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Archive: February 13, 2011 - February 19, 2011

Race and Recession User Polls

The Washington Post recently released results of a national poll on race and recession. Below, you'll find a small sampling of the same questions asked in that poll. Compare your own answers (in addition to our web audience results) below...

By Ryan Kellett | February 19, 2011; 11:55 PM ET | Comments (6)

What should Obama bring up with Mark Zuckerberg?

President Obama is scheduled to meet with Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg on Wednesday....

By Ryan Kellett | February 16, 2011; 6:28 PM ET | Comments (0)

Westminster Dog Show: Who is your favorite?

The nation's best groomed pups are vying for the top spot at the 135th Westminster Dog Show. Which of these stylish Westminster Dog Show contestants is your favorite?...

By Bethonie Butler | February 15, 2011; 12:31 PM ET | Comments (0)

How do you organize your mail, bills and other papers?

By Abha Bhattarai | February 14, 2011; 2:27 PM ET | Comments (0)

What's your biggest pet peeve about sports bras?

Everyone has a pair of feet, but women have an additional pair of something to worry about while exercising. And they're every bit as tricky to fit, control and protect, which is why bras are beginning to rival shoes as...

By Ryan Kellett | February 14, 2011; 12:51 PM ET | Comments (0)

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