posted by: brumit | September 27, 2010 10:04 AM

Just love the comments posted by Profet K above...Christ was about love...not material glory. By the way, where in the Book did Christ speak about (pro or con) gay matters...can't find it in my edition.

Posted by: fairness3 | September 27, 2010 10:06 AM

Since Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton have not rushed to the scene, Long must be as guilty as sin! Seriously, just think of how many homeless could be fed by a fraction of Long's opulent living!!!!

Posted by: wheeljc | September 27, 2010 10:07 AM

Yes Bishop Long should step down. His Empire is based totally on fraud. Sadly he rised money through fear and hate. He follows many self hating closeted gay people. For example, Chairman of Replublican National Committee, Senator Larry Grieg, and Conservative Radio talk show host Armstrong Williams who was sued by a male employee for sexual arrassment, which was later quitely settled. The black church should really stop being played by people like Mr. Long by spreading hate against gay people who are well represented in the black church. It also sad that so many black gay people subject themselves to this hate while supporting these churches.

Posted by: kevltrlaw | September 27, 2010 10:07 AM

This clown needs to be investigated by the IRS.What type of 'man of God' needs diamond rings and a Bentley and to live in obscene excessive luxury? He is a pedophile who uses his position to prey on young boys, and extort hard earned cash for his naive parisoners . He should be fully prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. If his 'church' has take a political stand on anything, the church and all of it's officials should be taxed. What a hateful materilistic piece of trash!

Posted by: 10bestfan | September 27, 2010 10:21 AM

1. I don't know why anyone would be suprised that a person who annoints himself "bishop" (of what?) and drives a Bentley is a hypocrite.

2. I don't really see why the lawsuit should be successful. Everything was consensual, and I just have a hard time believing anyone was manipulated. I guess I just don't believe that anyone would trust this man so much that they could be made to do something they didn't want to do. See again point #1.

3. If he asks for forgiveness he should recive it. But what he most needs forgiven are his previous words, more than these acts. That, and see again point #1.

Posted by: Hurleybird | September 27, 2010 10:21 AM

The clue about his devotion and his legitimacy lie in his lack of stewardship. From New Birth's website: "Good stewardship over our financial resources involves the way we earn, spend, save, invest and give." It should also include "report". You cannot take in scads of money and not offer an accounting of how it was spent. Good luck getting through the eye of the needle, Bishop.

Posted by: eed017 | September 27, 2010 10:50 AM

As long as Rev. Al and the NAACP continue to support the pastor, we all should support him. No matter what he did wrong.
No matter what he did wrong.

Posted by: state82 | September 27, 2010 10:58 AM

Right off the bat, this man is not a "bishop," and the media referring to him by that title is a bit ludicrous. A bishop is a rank of clergy person in a hierarchically organized church, like the Methodists or Catholics. Baptist churches are congregational, so by definition you can't have and more importantly don't need a bishop. Clearly, this is a self-appointed title, no doubt thought to mean senior pastor or something similar, but self-appointed nonetheless. If I called myself "Field Marshall" would the press refer to me with that title? No.
Why does this culture equate large with good? A huge congregation is just that - a huge congregation. What kind of personal ministry can this pastor give to thousands of church members? Is it a church or a cult of personality?
And the "gospel of prosperity" that is preached there is about as much "Christian" as Taoism. Whatever happened to Jesus' railing against the rich, telling his followers to help the poor, saying it is "...easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to get into heaven." Jesus didn't have a horse, and yet this person drives around in a Bentley. Anyone else see the irony in that? The gospel of prosperity is simply a way for people to feel less guilty about their wealth, and look down upon the less fortunate as "lazy" or losers because if God wants everyone to be rich, then if you're not rich then God doesn't like you, right?
I think if Jesus really did return, a lot of people won't like what he would have to say.

Posted by: Historian1960 | September 27, 2010 10:59 AM

I feel he should step down and is guilty. Why send the pictures and give gifts to a select few young men. He also said he will fight this but not one time did he say he did not do what he is accused of. If I was accused of something the first thing I would say is I did not do it if I did nothing wrong.

Posted by: k141 | September 27, 2010 11:00 AM

I'm definitely a Christian, but this article has attracted some loonies who are using the Bible justify a corrupt lifestyle--whether or not these charges are true. The man worshipped Mammon.

