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Albert Haynesworth:$100 Million Gamble?

Defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth put up great numbers in the final year of his contract, but is he worth $100 million?

Posted by Emil Steiner on February 25, 2009 9:48 AM

waterboard: At least fat Albert will compete thats more than you can say about the white CEO's on Wall Street....

mooersi: UGH! As I have said to my friends for a while: Fire Cerrato, HIRE A GM, and leave the football decisions to the football people. If Snyde...

agupta1: Of course this move will backfire like almost every other move Danny and Vinny make. Let's see, last year 10 draft picks "make" the team, 1...

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ozpunk Author Profile Page :

Painsworth is a headstomping jackass and is in no way worth anywhere close to a $100 million contract. That is obscene to the point of being ridiculous. The pay of players these days is getting way out of control; that much would average out him being paid more per tackle than the average person earns in a year! I just can envision the addition of a tackle changing the Redskins enough to warrant the salary cap hit Albert would add every year. Contracts are gonna get really ugly once the collective bargaining agreement expires so maybe in a few years measly $100 million contracts will be relegated to 3rd string placekickers and longsnappers.

DCScribe1 Author Profile Page :

Haynesworth would be another epic free-agent blunder by Snyder, along the lines of the Dana Stubblefield, Jason Taylor, James Washington, (who? Exactly my point), and Adam Archuleta snafus. Wasn't Albert hurt at the end of last year? Why wouldn't you expect more of the same as the 300 pounder ages and gains weight? I guess the Danny is a glutton for punishment. I used better GM savvy while trading electric football set teams as a 12-year-old. He wants all the credit, he's got it--everyone in the League will give him credit for being an inept, would be General Manager.

jamalmstrom Author Profile Page :

No how, no way. None of them is worth that much.

cgaginis Author Profile Page :

This is hilarious. I can't believe that we'd even consider this train wreck... 100 million? Nobody is worth that. The reason why we're even discussing this is due to the sheer fact that Snyder and Vinny would actually pursue this guy... They don't like making headlines by acquiring talent and building a core team, rather by spending money. I seriously hope we don't go down this road... If we do, the headline will read "Redskins sign Haynesworth for $102 Million - Snyder's Ego Satiated." Yes, I said $102... Because nobody can outdo the Redskins on terrible spending. Long live terrible ownership/GM decisions.

ozpunk Author Profile Page :

Oh and another thing, free agency is overrated! You can't just go out and buy yourself a championship team! Look at the Cowboys, or heck even the Yankees... Teams may be able to pick up a missing piece here or there, but most free agents are well past their prime by the time they finish their second or third contract and finally hit the open market. Teams need to rely on scouting and drafting, but I wish we saw more trades in the NFL.

krankyman Author Profile Page :

If they sign him for that much they should just nickname him CDO (credit default swap) because he'll do for the skins what CDO's did for the nation.

He'll be the black hole which sucks the team in and destroys it.

baltrusj Author Profile Page :

I say go for it. If it doesn't work out just ask for a federal bailout.

MavMan68 Author Profile Page :

Stop throwing good money after bad. Outspending the other teams in the league for a decade has netted 1 home playoff game. What good is an 8-8 record if you never improve upon it? I'd rather a team that is at the rock bottom for a couple of years, then progresses up the ladder than a team that struggles to finish a game or two out of a playoff spot year after year: That's no fun. There is one and only one way to build a winner (outside of blind luck) and that is to draft offensive and defensive linemen for 3 years straight. Fill in the rest of the team with marginal athletes & once both lines are set, then and only then take a flyer on some big money talent.

grobinette Author Profile Page :

That's just wrong. There is no way any single player is worth that much.

writedave Author Profile Page :

And the ticket holders will gladly pony up for it!

writedave Author Profile Page :

And the ticket holders will gladly pony up the extra change!

gnpszul Author Profile Page :

How perfectly timed and appropriate for a Washington team to display the idiotic "risk and reward" logic which brought us to the New Depression. No wonder DC teams stink-they emulate Congress. Why not a Trillion?

jkarlinsky Author Profile Page :


OneStop1 Author Profile Page :

Depends on how the contract is structured. If it does not kill us in future years; if if has a series of incentives to ensure us against lethargy, injury, etc., and if there is a sufficient "out" clause should he exhibit some of his past behaviour, I say go for it!!!

