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Michael Vick, A Pleasant Surprise?

Will the convicted dog fighter turn out to be the best value pickup of 2009?

Posted by Emil Steiner on November 26, 2008 2:42 AM

help me out: by the way, Vick lost $130 million ++ i think he has paid for his crimes. no one can say they broke the law and had to pay that kind of su...

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PW :

I my opinion Vick ought to be in jail for his hideously cruel activities long past any year in which he would still be able to to play pro ball.
He and his good-for-nothing brother are both stains on the sports and humanity scenes.

delOH :

For some reason, I can't get Jerry Jones and the lyrics of the Stones song "Can't you Hear me Knockin'" out of my head.

Alex35332 :

Sadly I do think Vick will be back in the NFL. If Pacman can get 14 problems like that swept under the rug, Vick will be back.

judi2653 :

Michael Vick may be an adequate quarterback, but he is an absolutely hideous human being.

Does anyone get this? He didn't rob a gas station, he didn't offend his neighbors by playing loud music, and he certainly wasn't incarcerated for singing too loudly in church.

No. He inflicted horrible pain on living creatures. He drowned and electrocuted animals and doesn't even seem to understand that what he did was not only wrong, but morally reprehensible.

How any team could sign this monster is beyond me.

I would love for every NFL team to look beyond profit and into humanity.

art ranchero :

This idiot should never be allowed to play professional again. He should spend the rest of his life caring for injured animals.

Maria Antoinette :

You can't be serious.

George L :

Vick is even sicker than I thought if he thinks that words with out action will be sufficient. This man tortured animals for fun! He should have 3X the prison sentence and 10X the fine he received.

Phil :

No, he got off lightly. There are dead animals in his past. He seems to be sorry he got caught. I dont see any public expression of remorse. What he did was terrible and done knowingly, had he not been caught he would still be doing it. He is not done paying.....

DrFish :

Wait a minute. This guy has more than legal problems. He must also overcome his psychological problems and that could require a long term effort. More than dog fighting, I have read where he would put pet quality dogs in the arena and watched them get torn apart. This isn't dog fighting it's masochism, or at the least, torture. This kid is sick and his problems go beyond covering up or gambling. He shouldn't be allowed to play professional sports or be let loose in the general society until he is cured of this disease and atones for past actions.

DottieK :

Michael Vick should not ever be allowed to play NFL football again. He lost that privilege when he tortured innocent animals. I think he is remorseful only because he got caught!

CA-ian :

Why are these people above the law? Why are they welcomed back into million dollar positions? These people (Vick & more) know what they are doing, they are not blatant idiots mindless to common sense....THEY KNOW THAT THEY WILL GET OFF EASY....if caught. Hes more inconvenienced by the situation than anything.....its a shame that he isnt inconvenienced financially. Why arent teams or the entire league held accountable when these people do something horrible the first time......or the 14th. Its not just vick its pro sports. 1 chance or the rest of us.

jbb :

I saw some nitwit on ESPN say that Vick would be persued by the NFL teams that were "not afraid of PETA". You don't have to be a member of PETA to be repulsed by someone who gets their jollies by hanging and electrocuting dogs. Those people who think that some NFL team will welcome back Vick need to remember that the NFL is in the entertainment business. No matter how good Vick is at playing football, his value as an entertainer is very low at this point. Any team that signs Vick is going to become my least favorite team, and I won't watch any of their televised games. If you think I'm atypical, consider all the people who have dogs as pets or had dogs at some point in their lives.

David Dwyer :

Ah, tis the season to be jolly. So let's forgive and get back to the important things in life like FOOTBALL. Never mind the torture of animals by a sick and twisted -- lying -- individual. Let's be sure to point him out to our kids when he rushes back on the field. "There goes a true American hero, son. He's a football star."

Donna S :

I am from Atlanta and I have no positive use for this man or any measure of forgiveness. He needs to spend the rest of his days working, (supervised at all times), in an animal shelter.
Should he return to football, 75% net of everything that he earns should be donated to animal protection/recovery charities, otherwise, shut up and go away.
So far, he hasn't even bothered to marry either one of the mothers of his three children.
What a useless piece of human flesh.

agnes johnson :

Michael has suffered enough. There are others walking around free for doing the same thing or worst. I don't think he would have paid such a high price for this crime if he had been an ordinary citizens. Let him go and rebuild his life!

the z :

I say put him in a small pen with a few dogs and let him fight his way out. If he wins, then he gets to fight the next day, even if he's hurt. If he loses, he either can't move or he should suffer the same fate as the dogs he murdered when they lost.

On a realistic level, I would hope he never comes to my team (the Ravens) as he is a disgusting "person." Ravens have only the highest class of people and we would have a PR nightmare that Vick would bring. Everyone in every stadium will hate the team Vick is on. Almost everyone, there are some that fully support Vick and think its fine to torture and murder animals. I wonder if the buffoons who support Vick know that many serial killers tortured animals before they started killing.

Swanie :

As an owner of a dog that I adopted from a rescue, my answer to you AND Vick is the following:

- He needs help to understand that what he did, not only to the pit bulls, but to "normal" house pet dogs, is absolutely disgusting.

- His convictions say a lot about his morals, integrity, ethics, and common sense. He has shown he has none of the four.

-Until he learns and implement an appropriate set of morals, displays integrity and ethics in all of his actions, and CLEARLY shows common sense in the decisions that he makes, he deserves nothing except to complete his jail term and be a convicted felon the rest of his life.

- He should NEVER play in the NLF again. It is not a right, but a privilege, and he should never get that privilege. He has set a horrible example for the youth of this country, and especially the black youth, that he needs to spend a lot of time to EARN back any respect or trust the American people should have in him.

sharkoz :

NO WAY!! NEVER!! He is one sick puppy. I would never support any team that allowed him back on the field.

S. Shapiro :

I worried that Vick would get a slap on the wrist for what I define as torture and murder. After he gets out of prison (too soon) he should not be allowed back in sports, that would be a fitting punishment.

Nroman26 :

I hope the American ideal of retribution is not pervasive or indifferent. Michael Vick is about to complete his period of incarceration for federal and state crimes he confessed to having committed. He has served more time incarcerated than corporate CEOS, and a host of other vile criminals, including rapists. I am no fan of Michael Vick, but believe in the decency of mankind and the promise of contrition. Michael Vick will have paid his debt to society and should be given an opportunity to reenter society as a contributing athlete. We know the redemptive power of God and the American people.

blackmask :

It is horrible, and completely understandable, why so many big time athletes think it's ok to fight dogs to the death, or kill them. It is a reflection of their own position. If they were smart, instead of just talented, they would see they are just like the pit bulls. Owned by rich folks, fight for their pleasure, discarded when they can no longer earn them more loot. If they could get away with it, NFL owners would drown old players, thus removing any residual responsibility or financial obligation to said players.

Maybe if we're lucky, it will become legal to drown or in some way kill old, used up, worthless athletes, who are no longer very entertaining.

Ron, Chicago :

Vick's crimes were more than mistakes or indiscretions. He is a sadist, probably sublimating sexual psychopathic tendencies. He is deserving of psychiatric treatment, but not restoration of his celebrity status. He probably is not capable of genuine remorse. I just hope that someday he can develop enough human depth to comprehend the dimensions of his perverted nature.

Matt :

This is not just some "mistake." Vick is responsible for the gruesome and unjustified murder of dozens of innocent animals, purely for money and "fun." I don't know if that is a forgiveable offense, but I would have to see many years of contrition, including volunteering at animal shelters. Certainly he should never play in the NFL again, for the reasons Swanie outlined.

Bars :

He does not care about any of this. His smile will be back on his face without any remorse the day he is released. I would not be upset to see him have an unfortunate interaction with a PETA activist. See, the extremists may yet prove to come in handy.

Dianne (DC) :

I would like to see him do community service, including working in an animal shelter and volunteering as a spokesperson for animal rescue.

quilt403 :

Forget.......No Way. What he did to innocent animals was cruel beyond cruel. He should pay for the rest of his life, banned from professional sports. Vick knew what he was doing was wrong, it is time for him to experience discomfort in his wallet which is much more humane than what thos poor animals experienced.

M. Camp :

Yes, please set the man free already! He shouldn't have been sent to jail in the first place. Maybe his lawyers should ask President Bush for a pardon!


He should be allowed to play, but as a punishment he should be forced to play for the Lions.

hsp :

Forgive Michael Vick's calculated cruelty? No way! Would a convicted murderer be allowed back in the NFL? He should spend the rest of his life working for animal welfare.