And I concur with wheeljc and fairness3. How is it that the other ministers are being so silent about this. And forget Jesse and Al; where's TD Jakes, president of the Millionaires for Jesus Club? Isn't Creflo Dollar in Atlanta and some other big name? They're probably all talking about it in their private studies.

Posted by: forgetthis | September 27, 2010 11:14 AM

What is the point of all of us judging? The evidence is not in and we cannot judge without it.

Presumption of innocence? Not if we would retain power over others. But as long as we can do it in a way which harms neither him nor others, until we know for sure, we should just be cautious and watchful.

Posted by: rjpal | September 27, 2010 11:19 AM

3rd option? Don't even know him? Don't care? Most of you who submitted these types of comments, don't "really" know any celebrities or people of great popularity! I don't know him, but just from the transcript and what he's suppose to be, makes answering the poll quite easy.

Think about it. He's a pastor of a church, let alone the moral responsibility to his congregation, he's running a tax-exempt entity!!! Which means that he's not paying his fair share to our tax pool. I don't agree with leaders of religious entities living so lavisly under a tax-exempt status, but I can't do anything about the sheep who follow.

Severe punishment may come later, but if the man had any morals, he'd step down while these accusations are still hovering without a definite response.

Posted by: ajofamerica | September 27, 2010 11:20 AM

These are all self serving, egoistical promoters of 'God' for their own self. Most have no principles of any kind other than how to extract money from the gullible and live high. The question is, can’t the ‘flock’ see the life styles of these shepherds, and figure this out for themselves? Reaching out to these crooks and spin-masters for redemption will always produce snake oil salesmen who make one feels good for the moment, and empties your wallets at the same time. Pedophiles and sexual predators have been at this for hundreds or thousands of years, and will continue forever. The only hope is we periodically get to lynch some of them. For me, I say throw him to the wolves.

Posted by: samchannar | September 27, 2010 11:23 AM

I think he should stay and make all of the strident and indefensible statements that these hypocrites make until the evidence surfaces and they stink so badly that the leadership in their congregation takes action and pays whatever go-away compensation the situation takes.

The bishop is headed for whatever sequestered rehab is appropriate for deviants of his stripe. How can any observer of national events doubt that his downfall will be predictably public and predictably dramatic?

How many times do we have to see this sort of thing from megachurch megalopastors.

Posted by: roboturkey | September 27, 2010 11:28 AM

I find his religious beliefs (prosperity gospel) abhorrent. Greed for its own sake is a religion in the U.S., but dressing it up with a veneer of Christianity is disgusting. However, I don't think he should step down unless he is guilty.

Posted by: Gutavo | September 27, 2010 11:31 AM


Based on what we already know as of 09/27/2010 -- Eddie Long, a married man with four children, sent from his private hotel bathroom -- pictures of himself in a tight and sexually suggestive body suit to at least one of the alleged victims. Now, one has to ask -- why would a married man with four kids send sexually suggestive poses of himself to young men? MRS. LONG -- DO YOU KNOW WHO MAY HAVE BEEN SLEEPING WITH YOUR HUSBAND? The problem with this whole sordid mess is that we have seen this movie before. A big-time evangelist crusades against Gays and we find that he has a secret -- he is Gay.

The problem with Eddie Long's defense of himself is that he has yet to come out personally and state emphatically on the record thta he DID NOT COMMIT THESE SEXUAL ACTS. He had a chance to do that on several occasions -- but has chosen to hide behind his powerful position and attorneys. Eddie Long knew of this story's negative potential well over two weeks ago, but waited until it hit the Internet and airwaves -- and still he has said nothing other than hide behind a lawyer's statement and a Church paid spokespersons.

Mr. Long, please be careful when you tell your attorneys to let the people know that your accusers are trying to extort you out of money or this is nothing more than a shakedown. For someone who is on the record as to performing weekly entertainment stunts to entice people to throw money at your feet is a little bit over the top. According to a CNN Report in 2005 -- your foundation which your Church created, paid you over $3 million in compensation; while at the same time you and your family are receiving additional millions in stipends, financial investment compensations, and property investments in the US and overseas. But the majority of the 25,000 members have to struggle to pay their mortgage or go into foreclosure because they were led to believe the LIE EDDIE LONG CONTINUES TO POSTULATE THAT GOD WANTS THEM TO GIVE MONEY TO HIM IN ORDER FOR THEM TO PROSPER. Sounds like something P.T. Barnum invented.

