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Do you think the health care law will have a positive or negative effect on your open enrollment choices this year?

For millions of Americans who get their health insurance through their job, autumn brings not only falling leaves and cooler breezes, but also difficult choices. That's because it's the time when many employers present workers with their insurance options for the coming year.

The selection is likely to be even less appealing this year than last. According to experts and industry insiders, recent trends suggest rates will continue to rise and employers will continue to shift more of the cost of health insurance onto workers - asking them to shoulder a larger share of premiums, for instance, or increasing out-of-pocket costs such as deductibles and co-pays. Read the full story.

By Abha Bhattarai  |  November 8, 2010; 12:37 PM ET  | Category:  National Save & Share:  Send E-mail   Facebook   Twitter   Digg   Yahoo Buzz   StumbleUpon   Technorati  
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This poll is strange. We have already seen massive increases in the cost of health insurance, expensive drugs are now being rationed, patients are unable to keep their doctor, companies are dropping their staff plans and the readers of the Washington Post are postive. Go figure.

Posted by: mckenna7 | November 9, 2010 12:53 AM

The new reform bill had nothing to fo with not being able to get the expensive drugs, this have been going on for years. My work in a doctors showed that pharmacticual companies was pushing doctors to use the name brand instead of the older med even though they new a lot of people could not afford them. Do you realize when patient is given the expensive medication and it does not work for them r they have a reaction, that is money that is lost because you cannot return the medication to get a refund because it is against the law.

Also, something else people don't is that all the new med that come out is not actually new, the companies just add another element to it to say that it is new when it is not.

As for doctor been leaving for years especially family doctors because of the nurse practioners is gaining a foot hold in the market. Also, the specialist have taken order a lot of the practice that family practice used to do.

Companies have dropping their staff plans for years because most employees will go for the cheaper plan which a lot of time is not the one that the company recommend when they have more than one choice for the employees. Most of the time companies is more expensive.

The average person who is being honest knows the new reform didn't caused the rise in the price. As time goes buy and more improvement is made, this will be the best thing to happen. People know that when an uninsured person received treatment, whether they pay or not, the insurance company still will raise the premiums.

Sure hospital get a write off for some that do not pay, but someone still have to cover the cost and that is the patients who have insurance.

None of these are mention because it does not make good reading nor is tell the public that it is not the illegal making the price go up, but includeds those who may be your coworker,friend,neighbor r family member making the same as you and refuse to get insurance because it may keep them from getting a luxury item and they have the idea that the government can pay it if they don't. More people need to speak out because if we don't we will forever paying for insurance who can pay just like can.

I guess another reason there is another postive is because those who have been denied or kick off the insurance can now get insurance and most of the time it no more expensive than it was when a person had to shop around and find a company to insured them. Now these people will be able to get meds that they need, it may not be name brand but the older meds in most cases is a lot better than the new. Now you hear more recall on the name brand medication and doctors are going back to the older meds.

Medication ads is to convince people to get name brand and some medication is over used like antibotics that people want to use for everything that it really isn't meant for. No the reform isn't perfect an nothing is ever perfect as first but working to improve do help.

Posted by: ocrmom59 | November 9, 2010 7:02 AM

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