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Jones or Goodell: Who'll Blink First?

Who's responsible for fixing Dallas's scoreboard, the NFL or the Cowboys?

Posted by Emil Steiner on August 26, 2009 6:00 AM

martinra1: Jones followed league rules when erecting the TV. If the league now wants a change they can't expect him to go along without some resistanc...

blahblahblahblah1: One could deduce that he never wanted to comply so (knowing he has the cash to such an outlandish thing) he installed this big ass, over the...

LarryinMD: The screen will be just another thing to gripe about when it comes to the Boyz - but when the opposing team's punter is trying to show off w...

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turncoat555 Author Profile Page :

Jerry Jones is an egomaniac and a fool. Only someone that stupid would want to change the game to fit his TV. He should be released by the NFL

taylormade33 Author Profile Page :

Jones may be an idiot... okay he is an idiot... but he did not break any rules. Infact he actually followed the rules the NFL laid out for him. He just took it to a Texas size level. Now the NFL is upset about that, well too freakin bad in my mind

dallasrox Author Profile Page :

Get off Jerry's back would you. He gets more flack than any other owner and for why? He built a thing of beauty and people hate on him. It's jealousy and envy that's all. Rest of you teams especially the Skins cant stop us so you have to pick on our house because the TV is too big. BOOHOOWHOOOOO

CapeCrusader Author Profile Page :

The man is an egoMenance and a danger to the NFL and a danger to people everywhere. He must be stopped before he ruins football forever. He makes Al Davis seem rationale seriously.

danconley Author Profile Page :

The stupidity of the videoscreen is only enhanced by the punt factor ... you spend a billion on a stadium, then let it be overwhelmed by a big TV? There's a certain gangsta rapper on MTV Cribs vibe to the new Cowboy Stadium ... it wasn't enough for Jerry to show off his lawn and his deck chairs, he had to have the world's biggest TV too.

vmrg1974 Author Profile Page :

It's the NFL fault. Cowboys seem to have followed League regulations, and someone from the League probably signed off on it (and many other things) as the stadium was being built.

Garak Author Profile Page :

It's the public's fault for funding this in the first place. The NFL and Jones have more than enough money to build it themselves.

Not to worry. Jones will threaten to move the Cowboys to Waxahatchee if the public doesn't pay for repairs.

I love it!

randywatson99 Author Profile Page :

Poor poor Jerry, hid TV TOO BIG! What to do?
I laugh at this but also feel really embarrassed. What a uniquely American dilemma. Clearly our priorities are still out of whack.
A 150 foot television, I mean is that really necessary? You are at the game? Can't you just look down?
Maybe we'll get lucky and the thing will fall on his head, pulling down the stadium with it.

kevint291 Author Profile Page :

I think it is sad. From what I heard when a kick hits the sign you get a do-over. What is this turning into? This is the kind of footbal I played when I was 8 or 9 years old; We would always have do-overs.

RichardinPasadena Author Profile Page :

I'll bet this is about advertising revenue. The advertisers want that board low enough that the captive audience can't AVOID seeing it.

It won't be long before there will be advertising banners stretched across the goal posts with the rule being that if the ball hits it and bounces back you'll get to kick over.

Of course, there are some who still believe that professional sports is an athletic contest and not a show.

BiCo Author Profile Page :

How about making a new NFL rule. If a VISITING team punts and hits an obstruction in the "air space" over the field in the HOST stadium, then first down Visitors. I am sure Jones would then adjust his ego screen.

pentagon40 Author Profile Page :

If this happens during a regular season game the commish will finally order it to be raised even way it will stay in its present position if balls hit it regularly...common sense....

pentagon40 Author Profile Page :

Don't know what all the hullabaloo is all about...if the sign gets hit with any kind of regularity say once every game, the commish will make a change..Jones can't argue or appeal this since it is for the good of the Dallas' punter won't hit it...just the visiting team

dane1 Author Profile Page :

I believe a stadium security guard told Jones it would be fine.

20yrskinfan Author Profile Page :

I heard they had one in the practice field too. But when they removed it the whole stadium collapsed.

Roger Goodell should impose an immediate $5 million penalty on Jerry Jones every time a punt hits the jumbo-tron.

Hunter the punter could rack up some Buffalo bills!

