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Who's the Best All Time Offensive Draft Pick?

Which offensive draft pick was the greatest of all time?

Posted by Emil Steiner on March 24, 2009 8:20 AM

dalee16: heh, i got the gogolak part right,give me a break...

bikesac: You are all choosing backfields. How about Dick Butkus, or Elroy Hirsch among others. I can remember when Leo Nomelini was the anchor of the...

lowercaselarry: Jim Ringo...

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dalee16 Author Profile Page :

the selection of soccer style princeton kicker pete gogolak by the redskins in 1966 revolutionized the game and started the demise of straight on kickers

kguy1 Author Profile Page :

An argument could certainly be made for Roger Staubach as the best draft choice ever. Although he was a Heisman winner in college, no one wanted to spend a draft choice on Staubach until Dallas in the 10th round because everybody knew he had a Navy enlistment to fulfill and would be off to Viet Nam for sure. Drafted 129th overall, Staubach spent the next five years in the service before joining Dallas as a 27 year old rookie and taking them to four Super Bowls in ten years and eventually making the HOF. Think about it. Dallas spent a draft choice on a guy going into combat, and even if he got through that alive and healthy, he would be unavailable for five years!

probeyoh69 Author Profile Page :

didn't Pete Gogolak play for the Giants and his brother Charlie Gogolak play for the Redskins

tracker2 Author Profile Page :

There's an inherent bias in this toward late-rounders, as if, simply by being an early rounder it was somehow obvious you were going to succeed. I'd argue that its harder to not screw up a top 10 choice than it is to find value in the 7th round.

Of the late rounders (3rd+):
1) Johnny Unitas (9th)
2) Joe Montana (3rd)
3) Roger Staubach (10th)
4) Tom Brady (6th)
5) Terrell Davis (6th)

rmattocks Author Profile Page :

Brady is probably in the top 5 of draft day steals but then you'd have to add Emmitt Smith who was picked 17th in the 1990 draft behind one Mr. Blair Thomas. We see how that worked out. Can't knock Brady with his three superbowls.

But I'll top that one even further......Randy Moss. How a guy with his talent fell so far in the draft (21st in the first round) till this very day has every team who passed on him having nightmares, especially Dallas who sent Deion Sanders and Michael Irvin both to workout with him and promised him they'd take him with the 7th pick. You see how Dallas' fortunes turned out after that.

Marques Colston of the Saints. 7th round pick in 2006 who was drafted to be a practice squad WR has been one the best WR in football since.

T.J. Houshmanzadeh, 7th Round pick in 2001 has consistently been one the leaders in receptions the past several years.

Hines Wards, 3rd Round in 1998 was actually a QB but has been Pittsburgh's Mr. Everthing in this decade.

DCScribe1 Author Profile Page :

Terry Bradshaw hands down. His unparralled blend of leadership, courage, Rifle-arm, poise, toughness and yes intelligence sets him apart. His four superbowl wins in six years emphatically underscores his legacy of winning. He called most of his own plays in an era when most QB's received signals from the bench. He was always at his best in the dire moments of big games. He always stepped up and never cried when he was drafted by an, up to his arrival, a losing franchsie. John Elway and Eli Manning should take notes. Realistically Elway only won a SB because of Terell Davis and Eli, because of Plaxico Burress.

nmsss Author Profile Page :

The Giants and Chargers squabbled over Eli and Phillip Rivers. Meanwhile, the 9th pick started his first year and went 13-1 to the AFC Championship game and has won two Super Bowls since (also more than Favre). Only 5 years into his career, Ben Roethlisberger has to make this list, and by the time he finishes he could top it.

delOH Author Profile Page :

How about Hershel Walker? Dallas drafts him and then, when Hershel hits his prime, Minnesota gives Dallas 6 draft picks and 5 players for him, which Dallas parlays into 3 Super Bowls. This happened again more recently with New Orleans getting Smokin' Ricky Williams. New Orleans gave 8 draft picks to, oh wait, nevermind.

kguy1 Author Profile Page :

The question is ambiguous and this is reflected in the comments. What are you asking? "Who's the greatest offensive player of all time?" or "Who's the greatest value for draft rank?" If it's the first, then you're talking Baugh, Brown, Montana, etc. But if it's the second, then it's a different question and people like Brady, Rice, Staubach enter the conversation, players who yielded far more production than anyone could have predicted on draft day.

dalee16 Author Profile Page :

heh, i got the gogolak part right,give me a break

bikesac Author Profile Page :

You are all choosing backfields.
How about Dick Butkus, or Elroy Hirsch among others. I can remember when Leo Nomelini was the anchor of the 49rs. Ray Guy was an offensive threat unlike any other also.

This is an unanswerable question as it depends on the era and who was the most dominating player on his team. Also Ray Nitschke, Alan Page, and do not forget Eddie LeBaron, not a hall of famer but should be, and the Bald Eagle, one of my favorites, Y.A. Tittle who never should have been let go by the 49rs.

lowercaselarry Author Profile Page :

Jim Ringo

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