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Should the NFL Get Rid of Cheerleaders?

Sure, they pull in some viewers, but would professional football be better if teams disbanded their cheerleading squads?

Posted by Emil Steiner on September 2, 2009 7:29 AM

garoth: Personally, I wish the Steelers had cheerleaders - I get tired of watching Big Ben and his crew patting one anothers butts! Women may think...

marcshank: I'd feel great if you dismantled your so-called newspaper. I know Kathrine would....

marcshank: I'd feel great if you dismantled your so-called newspaper. I know Kathrine would....

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ndalal1 Author Profile Page :


DupontJay Author Profile Page :

This soft-core porn is such an excellent complement to the spectacle of ritualized tribal violence that is football.

These two appeals to our basest instincts deserve each other.

abril1 Author Profile Page :

What the? hell no! should we get rid of the opportunity to watch scantily dressed beautiful women jump around? asinine.

Curmudgeon10 Author Profile Page :

Do we not have enough unemployed people now? Where would these bimbos find jobs other than these? Do we want to chase all of them to the stripper pole?

colton Author Profile Page :

Isn't it a good thing to communicate to young women that success is having thousands of men lust for your body? Next question - Where do you go from here?

dolph924 Author Profile Page :

Try to maintain contact with the mother ship here. Cheerleaders are here to stay and even posing this question suggests that you really need to get out more.

dsrobins Author Profile Page :

You must be kidding? Who would the players sleep and whore around with if they didn't have their own private groupies? Let the cheerleaders stay, they keep the trained apes and goons off of the local girls.

pricetheo Author Profile Page :

Cheerleaders and beer are a perfect accompaniment to such a testosterone-filled sport. Aside from political correctness, I can think of no reason why to even ask this question.

I pity anyone who can watch such gorgeous women dance and not have a smile on their face. No reason to ruin it for everyone else...

+1 to Dolph924.

wizard2 Author Profile Page :

Cheerleaders' absence or presence doesn't factor into the quality of the game any more than the beer and hot dogs. Those things are all to occupy you during the slow parts of the game.

TracyDC Author Profile Page :

YES, PLEASE! I watch football because I love the sport, not for a T&A show on the sidelines. If guys want to watch scantily clad women, they've got dozens of cable/satellite channels, DVDs, and the internet. The real cheerleaders are at the college games anyhow. I'm glad my home team is one of the few without them. Those are the towns with the REAL football fans.

ZAMBEZI Author Profile Page :

Football is kind of stupid. Cheerleaders are REALLY stupid. In high school, we used to throw garbage at them!

I'm not kidding about stupid: if you ever meet a cheerleader ask her to name an even number. I bet you will stump her!

LouisianaVirginian Author Profile Page :

For starters, the NFL should attempt to rid the league forever of drug felons, DWI killers, gun thugs, dog fighters, gamblers, and steroid freaks. Why doesn't the NFL try some basic language training for the players? Listening to a sports broadcast having player interviews is challenging at times...the league should address this reality. Why doesn't the NFL rein in the abuses and financial piracy of folks working in the Redskins management offices? At times, the NFL seems so infantile and petty...fining a player in less than a day after the fact for making a cell phone call from the end zone, yet wringing their collective hands for well over two years over a convicted dog fighter...yes, yes, the NFL is truly on top of things these days. Leave the cheerleaders alone.

jscroggin Author Profile Page :

Sports = entertainment not just the game.
There are tail gate parties, weird fan make up, The beer and hot dogs and yes, cheerleaders.
It is all part of the show and people having a good time. A time to let go and relax and
have fun.
The game is the icing on the cake.

daddio195666 Author Profile Page :

Get the female announcers OFF THE FIELD!
Give them a few pom poms and a short skirt, but I am so sick and tired of listening to a great game, lost of husky voices, fat guys with beards and beers, and then all of a sudden I hear some Miss Ditzy asking a running back a question. It throws the whole game off.