Yes, we all make mistakes. But Michael Vick's behavior was no mistake. It's great if he did indeed reform himself. Now let him learn to make his way in the world without NFL millions.

Joe D :

Bite me!

Jay :

When do fallible people have the right to determine someone else's worthiness and redemption, let alone condemn and eternally punish someone? I haven't seen people this ticked off about rapists and child molesters. Give me a break! I hope you all are vegans, hold doors open for the handicap, give up your seats on the train to women, children and elderly and would stop to help those in a car accident. Oh for humanity!

Jimbo :

What Vick did was not a mistake. It shows a lack of standards that the sports writers are willing to overlook Vick's crimes as mistakes just so he can play football. This is the problem. Sports writers, coaches and rabid fans have been giving Vick and those like him a pass ever since they showed any real aptitude at sports. Put these bums on notice that you can lose your career and millions of $$$ for comitting crimes. This message needs to be heard loud and clear by the bums being paid millions to play baeball, football and basketball.

Sad :

For those of us who value all life, not just humans, find Vick’s acts of cruelness unforgiving. Killing animals for food is one thing; cruelness is another. If it were up to me, it would be a capital crime punishable by death. For those willing to forgive and let him play, you are pathetic and have no morals. I would love to see Vick in the cage with some of my Vegas cage fighting buddies; he would see as a human what its like to be beaten senseless like what he allowed to happen to those defenseless dogs in his care. And this goes for anyone else involved. Vick lost my respect and will always be a weak, soulless, useless piece of garbage; a poor excuse for a modern human.

Doris Roth :

There IS no forgiveness for what he did.
He should suffer the same fate as his
"charges." Put him into a pit with lions.

jimbob128 :

It has been disclosed that Mr. Vick put his house 'pets' in the ring with his killer dogs for reasons not explained. What kind of a human being is this? When Mr. Vick gets into the dog fighting ring with some of his Pit Bulls and fights them hand to hand for his life, I'll consider giving him a second chance, that is if he proves himself to be worthy of living. Otherwise, it'll be bite this wire Michael while I throw this switch. No since in wasting food on a loser!

CommonSenseRules :

I do not know whether 'forgiveness' is what fans and the general public can offer Vick. I do believe that experiencing the negative consequences of his actions/choices seems to be sufficient "punishment."
any NFL/sports role that may follow his incarceration is something that he will need to earn -- in the same way that any hungry, ambitious, talented athlete must.

hoogey :

Vick crossed the line...

AJohn1 :

I thought the point of sending him to prison was to punish him for what he DID?

He will have served nearly 2 years in jail and nearly been bankrupted. If that isn't a potent message to society about what harming dogs can do to your own life, I don't know what is.

What's the point of continuing to punish him by barring him from the NFL except wanton vengeance?

If he's capable, he should be allowed to play.

Howard :

I really believe it's time to forgive.

JT :

Wow - I've hated Vick since he was a Va Tech since I went to Virginia, but come on.

He will have spent 2 years in jail and lost $100M because of his criminal enterprise. All deserved. But he will have paid his debt to society.

He shouldn't be guaranteed a chance, because playing in the NFL is a privelege. And I can understand any owner that doesn't want to take the risk. But he should be given the opportunity.

It's funny - people want to hang this guy for his crime, but at the end of the day it's not that big a deal. He didn't molest a kid, or kill someone in a DUI, or smoke crack on a videotape. Most importantly, his crime wasn't related to his job. It's not like keeping a convicted preist from runing a day care. He should be allowed to make a living. Was his crime serious? Absolutely. Prevent him from playing football? No.

There are lots of other people I'd like to see put away before this guy. Like real estate brokers/appraisers and Wall Street bankers ... people whose misdeeds have had a much more direct and negative impact on my life than Michael Vick.

chynna :

Please give me a break..... people can KILL another person and not get half the time or financial punishment Vick has....we are talking about some DOGS!!!! They kill dogs all the time at the pound.

Amanda :

He should be starved, beaten and forced to fight to the death just as he inflicted on those dogs.

I'm not saying I'm some crazy PETA advocate, but what he did was flat out cruel and disgusting. Those that abuse animals in that way deserve the same done to them so they can see how it feel.

Another Fan :

Vick is a sadistic SOB.
He should be working the night shift as a security guard.
Better yet, the TSA.

Bill H. :

I don't forgive people who are cruel to animals or "hunters" who kill for pleasure.

Cyndy :

He will definitely have to earn it. I don't think that he was sorry for what he did to the animals. Just that he was sorry that he got caught, and was the backer of this hideious onslaught of animals. I had read the other day, how he strangled them, shot them or drowned them, if they didn't "live" up his standards of fighting other dogs. And, the one thing that really made me sick, is how they would put family pets, in the rink, with the killer dogs. The killer dogs would rips up the family pets, and, that just seemed to make these horrible men happy. Imagine family pets, that have been loved and cared for--and, then, are put in a rink with savage killers. These poor dogs only knew love, and, now, they were at the jaws of vicious killers. And, no, I don't think that Michael Vick should have an early out. I think that he should serve his full term with all of the vicious killers that he is locked up with. At least, he doesn't have to be worried about being ripped apart like the family pets did.
How could one man, who had so much going for him, think that animals ripping each other apart was such a great sport? He was the highest paid on the NFL, he lived wonderfully, never had to worry about anything. And, then, he has to get his "kicks" training dogs to tear each other apart.

He needs to be rehabilitated before he can come back to "normal"life. It just makes me sick to think of what he did to the animals. Heck, if he liked that kind of violence, then, maybe he should have been a pro-fighter, and he could have knocked some guy around the in the ring. Evidentally, knocking down guys in the football field couldn't satisfy him--watching defenseless animals did. I really don't want to see this "animal" out on the street anytime soon. Hopefully, he has serve all of his time!

sickofit :

Never, to see him running down the field,to cheers, must not happen.

Are we a civilized country, or not?

Amy Butler :

He tortured dogs, made them fight to their death, or electrocuted or hung to death the dogs that lost. What exactly is there to forgive? Instead of a debate on whether to forgive Vick, maybe we should be talking about how to help the dogs that survived. "Dogtown" on the National Geographic Channel aired a special on Vick's dogs. Anybody discussing this should first view that show.

grouse :

Come on folks. These were animals we are talking about not human beings. Michael Vick is a human being. It seems to me that society is upside down in many ways and with many people's obsession with pets and other lesser animals. Cruelty to animals is always wrong. But some of these posters are the ones who like dogs or other lesser animals more than they like or care for other people. They foolishly put dumb animals and human beings on the same societal plane for comparison. That is ludicrous. They are the same who would spend money to shelter a cat for a day but not to shelter and feed a human being. What is wrong with you people. Focus on society and human beings and not FIDO. In fact, until we have human beings taken care of sufficiently by a city or state, any expenditures to house stray or unwanted critters should be eliminated. Unclaimed animals need to be disposed of to end animal welfare. People need that money more. Needy human beings are more important. Vick has been punished for his crimes. That is the end of it. Anything more is cruel. The "animals as people" crowd should all move to one city to live in their Garden of Eden, and leave the rest of normal society to love and care for.....and forgive....humans.

harlemblues :

He made a mistake. He should not have his life ruined because of a mistake. Put yourself in his shoes, you'd want a second chance as well. It was a dog, not a child. For all those that have dogs instead of children, I understand how you must feel.

TotallyhateVick :

I can't believe those of you that think he's served enough time or paid the price for what he did. Bankrupcy... please the man probably has money stashed away and I don't care what anyone says he is only upset because he got caught not for what he did to those dogs. He should spend alot more time paying in prison for what he did and should not under any circumstance be allowed to play football again.

george hayes :

he simply doesn't appear remorseful- let him prove himself off the playing field before any consideration of re-instatement

Denise :

Our society is rife with non-accountability, from CEOs that have endangered our financial health to steroid-shooting ballplayers and dog-fighting quarterbacks. If you abuse your talent by breaking the law and expect to have another opportunity to use it, you are living in a fantasy world. Let Vick play fantasy football. Unfortunately, professional sports have elevated players to a God-like status paying them un-Godly salaries and bonuses. Until society gets its priorities straight, greed will allow Vick back on the field, no matter what crimes he commits.

Oplease :

We are a forgiving country. However, we demand real contrition and a real admission of guilt before we forgive people their trespasses. When Mike gets out I expect him to go back to lying; to saying the only thing he did wrong was to be 'a trusting person' who put that trust in people who did him wrong.