The New Birth Church Board of Directors/Advisory Board, whose members include Dekalb County Sheriff, Thomas Brown, who by the way refuses to recue himself from the case because of an obvious CONFLICT OF INTEREST, gave Eddie Long additional travel and miscellaneous expense accounts in which the members of New Birth Baptist Church are not even aware of. Eddie Long and the Board are operating a RELIGIOUS PONZI SCHEME - pure and simple.

Eddie Long needs to TRULY EXPRESS GODLY REPENTENCE openly before his congregation and CONFESS HIS SINS in specific detail as the Bible clearly tells us to do. Eddie Long, You Are Not Above or Equal to Jesus Christ. You have no problem telling other people to REPENT -- but your PRIDE and ARROGANCE refuses to allow you to HUMBLE yourself and truly practice what the Bible REALLY teaches about REPENTENCE.

Posted by: djoh1226 | September 27, 2010 11:31 AM


Posted by: alarico | September 27, 2010 11:34 AM

Is anyone surprised at the moral corruption of the professional poverty pimps? Remember black racist rule #1; Thou shalt never speak ill of another corrupt poverty pimp in front of whitey!

Posted by: carlbatey | September 27, 2010 11:38 AM

Many of the things said by the Bishop sound familiar. David and Goliath? He is making himself out to be a victim. Power corrupts. As the leader of the church he is surrounded by people who constantly praise him and blow him up. It can go to the head very easily. Any Pastor should be humble, live simply, and speak softly. Those with power and influence must watch themselves, and have someone there to remind them that they are human just like everyone else.

Posted by: bobbo2 | September 27, 2010 11:39 AM

The out of court settlements to this boys should come out of the Bishop's own pocket.

Posted by: bobbo2 | September 27, 2010 11:41 AM

I think the Bishop should temporarily step aside from his job. From reading his statements, it sounds like his ego is more important to him than his church.

Posted by: maggots | September 27, 2010 11:48 AM

Well well, another religious pervert con-man who got caught in his lies and hypocrisy and his marks still aren't sure if he's a fraud and should step down.

Maybe they could ask the Pope, Ted Haggard, Jimmy Swaggert or any other religious con artist for advice on how to manage his exposure as a liar and sexual predator.

Pat Robertson and that picture of gluttony Haggee can advise him on improving his pitch to include more eternal damnation threats to keep the dupes in line.

Religion is the greatest con ever.

Posted by: toc59 | September 27, 2010 11:51 AM

Innocent or guilty, he should step down at least temporarily until the investigation is resolved. Its too distracting for him to be heading the church at this time.

Posted by: plamar1031 | September 27, 2010 11:53 AM

He should step down only if he is found guilty. It's amazing to me how people are so quick to say that he has committed an act that has yet to be proven. Let's fing out if he is guilty, before we start telling people to sit down or before we label people as guilty.

Posted by: poeticfire | September 27, 2010 11:53 AM


Posted by: dgaines | September 27, 2010 12:10 PM

He started the church. It is his business. 100%. ALL the money belongs to him. The members freely give to him. What he does in his private time is nobodies business.

Everybody should lay off. He should close the doors now and kick everyone out. Take the millions he has made and live a good life.

Posted by: txengr | September 27, 2010 12:11 PM

I don't see the illegality of what he they say he did... the men were not underage and they were not employess. I don't see how his actions have any bearing on his job.

Elena Kagan and John Roberts don't have the details of their sex lives featured in the media. Why do we have one standard for Supreme Court jurists and another for everyone else?

Posted by: blasmaic | September 27, 2010 12:12 PM

He should step down. He did not deny the allegations. I agree with this comment "Maybe they could ask the Pope, Ted Haggard, Jimmy Swaggert or any other religious con artist for advice on how to manage his exposure as a liar and sexual predator."
For a Bishop to have such extravagent lifestyle it's unbelievable! Jesus did not lead such a lifestyle. He makes me SICK!

