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Who's the Worst Offensive Draft Pick?

Which player was the biggest waste of an offensive draft pick?

Posted by Emil Steiner on March 30, 2009 2:00 PM

shottsee: Brian Bosworth, without a doubt (especially if are a Seahawks fan), was the biggest waste of a draft pick ever....

tschreier: Tom Cousineau, without a doubt!...

tschreier: Tom Cousineau, without a doubt!...

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dalee16 Author Profile Page :

probably the redskins drafting heisman trophy winning qb gary beban out of ucla in 1967

delOH Author Profile Page :

Any one of these; Ken O'Brien, Tony Eason or Todd Blackledge, QB's selected before Dan Marino in the '83 draft!

Mitchavery7 Author Profile Page :

Seahawk fan says Brian Bosworth being paid an 11 million dollar signing bonus when both him and his agent knew he could pass the physical but his shoulder was damaged beyond repair.

ozpunk Author Profile Page :

Two words... Freddie Mitchell

wprioleau Author Profile Page :

I've heard all the accolades and quotes for one Mr. Al Davis (Al leaves more football knowledge in the "bowl" in the morning than most folks will ever know), and I am aware of what he has done for the evolution of the sport. But when a man drafts a kicker in the first round of the draft at 17 (not 32 mind you) it is time to put his wheelchair on cruise and point him in the direction of the bright warm light. Ahhhh...swing low sweet chariot.

Exscribe Author Profile Page :

Bo Jackson, Tampa Bay's No. 1 in the late '80s. He opted for baseball, reentered the draft the next year and the Raiders got him in the 7th round. Tampa Bay got nothing.

jgluke Author Profile Page :

You all talk about the players who at least made it on the field. How about T Andre Johnson 1996 first round draft pick by the Redskins. Didn't play a single down.

davidg7376 Author Profile Page :

Anyone drafted in the last 10 years by the Cleveland Browns.

kuvasz Author Profile Page :

Leroy Keyes, drafted first, third overall by the Eagles in '69, after gaining over 369 yards on 125 carries he moved to safety.

stlvillain Author Profile Page :

I'll vote for Lawrence Phillips, who was a MAJOR bust for the STL Rams.

dbarts27 Author Profile Page :

DELOH...I may be wrong, but I think Tony Eason went to as many Super Bowls as Dan Marino...hardly qualifying as "Worst".

jheath53 Author Profile Page :

I don't know about the whole league, but Desmond Howard certainly filled the bill in Washington. They actually used TWO first round draft picks to get him, and he never produced anything significant for Washington. Became a fair-to-middlin' kick return specialist elsewhere. Meanwhile, in that same year, Carl Pickens of Tennessee went early in the second round to Cincinatti, and went on to be AFC offensive rookie of the year.

mnault Author Profile Page :

The Mighty Chicago Bears, be they ever so beloved by us faithful, have got more than our fair share. But let's just throw out Cade McNown for starters... Opps, is "starter" the correct word here?

ballgame Author Profile Page :

You can get all the worst offensive picks on the same team: see Ki-jana Carter, David Klingler, Akili Smith, Chris Perry....

mikeblacksburg Author Profile Page :

Heath Shuler! I mean come on!

julianbfreund Author Profile Page :

Any and all draft picks by the Chicago Bears in the past 20 years could be considered the worst. They are consistent at least.

dboston Author Profile Page :

Anyone remember Ryan Leaf?

datlas1 Author Profile Page :

I agree with JulianB--the Bears really take the cake--except for Urlacher, they really have picked some real losers--from McNown to Benson, they looked good on paper but then came the shredder.


adrienne_najjar Author Profile Page :

The start of a comprehensive list of lousy draft picks has to be anyone drafted by the Deadskins.

Garak Author Profile Page :

Booker Reese, drafted in 1982 by the Tampa Bay Sucs, I mean, Bucs.

PS: Booker was last heard from in the slammer for cocaine possession.

JulianFreund: How about any and all draft picks by the Lions? At least the Bears won a Superbowl.

Brad2 Author Profile Page :

Leaf was bad but I think he suffered from the same thing many QBs suffer from. They are paid so much, teams put them in the line-up before they're ready. They end up beat up and looking like a deer in the headlights for the rest of their career. That's why I think so many great QBs come in as fifth or sixth round picks, there was no to hurry to start them before they were ready.

My pick is the linebacker from Oklahoma that Seattle spent a ton on and never did anything. He's now an actor. Brian Bosworth might have been a decent strong safety but should never have been expected to play linebacker in the NFL. He was all hype and it showed.

jaycee31 Author Profile Page :

With the 2nd pick in the 1989 Draft... the Green Bay packers select.... Not Barry Sanders(3), Not Derrick Brooks(4), Not Deion Sanders(5), Not Steve Atwater(20)

but TONY MANDARICH, OT from Michigan State!

mikeinburtonsville1 Author Profile Page :

Somehow, Gary Beban and Ray McDonald come to mind pretty quickly.

john_falck Author Profile Page :

The question is legit, but the standard should be different for QB "busts" vs other positions. It is much harder to predict how a college QB will adapt to the NFL than to estimate the likely success of other position players. A league dominating QB has the biggest impact, so the reward is worth higher risk. If a team wants to avoid draft day busts, they should concentrate on non-QB picks - but are you playing to win or not to lose...