That was BS then, and it's BS now. We have first hand accounts that he participated in killing dogs via hanging, electrocution, and body slamming. We have first hand accounts that he put family pets in against trained pit bull fighters and thought it was funny when they were injured or killed.

Futhermore, it was his business that did this, in his house, with his bankroll behind the whole thing. He is as guilty as sin. He's guilty to the bone. To excuse him saying he wasn't there was total BS from the beginning. Example: if a slave was whipped was the only person guilty of that tragedy the one who actually wielded the whip? Would we excuse the slave owner, the plantation owner, the man at the top under who's authority the whipping happened? No. Not just no, hell no.

Mike is guilty beyond any question and when he gets out he needs to say that he was guilty and did wrong, without any flinching, rationalizations, or excuses, or there will be no forgiveness. None whatsoever. You have to earn forgiveness. You don't just get it handed to you on a silver platter because you were the first pick in an NFL draft.

NOVAHokie :

Michael Vick’s actions were heinous. We must continue to deplore Vick’s brand of barbarianism, lest we risk tacitly promoting poor parenting and a horrid American subculture that knows no limits or decency and lacks the most fundamental respect for life. Such is the nature of his plague on our society. The Michael Vick epidemic must be fought in every street, school, courtroom, and home.

Matt :

Its not forgivable.

shaqtime :

I understand the anger that folks are expressing in this forum. What Michael Vick did was cruel. However, before this whole thing came to light, Michael Vick had already seperated himself from that lifestyle. Who are we to say that he isn't sorry for what happened? Who's to say that wasn't the reason he stopped engaging in the behavior long before charges were filed? And yes, I think he should be allowed to play football again if he is still capable. It's not like he's going to become the face of anyone's franchise. He is definitely not getting another $100 million dollar contract. This man paid his debt to society and now we have to give him the opportunity to become a productive member of society again. He has children to feed for crying out loud! Do you want your tax dollars to feed his kids when he is an able-bodied American? I know I don't. Honestly, we have bigger problems in this country than Michael Vick playing a game for a living. Let's worry about the things that directly affect us. The economy, the rapist next door released on a technicality, the war, etc. Go ahead and boycott any team who takes him on. Protest outside of the stadium if that tickles your fancy. But be sure that while you are throwing stones at Michael Vick, that your house is not made of glass.

Bill Beck :

My Mother used o say, "forgiveness is a gift that you give to yourself." I love my Mother, and I fully endorse her view. I so want to be a good person on this matter. I suspect Mom will have to be disappointed in me this time. Regrettably it wont be the first. But on the subject of Michael Vick and his deeds, I suspect the Sun will cool, re-light, play beacon to a new solar system, and extinguish itself again before I will forgive him. If the question is whether he has served his debt to society, I am not the person to ask. Its not about the punishment as far as I am concerned. Let him out, I dont care. But as for whether person to person, soul to soul I could recommend him to anything or anyone as in the community of souls, I say no. I dont ask people to be perfect, and I certainly dont expect them to be, but this goes so far in the other direction, that the discussion of missing on perfection distorts the depth of this issue. Dogs are innocent souls. All they seek is to be closer to us. Sure some have characteristics that are worse than others, but that is usually more attributable to some person, than it is to the nature of the dog. There is a lot wrong with this world, and a lot that can and will never be fixed. We have to accept happenstance, and even a little evil. But Michael Vick managed to vault himself into a kind of evil that arouses my inner monster. In an emergency I could manage to save his corporeal self, but I dont give a fat rat's patootie about his soul.

anikes :

If Sarah Palin gets standing ovations for shooting wolves out of airplanes and for skinning moose, then I'm not exactly sure why Vick shouldn't be allowed to move on with his life and do his job after serving time for his crime.

Chet :

look at the good side, let him back in football and watch him get a knee blown out and be a cripple for the rest of his miserable life. I generally don't wish ill on anyone, but in his case coming back after 2-3 years out and in crappy shape would really set him up for a career ending injury. while we dont kill football players at the end of their career we also dont pay much attention to them. Its a nice thought anyway :-)

C. Bruce :


M Meyers :

No, never. The crime was too great to reward the criminal.

david :

Earn it, douchebag

KennyG :

Once he serves his time he deserves the right to earn forgiveness. That is the Ameican way. If he fails to do so then no mercy but he gets a chance to redeem himself as we all do. One thign that strikes me about all this is that the wall street theives are causing much more suffering to humans and yes dogs and they will recieve far less punishment than Mr. Vick.

Jimbeam :

Michael Vick is a smug, arrogant bastard who has learned nothing being in prison. If he ever plays in the NFL again, professional football has gotten the last dollar from me. I will not support any sport that condones what Vick did.

Patricia :


Skylark :

In about TEN to TWENTY YEARS!!! And NO sooner!!! NO WAY his phony apologies were heartfelt. It takes TIME to digest, LEARN, and RECOGNIZE the true wrong of such behavior, and that CERTAINLY does not come in a few months! Let him dwell on it when he realizes he will NEVER play pro sports again! I, for one, am going to look into courses of action against ANY NFL team that attempts to employ him!

Amanda P. :

What has Vick done to show his remorse? What has he done to make amends? Pete Rose was banned from baseball because of gambling. Certainly, torturing animals for profit is more serious than gambling. Are football fans so callous, so lacking in decency that they would forgive this behavior because they want to see Vick play again? I have to believe that the football fans have more class than that.

DT - Jets Fan :

How this scumbag could ever get back in NFL is beyond me, he killed animals for fun, servering time does not make him repentive, I will bocot league and that piece of crap Goodall should be hung by his balls and electrocuted for even thinking it.

D in DC :

Vick should be forgiven. It saddens me that people got all up in arms about dog fighting, but turned the other way when human lives were taken. What is this world coming to when human life is equated to less than a dog??

I am sure he learned his lessen and God says we must forgive. Hell, people have served less time for rape.

cms1 :

If Vick was not a football star, there would be NO question about this. Åny other thug would be serving his full sentence and the question of "forgiveness" would not even be on the radar screen.

Jimbeam :

D in DC - you need professional help. Seek it right away!!!

Anonymous :

If we condone the acts of the governor of Alaska, which includes shooting moose and wolves for sport, why not forgive Vick?

Anonymous :

No one will support a team lead by any individual who can run a dog fighting ring hence dog murderer. If reminded most people would become as angry as they were when the story broke. Anyone who owns a pet would be thoroughly disgusted to have their star quarterback be a man who murdered dogs for fun and profit. There is something to be said for character and decency which he obviously has neither. No matter the time paid it is just as disgusting and immoral today as it was then. Vick is a bad role model and a poor leader.
It's not about forgive and forget; it's respect for creatures who cannot protect themselves.

jen :

No one will support a team lead by any individual who can run a dog fighting ring hence dog murderer. If reminded most people would become as angry as they were when the story broke. Anyone who owns a pet would be thoroughly disgusted to have their star quarterback be a man who murdered dogs for fun and profit. There is something to be said for character and decency which he obviously has neither. No matter the time paid it is just as disgusting and immoral today as it was then. Vick is a bad role model and a poor leader.
It's not about forgive and forget; it's respect for creatures who cannot protect themselves.

agp :

I do not have any sympathy or empathy for the likes of Vick. His cruelty to animals through his dog fighting activities are disgusting and one of the lowest forms of human behavior. If he truly wants to atone for his actions, he could use his celebrity to raise awareness and funds for abused animals. Further, he should personally donate his time to working in an animal shelter. Yet, working in an animal shelter does not hold the allure of multitudes of fans cheering no?

J. :

Please let's not talk about having Vick "care for" shelter animals as a way of rehabbing him.

It seems very unlikely that whatever he has been through in life, or whatever innate defect he has, that has made him so violent and sadistic is going to be cured by a couple of years in jail and a few sessions of "animal therapy."

Unfortunately, it probably is easier to rehab a fighting pit bull than it is to heal the mind and soul of somebody like Vick.

Rick :

If the PIGs that run the NFL see they can make a dollar on vick he will be back. The NFL is all about money and if SATAN would suit up the NFL PIGs would play it. If the PIGs had any morals or ethics they would tell vick to pound sand. My only hope is vick will one day be ripped apart by a bunch of K-9's. vick is pure evil.

sweladi :

If this man is hired by anyone, it means that those people have no regard for what he has done. He deserves no forgiveness. Hurting defenseless animals is the worse thing anyone can do. He has no remorse. He only wants to get shorter sentences for what he's done and so he can play again. What he deserves is to be put in a cage with vicious dogs so he knows what it feels like to slowly get torn apart until he dies. That would be retribution! He is a perfect example of "non-human".