It's man's sport, one of the few we have left...let us have SOME dignity.


charley42 Author Profile Page :

There's too high of percentage of men watching the game for this to happen. Even hockey is starting to ADD cheerleaders. It ain't gonna happen. Next question.

andrediener Author Profile Page :

I love cheerleaders. Girls in this age are beautiful. What should be bad about that? Even here in Europe they exist in some football (soccer) clubs. Dawn, your article is wonderful. A proof of a self-conscious modern woman with intelligence and sensibility. No bra-burner, are you?

flyersout Author Profile Page :

Cheer leading is a bad sinful practice
for young ladies, especially those
professing faith in The Lord Jesus.

Cheer leading results in the pornographic
indulgence of exposing the youngster's
private parts to the self indulgent stares
and sinful thoughts of lecherous old
(and young) men. The Bible cautions against
this behavior (If one lusts after a woman
he commits adultery in his heart)

Parents, warn your girls about this. It
is better that they refrain from these sinful practices than die and go to Hell.

Remember - first cheer leading, then its
"beauty" contests, then it's Playboy,
then Hustler, Then call girls, then abortion !!!

Then what ?? You guessed it. Burn in Hell !!

Rev. Dr. Knowinso H. Jones
Thd.,Phd., D.D.
Southern Baptist Professor Emeritus

FrankTruman Author Profile Page :

The questions is: "Sure, [cheerleaders] pull in some viewers, but would professional football be better if teams disbanded their cheerleading squads?"

It could be just a coincidence, but look at the Steelers and the Packers. Neither one of them have cheerleaders and both do really well.

However, when applying economics to the situation, cheerleaders are "value added service", which [most] men enjoy (and some women too). I probably wouldnt pay to see them perform solo, however, I love watching them when they perform at the game.

Additionally, they provide a great and inexepsinve method of marketing the team during the off season and selling of promotional items. Additionally, I am all but certain that the women who do perform love being a cheerleader.

NFL games are one of the last mecca's of unchecked masculinity that exists today. Men need football. It should be up to the teams (and fans) if they want to keep/have cheerleaders. The only things more manly than watching football games are watching The Sopranos, History Channel or the Military Channel.

Women get everything handed to them today and everything is catered to their approval (in fact, most mall stores are for women, followed by families).

I dont care if there is a woman announcer, as long as knows her stuff and she isnt some stupid hole who makes me want to knock out my ear drums with a .50 Desert Eagle.

Roger Goodell is the Aristotle of football (notice that I didnt say Socrates).

Real men like the cheerleaders. In fact, it should be mandated that every team have 50 of them (except for maybe San Francisco).

The only thing that would be very interesting to see is if Roger Goodell added Condi Rice to his staff (as a future comissioner). She is a HUGE football fan, and she is pretty awesome as it is, since she was SecState under GW Bush, who considered to be an epitomy of manliness since (under his direction), we took over 2 countries, which hasnt occured since WWII and she was there right behind him.

lady_ace118 Author Profile Page :

Having been a professional cheerleader, I can speak on this subject very well. The ladies who do this are not making millions of dollars, they do it for the love of the game. Of course men see it as something else, but women see them as an empowering figure when it comes to a sport that most women know very little about. It has gotten tougher to become a cheerleader as they now test your knowledge of the sport and also of the team as well as dance talent and athletic ability. Back in my time, we were paid at the end of the year (and it was a paltry sum) and they gave us trips to Walt Disney World in Florida, but you had to pay for either your airfare or your room once you got there; you also had to pay to get into WDW too! They have made MAJOR steps now and they are treated alot better but why get rid of it, because they're a distraction to the fans? PLEASE!

prmolina Author Profile Page :

Maybe the owners could hire real cheerleaders out of college. Pro cheerleading is one of the few sports where the level of athleticism required goes down (waaaaay down) when you compare college or even high school to pro levels. Cheerleaders perform breathtaking stunts and run a real risk of sports injury at the amateur level. Watching the NFL cheerleaders, I can't say they push the sport of cheerleading to new levels. If they did, if these were real athletes, then we wouldn't be having this conversation.

pjohn2 Author Profile Page :

Give me a break. In high school (and maybe college), cheerleaders help a bit in getting fans enthused. The only time you see pro cheerleaders is when the TV camera ogles them. They are usually not seen so not having them is no loss. And Mr flyersout, that kind of perverse rambling is helping to make your view of religion irrelevant and a bit of a joke. I can't find the Bible passage that says cheerleaders are evil. Wow, post a link to your Bible so we can all read it.

