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Archive: January 9, 2011 - January 15, 2011

Should Pope John Paul II be on the 'fast track' to sainthood?

On Faith blogger Julia Duin reports on how Pope John Paul II is on the road to sainthood. The Vatican announced Friday morning that the legendary 20th century pope will be beatified in May....

By Ryan Kellett | January 14, 2011; 1:11 PM ET | Comments (9)

Do you want your tax return on a government-issued prepaid card?

The U.S. Treasury Department is sending letters to 600,000 people this week encouraging them to sign up to receive their tax return on a new government-issued prepaid card....

By Jodi Westrick | January 14, 2011; 11:30 AM ET | Comments (18)

Should the two parties sit together during the State of the Union?

As members of the House delivered a long stream of tributes and calls for bipartisanship in the aftermath of the Tucson shooting rampage, over in the Senate, one lawmaker penned a letter to members of both chambers Wednesday urging them...

By Abha Bhattarai | January 13, 2011; 8:01 AM ET | Comments (13)

Should the E.U. step in to help Portugal with its debt problem?

Though Portuguese Prime Minister Jose Socrates has insisted this week that his nation does not need a bailout, many analysts say an international rescue package is inevitable for the financially troubled country....

By Ryan Kellett | January 12, 2011; 5:12 PM ET | Comments (0)

Should promoting diversity be a priority in public schools?

Over the past year, a new majority-Republican school board backed by national tea party conservatives has set the Wake County School District in Raleigh, N.C on a new course. Pledging to "say no to the social engineers!" it has abolished...

By Ryan Kellett | January 12, 2011; 12:32 PM ET | Comments (0)

Did you understand Sarah Palin's use of the phrase 'blood libel'?

Sarah Palin's statement in response to the Arizona shootings contained the phrase "blood libel." The religious reference refers to a centuries-old anti-Semitic slander - the false charge that Jews use the blood of Christian children for rituals - that has...

By Ryan Kellett | January 12, 2011; 11:31 AM ET | Comments (69)

Should the White House pressure China to reevaluate its currency policy?

During Chinese President Hu Jintao's visit to the U.S. next week, one key issue he is slated to discuss with President Obama is China's currency, which many economists and world leaders say is undervalued....

By Ryan Kellett | January 11, 2011; 4:12 PM ET | Comments (8)

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