Vin, DC :


John M. :

Haha, I can't believe this is being seriously discussed. Nobody should ever forgive animal cruelty regardless of an apology. Something like that is a great window into a person's soul. Would you forgive a human murderer? The fact that this is even being talked about... money talks in today's NFL, doesn't it? Simply disgusting.

Any team that hires Vick wins my eternal opposition.

John :

All you Peta brainwashed morons. Put human suffering to the forefront of your pee sized brains, or stop eating anything that needs to get killed to do so. And that includes veggies also.

Anonymous :

Keep him in jail, throw away the key for 20 years, and let him play ball in the yard with the other cons, the bastard.


The man has served his time and his debt to society. He has a athletic gift that he deserves to utilize.

His issue will forever follow him and will serve to keep him humble.

Let the man play.

Amelda :

He does not belong in the NFL or any public forum. He is not and will not ever be a role model for young people.

The bottomline, he engaged in criminal activity. He should not be permitted to "pick up where he left off." Most criminals are not given that opportunity.

WI :

What he participated in was barbaric. If Atlanta takes him back or any other team picks him up when he's let loose (not enough prison time in my opinion), they should be more than ashamed of themselves. He does not deserve any kudos, whatsoever. I hope anyone considering his services as a quarterback thinks long and hard about how they'd feel if their dog was forced to fight. I cannot even look at his picture - I find him repulsive, immoral, and totally lacking civility, character and leadership.

David Cross :

every time this convict shows up on the radar we find out more reprehensible acts he has committed, there are still more stones to be turned and the story is not over...enjoying the sight of your family pets being torn to pieces is beyond my ability to comprehend, it is one short step to visiting the same abuse on people...Pacman Jones is rightfully facing a ban for life and even he was not involved in death for sport...playing in the NFL is a privilege, not a right...this convict should never step on an NFL field again


Would this discussion be taking place if Vick were not a celebrity sports figure. Of course not. Let the law take its course. Vick has the money and top lawyers. They will plough their way through our justice system. Let no man get special treatment...of course Mark Rich is the exception.

Tom :

If Vick plays in the NFL ever again I will stop watching football altogether. I love football, but if he comes back, I'm out. I'll also go out of my way not to purchase from companies that advertise during football games.

Dick Nelson :

Why not take him back? Owners of professional sports teams have virtually no moral fiber. Anything for a buck. They cry for public dollars to build their stadiums and then play games in London and Tokyo. Michael Vick is a gifted athlete who blew his chance. Cheer for him anymore? Are you kidding?

Anonymous :

can't we give him a second chance? Even though it is totally wrong, dog fighting is very common in many parts of the country. They don't view it the same way as the rest of the country. I think he realizes that now.

clarence :

I know what mike vick did was wrong and he has paid a heavy price plus more, but lets quit beating around the Bush, this is a young gifted black athlete that made millions and will come back and mike not as much money but the mininum which is more than most people make on this post for a year. It's pure hate for this man. What about people who love cats and dogs so much that they have too many in their household is that not animal cruelty. What about our VP canidate that shoots moose, so lets just stop it. I have more respect for people who really tell the truth, this has nothing to do with dogs for most folks, what about PETA, they killed dogs not such a uproar their. So hide behind your keyboards and say certain code words like thug...but most of us know what your saying. It's not about dogs it's his celebraty status that most of you all dislike and he makes or made more money than any one of us period.

Anonymous :

yes, I would forgive Mr. Vick

Carolyn Goldston :

Michael Vick should NEVER play pro football again!

Jetsgrrl :

If the NFL takes Vic back I will never watch another NFL game and will throw out anything I own that is NFL related. That's it. This man has no soul to be able to do what he did. I don't expect these guys to be choir boys but a person who can inflict such suffering on the innocent (even if its "just" dogs) doesn't deserve such fame or fortune.

melro :

Forgive, maybe. Forget, NO! People who torture animals are among the sickest of individuals. If they'll hurt helpless animals, they surely wouldn't hesitate to hurt humans.

Hampton Roads :

Michael Vick is an incredible scumbag who never expressed any remorse for his actions -- and continued to lie about them to everyone until the evidence piled up around him. It was only after conviction that his lawyers wrote up some lame apology for him to read.

Remember, this won't be a second chance. It'll be his 50th. And this isn't some minor thing like smuggling drugs onto airplanes in a false-bottom bottle. This is operating a gambling ring. This is torturing and killing animals for fun.

Michael Vick should never be allowed to play in the NFL again. Let him play in Arena Football. I'll pay money to watch someone knock the crap out of him. But don't diminish the NFL by letting him play.

Lew :

Forget the facts of the crime. He committed a FELONY. Are you going to forgive a convicted felon? Are you going to give a convicted felon a second chance at making millions when there are plenty of more deserving hard working individuals that don't commit felonies and are upstanding members of their communities? Screw Vick. Screw the business of the NFL as well, they of course want to let him back in, it will generate press and money. I am so sick of our profit at all costs mentality. I want Vick kicked out forever. I want the greedy bastards out also.

rmcss :

Some actions should never be forgiven or forgotten. Vick's despicable acts are irrevocably evil, both against the animals he tortured, and against the society he defied. Those who support Vick's future NFL career also support his evil.


I can't believe what I'm reading. One man will cause a person to completely stop watching football. What kind of football fan is that? The NFL is NOT Michael Vick.

Move on.

Hello :

When an individual takes a Pit Bull Puppy and tosses the puppy into the fray of grown Pit Bulls allowing the puppy to be ripped apart simply for Mr. Vicks entertainment; I'm not too certain that is a forgivable offense.

Lock him up for all eternity for all I care!

Billy :

He did the crime, he is about to finish his time, and now the BEST way to show kids that what he did is wrong for him to have to 'compete" to get back into the NFL. Yes, a team will sign him, however, he will have to compete for a spot with the other 75 players that try out for spot on a team. Now if the other players are faster, better, etc and he gets cut in preseason, then yes, he just didnt make a team. However, if Vick is faster, hits harder, making more accuate throws, etc. and actually makes the team by beating out other players, then he will have "earned" a spot on a team. Then, as he is player, he can go speak to kids about not only dogfighting, but doing ANY illegal activity. About how he paid the price (going broke and spending time in jail) and had to work twice as hard to make it back into the NFL. As a kid, learning that there are consequences to your actions is the best teacher.

karen :

Aboslutely not. There is no forgiveness for what he did. There is no penalty that he can pay which is bad enough to compensate for the torture and killing of animals in the manner he did so. If it were up to me, the only way he would be permitted to make a living would be by begging on street corners.

John :

Absolutely not!! And please, don't reward him with allowing him to play in the NFL again!

Dave at the KC :

If Pete Rose accepted responsibility for what he has done would you forgive him? I'm not sure what would constitute sincere contrition on Vick's part but I have not seen it. Until then, the scales of justice are not balanced.

Coach Willis :

The NFL has the responsability to protect it's image. Hell no M. Vick needs to walk on into the sunset

Okaine :

When he's reinstated, I'll no longer watch the NFL either, period. I've been a fan for decades, even went to a few superbowls, but this is where I draw the line. Maybe the NFL can use 3-D or other gimmicks to prop up an already dropping fan base.

Clean up the hoodlums in the league, NFL, don't REINSTATE them. Or maybe thats what the NFL is all about now...criminals and bullies?

Eric :

Some of you people don't truely understand the word "forgiveness."

John C. :

Considering the revelations of how he threw pets into the ring with his fighting dogs, I'd be happy to let him out if he could experience something similar for himself - say, like being thrown to a pack of hungry lions....

Millie Bea :


Leeni :

Chynna~ you have to be kidding!!! The pound may put dogs down--but HUMAINLY!!! They dont torture them mercilessly like that Monster Vick did!

Danilo :

The drowning, hanging, and killing of at least six and likely dozens more dogs is not something that can be forgiven.

Keep in mind that non-NFL dogfighters convicted on identical facts are serving sentences of 40, 48, and 102 years.

For any pro-Vick commenters out there -- picture this: a trusting dog approaches Vick, who puts a noose around her neck and hangs her from a tree behind the building he painted black to conceal the dogfighting pit inside it from law enforcement. She suffocates to death while he counts his illegal gambling money.

