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What Should Crabtree Do?

Given the state of his hold out, what is the best career move for Michael Crabtree?

Posted by Emil Steiner on September 23, 2009 12:00 AM

JPRS: Of course Crabtree should sign. He's holding out because of ego. He thinks he should have been drafted higher. Since that didn't happen h...

alex35332: UFL or Dennys UFL or Dennys UFL or Dennys?...

donmac1: It's probably too late for him to contribute much this year even if he signed today? Frisco needs to lower their offer to the position he wi...

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delOH Author Profile Page :

He should have a chat with Maurice Clarett about what can happen to you when you try to buck the NFL's system.

kennygg123 Author Profile Page :

No One gets pays for the work they should do but the work they have done. Michael should get paid according to the spot he was chosen in the NFL draft. I support the 49ers. He has not proven anything in the NFL.

jdonner2 Author Profile Page :

Who could possibly care what goes on in the National Felons League?

keedrow Author Profile Page :

Michael, you have no sympathy from people outside of football. You just appear to be a greedy unreasonable individual that we would like to see play but could care less if you sat out this year AND next year.

NovaMike Author Profile Page :

Draft order is not always commensurate with value. Not only is order a bunch of BS, so is paying unproven talent money that very often isn't deserved and should go to more veteran players that have proven themselves for a few years. The NFL would be better off with a more limiting salary cap for young players. But it does separate the wheat from the chaff and makes sure teams with good talent recognition and selection stay ahead, while generally, bad teams stay bad. As for Crabtree, having a system merely based on selection spot where there are many variables is wrong, but it's a lot of money. Maybe a short term deal is best for both sides?

madstamina Author Profile Page :

The NFL only has (3) Felons out of 800+ active players

Bigrcube Author Profile Page :

RE: madstamina :
The NFL only has (3) Felons out of 800+ active players
September 23, 2009 8:05 AM
+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

The NFL consists of 32 teams.
Each team has a 53-man roster.
Each team is allowed to dress 45 players for each game.
32 x 53 = 1,696
32 x 45 = 1,440
So, there are a lot MORE than 800 players.
The '+' is a BIG +++++.

The NFL consists of MORE than just 3 felons.
Michael Vick is considered a *released* felon.
Plaxico Burress currently incarcerated.
The Cincinnati Bengals have numerous felons, as do other teams.
Not ALL those felons (criminal FELONY records) are currently in prison.

billm32 Author Profile Page :

He should sit out the whole year because nobody cares. Really. Nobody Cares!!!

dfranks1 Author Profile Page :

Crabtree seems to be aptly named. He has proven nothing to his team or the fans. He represents a negative. In all probability he will be a bust.

He should be paid for what he shows on the field and off.

freeaccess1 Author Profile Page :

4. Get over yourself. Thousands of people will go to bed hungry tonight. You have the chance to play a game for tens of millions of dollars. Your parents failed miserably. You have a chance to overcome them.

3. Talk to Plaxico through a plastic divider in the visitor's area.

2. Take Michael Vick to dinner.

1. Call Ricky Williams and set up a vacation.

smith_avan Author Profile Page :

While most here have deeper thoughts than those of Donner, who's probably a felon himself. I think this is the prime example of what can happen when a young person who has bad people around him. I think Crabtree may be a decent young man, though, he just decided to listen to all the wrong people whom are seemingly taking advantage of the situation for their personal gain i.e. agents, friends, and family... With other team(s) telling him that he's worth more than the current offer; makes me believe that he's being exploited and it's just not going to pay off the way that everyone else thinks.

demtse Author Profile Page :

I don't give a sh!t...

mortified469 Author Profile Page :

Who is Michael Crabtree and who cares?

bigeugene Author Profile Page :

Yep, I think Crabtree's another talent on the way to being a speedbump in history. First, he's going to be rusty from not having played for a year. Second, no one likes a greedy troublemaker. Third, he's just shown that money is more important to him than the game. A good receiver gets 10-12 years in the league if they are lucky. He just sat out 10 percent of his professional career. What a loser. Go 49ers!

