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Which Current NFL Coach Should be President?

With election day fast approaching which of the 32 head coaches would you like to see calling plays in the Oval Office?

Posted by Emil Steiner on October 31, 2008 11:14 AM

Albie1: Certainly not Zorn, the ugly free speech hater....

Alex35332: Dumb question. Next. ...

Jacob C.: To JJ: Your comments about women not holding any promenant roles in the NFL is absolutely ignorant. There was a woman majority owner of an...

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Tony Dungy and Andy Reid 08!

Cowboys Rule :

Let me make the official nomination for Jerry Jones. Who else knows about making the money more then the owner of the richest franchise on Earth and can still build up a new stadium

Anonymous :

This is quite possibly the stupidest question ever asked in a forum. Why even waste time with it?

Function :

Buddy Ryan hands down. Think you seen war on terror you ain't.

Feinstein-for-Garbageman :

Bob Wade.

Willy in Hawaii :

Mike Singletary!!


Hey it's gotta be tough coming up with a new football related question every day of the week, so ya can't expect them all to be gems.

danigo :

Is the purpose of the question to draw attention to Sarah Palin's coaches?

To Chi-Chi :

I say Singletary. America needs a president who isn't afraid to drop his pants when they need to be dropped or tell his cabinet to hit the showers when they get indictments tossed at them. And his press conferences would rock.

ObamaMama :

Wait, Sarah Palin has coaches? Seriously?

Fikenhild :

Coach Landry

dougd :

Tom Landry. There was never a classier coach, which we need in the oval office!

CarloColumn :

I agree with Anonymous who said this was the stupidest question in a forum. But I will waste time and say that it is the stupidest question because that has been the problem with the knuckleheads of the last eight years; the guiding principle for the bushies has been win at all costs (sound familiar); with that win at all costs, we have experienced the worst treasonous bunch of hooligans that ran the world off its axis. Governance is not about competition and it is not learning how to lead and manage a bunch of professional atheletes with arrested mental development.

Jambon :

Jim Mora gets my vote hands down!


Don't Mess :

What is the key to being elected President? Great hair. That's why Jimmy Johnson gets my vote hands down. He also took a 1-15 team and turned them into the greatest dynasty in football history. That's what we need right now.

Slam Truck :

I second the buddy ryan vote and would like singletary in as vp. no one would mess with us if those guys were calling the shots.

ChuckB :

Tom Landry would have been the best, absolutely, as he was tough, focused and professional. Any action taken would have been measured and thoughtful. He would have had an exit strategy, the archeological treasures would have been secured, and there would have been minimal losses.

Mike in Dallas :

George Allen couldn't be any bigger disaster than that racist scumball son of his, with the noose and the Confederate flag draped in his office!

KevinC :

All-time: Chuck Noll.
Even-tempered and intellectual (for a football coach) who knew the value of defense. Also, won four Super Bowls.

Current? Eh. Let's say...Tony Dungy (a student of Noll).

Jim :

Forget coaches and go for an owner. Dan Rooney stands tall as the most respected owner and is certainly the most Presidential figure in the NFL.

Anonymous :

Marv Levy, we need a president who knows about being second best.

JJ :

Since women are prohibited from any type of prominent position in pro football, this discussion just goes to show why Hilliary would have never been elected.

Would this question have ever been posed if there were not Black coaches - don't think so.

LDasch :

Don Shula, Bill Walsh, Bud Grant, Vince Lombardi, Joe Gibbs, Tom Landry and Chuck Knoll would be my choices in no particular order of NFL coaches for President who were active in my lifetime (1970-Present).

And yes, I acknowledge the passing of Lombardi, Landry & Walsh.

Winter Night :

To JJ the feminazi, there is a reason that women aren't on the list and has nothing to do with Barack Obama. Women are not head coaches in the NFL or any level. Leave your knee jerk reactions elsewhere

samson151 :

Current coaches? I have three nominees:

Herm Edwards: he's used to complete chaos.

Whoever is currently stuck with the Raiders or Cardinals' jobs: because the Bidwills and Al Davis are a lot like the American people.

Wade Phillips: because what does he care? He's toast anyway.

Anonymous :

Tony Dungee is the current coach I'd vote for. Chuck Noll is the all-time president. We need a workhorse who's not obsessed with his place in history or being worshiped. He works harder than anyone else at putting together the best possible cabinet and doing the right thing.

Tifoso1 :

Ditka, of course! If Mike Ditka had run for Senate in Illinois, he could have easily beat Obama!

Ellis :

George Allen, Jr's biggest political mistake was not the comment he made but his party affiliation. Had he simply made racist comments as a democrat he could have been Senate Majority Leader or Barry Hussein Dunham's running mate.

Robert Byrd was actually a member of the KKK. Biden said that only Indians are able to work at Duncan Donuts and that Obama was "the first clean and articulate African-American."
What a joke!

Note to potential public office holders: If you'd like to run for office and maintain racist thoughts, make racist comments and even wear white sheets on days other than Halloween please remember to register as a democrat. The party will embrace you and the media will not hold you accountable.

KBurchfiel :

JJ: Women, to the best of my knowledge, are not "prohibited" from any pro football position. I'm sure that any female with the credentials necessary to be a successful professional football head coach would have the chance to get the job.

Jacob Cress :

One name comes to mind....Tony Dungy. He would make smart, informed decisions. While true to his faith, he does not push any ideas and beliefs on others unless they ask about them. He is an African-American, and would be able to carry that important group. He also would be able to relate to middle America having grown up in Michigan, the son of two high school teachers, going to college and coaching in places like Minnesota, Kansas City, and Indianapolis. He would be able to carry Pennsylvania and Florida too, since he played for the Steelers and Buccaneers.

okeemokee :

Bill Belichick. He has a proven record of winning and is an expert on video surveillance which would come handy in the war on terror.

Cover Me :

No doubt Belichick. He make Putin's KGB background look paltry. As VP I want Madden though. He would put any enemy to sleep with his coverage and then eat them with turducken. BOOM.

Paulw :

I'd say, probably anyone who did NOT have the support of the Wash. Post

Randy :

None, it should be Pete Carroll.

Joe F. :

Here's a new idea, no football coaches for President. Additionally, no comedians, no actors and no singers for President.

Being President of the United States is not a game. It is also not an act. It isn't a way to make money, entertain others or bolster your ego.

I would suggest we select one of two people who have a lifelong career in Government service, not football, John McCain or Barack Obama.

Chris :

To the best of my knowledge, there isn't any football coach who has the qualifications to be president. A few of them would have made dandy chiefs of staff. Gene Upshaw would've been president if he had a better education.

The president who would've been the best football coach was Gerald Ford.

The president who should've done Monday Night Football was Ronald Reagan.

The president who would've been the best NFL comissioner is FDR.

Jan :

What an asinine question. But if Charles Barkley can run for a governorship, I guess one of these guys running a sub .500 team could consider a shot at the White House.

Albie1 :

Certainly not Zorn, the ugly free speech hater.

Alex35332 :

Dumb question. Next.

Jacob C. :

To JJ:

Your comments about women not holding any promenant roles in the NFL is absolutely ignorant. There was a woman majority owner of an NFL team until last year...she passed might have heard of her...Georgia Frontierre. The Vice President of the Indianapolis Colts is a woman...Casey Coyle Irsay. Also, as of 2006, there were over 45 women in EXECUTIVE roles, Vice President or higher, in the NFL. Below is the link to prove it. Hope your hatered of the NFL is over, because you obviously were dead wrong about the league.

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