It's a travesty of justice and a blight on humanity that he is not spending the rest of his life in jail. We are a nation of dog lovers. Whatever team hires him will be an object of permanent scorn for all decent people.

Dog Lover :

Michael Vick should not be forgiven. His masochistic nature is not something that can be changed.

His unbelievable cruelty to God's creatures is something he will answer for once he leaves this earth.

He is a criminal and should never be allowed to play in the NFL again - EVER!

Edward Koch :

Michael Vick: This creature is a sub-human. The fans, those who make professional sports possible with their dollars, must NEVER forget Vick's deprivity.


Are all sports fans nuts? For that matter are all males nuts?
What is wrong with you all? Vick should be shunned or at least ignored for the rest of his life.
Or better yet, treat him like he treated his dogs! Ick Vick!

kuvasz :


he ought to just go away.

to whom much is given much is expected, and vick blew it acting without empathy or a single jot humanity.

DC1 :

I think he has paid more than enough in public humiliation, loss of income, and fines, for a sport that was brought to this country from England, and proliferated in the "good ole south" to this day. I don't condone dog fighting, but I think the government made its point and he should be allowed to return to his livelihood. Maybe the southern states should send a lot more of the "common joes" in their jursidiction to jail for the same acts that we know continue to occur every day.

Dan-Atlanta :

All convicted felons should be prohibited from playing in the NFL for life.

joe :

No way, no how, not ever. Punish the team that will have him back, can you say boycott!!

Kay :

Let up on Vick, they were just dogs and they have stripped this man of his whole life. FOR DOGS! Get real

texas willie :

I'm a big sports nut, but you have to be kidding. He should serve his punishment just like others do. Let the judges and parol boards do their jobs.

Gene :

Come on now folks, let's not be too hard on Mike. Yes, what he did and encouraged was wrong. Who among us have not made an error in judgement. I do agree that he should have know better but he has/is paying the ultimate penalty for cruelty to animals not mention the millions in lost income. Mike has publicly said he is sorry. Wouldn't you like to be forgiven?

woodchuck :

No way. There are plenty of talented young QBs out there who deserve a shot. Vick blew it. Let him rot.

texas willie :

Let me amend my previous comment to say that living in Dallas, I get to hear all the blathering from Jerry Jones, and while he's done some really stupid and short-sighted things, I don't think he's stupid enough to want to try to sign Vick, but then Jerry is pretty stupid......

Mike :

NO, unless they tie some bacon to his junk and release some hungry pit bulls on his @SS.

Robin Ficker Broker Robin Realty :

When he has done his time, he should be able to pursue any legal job including playing football. Governor Kaine has been way too harsh in his comments about Vick and should be ashamed.

Apophis36 :

Forgiveness, yes. Should he play again? NO. The NFL should not permit convicted felons to play. We need to send a very strong message to our youth in this regard.

dmloucas :

My wife says that you can't unring a bell. What's done is done. Those dogs that died so brutally and tragically are still gone. Those dogs who survived are healing. Mr. Vick understands now how serious his transgression of animal cruelty for entertainment really is. He knows that such behavior is deplorable.

It is time to let him get back that which nature and nurture has prepared him. At his best he is an NFL quarterback.

That is what he should be doing now.

David M. Loucas, MD

Michael Vicks deserves a major break :

If the jack-booted thug prosecutors out of the U.S. Atty's Office, ED Virginia didn't over-charge Vick, (typical of their unethical, out of control behavior-Justice Dept. prosecutors run amok)and thus have treated him as if he were a SERIAL MURDERER, THEN WE WOULDN'T BE HAVING THIS DISCUSSION-IN ANY OTHER WESTERN CIVILIZED NATION, HE WOULD NEVER HAVE GOTTEN JAIL TIME-COMMUNITY SERVICE? YES.






It really saddens me to read all of you out there saying that Michael Vick is a scum bag, blow his knees out, he is pathetic, feed him to the dogs and all the other negative comments. There are children, men, woman being murdered every day. There are elderly people who have no one to care for them. There are homeless people every where you turn. Our soldiers are being killed everyday in Iraq. I work at a veteran's hospital and I see 19 and 20 year old kids coming back from Iraq with no legs, half of there heads blown away and cant walk and cant talk. What about that poor child missing in Florida and the authorities' think her mom killed her and buried the body... she has total strangers bailing her out of jail!!! There was a 80 year old grandmother who was mauled to death by 2 dogs here in virginia and guess what they say? Its how the dog was raised it wasn't the dogs fault. People get a grip!!!! There are more important things going on in this world that need our attention and our compassion than this whole Vick saga. And for the guy who said he will never look at football again. YOU CAN'T BE SERIOUS!!!!!NOTHING COMES BETWEEN ME AND MY FOOTBALL NOT EVEN THE DOG!!!!!!!!

mongolovesheriff :

How come Palin gets a pass for shooting wolves from helicopters and then letting them suffer and die?

krasnomi :

Employment is a privilege, not a right, particularly with respect to the NFL. The league should not consider allowing Vick the privilege of reinstatement until he has demonstrated acceptable and responsible behavior for at least one year after he gets out of prison (or the halfway house, if he is released to one). See how he chooses to live his life during that year -- the decisions that he makes and how he conducts his affairs. Then give him the fair evaluation that anyone deserves, no matter how vile their crime, once they have served the punishment that our judicial system imposed.

Jack, George Town Cayman Islands :

I am disturbed by Vick's crime of killing dogs and fighting dogs. Any NFL team that would hire Vick would be boycotted by me.


Forgive him?

No way. He sure as hell didn't start showing any remorse until he saw the walls closing in.


Chris :

This is a tough call for sure. I would forgive the man if I thought he was sincere and the fact is that I don't know if he is sincerely remorsefull about what he put those dogs through or not.
Yes, the dogs are Gods creatures as one poster hear had stated but Gods creatures are here for us to consume, work, and utilize in many ways to survive. These Dogs were bred to be fighters. These dogs are also some of the most dangerous and unpredictable dogs that I know of. Is a dogs life of the same value as a humans life? Absolutely not. If you and your family were starving, you would eat your dog before you ate another human being. Is a Dogs life more important than that of a cow, A lamb,a deer? I think not. I have seen the suffering of cattle when their throats are slit, the suffering of a lamb when they are hung upside down and stabbed in the head to bleed to death, the suffering of a deer when it is shot by a hunter. How about a horse? These horses are bred to race for the greed of man and they have suffered rigorous training and whipping to please the greed of man. They have broken their legs and have been shot dead on the scene after suffering from their injuries all due to the greed of man wanting to bet money and or make money on these horses. My point here is that the dogs aren't just dogs but that to make Vick out to be some sort of crazed killer who would take the life of a human because he took the life of a dog is absurd at best. On another note, if the NFL is willing to let a known pot head in Ricky Williams continue playing football then they should give Vic a second chance also.
I'ts my opinion that allowing athletes who test positive for illegal drugs should be a bigger offense in the eyes of the NFL than a man who ran a dog fighting ring with dogs that were bred to fight.
I think he learned his lesson. Is he remorsefull? Only Mike Vic and the man upstairs know the answer to that question.

Anonymous :

WASHINGTON — President Bush spared former White House aide I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby from a 2 1/2-year prison term in the CIA leak case Monday, stepping into a criminal case with heavy political overtones on grounds that the sentence was just too harsh.

Vick served his time, he should be able to play in the NFL!


Jack from THE CAYMAN ISLANDS wrote:

"I am disturbed by Vick's crime of killing dogs and fighting dogs. Any NFL team that would hire Vick would be boycotted by me."



will :

He should be re-instated. After his time is served, that's it. He should be forgiven!
unforgiveness is a satanic characteristic like gayness!

Tina :

We are about to sit and dine on animals who finally gave up their long battles by going gently into the night. After they died in their sleep, a gentleman took their carcasses so that we might eat.

Give me a break! Did anyone see the Palin video or any PETA video showing how your food makes it to your table? Are you enjoying the cleaning products, cosmetics and are there leather handbags and shoes on your Christmas list?

If so, get over it. He never should have been charged or jailed in the first place. We are so hypocritical.

Fernando :

Is it really a sport news?

NormalHuman :

For all you posters out there who say things like "it was only dogs", I consider you to be subhuman just like Vick.

How any normal human being thinks it is OK to torture animals is beyond me.