EliPeyton Author Profile Page :

The 49ers have 6 wide receivers on their roster. Tell Crabtree to go back to Texas Tech and work at McDonalds.

The 49ers are 2-0. If they beat Minnesota, I'd say Crabtree has missed the bus for good with the Bayerinas.

SUMB44 Author Profile Page :

Crabwho? 49ers don't need him. buh-bye

lildg54 Author Profile Page :

I hope Crabtree gets shut out screw him next option is Fries w/that, what a horrible advice and or way for a young man who has world by the nads to make a lot of money to act. SCREW EM

JorgeGortex Author Profile Page :

Let him watch the season on TV. Ego and greed are way out of control, and his behavior is a perfect example. If his agent is at fault... well then Crabtree should have fired him. With people working ridiculous hours at minimum wage jobs to earn an honest living... with little or no health care...this guy needs to think about it. As does the entire league.

dane1 Author Profile Page :

I think everyone, including Crabtree, should just get paid what they think they deserve. What business is it of my boss how much I make?

sanmateo1850 Author Profile Page :

What ever happened to pay for performance? I think these young athletes are setting the wrong precident. Just because you were a talented college player does not mean you will be a talent in the NFL. Where does Crabtree get off demanding so much in guarantees. What guarantees would the 49ers have if he doesn't produce! Pay for performance is the only way to go! Guys like Crabtree sends the wrong message to the new class of players coming out of college this year. Crabtree needs to check his ego and just start playing football. He is starting to turn into a punk like that RB from Ohio State. What ever happened to him anyway? Is he even in the NFL anymore!

Chuckled Author Profile Page :

Reasons and rationales don't always work when it comes to holdouts.

Everyone expected Crabtree to sign after BJ Raji (9th pick) signed and established the upper bracket for him; and he didn't sign.

Everyone again expected Crabtree to sign before the regular season started so he doesn't start losing game checks, and he didn't sign.

Everyone now expects Crabtree to sign before Nov. 17 deadline so he can still play this season; and, well, get ready to be surprised and shocked by his stubbornness and stupidity!

BenThere Author Profile Page :

I think he should give Robert Henson of the Washington Redskins a call. Michael should ask Robert just how tuned in the fans are. Robert will be thinking about it for a long time - and so will Michael Crabtree. Sign the contract and go do what you love to do - play ball!

mendonsa Author Profile Page :

Hey this is America. One is allowed to put a value on one's abilities no matter how inflated...and then suffer or reap the consequences. Who's to argue with a young man who obviously firmly believes that life has thrown him a curveball (by being picked after his perceived draft position) and is willing to forego about 6 really big ones for the year. Or is he?

Only in America.

neisner Author Profile Page :

Here's the funny thing to me: From everything I've read, one of the few things the NFLPA and the NFL agree on is that the pay that first round rookies get is insane, and more of that money should go to veterans. So if a deal does get done between the NFL and NFLPA where next year isn't a capless year, the NFL rookie pay scale could look vastly different than it has for the past decade or so, and in a way that would benefit the teams and vets and hurt first round rookies.

Bigrcube Author Profile Page :

Michael Crabtree should go back to Texas and start working at the Piggly-Wiggly to bag groceries. He can use Twitter to tweet his every filled sack.

jmsbh Author Profile Page :

Did this kid go to ANY classes in college? He has already lost hundreds of thousands of dollars for the games he has missed THIS season and could lose a full year's salary. Does he think that sitting out this year will IMPROVE his draft position? He will fall to a lower draft position and while he may think that means a better team, the better teams aren't likely to draft a head case like this. So maybe he ends up in the second round. What kind of money will THAT bring compared to what SF put on the table months ago ?
What an absolute dope. Name the last guy who beat the NFL system and "powers that be" ? Wilbur Marshall ?