UsedToBeGOP Author Profile Page :

I'm a woman, and I find them creepy and offensive.

elwoll Author Profile Page :

Beer, brawn, body bashing but no boobs and butts? What's going to happen with that testosterone overflow!!??

a_DC_denizen Author Profile Page :

If I wanted soft-corn p0rn0, I'd subscribe to the Girls Gone Wild DVD series.

Grow up girls - it's not High School or University anymore, time to get a real job.

"Save the Cheerleader, Save the World?" Not really. Although they are easy on the eyes.

I remain conflicted on this subject.

pd2710 Author Profile Page :

Whose idea was this article? I'll bet she has a ... shall we say, a canine description.

curmudgeon6 Author Profile Page :

What, are you people out of your minds?

First, this isn't a sincere question in any way, shape or form; it is merely a prurient attempt to stir up some comments and buzz. I can't believe anyone in any sports department anywhere in the free world takes this question seriously. You ought to be ashamed of yourselves for asking it. All you want to do is collect comments of outrage as well as some of the evangelical psychobabble somebody named Flyersout posted up above.

Does the NFL (or any sport, at any level) "need" cheerleaders? Of course not. A bunch of people (usually girls, but to be fair, not always) prancing around the sidelines has no effect on what goes on down on the field whatsoever. So the question of whether removing cheerleaders would make the NFL "better" is disingenuous. "Better" how? Would opera be "better" if you removed valet parking? Would television be better if you removed TV Guide? Would airline travel be better if you removed book stores from the airport terminals?


PowerandPride Author Profile Page :

The title of cheerleader is what it what they actually do can be a whole another story. I find the cheerleaders of the professional sports teams more of a promotional gimmick. The catagorizing of them as being professional cheerleaders...makes me LAUGH!!! Gimme a break...the average fan in the nose-bleed section of the stadium does not even see those scantily clad girls until their image is put up on the jumbo-tron. Case in point...the superbowl incident of Janet and Justin made everyone shutter...but there was about 72 girls on the field during the entire football game shaking their pom-poms, ta-ta and bun-buns to everyone's delight. As for those professional teams that don't have we really care? There are those professional teams that don't have a band or fight song and that has never been an issue. The ultimate goal is to have a winning team, profitable program and in the case of the cheerleaders the goal for them is to have a reality tv show, calendar, instant name recognition and the question poised if they are needed or not. Right now everyone who's reading this can describe the Dallas Cowboy's Cheerleaders outfits to the very last scantily-clad detail...but how many know that the Redskinettes are now called the First Ladies of Football?

cococo Author Profile Page :

How about adding scantily clad gyrating boys? It's kind of a disgusting thought.

I don't like football, mostly because of the mentality of the fans (beer brawn body bashing boobs butts, canine description, see above........) and the overall atmosphere of the game. And that includes the skin show. Not that anyone cares, but how many people get turned off to football because of the blatant sexism. Not to mention Vick and the other creepy criminals.

I like baseball. But if cheerleaders get added, I'm out.

mirrorgazer Author Profile Page :

Yep, you cheerleaders should take the retirement option that many Americans have taken of late. Yea! Rah! Go! Go!
Go away! Jobs at Wal-Mart await you.

spidey103 Author Profile Page :

Keep the cheerleaders. Get rid of the sideline "reporters", especially that fat slob on FOX.

aster2 Author Profile Page :

Do you take your kids to football games?
It is becoming more and more difficult to even go anywhere with a kid , the museums even feature pornographic work in them now.

Get rid of the cheerleaders. There should be a place for kids at a football game too.

Football was once a family affair. It should be again.

miffelplix Author Profile Page :

Yes, and after that let's get rid of apple pie and motherhood.

GladToBeInVA1 Author Profile Page :

You have got to be kidding. The presence of this article is further proof that bitter frumpies control the Post. Please do us all a favor and keep the gender politics out of our sports page. Cheer on ladies!

goodnight Author Profile Page :

If the cheerleaders saw how lustily they are looked at from the male viewers in the stand - they would run off the field! As a woman, they are a nothing more than a strip show and cannot dance to save their lives. It is disgusting to go to a game and watch half-naked ninnies gyrate in the middle of a game where toughness is displayed. If they had any self-respect, they would remove themselves from the game - they are useless; just "eye-candy-trash".