Just think what it takes to deliberately tie a rope around a dogs neck, throw the rope over a tree limb, jerk the dog up in the air, and stand there and listen/watch as the poor animal screams, kicks, cries, thrashes about, and is tortured to death.....while Vick and his ilk watch and laugh and have fun...probably having a few brews while it happens.

People who can act in this manner are sick, twisted, psychopaths.

If you are capable of this, or think this type of behaviour can ever be cleansed from a person, then you are no better than them.

If the NFL allows him back in, I will never again spend one dollar on pro sports. :

he has served his time and should return to the career he has prepared for most of his life.

let't move on!!!

Football lover :

Jesus, is this guy for real; you are going to stop watching football because the guy gets a second opportunity to get his life back after doing the time, where is this guy from? I believe Michael has been rehabilitated, and after losing everything he had and spending time in jail which he will never get back he deserve the second chance, who are you to say that someone should never be forgiven, please get real.

vtcxc :

Vick should never play in the NFL again...ever. Maybe there is a position open with the Humane society.

bdecell :

Vick should do several years of pro bono work for the Humane Society of the U.S.
before being considered for a career in professional sports.

Clandestinetomcat :

Cleveland needs a QB, but the Dawg Pound may have some issues with Vick.


NO WAY IN *ELL, should Mr Vick ever play football anywhere in the world again. Little kids, including relatives, should refuse to pass a football around with him. If he is let back in the league and no one accidently removes him with a cheap shot, I will lose all respect for the NFL players forever.
Why does he deserve a second chance, and is this the second or the 100th chance in reality? His behavior was so scummy, and self-entitled I bet many past offenses have been overlooked before.
If he vol. to clear minefields for a year, then perhaps he has earned his way back in, so far he hasn't done a thing to earn it. Going to jail isn't vol, so when he does do something to earn it, perhaps we should reconsider.

Dr. Catherine :

As a physician, I truly understand that there's a huge distinction between humans and dogs- but the actions he took- punishable by death if he was capable of committing against a human- are no less sinister when the victim is another mammal- an animal with pain receptors just as sensitive as yours or mine- moreover, the animals were defenseless had no escape. While as a pet lover, I think he should be thrown to the lions, our legal system has allowed him to serve his debt. He should never allowed to play in the NFL, however, lest our impressionable kids, who already think athletes are the heroes in our society, not teachers or firefighters, believe that cruelty can be tolerated or accepted

Anonymous :

Vick should not be premitted to play paid football again. Perhaps community service in an animal shelter should be required. He might learn compassion and maybe even a little humility.

Dan :

Forgive him or not he committed a felon. I'm a animal activist and if I had my way he would spend a few more years behind bars. He knew what was going on,just didn't think he would get caught. If it was the average person committing this felon,you could be looking at 10 years.

Katie :

Michael Vick is a despicable person. I only wish I could do to him what he did to those dogs. He could never spend enough time in prison to suit me.

alan :

Michael Vick should never be allowed to play football again. What he did was extremely wrong & never be forgiven.

krasnomi :

People who are saying vick's crimes aren't a big deal and that the u.s. justice system is a joke for pursuing the conviction are truly off base and out of touch. Realize that civilized society has already spoken on the issue and your views are on the fringe. To wit, federal and state law establishes that vick's conduct is an illegal felony, and that is why he was prosecuted and convicted. Whether the NFL should reinstate him is a separate question that is for it to decide based on myriad considerations. If you want to disagree with the law and its application in this case you certainly may, just realize that you are thinking outside the bounds of the established principles of America. I'm sure you have some company, in terms of other anti-establishment wackos who operated on the fringe such as Charles Manson, Tim McVeigh, the unabomber, but I wish you'd think through your views and who they put you in association with, and perhaps reconsider them.

2001 Hokie :

I truly loved Michael Vick as a quarterback and still have great memories of watching him rise to fame as a student at Virginia Tech the year we went to Sugar Bowl to play for the BCS title against FSU. The manner in which he acted off the field is unbecoming of any person and only shows what fame and money can do to a person. Yet no matter how much I once loved watching Vick play he should not be allowed back into the NFL. Allowing him back would just send the message of anythinig goes as long as you are talented enough. If the NFL wants to remain the beloved pasttime of America's families it needs to lay down the law. I will always be a fan of the college quarterback but what he did once in the NFL disqualifes Vick from further aderation.

Patrick T. :

No. Bleeping. Way. Professional football is a privilege. While some leeway for mistakes is alright, there are crimes that are simply WAY too severe. After all, would a serial rapist be welcomed back to the NFL? Of course not.

Families like mine have been driven away by the NFL's problems over recent years. With Vick, they'd have my kids coming back only as protesters.

poggy :

What he did is unforgivable. Period. Anyone that cruel is going to be a danger to society forever.

His punishment should have been him being put in a cage with several vicious pit bulls.

kate :

You like to think your sports heroes are nice guys. I suppose a lot of them aren't. But in this case, we are sure of it. I wouldn't watch this man play if he was the Tiger Woods of football. His actions and his arrogance turn my stomach. no, no, no.

Alaistair Adams :

Anyone who expresses any sympathy for Vick has not read the latest documents related to his case. I think the PETA folks are nuts, but if Vick did even a small percentage of what this alleges, the man is just pure evil. If you think otherwise, take a lood at these documents and I think you'll reconsider.


WILL posted this:

He should be re-instated. After his time is served, that's it. He should be forgiven!
unforgiveness is a satanic characteristic like gayness!


Bushgottago :

Perfect people move over; your moral behavior isn't much better. BRING MICHAEL VICK BACK TO FOOTBALL! He's paid the penalty for all of the others who only received a slap on the wrist for the same thing. Too bad the Richmond VA judge only wanted to see his name in print for 5 seconds of fame!

jenny :

What he demonstrated is his core character. He would still be doing it had he not gotten caught. I have heard him say he was sorry to the people in his life but not once have I heard him say he was sorry for what he did to the dogs. The only reason his behavior changed is because he was put in prison, not because he suddenly became enlightened or empathetic toward other creatures. His inherent nature is sadistic. If someone wants to get on a football field with him again they are at least aware that they are sharing the field with a man without a soul or a conscience.

Nivla :

All yall fake a$$ dog lovers need 2 really get over yourself! You not hatin' on the US military who put dogs in harms way, u not hating on the police who put dogs in harms way. This has nothing to do with Micheal Vick. Dog fighting, dog racing and any other profession or sport have been using and killing dogs for centuries! I'm from Wash DC and when I was a kid I let my dog fight other neighborhood dogs just like my friends fought other neighborhood kids. Focus on the much larger issues world hunger, peace and helping those that need help than worring about Vick and his football playing days. He served his time and took his punishment like a MAN. People who think he should spend more time in jail or shouldn't play in the NFL again should move to another country. LEAVE THE BROTHER ALONE!!

Houston Dave :

Even the wicked get worse than they deserve. He has paid dearly for his mistake. He should be given another chance to play but with the condition that there will be no third chance.

Ollabelle :

I believe owners will pause before going after him. He's absolutely toxic from a PR standpoint. I expect he would be loudly booed in every stadium he ever plays in, including his home field.

tony lopez :

Michael Vick has served his time, now he needs to be welcomed back to society as a free man. I live in Virginia where the countryside is lousy with mean dogs, many of them of the fighting variety. These dogs will bite you if they can just because you walked by the house they live in. If you're on a bike they'll chase you and nip at your heels. Some of them will chase your car and try and snap at you if your window is open. all of these dogs are owned by upstanding citizens, if their dogs bite someone I hope they will serve their time in jail too, like Michael Vick has.

phoaglan :

Of course Michael Vick has to earn it. What he did was so despicable that it points to a disturbed individual. My impression was and remains that he was only sorry that he got caught. He needs to demonstrate that he is a different person.

Jerry Slagle :

With all due respect to Coach Reeves, who's brother Butch I played football with at the University of South Carolina (and who taught me at Spring Practice how to do a proper forearm shiver...), I think Vic is done - he's toast. What he did was premeditated, systematic - like Paul Hornung and Pete Rose - he did it for the money. Not a mistake - a character failure. Too many people - too many young and impressionable people - look up to these guys as role models. It is a violation of that trust that is despicable and unforgivable and should not be rewarded. He's done. Thanks for asking.


I'm stunned that this is even being considered. He ran a business that tortured and killed dogs! Would a child molester be welcomed back by the NFL? A murderer?

It has me wondering.

