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Are Higher Scores Good For Football?

The NFL is on track for its highest-scoring season ever. Roger Goodell says that's "great for the fans," but are bloated scores a good thing for the sport?

Posted by Emil Steiner on November 28, 2008 9:25 AM

Rich: The trend to higher scoring, brought on by all the changes to favor the passing game, is getting quarterbacks killed. And because each posse...

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delOH :

I never really thought of this in terms of the NFL. A better example though would be hockey. Same articles, change NFL to NHL, and replace Goodell's photo with Bettman's. Recent rule changes in the NHL have directly impacted average game scores, creating higher scoring games. I have often made the exact same point as Cindy, why should the NHL change the rules of the game to attract new fans? But, to Mr. Goodell, I guess the real question should be, 'Exactly just how much money is enough?'

Cashed out :

Whats wrong with high scoring. It is the evolution of the sport. Low score are boring anyway.

Karl :

High scoring is great if the games are close and there are sufficient close defensive games too. The tie breaking system is bad; the college system fairer and more exciting. The new camera angles and the indoor stadiums make the game look more like my son's video games; life imitating art I suppose. The glorification of violence and the puerile interest in trash talk is also disheartening. All of these things remind me more and more of the WWF instead of the NFL. But I no longer am the right demographic so I guess the change is for my kids who were raised on a diet of WWF and video game violence.

Tired Of Stories Like This :

Oh shut up. This stupid question gets brought up every couple of years when there are a few weeks of high scores. It's rookie journalism or probably more accurately cheap and easy journalism. Football is a game and they tweak the rules every year so more or less scoring happens/ doesn't happen. It's not a big deal. As long as my team wins I'm for it. If we lose then let's change it - sort of sounds like flaky journalist doesn't it?

SteveCO :

The evolving trend of ever-higher scores in NFL games every Sunday sucks.
The scoreboard looks like Arena Football now, as the NFL - first under Shula, then continuing in his tradition - have hamstrung and tripped up defenses with an array of stupid and sissified rules, such as the one now that lets the ref call for roughing the passer, even when he's just plain tackled otherwise legally but maybe "too hard" in the ref's opinion. A non-reviewable, possibly game-altering decision influenced by one ref's idea of rough on any given Sunday.

The poor widdle quarterback. And with all these rules, there has been no lessening that I can tell in QB injuries. None.
He's the highest paid player on the field, and he gets treated like a pregnant woman.

The NFL is becoming a joke. Ridiculously high scores have altered the game to its detriment, a change over the years since the '80s, especially, unmatched in any other major professional sport. I could just see MLB allowing an infielder to only take three steps to catch a popup or he has to let the ball fall, then modify the rule AGAIN to only two steps a few years later; or, basketball changing the three-point shot to a four-pointer. What crap.

I don't need Arena Football. I hate that housefly junk. I'm beginning not to like the NFL for the same reason.

It's losing its basic character for the sake of whiny and greedy owners, some of whom - like the McCaskeys in Chicago - have no damn business being allowed to run a franchise in the first place; or, some like Don Shula who were given wa-a-a-ay too much power on the NFL Rules Committee, he of the offensive-only mindset. Put Dick Butkus on that board, and we'll start getting real football rules again.

I can walk in fifteen minutes to see high-scoring high school football. Who needs the NFL?

SteveCO :

"Oh shut up. This stupid question gets brought up every couple of years when there are a few weeks of high scores."

There've been high scores for many years. If you're too ignorant to do the research, then I suggest you shut your insulting mouth and not look quite so stupid. This isn't a "few weeks trend."

Arrogant twit.

Goodell The Fool :

These high scores are going to be the downfall of football. This is not the XFL this is the NFL. That kind of roller derby nonsense may be exciting for a week or two, but it is not a sport it is just a circus. Football is about great defense and great offense.

Rich :

The trend to higher scoring, brought on by all the changes to favor the passing game, is getting quarterbacks killed. And because each possession has an even higher likelihood of resulting in a score, the game is waaaaay over-officiated (and over-replayed).

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