BSDetector Author Profile Page :

I have two friends who both came off the waiting list for Redskins tickets this year. Theirs are among the highest ticket prices in all of sports, and the economy is driving ticket holders away, likely in record numbers. Eventually, even the Redskins may face economic reality.

But what the heck, why stop the profligate spending now?

jawalls Author Profile Page :

we have too many holes. take a look at canty from dallas and weaver of the texans. the draft and free agency should concentrate on both lines and a pass rushing olb.

jawalls Author Profile Page :

we have too many holes. take a look at canty from dallas and weaver of the texans. the draft and free agency should concentrate on both lines and a pass rushing olb.

diesel4 Author Profile Page :

what they need to do is get better at identifying the NEXT Haynesworth, drafting him, and reaping the rewards for way less than $100 M. seems like Snyder is pretty good at buying high rather than buying low.

teeballou Author Profile Page :

Let him go to the Cowboys. They can spend alot of money and he can join the druggy gang of prima donnas, go to clubs slap some people aroung, wreck his ride and fall flat on his face.

victorlove1 Author Profile Page :

There isn't any one person in any one sport
that should be making over $1mil in any given year.SOrry!

If you don't want to get shot, don't join a gang, be a police officer or enter the military.

If they are afraid of being beat up and walking with a limp at the end of their career, then finish school and get a desk job! they need this money as they claim because sports take a toll on their bodies, and careers are short, and they put people in the stands, (which is false)

People were in the stands when Jordan was
injured and on the bench, people were in the bleachers when Peyton was riding out a concussion and etc..

Their ego's are over inflated as to their REAL value to the sport, and so are their pay checks. Fans should not have to subsidize their life after they leave the game, a college degree will do that!
OPPPSS, I forgot most of them leave early
because their ego got in the way of their education!

By their reasoning a person on a assembly line who will get carpel tunnel in a few short years deserves a $100 million too!\
Oh, I forgot they don't over inflated egos,
they just show up with a brace and do their job!

dalee16 Author Profile Page :

does dan snyder participate in a fantasy football league? if he does , this would be a great selection, wait a minute, he does paticipate in fantasy football as owner of the washington redskins

GeorgeSeals Author Profile Page :

I am a Tennessee Titans fan from Nashville. Peter King is the only "outsider" that I have heard publicly observe that Albert Haynesworth is not an every down player. Interior lineman generally aren't but Albert Haynesworh only took 65% of defensive snaps and has yet to play a full season. He is tremendously effective when he chooses to play but does not play for the 65% of the snaps when he is on the field. So, the Redskins are going to pay Albert an astronomical sum for dominant play on a limited number of snaps. I do not know if this will be enough to make the Redskins defense a dominant one. He will help alot but Albert Haynesworth will be laughing all the way to the bank.

tuckerjules Author Profile Page :

that is just crazy stupid money.... seriously, when is enough, enough? the costs are passed onto the ticket holders, the pool of which is smaller and smaller every year. ridiculous.

82AllAmericans Author Profile Page :

Not NO, but H E DOUBLE HOCKEY STICKS NO! iI have a question... how much does Vinny get paid for kissing butt... because I want HIS job, qualification can't be to tough as long as you can say, "uh huh!"

jaebersole Author Profile Page :

It just seems too big a gamble when we already have some decent young guys there (e.g., golston, montgomery). Why not spend some $ on an end that (e.g., Chris Canty) that would also take away a player that dogs us when we play Dallas twice a year? Or maybe make a play for a cheaper DT like Walker or Bernard.

adrienne_najjar Author Profile Page :

I say the Skins should go for it. It's Snyder's money anyway, so I wouldn't mind seeing it go down the toilet. I'm saying no one is worth it, so it's a guaranteed loser - I shed no tears for Little Napoleon.

rchorton1 Author Profile Page :

$100 million dollars for one person??
And you wonder what's wrong with the economy!
Talk about financial irresponsibility. sheesh.

whocares666 Author Profile Page :

OK... I don't get the joke.

johntaylor2 Author Profile Page :

It would be ridiculous to sign Haynesworth and the cap won't allow it anyway. I bet this is just some ploy from his agent to up the price and keep competition for his client high. It's not that difficult guys. I say we go for Canty at a more reasonable price tag and look for more bargains along both lines and address the rest in the draft and after the June 1 cuts! Thats all there is to it!

lerch1 Author Profile Page :

The redskins need: an OG, OT, C, at least one linebacker and probably another corner in addition to a DT. How many of these can they get if they get Haynesworth, even at a 'bargain' price? O.