As a longtime NFL fan, I'm seriously questioning whether I want to be part of this sport anymore. If Vick comes back, the answer would be a resounding No.

anonymous :

Dogs, people we are talking about dogs. Animals are killed everyday and including dogs by humans. I read a comment from someone that they want to do the same thing to Vick that he did to the dogs.Its a good thing that slavery is over or he might be hanging from a tree. If all of these so called animal lovers love them so much then why we have some many in shelters. I think he wouldve been better off saying that he eat dogs.

Stinkfinger Willie :

Frankly I'm sick of you "people" with your black boogeyman demonizing and judgments just because he has money and you don't like who he is. He broke the law, and he served his time. He didn't do anything to your dog so get over it.

Now let the man go back to his job.

Earle Hightower :

Vick's sponsorship of dog fighting was a thoroughly cruel and despicable act. It was
not a "mistake" as characterized by Dan Reeves whose judgment I question. Vick personally killed helpless dogs for the benefit of his own bank account. Regardless of how skilled he is or was, he should not be in a position where he would be a role model for young athletes.

Daedalus :

I think so. Let the man get on with his own life. The ban on dog fighting caused people to look up and take notice with the apprehension of Vick. It's time to move on and let the man live.

JustanAmerican :

Feed this thoroughly rotten bastad to the dogs.

My money is on the dogs.

People Watcher :

I have read all the posts from animal lovers and dog owners. I have read all the posts from sports fanatics and NFL nuts. However, I have yet to read an insightful post from someone who admits to falling into each category. That said, I don't expect my thoughts to change anyone else's mind, but for some reason I felt compelled to respond.

I truly believe that the acts of which Vick was found guilty are deplorable. I'm not talking about the dog fighting (though I'm not condoning that either), I'm talking about the manner in which the animals were put down. As a dog owner, I cannot find the words that can accurately express how much that mental image disgusts me.

I also, wholeheartedly, believe that the criminal justice system should be more well respected than it is. There are certainly times when someone recieves a slap on the wrist when I believe that the punishment does not fit the crime, but here, Vick has paid his debt to society. Consider what he had to pay because of these transgressions. The jail time was probably the smallest part of his payment to society. Vick was a trademark. He was not just an NFL star, he was his own label. He was in his prime. He was the coverboy for ump-teen ad campaigns. He was one of the most recognizable athletes in the world. His bankruptcy proceedings do not even begin to tell how much he REALLY lost in opportunity costs and future earning potential. HIS LOSSES WERE MONUMENTAL.......THEY ARE ALSO EXACTLY WHAT HE DESERVED!
Here's the kicker. Let the man move on. People are so quick to condemn and so slow to forgive. That is sad to me. It is sad to hear people talk about something being immoral one second and then refuse to forgive the mistakes of another human being the next. If it is your choice to boycott Vick and whatever team gives him a shot, that is your choice alone and I won't argue with you, but let the man move on.
When someone finishes a 2-5 year stint for a felony offense in your local community, do you go down to the warehouse where they catch back on trying to make a legitimate living and pickett? Do you write letters and publish articles telling people that the mechanic down the street hires and supports convicted felons? Do you stick your nose into places where it does not belong and volunteer your own personal recommendation for punishment when the person accused is not a famous athlete?

A wise man once said to hate the sin, not the sinner. If you believe that Vick is inhuman and should never be forgiven, what does that really say about you? Be better than those whom you seek to condemn. Find room in your heart to forgive even if you will never forget.

LoneVoice :

Our political leaders do more harm to humans and the world, and dance off into retirement on their ranches. So why are so many people bent on crucifying Michael Vick?
Wake me up when you bring George Bush, Dick Chenny, and Rumsfeld to court for killing hundreds of thousands of people around the world, all on behalf of the American people.

help me out.... :

i hear everything that is being said. it was wrong. it is horrible. it is a crime that should not be over looked. how about the people that ran fanny May? how about the people that ran AIG? how about the people that ran some of the banks that have gone belly up? we have some serrious issues that are going on in this country we need to focus our anger on them. we need to go after these individuals just as hard as they went after Vick. how come you do not see these people paraded on the news going to court? how come? we have some serious issues to deal with right now. we need to get over Vick, let him move on and go after the issues that we are facing right now. keep rumbling over a stupid person running a dog fighting ring or go after the people running our country in to the hole. go after the people making a mess for all of us right now and fuel them your anger. put your feelings and passion on them or loose your home. loose your savings. focus. we need to go after them. still i wonder, why is vick still paraded all over the news and we did not see one person from some of these banks or companies treated the same way. several million people are hurting due to greed and loss of focus.

Alex :

NO. He belongs in prison, doing a looooong stretch for animal cruelty, and should have to donate ALL of his winnings to an animal shelter AND have to work there as a volunteer. Let him clean up the worst messes there. Maybe he'll learn decency, but I doubt it.

HelpVickGrow :

Do people really feel better about themselves by beating up on Vick and keeping him down till kingdom come? Won't those same people be better off helping Vick grow into a better person by showing mercy, forgiveness, etc? Didn't our legal system do its part with the punishment Vick has received so far? So why all the fuss, why treat Vick like he treated his dogs, or worse? How do we cut our own noses to spite our faces? Hypocritical

dlyn :

"We all make mistakes" ! EXCUSE me what are you thinking! Has anyone seen this excuse for a man display any humility and remorse for his dispicable behavior ! I think not ! The fact the State of Virginia gave him a three year suspended sentence is an insult to every civilized Virginian ! Vick needs to stay in a cage!His type of behavior is totally unacceptable. The "whining" that we should all make nice must be attributed to some very emotionally wharped individuals who could benefit greatly from a dose of civilized behaviour!

Dick :

Vick should successfully serve one year of his probation free of any crimes against people or animals before being reinstated. Then let him play football and we can all hope someone takes a head shot and knocks some sense into him. Any further violations against people or animals should result in a lifetime ban.

mark :

Dog fighting got enough attention. If he swears off dog fights and make a public apology then let the guy go. I think we had enough of PETA terrorizing us with their fanatical religion.

Joey :

The NFL has really lost their way. I have no doubt Vick will return. Will the NFL suffer a loss of fans? Probably not. Will Vick be even remotely close to the kind of athlete he was at his peak? No way. The NFL will let him return in an attempt to appease Vick's "fans". These "fans" believe (perhaps quietly) that aversion to dog fighting is a cultural construct, not a moral one.

thyrin :

If this where another country, who would care about the dog fighting. Let the man do his time and come back to the sport he's loved so much. Love to see him in the Burgundy & Gold. Go Skins!


I forgive him. If he is remorseful then he has the right to be given a chance to play


David :

Michael Vick should be banned from p-laying professional sports of any kind. Is he the type of role model we want our children to look up to??

Rhonda :

I love animals, but I'm not a fanatic. However, I believe there is something deeply sick and wrong about someone who is capable of drowning and electrocuting a living creature, let alone allowing them to fight to their death. And this guy is a role model to our children? Maybe if you want your kids to be inmates.

Al Kaida :

Send him to Afghanistan.

He'd fit right in with the other psychos.

He could be put in charge of torturing women who dare to show their faces.

Anonymous :

Vick has proved himself to be a brute Willful cruelty to other living things demeans civilized people. Vick should not be allowed to resume celebrity status and play the part of role model to our youth. Nor should he be payed millions of dollars. There are other, decent, talented people who can take his place in sports.


heart807 :

I agree with all the comments that Vick should never be allowed to play, coach or in any way be associated with football at any level. I have loved football all my life. As a woman I can't play (except when my brothers used to pound the daylights out of me when I was little.) I also live by the creed that we should treat all living things with love, dignity and respect. How anyone could torture a dog the way dogs in his kennel were tortured is beyond comprehension. I look at the service dogs, the dogs that work with our solders in Iraq and I think Vick is sick and pathetic and should live in disgrace the rest of his life.

Hi Ping :

I'm sure Vick would be high on Al Davis' list for the dumpster fire that is the Oakland Raiders.

Nivla hater :

"All yall fake a$$ dog lovers"

Let me guess: you or a close family member or friend have recently been in prison. Or are soon on their way there. Cuz your ignorant ghetto a$$ gives dc a bad name. So keep that soap on a rope and getta clue

Achmed :

Send him to Gitmo - and use him as the reason not to close Gitmo. This waste of sperm needs to pay with his gonads - preferably at the hands (teeth) of a Doberman.

