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Is The Old Eli Back?

Is The Old Eli Back?

Sure The Giants won but, with Manning putting up a lower quarterback rating than Jason Campbell, are the G-man headed back to mediocrity?

Posted by Emil Steiner on September 5, 2008 8:54 AM

Silver Spring.: We may be headed back to mediocrity, but you guys are headed for the cellar with Jason Campbell....

Bill from Beltway Land: I'm a NY native and long-time Giants fan who well remembers the Phil Simms years. He wasn't the greatest athlete and was never "spectacular...

Bemused Fan of a Real Winning Team: Typical deluded homerism and bitter poison from a Redskins fanbase and press corps that never grasps the true flimsy nature of the football ...

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Paul :

Why would he improve, Jason Campbell hasnt. He still sucks and everyone in town thinks he is a champ.

Busdriver :

Jason isnt a top quality NFL QB. He doesn't have that 'follow me guys were going down field, and we will either score points or die trying' attitude. Campbell is to stiff or ridged. Remeber Colts demeaner?


Well he was 19 or 35 atleast and only threw the one int, so while he wasn't superb he was far from Grossman-esque in my opinion... And hey a win is a win in the great scheme of things.

gigantic :

Good enough to win a Super Bowl. Good enough to win MVP of a Super Bowl. Good enough to knock off an 18-0 team in the Super Bowl. That's good enough for me. Keep your Pro Bowls and passer rating stats; I'll take the Lombardi Trophy instead.

Stretch Drive :

That's a question only a sore loser would ask.

Maniac :

Spoken like Giant Loser, stretch drive. Which side of the bridge and tunnel you from?

Stretch Drive :

Maniac, check the scoreboard and the standings. Doesn't matter where I'm from. The Giants kicked the FedSkins asses all up and down the field last night. Jim Zorn is right -- the Skins are soft.

Coldcomfort :

I think Eli needs to be under the gun a little. I believe he'll be more and more the cardiac kid, a la the four TD's he threw in that comeback against the Eagles. Maybe that's why he did well in the playoffs. What did Acosta say, "Can he lead you eighty yards when it counts."

If he can even out that come from behind attitude (and he's got it), then he will be one of the greats.

polystyreneman :

Eli is sickeningly overrated. He looked terrible last night. On a team outside New York City, with another last name, he'd be all but ignored.

Don N :

Hey McFly, this is the first game of the year... why all of a sudden does everyone has to analyze what Eli is doing? Good thing Tony Romo is playing this week-end. Maybe people will blame the continuing time with Jessica on the loss... that is the level of this nonsensical and premature analysis! Maybe just sour grapes after the loss last night.

Last I checked there is still a W in the win column for the Giants. Can't folks wait at least until October until they start bashing Eli?

Lijest :

I'd just like to know how many of the expert players who are contributing their thoughts to this discussion either play or have played QB in the NFL.

TheManKeepingYouDown :

Eli Manning is a average QB that has Plaxico Burress and he had one good month last year.

The eli we saw last night is the real Eli.

DC Native :

The subject of this blog proves Washington, DC area is not a sports town it's a political town. Why are we talking about Eli Manning? We should be talking about Jason Campbellā€™s poor performance. I love DC, I am native (NYC is still the greatest city in the World, it's hard to say that, its true), but this proves Washington, DC does not have the sports passion like NYC, Philly, or Boston. The greatest and most admired Redskin Joe Gibbs was speaking at Republican Convention instead of watching the Skins. I am sure 80% of the fans that show up at the Mets/Nationals game will be Mets fans, the Nats fans are the empty seats or watching game at home. Thank Goodness for Baltimore, the Birds and Ravens are just as bad. But, they have MP (Michael Phelps).

simmstay :

I am a 50 year Giant fan living in DC the last 30 years. and have observed and been abused by the delusional Skins fan. This blog is a typical DC media ploy. If you haven't got anything good to say about your team, then trash your opponent. It only took Eli and the Giants one good quarter to squash the Skins. Continue to berate him if that is what makes you feel better. Meanwhile, Eli will continue to engineer come-from-behind victories that keep the Giants competitive and get them back to the playoffs. Read Sally Quinn's article and take it to heart. Stop worrying about your opponents and worry about yourself.

NY Giants Fan :

The kid just wins games. I don't care what his QB rating is, he's taken the Giants to the playoffs every full year he's been the starter, and he hasn't missed a single game due to injury his entire career. I know plenty of teams that would love to have him under center.

Silver Spring. :

We may be headed back to mediocrity, but you guys are headed for the cellar with Jason Campbell.

Bill from Beltway Land :

I'm a NY native and long-time Giants fan who well remembers the Phil Simms years. He wasn't the greatest athlete and was never "spectacular" in any sense of the word. But he knew how to win games and, as importantly, how NOT to lose games. The Giants don't NEED Johnny Unitas under center -- we win with defense. We just need a smart, capable QB -- you know, sort of like the kid we've got!

PS How does a Giant fan survive for 30 years in the DC area? By hating the Cowboys as passionately if not more than any Redskin fan ever could or will. My 2 favorite teams are the Giants and whoever is playing Dallas.

Bemused Fan of a Real Winning Team :

Typical deluded homerism and bitter poison from a Redskins fanbase and press corps that never grasps the true flimsy nature of the football product it has been force-fed every year since little Danny Snyder gutted Jack Kent Cooke's proud franchise. The Redskins were once a worthy opponent of the Giants -- in record, in tradition, and most of all in stature. But since Snyder's base ignorance and perennial amateurism has permeated every corner of 'Raljon' Stadium (that corporate sponsorship is so tawdry, isn't it?), and since the puny little tantrum tosser has gutted Washington sports radio and silenced criticism, the local press and the public gobble it all up.

You clowns have Zorn's game management style and Campbell's won-loss record to chew on, and you're still picking on Eli Manning? He's last year's Super Bowl MVP, and dollars to donuts he'll be one again.

When do you expect to have one on your roster? And when I say 'expect,' I don't mean the usual 'let's skip the season' attitude because you signed some creaky-kneed vet in the offseason so you must be entitled to a championship.

Maybe if the fanbase and the local press aligned themselves with some sort of true purpose and organization, Snyder would get your message. Instead, he lines his pockets with millions of your dollars, and gives you garbage in return.

Direct your energy elsewhere. Be constructive about it. Earn something real, then come back and hurl insults at winning teams.

Shut up in the meantime.

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