thadude33 Author Profile Page :

There's clearly more here than Crabtree being stupid. Is his foot really healed? If it is fine now, will it be a recurring problem if he continues to play football? What is the 9ers actual offer? The team's current braintrust hasn't been teribly specific, not to the mention the fact that they're generally cluless.
As a lifetime SF fan my gut says Crabtree's health has a lot to do with his holdout and the 9ers offer, and, more importantly, Crabtree doesn't want to play for Mike Singletary becasue players, especially younger ones (see Vernon Davis last year), think he asks too much of them.
If he doesn't want to be in SF I say hit the bricks, Michael. Enjoy your year away from football while you rack up debt until you sign next year for half as much money.

ajackson3 Author Profile Page :

Let's be real here. How much money did his Momma and Daddy make? If it is less than the $16M being offered, he needs to take it, especially to play a game!!! These guys kill me with this hold-out mess. Look at hold-out history. Everyone who held out got behind and never became the "star" that they were projected to become. Ask Heath Shuler. Same goes for those who enter professional sports TOO soon. Crabtree, get yourself in uniform before you blow an opportunity to make millions. Your college heroics mean nothing. The NFL is bigger, faster, stronger. You have to prove yourself son so take what they are offering, prove yourself and then hold-out. Got it? Good!! Get to stepping!!!!!

jfern03 Author Profile Page :

Crabtree should report to the 49'ers immediately and ask for 1/2 of what they offered.

This ingrate is lucky to be offered 40 mill. Does he prefer to flip burgers at McDonalds for $8/hr?

madstamina Author Profile Page :

jmsbh nailed it. His draft position will fall and he may be part of a rookie salary cap. He will go second round at best, he has lost millions by sitting out this year that will possibly never be recouped. But he said if he'd stayed in college he would be broke anyway. He should have fired his agent. My previous e-mail was cut off. 1800 NFL players (not 800) and 30 felons, not 3 for .016% Plax Burris is not on an NFL roster.

chuckhoadley Author Profile Page :

Roger Goodell told Rich Eisen to stop worrying about the CBA. It will get done. Just do your job. The "uncapped year" comments are nonapplicable to the Crabtree issue.

The Jets aren't the only ones who need to worry about the tampering charges. Just think of the ramifications to Crabtree and/or his agent if it is proven they are culpable, too. Or, think of the world view if Crabtree signs and provides the incriminating evidence to hang the Jets. How this plays out is going to be very interesting.

Also, I can't believe the comments re the Niners using this as a ploy to get Crabtree to sign. Dumb!

neumanco Author Profile Page :

This is a guy who was upset that a lesser rated player was chosen earlier in the draft by the Raiders than he was. The factor was the gimpy leg. Be a man...take the money.

JPRS Author Profile Page :

Of course Crabtree should sign. He's holding out because of ego. He thinks he should have been drafted higher. Since that didn't happen he still wants top 3 money as a kind of consolation prize. He just needs to get over it.

If he's as good as he thinks he is, he could try negotiating in more performance based incentives. Maybe that means trading in guaranteed money, but what's the alternative? The hold out is 100 percent about getting paid.

At this point, regardless of what happens, the way he and his agent have gone about the negotiation have undercut his value and cost him guaranteed money.

On the flipside, regardless of what happens, he has been able to make some ad deals on the side. So even if he never plays a snap in the NFL he's already made more money as a two-year college drop-out than most people will in a 5-10 year span with an advanced graduate degree.

alex35332 Author Profile Page :

UFL or Dennys UFL or Dennys UFL or Dennys?

donmac1 Author Profile Page :

It's probably too late for him to contribute much this year even if he signed today? Frisco needs to lower their offer to the position he will probably go in the draft next year. [ maybe lower 2nd round ]

I am sure NFL owners are lining up for a new TO but without his talent? What was the name of the running back from Ohio State [all American] that sat out his senior season a few years ago?

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