Posted by: Judy_5 | September 27, 2010 12:15 PM

There is something incongruous with a pastor who embraces the riches of his congregation to the extent this man does. The monies he receives to live a life of extreme wealth could be used more appropriately to provide college scholarships, for example, to worthy kids who otherwise would never have the opportunity to do so. The balance between what Christ has spoken about the poor and needy is in sharp contrast to how this man is using church funds to live the life style he has embraced. As to the charges he faces, let the court decide his guilt or innocence.
This is so akin to the wealth the Vatican sits on in Rome that could be better used to support organizations that reach out to the suffering of people in desperate need.

Posted by: jbk60391 | September 27, 2010 12:39 PM

He should step down until the allegations are dealt with properly.

Posted by: linroy62 | September 27, 2010 12:47 PM

I don't think he should step down. A lot of people listen to him. I think he should rethink his anti-gay attitude. If he's a fundamentalist, he can't. Literalism is literalism. Jesus of Nazareth, a young liberal rabbi repudiated fundamentalism or literalism and the fundamentalists of his day, the Pharisees, got even with him and said why they did it. He threatened their (interpretation of) their religion. One of the most illogical and hilarious notions anyone can promote is that we humans choose to whom we will be attracted. I didn't, nor did you. Nor can we.

If he can see the ludicrous nature of condemning people for who they are by looking inside himself he can change his
ideas about gays. Who you discover that you're attracted to is not a matter of choice. Religious belief is. When inherited religious opinions clearly conflict with reality as you experience it, it's time to re-evaluate.

If he will do that he will have a lot to say to the world.

Posted by: Dedub | September 27, 2010 1:09 PM

It was very telling that he did not unequivocallly deny the charges. For those that wanna play the "We're all human make mistakes" card. Yes, I have made many mistakes that I am not proud of, but one must be held accountable to them.

Posted by: rickyroge | September 27, 2010 1:45 PM

It makes no sense why a man in his position would send evidence through his phone for heaven's sake! What was he thinking? He must have suffered a concussion recently.

Blasmaic, I heard that the boys were of high school age. Otherwise, you're right, this wouldn't be a legal matter.

Posted by: forgetthis | September 27, 2010 1:47 PM

I don't see the illegality of what he they say he did... the men were not underage and they were not employess. I don't see how his actions have any bearing on his job.
Elena Kagan and John Roberts don't have the details of their sex lives featured in the media. Why do we have one standard for Supreme Court jurists and another for everyone else?
Posted by: blasmaic
The point being missed here is Kagen (if indeed gay) A) does not use her position to pick up peeople, B) does not coerse interest while on jaunts to foriegn lands where the accusers are sepereated from family, C) does not use her employer's $$ to fund those trips, D) Does not publicly vilify gays and their life style while potentially engaging in acts. E) Does not strategically focus on people that are "age of consent" but 19-20 (think of a college professor doing this to a young freshman girl). A consenting relationship between 2 adults is a private issue, but this one, is certainly not and if not illegal, certainly sleazy (if true)

Posted by: cadam72 | September 27, 2010 2:00 PM

I don't see the illegality of what he they say he did... the men were not underage and they were not employess. I don't see how his actions have any bearing on his job.
Elena Kagan and John Roberts don't have the details of their sex lives featured in the media. Why do we have one standard for Supreme Court jurists and another for everyone else?
Posted by: blasmaic
The point being missed here is Kagen (if indeed gay) A) does not use her position to pick up peeople, B) does not coerse interest while on jaunts to foriegn lands where the accusers are sepereated from family, C) does not use her employer's $$ to fund those trips, D) Does not publicly vilify gays and their life style while potentially engaging in acts. E) Does not strategically focus on people that are "age of consent" but 19-20 (think of a college professor doing this to a young freshman girl). A consenting relationship between 2 adults is a private issue, but this one, is certainly not and if not illegal, certainly sleazy (if true)

Posted by: cadam72 | September 27, 2010 2:01 PM

It's not up to me to decide whether he should step DOWN, but I would humbly suggest he keep his zipper UP.

And for those saying this is his private matter, I would remind you that everyone is entitled to privacy, but no one is entitled to hypocrisy.

"Who's that yonder, dressed in back? Those are the hypocrites, turnin' back. Go tell it on the mountain..."

Posted by: observer9 | September 27, 2010 2:32 PM

If anyone of us were absolutely not bisexual, we would categorically deny so if public if we were publicly said to be so.

The 'Bishop' did not do this when he had the chance. He only said he would fight 'the charges' whatever those things may be in his mind.

