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Who Will Canton Snub?

Of the all the players nominated for enshrinement in the Hall of Fame, who is the most deserving candidate who won't make it?

Posted by Emil Steiner on October 30, 2008 12:00 PM

paulF: Definitely agree that Bob Hayes is an egregious oversight. He virtually invented the position of wide receiver as we've come to know it........

Anonymous: Should BE In:Jerry Kramer and Fuzzy Thurston of the Packers, John Wooten and Clay Matthews of the Browns, Bob Hayes of the Cowboys, Chris Ha...

Doc: Where in the hell is Ken Stabler? So what if his stats with the Saints at the end of his career were junk....did Joe Namath ever have anythi...

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Mitch :

What about Phil Simms? He won 2 Super Bowls and had the highest passer rating of any QB during the playoffs. He deserves to be enshrined.

Mitch :

LaVar Arrington oughtabe in but the NFL will never let that happen. I think we cant say sure why that is but he was a hero cut down before his time.

Tom Bussanich :

Randy Gradishar of the '70's Broncos. Both he and Rich Jackson have been unfairly snubbed.

Mike :

LaVar Arrington? Are you kidding me? If any Redskins should get in, it should be the Hogs of the 80's, especially Grimm & Jacoby. Dexter Manley , Dave Butz, Charles Mann were all better than Arrington.


A nomination for Lavar Arrington to the HOF is the most absurd thing I've heard this month, and that includes all of the political hyperbole. First, he's been out of the league for one year, so no one can even think about this until 2012. Second, he had 23.5 total sacks in his career, only one season with double digit sacks, only three Pro Bowl selections, and his team made the playoffs only once.

Let's compare him to, oh, say, Derrick Thomas, a player "cut down before his time," who still hasn't been admitted to the HOF in four tries, despite having 126.5 sacks and 9 Pro Bowl selections. Thomas had 7 sacks in one GAME. Arrington exceeded 7 sacks only one season. I like Arrington as much as anyone, and his talent wasn't always used well, but you're delusional if you think anyone will even consider nominating him to the HOF.

John :

Arrington does not belong in the Hall. Jacoby, Grimm, Bostic, Gary Clark and B-Mitch must get in. You can also make a very strong case for Doug Williams, too.

Doc :

Without a doubt, Jerry Kramer. A member of the NFL's 50th Anniversary Team and a five time All-Pro. Unfortunately, he continues to be unfairly penalized by those voters who think that there are too many Packers, from the same era, in the Hall of Fame. The word "travesty" comes to mind when thinking about Jerry Kramer not being in the Hall of Fame.

Charm City :

The Hall seems to have forgotten Jerry Kramer, dominant guard for the Green Bay Packers in the 1960s. This may be because there are so many Packers from that era already enshrined, but his absense is nonsensical. All pro five times over, a member of the NFL's 50th anniversary team, and the player who laid down perhaps THE signature block in the league's history allowing Bart Starr to cross the goal line and bring the Ice Bowl to a thrilling conclusion. The fact that he's snubbed year after year is a mystery and a shame.

JC3 :

Dermonti Dawson, Yes
Lavar Arrington, NO WAY
Phil Simms, Maybe.

My Vote
Randall Cunningham. 2 time leage MVP, 3 time winner of the Bert Bell award. % time passing for over 3000 yards in a season. The Dominant Offensive player of his era. Despite having Horrible offensive lines and bad receivers most of his career.

john in bluemont :

Jake Scott, Superbowl MVP, not in the hall and probably should be.
Billy Sims was a truly electrifying runner. He wrecked his knees but he was great. Maybe he deserves some consideration.
Wellington Mara was a great owner. He deserves consideration.

cvan :

How about Richard Dent? A dominate figure on the Bears' defensive line during the 80s. Super Bowl XX MVP and all time Bears' sack leader

jp :

How about Kenny Stabler? NFL MVP in 1974, Maxwell Award winner in 1976, 3 time All-Pro, fastest quarterback to 100 career wins when he retired, completed 60% of his passes in 5 seasons (at a time that actually meant something), led the Raiders to 5 straight AFC West titles and 4 straight AFC title games, has a Super Bowl ring and was one of the greatest clutch QB's ever...The Snake should be in the HOF.

skinsfan1960 :

Chris Hanburger & Jerry Smith. Look at the pro bowls for Hanburger, look at Smith's stats vs. Ditka, Mackey etc. He was Sharpe, Gonzo & Witten.