GreenDemon36 Author Profile Page :

Free agency is why the 'skins are consistently inconsistent from season to season. Buying up players as if they were in a madden game translates to ignoring developing talent and thus translates to "maybe early round exit from playoffs this year" or "8-8" year after year. FA should be used sparingly like the Patriots use it, not investing 100 mil on a guy when your team is already over the cap. Look at the Colts..successful every year, perennial playoff team with every starting position filled by a player drafted by the Colts.

mbm1 Author Profile Page :

NO - it would be a dumb move and needs no further explaination.

grammatigger Author Profile Page :

NO,NO,NO.....where did we ever get the idea that a football player should receive that much? Can he even speak proper english, does he take care of the needy, work with at risk youth or does he just think if himself. He could do all of the above with much,much less.

jiboo Author Profile Page :

NFW people, nobody is worth that much.
Personally, I think President Obama should address the ridiculous salaries of athletes too, what the heck do they do to be worth that much?
Pay the athletes super salaries=charge more for tickets=teams lose money.
This economy is weak- everybody needs to cut back.
When ticket sales fall, this *may* bring sanity to sports.

oneofthemiddleclass Author Profile Page :

You've got to be kidding!!! The Redskins are laying people off from their organization, people just trying to get by and put a roof over their families heads and food on the table, and they want to pay this Bozo, or any player for that matter, this kind of money???? Unbelievable!!

lildg54 Author Profile Page :

No Fnning way is he worth or for that matter anyone that much. Everyone should stay home watch on tv and these atheletes need a lil comeuppance maybe they will learn they are not entitled to their priveleged lifestyle and they can do more for themselves and everyone else with less why should anyone pay higher tix prices in today's economy so these spoiled brats can get bigger rims for their rides

barney2 Author Profile Page :

Every time Danny - Boy spends all of his money on someone who is to be "Great" and will help the "Team"; we always lose. Wake up Danny-Boy; you don't know how to run a football team.

wga1 Author Profile Page :

Folks are ready to shrink Wall Street salaries by %1000 percent. Isn't it time to question why sports figures get paid huge salaries? How about a little pay for performance in sports too? There are a lot of individual athletes making millions but they are contributing to losing teams.

duckie86 Author Profile Page :

No one is worth that stupid amount of one! I am a Steelers fan, and Dan Dan the Money Man could learn a thing from the Rooney's. It is called solid system work, proper development, and a no bull crap policy. Last time I checked, that has one 6 SuperBowls, countless Pro Bowl players, and just recently, the defensive player of they year...oh who by the way makes well under 2 million a year. If they make this deal with Hanesworth, it will once again show how superficial this team is.

DFi4487 Author Profile Page :

I thought Dan Snyder had learned his lesson with previous high priced free agents who never did anything for the Skins.

This would be a disaster! Haynesworth is already considered an underachiever and certainly only played beastly last year because he was looking for massive amounts of money in a new contract.

There's a clear pattern to players after signing big contracts...They never play like superstars after they sign. Moreover, they almost always get injured. Doesn't matter what sport. Generally speaking this holds true.

If Haynesworth signs with the Skins for the kind of money being discussed, he will be injury sometime before the first game of the season. Bank on it!

Please Dan, the example you should be the Steeler's model and not the high priced Cowboy model. Follow Dan Rooney's example and build from within, while keeping players and finding gems in the draft! When was the last time the Steelers ever signed a high priced free agent? I can't remember any. The Steelers have consistent success that's based on sound football know-how and a steady hand at the helm.

mikecq Author Profile Page :

I say give it to him! Then when he does not perform to the contract, they can go and apply for some TARP (toxic acid rundown player) money.
There is no one on this green earth who deserves this kind of money especially in the NFL. Look at how many busted high price players are out there.

msmithnv Author Profile Page :

If he is from Chicago he doesn't need to perform to make the $100 million he just needs to know how to talk well at press conferences before and after the game.

topwriter Author Profile Page :

From the standpoint of team construction this is doomed to failure. Instead of spending so much on one person who comes with the financially justified attitude that the ARE the team, it's better to spread that money around purchasing several players who will help form a team because no one player is perceived as being better.

