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Cowboys vs. Redskins but Do Rivalries Still Matter?

Obviously fans love the rivalry games but in the age of free agency do the players, coaches and insiders really care?

Posted by Emil Steiner on September 26, 2008 9:10 AM

sbrtennis: There were no black players on any team in the 40's Doomsday you idiot. And there were no Cowgirlz until the 60's Moron. Except when the P...

Paul: I think the cowboys should be called the Nazis. I'd have no problem with that. The skins should be the skins because that's their name. Get ...

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This is not a rivalry because the Cowboys are very good and the Redskins are very bad. Anyone who thinks that this is a good rivalry had down syndrome.

Dr. No! :

I think I can answer that question simply and succinctly by saying: DALLAS SUCKS, DALLAS SUCKS! Thank you for your time.

Michael Wright :

It doesn't matter what illiterate morons are playing for the Redskins, we hate you. We hate you the way Philly wishes they could hate us. We hate you with the white hot passion of 1,000 suns. We hate you so much that we don't even watch NASCAR. We hate Long Beach State. We hate you.

And we have 5, count 'em, 5.

trysthens :

Of course it still matters. You can't forget things like Longley's bombs (I cried, I was 10) or Kilmers dive, or even better thiesman taking a safety to end the game. Oh yeah!, then there's Moss' two late TD's. We WANT DALLAS, WE HATE DALLAS! The only good thing that ever came out of Dallas was a steak!

Chill :

Of course rivalries matter. Dating back to 2002 this rivalry has gone 6-6.

The Cowboys do their scouting from police line-ups, so when the Redskins go to Dallas it's the equivalent of visiting inmates (past and future). Just ask some of their most famous, Michael Irvin, Pacman Jones, or Kurt Vollers. You can also check out the psych-ward where residents like Terrell Owens and his dual personalities reside (I tried to commit suicide, no I didn't, who are you talking to).

Oh, and their fans don't know squat about football, most of them only watch games because they think Jessica Simpson is on the team. Maybe she should be their starting QB, I bet she could win a playoff game at least.

Think again . . . :

So when was the last time Dallas won a playoff game? So who stinks now?

Go Skins :

Everybody hates the Cowboys because of stuck up jyrkoffs like MIchael Wright. You have five count 'em five imbred toothless cousins that you slept with. loser!

Go eagles! :

Both teams suck...

Lee in Fairfax :

How about the 'Skins holding that awesome Cowgirls running game to ONE YARD rushing in the season finale last year? Oh, yeah, I forgot, the 'Girls didn't need to win that game and the 'Skins did. Or how about that 2005 comeback in the Big D? Two fourth quarter TD passses to Santana Moss and the 'Skins beat the 'Girls 14 - 13. I still wear the "DALLAS SUCKS" button that I bought in the RFK parking lot back in '83 every time we play those wussy Cowgirls. How about them 'Skins? Who says the rivalry is dead?

Peter :

What does it say about our country if the Cowboys are America's team? Here's an organization full of convicts, narcissists and drug addicts controlled by a ego-maniacal doosh with a stadium that has a hole in the roof so God can supposedly watch the games. Time for the natives to take back their nation.

DirtyHarry :

I hate everything about Dallas. Their uniforms, their stadium, their players, their coaches. But what I absolutely hate the most about the Cowboys are their fans. They are the most pompous, insufferable bandwagoners around. Especially in this area. When they're winning they're everywhere. When they're losing they scatter like roaches when the lights go on. At least Filthydelphia fans stand by their morons thru thick and thin.

Skinz4Life :

Does The Rivalry Still Matter... What Kind Of Assinine Question Is That!. It's The Biggest Rivalry in Sports History!. We (Redskinz) Are What... 30 Point Underdogs. Alot Of People Are Crowning The Cowgirls Champions Alreday Even Though Its Only Week 4. Does Anybody Remember That The Cowgirls Haven't Won A Playoof Game In What... 30 Years. Don't Be Surprised If The Skinz Shock The Cowgirls This Sunday. Hope Tanaman Repeats '05 Sunday.

How Bout Dem Boys? :

The rivalry stopped mattering when free agency took over the sport and diluted the product, especially for weaker teams like the Redskins. What's fun about rooting against the Skins if the skins suck. Whoopdy doo we beat the worst team in the division, pat my back!

Jessica S. :

Has Tony Romo ever won a playoff game? In fact when was the last time the Cowboys won a playoff game. It was before the internets was invented. What makes them America's team? I don't understand, they are a talented team that can't win under pressure. That sounds like they are chockers to me.

Skins suck? :

What a moron! In the span of 12 years everybody has picked Dallas to win the Superbowl, yet they can't win a play off game. In the meantime, the team that CowGirls fans say sucks has won 2. They have 11 OVERRATED Pro Bowlers and they can't win a play off game! Please.
For the guy that says that Dallas have 5, count them 5, well, that's just one more championship than the Skins. If anybody starts writing that I am stupid for saying four championships research Football History!

