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Plaxico: Good Riddance?

Are the New York Giants better off without Plaxico Burress?

Posted by Emil Steiner on December 1, 2008 7:00 AM

BlueTwo1: The dream job in our society is "professional football player." The all-American boy is supposed to grow up playing football and idolizing ...

Anonymous: I'm watching to see what Plax does next. I read yesterday that he is going to plead "not guilty" which is amusing. If he takes responsibilit...

Mark Hmablett: As I alluded to in regard to Mike Vick, let me change the name to Plaxico. Plaxico carried a gun illegally into a night club and accidently...

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PTBaby :

Rich athlete + night club + gun = good clean fun for all. So are the Giants better off without Plax in the locker room? Maybe, but it's lot more exciting when he's there.

The only way I think we could reconcile this is to keep him in a specially designed enclosure. Giants management could open up an area of Giants stadium. It could be like a special zoo for fans to oo and awe at him. They could keep him in there during nights and weekends, and let him out when it was time play or even practice. For the $45 million they are paying him it seems worth it.

delOH :

Yes, the Giants are better off. He messed up bad this time. Don't drop the soap Plax!

nerraw00 :

Giants must cut him. They can probably even get a couple of draft picks from Dallas as he would make a nice fit down there. He would even be able to strap on his side arm !

MarkAntney :

Of course OTHER than the individual being 100% responsible for their conduct/choices... WHY does it happen? this goes all the way back to "society" (to include home, coaches, schools) not telling these guys at an EARLY age "NO"!!!!

And if you think Money, Fame, Notoriety...will somehow make up for a LIFETIME of enabling and the lack of discipline?

You're not doing a YOUNG Man a favor by ALLOWING him to Skate through life because they're an excellent athlete. I can bore you to death with names but start with Tyson, Lawrence Phillips, Doc Gooden and Daryl Strawberry, Steve Howe(?) and could've been Josh Hamilton?

That's why I'll always defend the Coach Knight's of the World, though he's got some AUTHORITY issues, he ensures young men respect rules and regulations... and that they go to class to get an education.

I don't appreciate his methods or even motives sometimes... but I'll be surprised to see similar conduct from young athletes that have been around that type of authority figure?

Your lives are worth more than "Keeping it Real", not to mention those you influence.

Don't get me wrong, it's not just athletes; it's in politics, wealthy families, law enforcement,... just the leash seems a lot longer and the Spotlight is a lot brighter:)

Ryan (NYC) :

I'm shocked to discover that Tony Siragusa had the best comment on this. (paraphrasing.) "When I was in the NFL I knew it wasn't a good idea to be someplace where I felt like I needed a gun."

NoName :

Incredible. Millions of dollars per year and the athletes can't stay out of trouble. Get rid of him. He does not have the character a super bowl team should show.

he will probably go to the slammer anyway.

trippin :

A great receiver, but a ghetto punk.

The Steelers ditched him -- it was adios to a problem child. This after equally big mouthed Joey Porter wound up getting shot in the butt and was ditched by the team as well.

It seems the Steelers are an incubator for these punks. Unless he straightens up and flies right, look for girlfriend-beating Steeler receiver Santonio Holmes to join the club.

As for Mr. Burress' legal disposition, he'll get off scot free. Were it you or I, we'd have been locked up if we were lucky, or just out and out gunned down in the doorway by the cops if we weren't.

John :

At the risk of sounding crass . . . you can take the man out of the ghetto and shower him with millions for playing a game, but in the end you can't always take the ghetto out of the man. Professional sports, the majority of athletes themselves, and the inane over the top media coverage all need a reality check.

Watta World :

Ughh, another black athlete and a gun. What the heck gets into these morons heads? It's bad enough that they have the celeb status and millions of bucks for playing a game. Now Plaxico proves his own folly by shooting himself in the leg. This is the epitomy of the Darwin Awards.


Plax made a dumb mistake but it happened off the field. Why should we even care. If he can play he can play and watching him this morning it looked like a very mild injury. What if he accidentally cut himself at home with a knife? Or got hurt during a hunting accident. I don't think this is any different.

Ron Murray :

There are some analyst and coaches that are incapable of motivating "problem" players.

Can anyone say Randy Moss/Terrel Owens?

If you don't have the skills, then trade them. There are some who can motivate in any situation.

Mz Fitz :

Ryan (NYC), you are absolutely right. Instead of detracting from the rest of the team, the skins, and the memory of Sean Taylor, this comment should have been made in the 1st quarter, then dropped. The entire games commentary revolved not around the game, but around an individual's actions(who wasn't even supposed to play).