Looking back at history; how many other grossly overpaid INDIVIDUALS have come to a TEAM and actually made it better? Looking specifically at Redskins history ... to do the same thing over and over again expecting a different result is the very definition of insanity.

DaleinAtlanta Author Profile Page :

Since purchasing the team, Snyder has continued to try and put the "I" in team by enticing individual high-profile players and coaches with high salaries and a win now attitude, rather than instituting a winning philosopy to build a foundation based upon a team concept.

Snyder is following Jerry Jones' "team" concept; who has done the same thing in Dallas, obtaining the same results.

Philidelphia has the highest winning percentage of any NFC East team over the past ten years, in fact one of only four NFL Team about .600% during that period. With the exception of their T.O. mistake, no high profile player has been signed from free agency. This appraoch has given the Eagles a team rather than a group of players. I would also be willing to bet that it does not cost $25 to park three miles from the stadium.

jthornton1 Author Profile Page :

Problem Solved! Perhaps the team owner should pick some teachers or even some other organizations that help kids to learn how to (I don't know) read, write, think critically, orally communicate properly, and so. The football player has one job in job. We have many job titles in one: teacher, mentor, nurse, mother, father and so on... We along with many other worthy people with other job titles work mentally and physically hard too and the results show on day one; however, we are never paid that much money....and here is the one word question: Why? He would get instant results. He could write if off on his taxes. Yes I am venting because I am so tired of seeing us spend so much money on sports. One guy running with the ball vs. one teacher teaching 30 kids, six subjects a day, 5 days a week for 6 hours. Please understand I love my job, so that's why I've been teaching for 18 years. I enjoy it everyday! I just wish we were recognized with a higher salary. Yes, I know it's not the Football owners concern, but my School District never has this type of money to throw around.

gman1030 Author Profile Page :

The Redskins do the same thing every year with the same results. The players they should keep they get rid of. We need to build from the draft with good scouting. For 15 million I would invest in 3-4 players. What can you say it's Dan's team. He will get it right one year. Go Skins

bjmptcruisergmailcom Author Profile Page :

No, Never.

This is precisely what is wrong with America. Something, like this and Walmart. wgm

tom_k47 Author Profile Page :

Snyder = a fool and his money are soon parted.

SM33 Author Profile Page :

Let's see... Last season Defense was best part of the Redskins team. So what's the sense in spending $155M on 2 defensive free agents? If the offense had scored a few more touchdowns in just 2 games, they would have made the playoffs. AH may be worth the money to some other team, but the 'skins should have used those funds on the O-line.

ryanrichieesq Author Profile Page :

I hear the beginning of Ozzy's Crazy Train in my head, and the Skins just got aboard!

waterboard Author Profile Page :

At least fat Albert will compete thats more than you can say about the white CEO's on Wall Street.

mooersi Author Profile Page :

UGH! As I have said to my friends for a while: Fire Cerrato, HIRE A GM, and leave the football decisions to the football people. If Snyder would use his energies and EXPERTISE to develop new marketing avenues to generate new revenues for the Redskins perhaps we would be looking at a team that is REDUCING some ticket prices for it's fan base. Instead, he, Vinny, and Zorn spend an all-nighter at his house devising stupid ways to drive this franchise into the ground. I will make the same prediction again this year: 8-8. I love the Redskins, but someone please tie up Snyder and take him fishing! Cooke might have been crazy, but he wasn't this stupid! HE HAD A GM - WE WON SUPERBOWLS!!

agupta1 Author Profile Page :

Of course this move will backfire like almost every other move Danny and Vinny make. Let's see, last year 10 draft picks "make" the team, 1 contributes. 10% success rate. Danny & Vinny's free agents: Jason Taylor, Deion Sanders, Bruce Smith, Jeff George, Adam Archuletta, the list goes on and on of free agent Super-Busts.

(In fairness, Smith was good his first year at least.) Why should anyone think this year will be any different? Yeah, yeah, some will say that Hall played pretty well last year, but he was playing for a contract last year. Let's see what happens this year.

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