Larry :

Bob Hayes without question. This guy was perhaps the first world-class sprinter to achieve success at the WR position in the NFL and during the 60s, he became the prototype for the deep threat, game breaking receiver. He caught over 70 TDs, exceptional for a receiver of his day, and many in fact believe that what became known as the zone defense was instituted for the express purpose of containing him.

JR :

DE Jim Marshall of the Vikings. 282 consecutive football games play.

Bill Monroe :

Don Geronimo ... for being the #1 Packers fan. We miss you Donnie.

BF in MD :

Steve Tasker. Why the HOF continues to snub special teamers is a mystery. How can players like Tasker and Ray Guy be the best ever at their positions and not make the HOF? Why not eliminate special teams?

Spikey :

Otis Taylor is long overdue. Len Dawson could count on Taylor's sure hands. The offense the Chiefs ran then didn't give him the stats, but he was one of the greatest of his era.


Randy Gradishar had the same 10 year career as Jack Lambert but had 600 more tackles in that same span. The only thing missing statistically for Gradishar is Lambert was known as a viscous hitter and played on 4 Super Bowl Championship teams. Gradishar also retired at age 31.

JD :

I agree with the Gradishar post. He is a must enshrinee. His career tackle total was 2049. Being able to average 200+ tackles a year for your entire career is unheard of today.

Cypress Ted :

Bob Hayes needs to be added. He changed the nature of wide recievers (and I am a Redskin fan and hate the Cowboys, but Hayes was special).

Anonymous :

Definitely agree with Ray Guy, as well as Otis Taylor. I also agree that Jerry Smith should be in HOF, although I feel other reasons may keep him out. His stats speak for themselves. As a Redskin fan, I would also have like to have seen Larry Brown and Mike Bass receive greater consideration for induction.

Will Rodriguez :

Gary CLARk is one of the most underrated wide receivers ever. Clark should get in but the NFL HOF is a joke. If Lynn Swann got in then Gary Clark should be in easily.Compare their stats.How about a HOG or 2? HOF is a dump I went their last summer.

Pecos45 :

He remains the ONLY NFL player with an Olympic Gold Medal and a Super Bowl ring. The zone defense was invented to stop him. He transformed the league, played in the infamous Ice Bowl and actually won a Super Bowl as well as setting several receiving records when the NFL only played 12 (not 16) games.

Bob Hayes is long overdue.

RIP Dan Birdwell :

Cliff Branch.

His durability, playing on a run-first team, three Super Bowl rings, three consecutive all-pro seasons. Sure, a lot of wide receivers are in, and most of the ones who already have busts in Canton can't touch #21's impact on the game of football.

The very success of the Oakland Raider running game during his tenure there was due in large measure to the "Vertical Stretch" -- the idea that defenses dared not put eight in the box for fear of giving up 6. In an era of tall wide receivers, he played fourteen years as a smaller guy.

Clarke :

Ron Santo! Ron Santo! Oh wait...sorry. Old HOF habit here in Chicago. Anyway, Jim Covert, OT for the Bears 1983-1990. 2-time pro bowl, super bowl winner, all-1980's team. Also agree with the above for Richard Dent, which should be obvious to the HOF electors by now. Good one on Steve Tasker above, too.

hboseo :

Bob Hayes should be in there. He revolutionized the game with his speed. Defenses were never the same after he ran through them.

Charles T :

Bob Hayes!! It's plain ludicrous that he isn't in the HALL. The first superstar receiver. Look at all the speedsters in the NFL who couldn't catch a cold. Bob had speed and hands.

RavenStud :

Arthur B. Model is a true pioneer of the modern game and a man responsible for much of its success based on his early work on the broadcasting committee. It's a crime that he's not in already. Cleveland fans need to get over it. Yes, you lost a team for two years, but thanks to Modell, you got a new team, new stadium (that Cleveland never would have given Modell) and a new owner! Plus you got to keep your name, colors and the history. So how about a big thank you instead of this outdated vendetta.

Jimi Jones :

Having watched the NFL since I was around 10 years old (now 58), I have lived through many leagues transitions. There have been some doozies, in terms of players not placed in The Hall Of Fame, but none greater than DERRICK THOMAS.

In the league's heart of hearts, they know he should be inducted.