Teddy B :

Giants are so much of a better team without him. Drop him and move on. Let the Cowboys pick him up, they love losers.

guns guns guns :

I think we need more morons shooting themselves and others in bars, churches, restaurants, the Republicans can be happy that guns are not outlawed anywhere, anytime, for any reason.

Jimbo1949 :

NYGMEN sez: What if he accidentally cut himself at home with a knife? He didn't, he was out at a crowded nightclub with a loaded gun that discharged. Did he have to kill or wound somebody else to get your attention? NYC law mandates a 3 year sentence, let's see if they really mean it.


I think Plax has sufficiently ostracized himself from the organization and public opinion that he will face a jury and will be convicted sometime next year. This will immediately end his arguably illustrious career and the Giants will move on with Hixon at starting wideout and sue Plax for his signing bonus and salary. The greater issue of athletes and guns will be ignored and the cycle will be left to repeat again, I predict that Tank Johnson will be pulled over on the freeway in his M1A1 Abrams or caught by Mossad buying a truck full of RPGs from a Saudi arms dealer in Palestine in the second or third quarter of 2009.

Anonymous :

Correction, the epitome of the DArwin Award for this clown would have been if he had shot himself dead...he's only a runner up for the award with hist wounded leg. And I used to enjoy football, not so anymore with the bloated ego, crotch scratching, butt slapping neanderthals that now play the game.

Longbow :

It seems that most of the above people demonstrate an absolute ignorance of what the real issue is here. What in the world is wrong about a person wanting to protect himself from others that do him harm? The right to self determination which includes self defense is derived from God or nature and not from government. What are you pussy liberals afraid of? You need to man up and become responsible for yourselfs and on depend on someone else to solve your problems. What Plaxico did was certainly stupid. He apparently needs some remedial firearms training and he needs proper permits to carry, but don't you dare take away everyone elses right to do so because of one persons stupid acts.

Vic :

Cut him and have Jerry Jones take him to the Cowboys. Plax obviously needs the calming influence of Pac Man to tone his personality down.

surlydoc :


yeah, you go to the grocery store and some idiot accidentally discharges his gun and instead of the bullet ending up in his leg,
the bullet goes straight for your head.
but you'll be o.k. because the bullet will simply richochet off your thick skull and continue on.

dbarts27 :

Maybe Big Ben still needs a tall one?

sackit67 :

One question . . . .if you had accidentally shot yourself with your concealed, unlicensed handgun in a bar saturday night, would your employer think that maybe you were a danger to that business's reputation and it's employees? Do you think that maybe you might be out of a job when Monday rolled around? Plaxico deserves his day in court, but until they get the thing sorted out, the Giant's should place him on injured reserve and they should move to make his contract null and void. . . . period.

Elinor :

I live exactly 15 minutes from the spot where he was carrying the gun--for no good reason, as far as I'm concerned. There are too many guns on the streets of NY. Why did he have the gun? I agree that he should be taken off the team and at the very least be given some sort of counseling regarding handguns and mature adult behavior.

BlueTwo1 :

The dream job in our society is "professional football player." The all-American boy is supposed to grow up playing football and idolizing the players. By senior year in high school, the boy is supposed to be highly sought after by college-level coaches, not for academics but for sports. The athlete spends a few years tossing the ball around and being scouted for the pros. Having landed a multi-million dollar contract, the boy proceeds to misbehave, as nobody ever taught him otherwise. How can one explain the stupidity of carrying a loaded handgun with the safety off, loosely, in the waistband of one's sweatpants to a popular dining and drinking establishment? And then, when said lethal weapon drops out of the waistband down the leg, it discharges into the player's thigh, making him useless to his unit. Millions for imprudent athletic talent. Millions for imprudent God's Chosen Ones business executives who destroy the companies in their charge. Not a dime for those not similarly blessed.

Anonymous :

I'm watching to see what Plax does next. I read yesterday that he is going to plead "not guilty" which is amusing. If he takes responsibility for his action like an adult, goes to the judge and says "OK I did it" and accepts his punishment like a man, it might be a learning experience for a lot of people besides Plax. If he lies, claims to have a disability that causes him to act like a moron, claims it wasn't his gun, claims he was shot by a "mysterious stranger", or whatever, I say send him to the penitentiary for a long time. Also important is what the Giants and his teammates say. Are they adults or are they children? Do they have the courage of responsible citizens or are they cowards?

Mark Hmablett :

As I alluded to in regard to Mike Vick, let me change the name to Plaxico. Plaxico carried a gun illegally into a night club and accidently shot himself. For this he is facing three years in prison and banishment from the league. Ray Lewis was involved in a murder, did not cooperate with the police or prosecution and is still playing ball. Where is the morality of the NFL?

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