He's guilty of misleading his flock about his sexuality and his fall now will be mighty because he had a chance to set the record straight and he failed.

Posted by: HillRat | September 27, 2010 2:42 PM

if Bishop Edie Long built a 25,000 member Mega-Church in just a few years he had to be doing something right. What ever happened to inocent until proven guilty?.
All his After School Programs, Prisom Ministries, Feeding the Hungry,clothing the naked. College Scholarship programs for youth but out National Press did not give a hoot about all that stuff ----but once they smell scandal ,,,CNN cameras all over the place. Up until last week most people did not even know who Eddie Long Was ----could not pick him out from one of the Washington Ewsakins now 71 % of your poll thinks he should step down. That what happens with biased reporting.

Posted by: Carprin | September 27, 2010 2:46 PM

This man is no Godly preacher. This man is a money making machine for his own prosperity. Just like Joel and his followers, he preaches that God wants us to be rich.
No He doesn't!! He wants us to take care of the poor, the meek, the weak, the sick and those who need us.
These evangelical frauds found a way to defraud the weak and undereducated among us and they use that way to enrich themselves. Which one of God's disciples drove Bentleys, lived in mansion, dined like Kings?

Most of his followers are depriving themselves and their families when they give over their tithing to the likes of this fraud. When I see Pat Robertson, Oral Roberts, Billy Graham, Jerry Falwell, Robert Shuler, James Dobson, and others of their ilk, I see them all as protecting the family corporate religious business. All of them have passed their corporations down to their sons to keep the money in the family. These are not religious organizations, but family-owned money makers.

Please my brothers, do not give these frauds any more of your money. Better you should go out into the street and find a homeless person to bestow your Godly intentions on. God will notice and bless you for it. fritz

Posted by: papafritz571 | September 27, 2010 2:48 PM

He does provide college scholarships, and monthly rent for members, and lodging for homeless, and programs for battered women, etc...I say this not because I'm a member (I'm not), but I did do my research and found that he has used the money that comes into his ministry for many great purposes.

Posted by: poeticfire | September 27, 2010 3:44 PM

Michael Vick was thrown in jail when he was in Atlanta for messing with dogs, I guess the Bishop can mess with young boys and go free, huh? Wake up Atlanta

Posted by: Phil6 | September 27, 2010 7:12 PM

It will surprise (and dismay???) many of you to find that Eddie Long actually does not receive a salary from his church. His church is known for numerous humanitarian projects on both a national and international scale, and the 4 young men in the lawsuits were beneficiaries of several of those programs. Also, many of his followers are not "poor sheeple struggling to pay their mortgages" as someone claimed (although apparently they do have a program to help families struggling with housing payments too). On the contrary, a large percentage of his church is pretty well-to-do, and as a matter of fact many celebrities and politicians are linked with his church.

All of this would have been revealed very quickly with a simple Google search, but noooo. It's so much more fun to crucify those darned Christian fundie preachers, to demonize those demographics we despise. Consequently, the basic, intellectual honesty of backing up outlandish slander with actual concrete RESEARCH was lost on 80% of you, from looking at all the rehashed claims of the bentley driving mass-pimping con-artist that got rich off of the backs of his poor unwitting followers.

Posted by: lany | September 28, 2010 12:35 AM

GOD has begun to set His house in order. First to be corrected are the shepherds.

I certainly hope Mr. Long is not what they have accused, but there are other abuses GOD will deal with.

Posted by: williamdsimpson | September 28, 2010 3:12 AM

i don,t if long was gay or not but i do feel that not the way he want to go he didn,tgo along with same sex marriage that said something to me yes they do have something a gay life and when you was talking to them at night you was helping them to get out of the gay life if any church leader go with same sex they are not right put down your rock let god do the stop my wife will say that to me

Posted by: johnsonhermanj | September 28, 2010 9:11 AM

Once again an anti-gay pastor and bishop who is on record as being virulently so is also deeply closeted. It's become comical. And tragically ridiculous.

The churches and politics are filled with closeted men. Who are actually gay but lie and deny it. They fake a false heterosexuality and condemn gay men and lesbians for being truthful.

It's sickening. Come out of the closet and be yourselves. Stop lying before G-d.

Posted by: archyboi | September 28, 2010 2:41 PM

Eddie Long is a hypocrite and should step down.

Posted by: joy5 | September 28, 2010 5:20 PM

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