BenThere Author Profile Page :

Heath Shuler, Washington Redskins QB - A TOTAL BUST!!!!!!!!!!

cleopatra1 Author Profile Page :

Steelers drafted a guy named Gary Beban a quarterback from Somewhere U. back in 1966.

mattymoods Author Profile Page :

With the 3rd pick in the 1990 NFL Draft, the New York Jets select running back Blair Thomas, Penn State. How about Emmitt Smith who went #17!

mattymoods Author Profile Page :

With the 3rd pick in the 1990 NFL Draft, the New York Jets select running back Blair Thomas, Penn State. How about Emmitt Smith who went #17!

teeballou Author Profile Page :

Barrack Obamma.

msjn1 Author Profile Page :

any QB that the Redskins picked. They all sucked in DC and then went on to play pretty well in other cities. Could it be our offensive coaching? I think Theisman was the exception.

jslivesay Author Profile Page :

How could any draft pick be worse
than Ryan Leaf?

dflynn1162 Author Profile Page :

Brian Bosworth ... taken in a highly PR'd supplimentary draft round ... was a major bust.

panthertraitor Author Profile Page :

No draft selection was more a waste of time,money,and lack of playoff appearances of the Redskins post Gibbs-era part one then Heath, I lose my mind in the pocket, Shuler. He is now a congressman of the western most district of North Carolina, but wow Tennessee is not the birthplace of great QB's. Lesson learned.

Emil Steiner Author Profile Page :

My favorite has always been Todd Marinovich. Sports Illustrated hyped him in high school as the greatest thing since sliced bread.
The best line: "He has never eaten a Big Mac or an Oreo or a Ding Dong."
He was a red shirt sophomore and somehow a Heisman candidate at USC. Then he got busted for blow.
His pro career went from bad (tanking as a Raider) to awful with paternity suits, drug charges and stints in the CFL AFL. In 2005 he got caught in a public bathroom with drugs and then fled on a kiddy bike. Floptastic.

sanmateo1850 Author Profile Page :

For Washington, I HAS to be Heath! How much money did they waste on that guy? And who would have guessed he would return to DC as a congressman. Lets hope he has a better record in congress than in the NFL!

WingedWheel Author Profile Page :

Let's not forget the New Orleans Saints and their foolish drive to draft Ricky Williams from Texas. Soon after selling the farm Williams took to giving interviews in his helmet and claimed his fumbles were the result of big muscles. But wait. It must've been all that pot he was smoking back then.

ecglotfelty Author Profile Page :

For the Skins, Heath Shuler was the worst in recent history, followed by Michael Westbrook. if these two receivers that the Skins paid a lot of money for don't pan out, those will trump all of the others.

rev_ollie Author Profile Page :

Take your pick of anyone by Charlie Casserly or Midget Snyder.

Fredneck2 Author Profile Page :

You youngsters don't remember Terry Baker, Heisman winner, #1 overall choice, now better known as 'a retired lawyer'...

TheBabeNemo Author Profile Page :

Todd Marinovich is my choice (if he was drafted before all his trouble).
i am not sure.

but john was the best nfl draft pick of all time. but i am prejudice.

allankohrman Author Profile Page :

How about Bobby Garrett, the first man picked in the 1953 draft, chosen by the Browns to replace Otto Graham at quarterback. I'm not sure he played even one down.

caribis Author Profile Page :

As a Packer fan obviously Mandroid hurts. However the #1 and #2 worst draft picks both belong to the Vikings. One of them would be that first round pick they failed to make and let everyone else go ahead of them. They got Williams, a good pick, but letting the clock run out and allowing other teams to rush in before you can pick?

And of course their is the Herschel Walker trade. Three first rounders to Dallas among others? I mean that has to count as the worst ever! Considering Dallas built a dynasty off of those picks.

When you get to worst defensive pick that would be the Vikings too. Dimitrius Underwood. $5.3 million, he made it to one day of training camp before quitting. And despite the fact his MI State coaches told everyone he was unstable.

forepar29 Author Profile Page :

Being a life long lions fan I have endured year after year of poor decisions made on draft day. But the one that sticks out the most is Andre Ware.

brdirck Author Profile Page :

As a biased Chiefs fan, I'd have to mention the Chief's drafting Todd Blackledge with the 7th pick in 1983. They bypassed Jim Kelly and Dan Marino to get--a guy who would eventually become pretty good at manning an ESPN mike on Saturdays.

gce1356 Author Profile Page :

Worst #1: Ryan Leaf
Worst #2: John Elway
Worst #3: Anyone remember Brian Bosworth? He was defense, but his draft was so offensive that he's jumped the line.

NDmiddle Author Profile Page :

DFLYNN hit the nail on the head.
Without doubt, Brian Bosworth.
Everyone else mentioned here didn't get near the press, and they lasted longer than he did, too!

shottsee Author Profile Page :

Brian Bosworth, without a doubt (especially if are a Seahawks fan), was the biggest waste of a draft pick ever.

tschreier Author Profile Page :

Tom Cousineau, without a doubt!

tschreier Author Profile Page :

Tom Cousineau, without a doubt!

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