The Kansas City Chiefs have never even retired his number 58 (just dawned on me that my age now matches).

Have a heart will ya? He sadly left us back in 2000, and it seems that no other Chief should ever dawn that number.

therebel :

How about Johnny Robinson?

Vendettaman :

Anyone except Modell (it's two l's, ravendud & 3 yrs w/o). We'll probably lose our bad feeling about the hijacking of a selling-out (in a huge dump with snow from the lake)team about the same time you Baltopeople stop whining about moving vans in the snow when Irsay moved the not-drawing-flies-in-Baltimore Colts to Indy. Probably not real soon. Modell inherited the winningest franchise in NFL history and turned them into a 500 team during his 30+ years in Cleve, actually sub-500 after the players he inherited from Paul Brown left. And then there was the move. Not a plausible HOFer. Try Gradishar, Clay Mathews, or Joe Klecko first.

ron :

Bob Hayes for sure. How can he not already be there? Crazy! Lavar???? Someones smoking crack.

zeromeo :

Who in their right mind would want to go to Canton, Ohio, to be "enshrined" into ANYTHING? Keep Bob Hayes out because Canton is Canton. Otherwise put him in.

Larry E. :

Chris Hanburger. Apparently he was a jerk to reporters, but who cares? He was named to the Pro Bowl nine times - the most by any Redskin. From 1967 to '77 he played in 135 consecutive games (only an appendectomy sidelined him) and was the NFC Defensive Player of the Year in 1972. Better HOF credentials than some who are in. Fix this, now.

Rodney :

Bob Hayes!!! Enough Said.

Don Jackson :

My vote goes to the most dangerous Raider...EVER!... Ray Guy! Name one punter before or since that could punt like this man did? He made it possible for that Raider defense to play all-out.

therebel :

Don Jackson :
My vote goes to the most dangerous Raider...EVER!... Ray Guy! Name one punter before or since that could punt like this man did? He made it possible for that Raider defense to play all-out.

Don, how about another Southern Miss alum: Jerrel Wilson?

bdstauffer :

Rickey Jackson, Sam LB for the Saints. Just as good as LT. Rickey Jackson should, in my estimation, already be in the Hall of Fame.

Gerard :

Much ado about nothing. There is only one hall of fame and it`s in Cooperstown. Getting into Canton is a matter of starting a lot of games for a team that won a lot of games. The NFL changes it`s rules every year making statistics more or less meaningless.

Trysthens :

For Redskins it would be (in order) Chris Hanburger, Joe Theisman (One SB win, one SB loss, two NFC championships and one NFL Player of the year), Grimm and Jacoby. For the worthless Cowboys, Bullet bob Hayes is the only guy I would consider. Tasker is a good choice, as is Brian Mitchell and Mark Mosely, for special teamers.

Dashriprock :

Chris Hanburger,
"SAM LB" Washington Redskins

Played 14 years.

9# total pro bowls.
4# times 1st team.

17# forced fumbles.

19# interceptions.

Alex35332 :

I loved the writer who said assistant coaches should be let in. Joe Bugle when he is retired should get in, created the best O-lines ever.

bigguysclassics :

What about Jerry Smith. One of the greatest tight ends to ever play the game.

paulF :

Definitely agree that Bob Hayes is an egregious oversight. He virtually invented the position of wide receiver as we've come to know it......and I, too am a 'Skins fan.

Anonymous :

Should BE In:Jerry Kramer and Fuzzy Thurston of the Packers, John Wooten and Clay Matthews of the Browns, Bob Hayes of the Cowboys, Chris Hanburger Gary Clark, and Jerry Smith of the Redskins, Alex Karras of the Lions, Pete Retzlaff of the Eagles, Jackie Smith of the Cardinals, Ray Guy of the Raiders, Jerel Wilson of the Chiefs, Richard Dent of the Bears, Jim Marshall of the Vikings, Pat Fisher of the Cards/Skins

Doc :

Where in the hell is Ken Stabler? So what if his stats with the Saints at the end of his career were junk....did Joe Namath ever have anythin gbut ONE GOOD SEASON? His stats suck...Griese, Bradshaw, Stabler, Staubach and Tarkenton were the QBs who made the merge of the AFL & NFL work in the 70's. he is deserving of the HOF. All those AFC West titles, SB XI, Pro Bowls....come on!!!!

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