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Should Brett Favre Retire?

If the New York Jets don't make the playoffs is it time for the hall of fame quarterback to hang up his cleats once and for all?

Posted by Emil Steiner on December 23, 2008 10:00 AM

dhiggins1939: Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawn!...

AMviennaVA: Favre has already retired. The question, I think, really is whether he will STAY retired. PS: He should have retired (and stayed retired)...

jhershelredpuppy1: Of course he should retire; it's a tradition....

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campytown Author Profile Page :

He should have retired last year or the year before. Why can't pro athletes walk away with a little bit of dignity. I'm looking at you Evander Real Deal Holyfield.

delOH Author Profile Page :

This is nobody's business but his. As long as a team is ready to pay him, he should do what he wants. The fact is the Jets are better this year than they were last year, and the Packers are worse than they were last year. He can still play.

dougp22 Author Profile Page :

Yes it is his decision ultimately but like the president or any legend, the integrity of the game is at stake too. Brett has to remember that he is a part of something bigger than himself. He is still a solid, above average player, for now. When his skills diminish and they will diminish, he is going to face some tough choices.

SeahawksSuck Author Profile Page :

His decision, he just needs to decide way before the spring though. Remember George Blanda played til he was almost 50....

pgr88 Author Profile Page :

Who cares? It's for him and the Jets to decide. The Jets should be begging him to come back next year - they have no one else coming up and Favre made them a contender this year.

delantero Author Profile Page :

Only after he loses to Pennington and the Dolphins on Sunday!!


muleman Author Profile Page :

Campytown is right on. "Saint" Brett is a HOFER - but just can't figure out how to retire with dignity. I don't think it's a money thing - he just has to find a way to re-invent himself.
It also would help if he took a few classes re: honor and true professionalism.

jerkhoff Author Profile Page :

Brett can still play. Why is this even an issue? Talk to me when he loses his skills.

By the way, Brett is going to destroy the Doofins this Sunday, and the NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS WILL WIN THE AFC EAST.....

dolph924 Author Profile Page :

He should have retired before this year; he surely should retire after it.

hbetterthanahal Author Profile Page :

Brett is a Champanion.Very few of those around.Ive known a few in my lifetime,They think and live differently than you or I.They might have to be pushed or ignored but it will be their decion.That's why they are CHAMPS.

nelmsmn Author Profile Page :

Not more Favre drama please. As if the last 5 years weren't enough drama. What a drama king. Either he will retire or he won't and he should either go quietly or stay quietly and spare us all the freaking drama. At this point, no one except maybe jets fans should even care. I guess the sports news is slow lately?

MSchafer Author Profile Page :

No, No, NO! We need him to beat the dolphins.

dhiggins1939 Author Profile Page :


AMviennaVA Author Profile Page :

Favre has already retired. The question, I think, really is whether he will STAY retired.

PS: He should have retired (and stayed retired) a couple of years ago. That would have been the right time. Now he is just another spoiled brat.

jhershelredpuppy1 Author Profile Page :

Of course he should retire; it's a tradition.

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