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You have an opinion, but do you have what it takes to be heard?

Meet the Contestants

Amina Luqman

My voice comes from my experiences as a professional African American woman raised Muslim, progressive and from less-than-privileged circumstances.

Anthony Tata

My experience as a deputy commanding general in Afghanistan and, later, COO for DC schools, give me a unique, balanced and well-informed perspective.

Conor Williams

I’m working on a PhD in Government at Georgetown, so I’m full of ideals, but my optimism is tempered by experience.

Lauren Hogan

My resume suggests that I'm black. I’m not. But I’m not afraid to talk about race, either.

Nancy Goldstein

I’m a communications professional and journalist known for addressing complex, sometimes unpopular issues in lucid, compelling prose.

Paul Rosenzweig

I'm a former senior federal policy maker, with a wide-ranging knowledge of issues involving homeland security, national security, intelligence and law enforcement.

Robert Lehrman

I've published four novels. But as a political speechwriter, I've never been able to regularly express my political views under my name.

Ryan McElveen

I’m a graduate student in International Affairs at Columbia and have spent most of my life roaming the Northeast corridors of both the U.S. and China.

Ted Reinstein

I've taken a passionate approach to understanding issues in my job as a reporter. Now I'd like the opportunity to defend my positions.

William Cunion

I hold a doctorate in American government, but I don't pretend to know everything. I'd like to speak for those who know that we can be opponents without being enemies.

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