Roberto :

So many of you bleeding hearts want to forgive the scumbag. Unbelievable! You're probably the same group who wants the US to release prisoners captured and held in Guantanomo after 9/11 because they have rights. All I can say is that if there are releases and the perps commit more atrocities, I hope that they will be against your mothers and sisters. Vick is also a proven lowlife who does not deserve to be welcomed back into society. So far, he's getting the star treatment and being let off easy. Can you imagine what YOUR punishment would be under similar circumstances? I say duct-tape him and OJ together, smear them with lard,and throw them into a pit with fire ants, followed by hungry boar. The PPV could eliminate the national debt!

grouse :

Good Lord folks the guy did not commit murder. You cannot murder a non-human animal. Their is no such thing. What he did was wrong. OK. He went to jail. Two years for killing a few dogs. That is way overboard. He should have gotten a fine based on the way we treat other crimes against actual human beings. This is nonsense. If he wants to earn a living based on his talents let him. He is not some monster, he just was cruel to some animals and hopefully has learned his lesson. Many a young kid or misguided youth has hurt animals. But prison. That is crazy. Let him play.

Justine :

I wonder how many of those who are against Vick have done anything to help human beings. In Georgia there was great outcry about 2 kids who killed a puppy. Yes, this was a hediious crime. And the Courts were flooded with letters demanding the maximum sentence. However, when 2 police officers killed a 92 year old woman and lied about it, there was no outcry from these people. over half of the world's population lacks clean water for drinking. Yet I have not heard anything from the dog lovers. These same dog defenders do not speak up when people are exploited in foreign countries so we can have cheap products. I have yet to hear them speak of the issue of human rights. Or the fact over 10,000 children a day die because from preventable diseases and/or diseases caused by the lack of clean water. Children in this country and a large percentage of the world go to bed hungry because their parents do not earn enough to maintain a steady diet. Most importantly, most of these dog lovers wear diamonds but cannot tell you if they are "Blood Diamonds". To be perfectly honest, I believe Vick has more than paid for his crime. After all, a well known hockey player in Atlanta drove drunk on a major street, killed his passenger and only received probation. I am a Christian who believes in redemption. love dogs but I love people more.

Roberto :


Nothing wrong with loving people. Just keep in mind the fact that Vick doesn't qualify. He's a more solid candidate for euthanasia than any dog or cat, no matter how sick.


The way he killed some of these animals IS murder. He should be put to sleep for it.

SA :

Where is this level of outrage for all the other athletes who abuse human beings, specifically their wives or girlfriends sometimes even their pregnant wives or girlfriends? Michael Vick may or may not be worthy of returning to his NFL career, but nobody ever questions if someone who hits a woman is coming back to play in the NFL.

Anonymous :

Well their wives and girlfriends are people who can make a choice not to marry or date abusive athletes. By contrast, the dogs had no choice about having their brains bashed out.

That's the difference, see? Children and animals have no choice. Adults do.

F.D. :

Michael Vick's behavior is indicative of who he is, his character, his personality, his mindset, his values, his view of life. It's important to remember this and realize it's highly unlikely that these fundamental aspects will ever change. The less aware he is of this himself, the more frightening he becomes. He should never play again.

Please stop drawing comparisons between abuse of animals and people. Apples and oranges. Both are dreadful. But there's no automatic connection that dictates that because you speak out for animal concerns, you don't care about people. In fact it's a ridiculous assumption.

F.D. :

Michael Vick's behavior is indicative of who he is, his character, his personality, his mindset, his values, his view of life. It's important to remember this and realize it's highly unlikely that these fundamental aspects will ever change. The less aware he is of this himself, the more frightening he becomes. He should never play again.

Please stop drawing comparisons between abuse of animals and people. Apples and oranges. Both are dreadful. But there's no automatic connection that dictates that because you speak out for animal concerns, you don't care about people. In fact it's a ridiculous assumption.

Paulus :

Cruelty, destructiveness, hatred ... if he is hired back it will hurt the sport even more than it has. Would a team hire a convicted pedophile? The crimes he has been convicted of reflect an equivalent level of depravity.

Dwight :

you people always give these guys a pass...
from snoop dog, a rapist, drug dealer, crip, murderer, pimp, to this guy, vick...
why don't you stop pushing these people on us...
if you love them so much, you keep them...

Gosseyn :

He should never again be elevated to a position where he can be idolized and emulated. Only fools and morons would make a football player their idol, but unfortunately it is the fools and morons among us who would be most likely to emulate his sadistic behavior. And don't think for a minute that someone who treats dogs like this wouldn't do exactly the same to children if given the chance. No, we don't need to raising up a bunch of Michael Vick emulators...

Essiemahon :

For a country that is always spouting Christianity I thought that it would have been relatively easy to FORGIVE the guy. The Bible says, "Forgive your brother, seventy times seven......" He needs a second chance to redeem himself. Shooting a moose for fun is just as bad.....

Apostrophe :

You're officially forgiven, Mr Vick; you paid your debt to society. If you want to continue playing football for the NFL, that's between you and them. Frankly, tho', I'm not going to watch any game you play in, and I won't support any team that would lower its standards to hire you, nor will I buy products from any sponsor that might pay the NFL or TV network to carry your games.

cowboy hater :

I hope Jerry Jones picks up Vick. That way I can hate the boys even more. It would fit their M.O. - T.O. & Vick, now there is a match made in heaven!

Vienna, VA :

No, it's not time to forgive him. Just think of all the cats and dogs he cruelly killed for sport and profit and ask yourself how you could possibly enjoy watching a game he's in. They are still trying to rehab some of the animals who survived the terror he put them through.

hadenuff1 :

Sadism is a classified perversion last I checked. Like child molesters and rapists, it's to believe anyone like Vick could possibly be rehabilitated, so why not bar him from pro sports for life?

Better yet, why not make it a condition of his parole that he gives whatever is left of his money to the animal shelters and that he be compelled to volunteer at one?

mv skins fan :

Michael Vick is nothing short of disgusting. He couldn't be satisfied with a pro football career. He had to get into dog fighting to "keep it real" and let his homeys know that he was the baddest of them all, totally too cool for school. He should be out of football for good.
On the other hand, that means he's qualified to play for Dallas or the Raiders.
Too bad owners show such a lack of character.

narnia :

Michael Vick showed who he was when he tortured those dogs to death. He will carry the stench of this act for life. He says he is sorry. He is sorry alright. He is sorry he got caught and screwed up his lavish lifestyle. I for one would never support a team who could forgive and forget for a profit. Better he spend the rest of his life doing charity work for the humane society.

dmanagan Montg. Al :

Michael Vick has suffered to the extent if he hasn't learned, the words human degradation should be removed from the dictionary. He appears to be remorseful and who knows he may become an advocate against animal abuse. Sometimes when well known/respected people do very bad things it becomes an advantage to the general public. He is young and I seriously believe he has something to bring to the table. I look to watching him play football in the near future.

deeCole Montg. Al :

I can not believe how judgemental a lot of the posted comments are. We are all sinners. I do believe there are many people doing time that were innocent of the accused crime because of the hard heart of too many of these comments. We must forgive in order to receive forgiveness.

jack :

Sarah Palin is slaoughtering defenseless animals for sport, so where is PETA and the other looney animal lovers in that case ? Another case of situational prosecution ?

xprider :

I agree with the majority, that Vick should never play pro-ball again. A lot of you feel very passionate about this issue too. To truly make a difference and ensure that Vick isn't reinstated just email your comments to NFL commissioner Roger Go0dell at If he gets enough public ridicule there's no way Vick will play!

“The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”
M. Gandhi

xprider :

To President of PETA:
PETA is the biggest hypocrite on the face of the earth! You people preach "People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals" what a joke! How can an organization that is "supposed" to care about animals forgive such an atrocity such as this. PETA is a contradiction in terms. I know how your group uses euthanasia freely and without public knowledge on poor animals you take from shelters under false pretense of finding them a "forever home!"

PETA is no better than Vick who shows remorse only for himself, not once has he shown any towards the dogs that suffered at his hand! He hasn't even mentioned them!
PETA forgives Vick-no suprise there!
Who cares what a bunch of fanatical freaks think!

help me out :

by the way, Vick lost $130 million ++ i think he has paid for his crimes. no one can say they broke the law and had to pay that kind of sum... did we bother to ask the people from AIG, Fanny & Freddy, or some of these other companies that or to pay that amount of money??????????

let him go back to work, earn a living and go about his life. he has been through enough.

Taxetence :

Proskauer Rose is the latest firm to layoff people and let go 60 yesterday

Taxetence :

Seyfath just let go 30 attorneys:

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