Brisimp7 Author Profile Page :

Blasphemy! And the idea that "Football was once a family affair." is pedantic. From the days of squirrel coats and flasks football has been a men's affair. And men like cheerleaders. And there is a place for kids at a football game - right next to their Dads, loving every minute of the sport, spectacle and beautiful, athletic cheerleaders. And oh yeah, most of them are highly educated, successful women. And all of them volunteer to support their team.

drfunknsoul Author Profile Page :

This is the most inane question that's ever been posted in this forum!

drfunknsoul Author Profile Page :

Now if they would just get rid of the sideline reporters!

sjloria Author Profile Page :

The great thing about this country, is that if you think cheerleaders or their fans at football games are pornographic sinners then you and your family can choose to spend Sunday prunning hedges, picking apples, and minding your own self. That sounds like fun right? Go long and just keep running.

Football and pretty cheerleaders go together like peanut butter and jelly. This is America. What do we do celebrate? We have two teams of gargantuan men pound each other in a gladitorial event. What to do between the plays? Feast your eyes.

Implying these women have no talents or future is condescending and morally self-righteous. Freedom isn't free, but at least looking at a cheerleaders is. Long live American inventions - the American dream, football, the wheel and pretty women.

RMS70 Author Profile Page :

This is probably the dumbest discussion question ever posted here.

shhhhh Author Profile Page :

If they get rid of the TV timeouts, then the cheer leaders will go with them naturally.

borntoraisehogs Author Profile Page :

The league should get rid of them . They give me impure thoughts . Football already causes me to drink beer and gamble , but the arousal of my purient interests to the same levels Barack Obama raises in the Washington press corps has is more than my feeble character can withstand .

jama452 Author Profile Page :

*Get Rid of the NFL and cheerleaders.

asalvetti Author Profile Page :

Short answer NO !! Long answer HELL NO !!!! Love the Cheerleaders !! It's all a part of the NFL !! Go Cheerleaders !!

jama452 Author Profile Page :

Get rid of the NFL and cheerleaders.

A-Contrario Author Profile Page :

My wife calls them brainless attention whores so I'm all for keeping them around. I told my wife that for 3 hours I get to enjoy football and she can be the center of my universe the rest of the time.

Just like a woman...she now wants those 3 hours more than anything else in the world.

edwardallen54 Author Profile Page :

Very funny. Ha. Ha.

khornbeak Author Profile Page :

It's very unnatural for men to look at women.

How dare they put women dancing during a game, while we are trying to see someone hospitalized in a collision.

Women do watch football, but if men didn't watch football it would be practically bankrupt like women's soccer or WNBA.


Football is a man's game. We pay outlandish money for tickets and we want sexy dames and plenty of them, as well as beer, hard hits and good music.

HuckleberryFriend Author Profile Page :

We are Ravens season ticket holders, and have been since the beginning. Our Cheerleaders are all volunteers, and are extremely talented and acrobatic, especially the guys. They do a lot of PR work on behalf of the team.

When the Cheerleading squad was first formed, they tended to be more 'All American' looking. One my daughter's day care teachers was on the squad for 2 years and loved it. She was a big sports fan, worked out regularly, spent a lot of time appearing at charity events and was the epitome of an All American Girl. The next year, when she tried out again, she was told that she just didn't have the 'look' they were going for...i.e. she was strong and healthy- in great shape...did not have extreme cleavage (probably a 36 A or B, like many women are naturally.) She was devastated. I've never felt the same way about the cheerleaders since then. I see little girls ages 5-7 in competitions and on squads wearing makeup and hairpieces and I find it disturbing along the lines of 'Toddlers in Tiaras'. Do women have to mutilate their bodies (implants) to fit in?)

The Ravens Cheerleaders decided to package themselves as Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders, and most of them look the same. I don't really pay much attention to them, and neither do most of the fans in our section. We're more intersted in watching the kids and high school players at the halftime punt, pass and kick competitions...or the real game.

