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Brett the Viking?

Should Brett Favre come out of retirement to play for the Minnesota Vikings?

Posted by Emil Steiner on May 4, 2009 6:00 AM

eaglehawkaroundsince1937: Brett who?...

douglaslbarber: During an era in which Democrats have plenty of evidence that the rich and famous are idiots, Brett Favre comes out of retirement a third ti...

Fonz: I am a Packer Fan and one of the many part owners with my 1 share of stock. I also think Brett should play wherever he wants. Its too bad ...

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futbolclif Author Profile Page :

He's already ruined his legacy, let him do whatever he wants now.

frieda406 Author Profile Page :

i second futbolclif's comments.

LegallyMurphy Author Profile Page :

It is not a question of will he or won't he, it is a question of should he or shouldn't he. Favre has all the money he could want and all the fame he could need. What does he gain by coming back? Permanent injury? Pain killer addiction. I disagree that his legacy is ruined so far it's just tarnished. But it could be ruined for ever if he tries out for the Vikes.

2sense Author Profile Page :

Got to known when to fold 'em Brett. You are embarassing all the people who helped make your career posible.

esdean Author Profile Page :

There is an alpha and an omega to everything. Bret needs to realize that his omega as a pro quarterback has come.

donnolo Author Profile Page :

OK, so Brett's investments have tanked, he has a cash flow problem, and he needs to find work. But couldn't he get a job as a commentator or something?

forgetthis Author Profile Page :

I thought he was already out of retirement and playing for the NY Jets. Did I miss something? I'll google it.

zimm1 Author Profile Page :

I can't believe this is brought up again. ENOUGH OF FAVRE. NO ONE CARES. I DON'T WANT TO HEAR HIS NAME FOR 5 YEARS, UNTIL HE GOES IN THE HOF. Enough already. Give me a break from this garbage.

LegallyMurphy Author Profile Page :

I think Brett likes all the talk. He wants to throw it in the Packers faces. Maybe it's garbage but his ego eats it up.

sporttc Author Profile Page :

He should do what he wants. If he still wants to play, then play. If not, then find something else. I believe that's how it used to work in this country.

Reputation tarnished or ruined? Hardly. We've pro athletes, celibrites, politicians, et al. do a lot of some pretty off the wall stuff in their lives and and most of it ends up adding up to a hill of beans. Let me know if Favre violates someone or engages in treason, then we'll have something.

laurelphoto Author Profile Page :

A couple of years ago, Brett was smart enough to know when to give it up. The only thing that has changed is His age (older), and physical condition (worse).
So now he is the equivelant of the rodeo clown.

ferrellms Author Profile Page :

As a Jets fan, I say - BRING IT ON!

mrpjs1976 Author Profile Page :

Why not he still can play when healthy,and with that running game no need to pass alot:)

dand0202 Author Profile Page :

is this not a free country where we can do what we want when we want? if he wants to play let him play. who cares about image, legacy, he still has the numbers that people will still know or remember him.

pgfendos Author Profile Page :

Brett Favre was/is a great competitor and a winner. But the best quarterback to ever play for the Green Bay Packers was Bart Starr. He was a competitor, a winner, and a good man. That is more than can be said for Favre.

PhiliR Author Profile Page :

...and so as you reminisce about "the glory years", what team will be in your heart when you give your HOF speech? What uniform; what helmet will be in Canton?

DutchBoy1 Author Profile Page :

maybe it is about time for B.F. to take up gardening and start watching football. He was a competitor who playing days are gone and definitely the Vikes do not need him (but they need a qtrback).

hotdad14 Author Profile Page :

Poor Bret is looking like an old burned out politician selling himself to stay in power. Reminds me of Arlen Specter switching parties to hold on to his "I am the greatest" ego!

Retire fool!!!!!

bert2255 Author Profile Page :

What's with the bad mouthing? He want's to play so put him behind a great line and watch what happens. I'm 71 and If I wanted to play I would give it my best.
Good luck Brett, give it your best and forget your a "legend" Play the game you love.
Semper Fi

AlanGoldberg54 Author Profile Page :

Brett should play if he wants to and as long as he wants to and is able.

mcsmythe Author Profile Page :

As a Packers fan, I have to say, thank god we don't have to go through this again. Any team that pins its hopes on a 40-year-old QB who posted 4 mediocre-to-horrible years in the last 5 deserves what it gets.

Straightline Author Profile Page :

Cant be any worse than our last 6 Vikings quarterbacks. Now that we have the ultimate running game, a killer defense and an awesome front line...I say welcome aboard. He still has the long pass and a good eye for the field.

JimiP1 Author Profile Page :

Should have quit while you were on top Brett. League leader in INT's last year? Only gonna get worse for you.Time to put on a set of headphones and sit up in the booth!

lwilliamson1 Author Profile Page :

You know, last week former heavyweight boxing champion Greg Page passed away at age 50. His death stemmed from complications he sustained in a boxing match eight years ago. He attempted to box at the age of 42 against a considerably younger man, and in doing so, he became seriously injured, briefly went into a coma, and spent his remaining eight years in a wheel chair.

As with most fighters, Page most likely fought past his prime because of financial difficulties. However, I'm sure that's not the case with Favre. Brett, please give it up and enjoy the rest of your life in good health, rather than as a vegetable.

prontomac Author Profile Page :

I have loved watching him play throughout his career. Truly, he is a great athlete, and we all enjoy the entertainment of football in such skillful hands.
But now, it has become an afternoon soap opera, and the great memories are fading fast!
It just looks too much like his ego has gotten WAY far ahead of his common sense.

ozpunk Author Profile Page :

Pfft, forget the stats if Brett wants to play then he has surely earned the right to come back in my opinion.

eaglehawkaroundsince1937 Author Profile Page :

Brett who?

douglaslbarber Author Profile Page :

During an era in which Democrats have plenty of evidence that the rich and famous are idiots, Brett Favre comes out of retirement a third time.

Fonz Author Profile Page :

I am a Packer Fan and one of the many part owners with my 1 share of stock. I also think Brett should play wherever he wants. Its too bad that TT didn't want him in GB, so if he comes to GB I will want him to do his best since he has made football interesting in the last 17 yrs. If TTs team isn't as good then that is the way it is and TT should learn from his mistakes. If the Vikings succeed in winning then good for them for making a good decision.

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