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Who in the NFC East Won't Make The Playoffs?

The NFC East may be the most dominant division in sports, but which of the four will be left out in the cold this post season?

Posted by Emil Steiner on September 28, 2008 9:23 PM

OZZIE: Giants will only make the playoffs if they make a trade for Stephan Jackson. Pats will make the playoffs...

WhoRUSupposed2BE: Anyone who calls the Skins' win in Dallas a fluke clearly has no commons sense whatsoever....

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Billy Bob :

I'm still not completely convinced by the Redskins at this point and am holding out hope for the Eagles.

Frankie :

Are you kidding me, look at the records. The Eagles are in last place and they won't move up. They're old, injured and incapable of coming through in the clutch. Skins are young and hungry, they are my favorite. Cowboys are just stocked with talent and Giants are revitalized riding that Super Bowl. Buh bye birds.

Billy Bob :

Well it's only 4 games in right now, but it's just a feeling. It's like I can't believe we are seeing the real Jason Campbell. I dunno, I could be wrong it's just a hunch.
And I've always like the Eagles and am still hoping that they will be the comeback team this year. They are getting a little old on the O line, but the defense is young and spry. But they need to keep Donovan and Brian healthy to have a shot.

Reggie Reg :

Besides that hiccup the first week in NY, the Skins have looked good, really good. They've played from behind, the D has held strong against tough offenses, they make timely big plays, and they keep their composure when they make untimely penalties. Unlike last year I actually feel like they are going to win the game as opposed to hoping they can hang on. I was Campbell's biggest critic, but through 4 games he looks very comfortable in this offense. Right now the Eagles are the odd ones out with a 3-way race for the division champion. It'll be hard for the Eagles to come back if they lose at home to the Skins next week (assuming Dallas and NY win). I have my nail and coffin ready!!

Tim Lol :

Pretty sure the Giants are going to get romped at some point this season, and finish 10-6

LT_mandrake :

I don't think we've seen the best of the 'Skins yet. I'm a homer, I concede, but look at what they've done on both sides of the ball: Campbell has the highest QB rating in the division, Portis and Moss are playing like it's 2005 again, and the D, with all the injuries, has held three highly touted QBs to 200 yards or fewer. The only passing offense that had good numbers against them was Dallas, and that's only because of the prevent in place on that last drive. Otherwise, Romo finishes with about 220 yards.

Same As He Ever Was :

Giants suffer from a quarterback who has trouble swallowing his own saliva and blinking his eyes at the same time. Its never easy having a someone special in your family, and they have accomplished many wonderful things. But reality can be cruel and this division is tough. Bank on them getting bounced early.

Devon :

Why is it every time the Skins beat last years division champs the fans mess their bed? It wasn't the Super Bowl, it was week 4 of the season. You are only building yourself up for the inevitable collapse.
Pace yourself hogs!

Alex35332 :

with 25% of the season already over nothing is clear yet. But here is what we can see and say, you have to look at injures and then what teams are wining games that they should win vs losing them and vice versa.

The Giant's were gifted the skins as their opening opponent by the NFL. Rookie HC, prime time game. The NFL did not want them to look bad in their home opener. They have beet 2 below average teams after that. The giants should be 3-0, but with a harder schedule to come, I can easily see them finishing 2-4 in the division and 9-10 wins.

The Cowboys, just lost a game they were getting 12 points on in the odds. I think it was a stumble step but we will see how they recover, they get a gift game against cinci next so expect a win there, I think Washington can beat them in DC and they will lose some other games on the road, but still get up to 12 wins. That said if the TO show gets loco then no one can predict where they will go.

The Eagles are starting to wash out. If Westbrook comes back ok, then they have a chance. Even with out him they should have beat Chi-town. Eagles will be lucky to get to 10 wins, I see them at 8-8 again, (I know bold right:)).

I see the skins this year going anywhere from the no 1 too no 3 in the division. They will make the playoffs.

PJ :

I think this is the worst week to make this estimation. You have to look at the whole quarter season. If we had this question last week it would have been Boys, G-Men and Birds. Now that Skins win a fluke in Dallas when the cowboys don't bother showing up and the Eagles lose w/o westbrook or their starting TE and an injured McNabb in Soldier Field and you count them out.
So if they beat the Skins next week they're back in it?


Giants will only make the playoffs if they make a trade for Stephan Jackson. Pats will make the playoffs

WhoRUSupposed2BE :

Anyone who calls the Skins' win in Dallas a fluke clearly has no commons sense whatsoever.

Sepawayemense :

you ask me for the website where you can found some free plugins

that it

see you on the forum :)


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