In any event, I know that 'eye candy' is part of the glitz and package, and I don't feel threatened by it, but if it went away tomorrow it would take months before I even noticed.

rmg4369 Author Profile Page :

The cheerleaders add nothing to the professional game. At the high school and college level, maybe. Teams could save a lot of money by doing away with their cheerleading squads.

SeaTigr Author Profile Page :

I'm normally very quick to side with the idea of gender equality, but I have to agree with some other posters: football is a man's game. Are there female football fans? Of course there are female football fans. I'd wager, however, that male fans outnumber female fans at least 5:1, and very possibly 7:1 or 8:1. Men play the game, men watch the game, men talk about the game. It's "tribal violence," as one poster put it, appeals to our baser instincts. What's wrong with that? So does grilling steaks.

If women, as a gender, are so opposed to how cheerleaders flaunt their body, somebody please explain to me how cosmetic surgery is a multi-billion dollar a year industry and every woman I know has tried exercise tapes, fat burner workouts, and God only knows what else, to be able to fit into that little black dress?

mypitts2 Author Profile Page :

The NFL is a very successful product, easily the most successful professional sports league in the U.S. Why monkey with a formula that is working? Cheerleaders, like them or not, are part of that formula.

We all remember the short life and quick death of New Coke.

jstoltman Author Profile Page :

Those "dancers" on the sidelines are not cheerleaders. They are pretty big breasted girls in modified underwear. If you watch college and even high school cheerleaders (my daughter was one), they are performing difficult stunts and gymnastics. Those "pro" cheerleaders don't do much more than shake their booties and shove their boobs into the sideline cameras. I have always been proud that the Steelers don't have them so we aren't subjected to that spectacle on our sidelines. If you think women aren't football fans, come to Pittsburgh! Most women here are at least casual fans and most can draft a fantasy team or go on for hours about plays and players. You guys need to wake up and join the 21st century, football is not just for men anymore. And by the way, beer commercials need to wake up and learn the same lesson. Women buy beer and we are not enticed by scantily clad bimbos (duh).

hmdavidson Author Profile Page :

While I get why men are fond of the cheerleaders, they really are outdated. More women are watching football and it is somewhat embarrassing to see such sterotypical bimbos out there. And anyway, why in the world do woman feel it is required that we cheer for men's sports. Instead of being a cheerleader, use those same skills and become a gymnast or something. Have people cheer for them instead of standing on the sideline watching someone else achieve their goals. In response to LADY_ACE118, I cannot see anything empowering about being a cheerleader. Perhaps it is empowering to those who set their standards and goals too low. It should go!!

OHREALLYNOW Author Profile Page :

All those cheerleaders provide is T&A for the drunks in the stands to peep at. Get rid of them or tell them to put on more clothes!!!

DaveInDC1 Author Profile Page :

I don't know if cheerleaders help teams or the NFL by cheering, but the Redskins would win more games if the cheerleaders would put on pads and play in place of the current starters. And I suspect the cheerleaders have had fewer coaching changes than the Redskins, so let a cheerleader do the football coaching.

topwriter Author Profile Page :

You cant get rid of the cheerleaders!

What sort of career would bubble-headed, bleached-blond, prom-queen wanna-be's have to look forward to?

Not to mention the downward effect of marginalizing vital cheerleader competitions, the nationally valued Junior High cheerleading squads and the loss of sales of pom-poms and skirts?

This would be a national disaster! Who would the quarterback date? Someone in the band? That's not the America I grew up in no way! This is a nazi, facist, socialist, communist, anarchist attempt to de-sexualize a national institution.

katesgram Author Profile Page :

Dump the cheerleaders and bring back the Marching Bands!!!

HuckleberryFriend Author Profile Page :

I commented earlier about our Ravens Cheerleaders. They do some pretty impressive stunts- definitely beyond dancing. I do believe these young men and women take pride in what they do and many, but not all, are very athletic. While I don't like the cleavage/glitz aspect of modern NFL cheerleaders, some squads are very athletic.