Anonymous :

This is how you know the rivalry is still strong
- The last game of the last season. It was about 40 degrees,pouring rain, and Fedex was PACKED
- Redskins fans never shout "We want Philly" even though we hate them too, especially the fans, because it's different
- Reskins fans won't have conversations with Dallas fans on game weeks without ending it "Dallas Sucks"
- Vendors sell more "F--K Dallas" and "Romo is a Homo" shirts than Redskins Shirts at Fedex durring Dallas games
- It makes Redskins fans feel good about themselves when we find somthing bad about Dallas the city online. Like it being the ugliest city in America
- Its not just that we want to beat Dallas because they're a good team, we want to see their orginization run into the ground and fall apart and stand over them and laugh at how much better we are than them

Whose getting paid? :

If it really doesn't matter to the players, why do skins and boys fans get all worked up? These guys get paid every Monday during the season and the average fan makes what? If folks concentrated on their lives like they concentrate on things that are obviously out of their control they would have much better lives. In other words become fanatical about your own lives instead of a meaningless game! Getting all stress out over something you can't control is absolutely pathetic!

Pat :

It's only a rivalry when both team are good. Hence, no one in Dallas gives a whoot about the Redskins.

Big E in D :

All I know is the Cowboys have about twice as many Super Bowls wins in about half as many years. Case closed. No rivalry in that. Domination is more like it.

As for criminality: Dexter Manley, Timmy Smith, Kenny Wright, John Riggins, Dana Stubblefield, Bruce Smith - if you want to keep score, y'all might this one...

Michael Wright :

Thank you Big E, was about to bring that up. Are you really wanting to compare playoff wins? The problem with Redskin fans, is they are fat, drunk, stupid, their breath smells of cheap beer and their beards stink of sour whiskey.

And the men are even worse.


GoSkins :

The Washington Redskins have 5 NFL titles, you idiotic Dallas fans who like to forget your history. We're all tied up. Except, Dallas hasn't won a playoff game in 12 years...

HonestaAbe :

The dallas poofters couldn't beat a well prepared high school team. They SUCK and they all wear dresses and have secret tea parties.

Paula_frazier :

Hey speakin of idiotic, I count you that you've only won 2 NFL championships,(37&42) but have in fact played in 5. 1937 40' 42' 43' 45'. Yet another revision of history from Washington, shocking.

Yeah, 12 years is a long time to wait. how old were you in 1942?


Typical Cowboys fan, can't even count to 5. I know it is hard when you have six fingers on each hand, so let me break it down for you brain dead hicks. The Redskins have won 5 world championships, 2 NFL championships and 3 Super Bowls. Try not to inhale the fumes quite so much dear.

Dr_Doomsday :

Hey Down_Goes -

So the 2 pre-superbowl championships were the ones where the Redskins (the most RACISTLY NAMED SPORTS TEAM OF ALL TIME) refused to have black players on the team? (Thereby creating a BASTION of Dallas fans in MD, VA and DC?)


White Anglo Male :

Why do people care so much about a name. Redskins is not racist its just a name, a piece of heritage. Grow up. Political correctness is so 1992.

Brambleton :


The only people that count Pre-SuperBowl championships are those that need them to feel good about themselves. Pittsburgh, San Francisco, and Dallas are the cream of the NFL crop. Period. And as long as the Skins are controlled by Mr. Midget man with the X-Large ego, your team will always be 2nd rate.

And I'd temper my expectations for this Sunday's game. You're not getting a Dallas team that's completely unmotivated and playing without most of its starters - like the last time they met.

Gotta love Skins fans. After week 1 they were tying up the talk show phone lines pleading for Zorn to dump Campbell and start Colt Brennan. Now, they see a victory on Sunday as a springboard to a Superbowl. What a bunch of buffoons.


The only thing that matters is Super Bowls, baby. Y'all are just po'd because the minute the NFL put a team in Dallas, there went most of your fan base.

Dr_Doomsday :

White Anglo Male:

Names don't matter to YOU because:

1) They don't affect YOUR group
2) If it doesn't affect you.. so what?

Sounds like YOU need to do the growing
up. Common decency doesn't have a year
of expiration.

If names don't matter,then why not name them "Nazis" or the name that I'm sure folks who use the term "PC" have for black folks?

George Preston Marshall was an AVOWED
racist. He didn't re-name this team by

Dictionary definition:
red·skin (rěd'skĭn')

n. Offensive Slang
Used as a disparaging term for a Native American.

DC fan :

White Anglo Male

I root for the 'skins, but agree with Doomsday. The name should be changed. I understand that most of us don't see the name as racist, but that's not the point. What matters is that it offends someone else.

sbrtennis :

There were no black players on any team in the 40's Doomsday you idiot. And there were no Cowgirlz until the 60's Moron. Except when the Patties grabbing the title last year the "Girlz" are the most hated team in the NFL except by posers who live outside of Texass and thinnk being a Girlz fan is "G". Like Dallas in 65 didn't have a color problem. And GOSKINS is a idiot too. Pre-Super Bowl Championships don't count. Is that true in baseball. hockey, basketball or tennis? You insult players like Johnny U and the old Packers (the 63 Packers maybe the greatest team of all time) just remember head to head for the NFC Championship 2-0 Skins. Whenit mattered and it was the two of us on the field we kicked youe a== good. I look forward to the Girlz having the same season the Patties did last yesr. LMAO

Paul :

I think the cowboys should be called the Nazis. I'd have no problem with that. The skins should be the skins because that's their name. Get over it.

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