NovaMike Author Profile Page :

At a stadium so large, anyone who has been in the nose-bleed knows that being at the game is a social activity, and you're not seeing much football. The new screen MIGHT actually make the egregious prices worthwhile as you could actually see the action like you would on tv. As much as I hate the Cowboys, the screen was approved, and therefore, if the league wants it moved, they have to pay for it. Both teams have to play with it, like an awkward center field in baseball. Something done for the fans IN the stadium? That's crazy. Plus, hey, it's Texas, they demand big. As a Redskin fan, I'd prob go to more games if they had such a screen, but then again, I'd do it if it wasn't 2-3 hours both ways to see a game in this transportation cluster ... mess.

Section416akatheAlps Author Profile Page :

Trying to summon tears for either side...nope, nothing happens...

surlydoc Author Profile Page :

this is nothing new. the nfl gets sorrier and sorrier every passing year. i find myself watching less and less nfl games and attending fewer and fewer nfl games.

this year you got this obvious problem with this giant tv, and for the last 3 years it's been the outlaw vick story,
then it was the outlaw baltimore linebacker murder story. there's also the owners and players trying to rob the taxpayers every year for new stadiums.
they shud pay for their own stadiums and the land to build them on. every year there's some stupid crime (plaxico comes to mind). so when does it end??
when the idiot public wises up and sees they aren't getting the value for the buck.
i went to the mon nite steeler game lst year. saw about a dozen people ejected from the stands, some idiot tried to steal my friend's leather steeler jacket. nice crowd. most of them belong in jail along with most of the players.

JJORourke Author Profile Page :

The integrity of the game is of no concern to Jerry Jones.

It's all about the Golden Rule - those who have the gold rule. Those who don't do do-overs.


alstl Author Profile Page :

The league is nothing more than a rubber stamp for what the owners want, especially Jones. It is hilarious to see the league approve something this stupid from Jones who evidently doesn't have the common sense to check this out ahead of time.

I hope they leave it the same and Cowboys home games become the laughing stock of the league.

flatrailer Author Profile Page :

A simple solution--Like a fellow Texan who resides in the Dallas area, lets encourage Jerry Jones to run for President. He could get Sarah for number 2 and he would NO longer be in the NFL--and the stadium monitor could be relocated. Jerry would use W as his mentor. Piece of cake.

stmr Author Profile Page :

It's easy to solve this. Let's call it the Cowboy Stadium Rule. If any permanent structure is struck by the ball, the home team is penalized 5 yards and replay of down. So theoretically the punter for the opposing team could earn a first down by repeatedly hitting the TV screen. And the Cowboys punter could screw over his coverage team by hitting the thing and making them run down the field again. Honestly, Jerry, if the thing is getting hit now in the preseason, what makes you think it's not going to get hit during the regular season. My understanding is that the thing can be raised. Just raise and stop being a jerk about it. I can't wait for the day when an opposing punter hits the thing, the ball comes down and hits a Cowboys player, allowing the opponent to recover it, who then goes down and scores. How else you gonna call it?

alex35332 Author Profile Page :

What is the penalty when a fan obstructs the game-play? Is there a fine for that? I think that would work.

martinra1 Author Profile Page :

Jones followed league rules when erecting the TV. If the league now wants a change they can't expect him to go along without some resistance, especially since he just paid 1.5B$.

blahblahblahblah1 Author Profile Page :

One could deduce that he never wanted to comply so (knowing he has the cash to such an outlandish thing) he installed this big ass, over the top, Dallas style tv and said 'There you go NFL. You deal with the rest' On the other hand he is more then capable of such a stupid act as to install a tv so big that interferes with play. I am really torn as to which one I believe because he is so capable of doing both. I am leaning more torward the stupid side.

LarryinMD Author Profile Page :

The screen will be just another thing to gripe about when it comes to the Boyz - but when the opposing team's punter is trying to show off when they are on the ten yard line and they are 4th and 40+ and he kicks it straight up to the video and it doesn't hit the board - and the punt is only 10 yards downfield, then the other teams will stop trying to hit it. Until that time, the children will just have to show off in front of the Cowboys and their fans. Jerry asked how high and the NFL said "85ft" and Jerry put it at 90ft. Have the rest of the NFL teams put up the monies to move it.
And for all you skins fans - you know DannyBoy is salivating on how he can get one to charge you more for your tickets.

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