Golem Author Profile Page :

This is one of the more hilarious Post attempts to incite meaningless controversy I've yet encountered. I particularly love the comments about "impure thoughts" and devotion to Jesus. For my part, I don't think Jesus would have liked the game much (too violent) but from some of what we know of him (Mary Magdeline, etc.) he would have loved the cheerleaders.

RASEL1 Author Profile Page :

NFL, take a lesson from another form of entertainment - The Movies.

At one time, you were ushered to your seat in a movie "palace" (not left to fend for yourself a 21 screen theater).

At one time, there were cartoons, featurettes, travelogues and - at some theaters - a live show before the flick.

At one time, the screens just kept getting bigger, the stereo wider, and the show more spectacular.

Then came the cost cutting.

Today, most people watch films at home on their TV, (where the pop corn is affordable).

And there is a new generation that is content to watch a film on their iPod.

Lose the cheerleaders? If you really want to save some coin, have just one squad - and a few backups - that plays both offense and defense. It used to work, and watching a bunch of very tired players stumbling around at the two-minute warning might be interesting.

Then, again, why punish the players. They certainly didn't ask to have the cheerleaders removed.

I gonna go watch a DVD.

hayden1 Author Profile Page :

Who cares about the stupid games with their freakish-looking troglodytes. I want to watch those wholesome American, God-fearin, pro-opposite-sex-marriage, jiggling T&As.

cfin1946 Author Profile Page :


Why ae we having this discussion??? No cheerleaders is like a beach without sand!

And by the way, those of you who think mascots and marching bands are stupid are looking in the mirror.

babsy1 Author Profile Page :

One of the reasons I have season tickets to baseball and not to football is that baseball has no cheerleaders.

Karmicquickdraw Author Profile Page :

Why not get rid of the steroid shooting, woman raping, child absuing, dog killing, hate mongering, self-righteous hypocritical, NFL players while you're at it. That'd just about take care of everyone.

palmerola Author Profile Page :

All guys are fine with having cheerleaders on the field and any guy objecting to them is lying! Women ( wife-spouse-girlfriend) are the ones with the issue of having their man look at other DDGs (Drop Dead Gorgeous) women legally and not be able to argue their non-sense low self-steam attitude by comparing themselves to these women. My point, all women enyoy being looked at, that's why women ask "how do I look," but if you don't like the way you look, don't ask and don't make it worst by comparing yourself to the DDGs cheerleaders. Women, don't make others pay for your shortfalls, don't hate the cheerleaders!!!

francesewood1 Author Profile Page :

Talk about anachronisms! Why are those women out there, anyway? Guys who need to see women prancing around in underwear in order to enjoy an athletic competition are:1) pathetic in the extreme; and 2) lack imagination. Their early adolescent (and contemporary) 'hand-held' shower escapades should have informed them that the greatest sex stimulant is the brain.
So far as sports records show, jiggly bimbettes have never been the cause of a winning or losing season. Puleeze!

MikeChicago Author Profile Page :

Are you NUTS!!! That's just another reason why football is America's favorite sport. If you get rid of cheerleaders then get rid of good looking women as news anchors and game show host. Heck, even for the 60 and 70 year old guys who watch national news have, whats that's ladies name, Sawyer, Diane Sawyer to look at now.

A-Contrario Author Profile Page :

My wife hates freedom. She hates cheerleaders and I'm going to turn her in to homeland security for anti-American activities.

The irony is she is super hot, super athletic and super smart and would make an ideal cheerleader.

Still turning her in.....:)

Truthsayer4 Author Profile Page :

Are people there for the game or the cheerleaders? Cheerleaders add no value to the experience and most certainly add nothing to the game. If I wanted to see scantily clad women prance around, I can go to any gentlemen's club in town or attend a Wizard's game.

ccs4756 Author Profile Page :

Keep the cheerleaders, fire the overpaid criminals on the field. Seriously, these guys aren't worth a dime over $1M/year.

FactChecker1 Author Profile Page :

Boy - reading some of the comments here confirms that the Neanderthal element is alive and well in the American male population. Get rid of the cheerleaders. Get rid of football. Focus our kids on skills and activities that are non-violent. Perhaps we can hope then that the future generations of boys can manage to keep their knuckles from scraping the ground.

fudador Author Profile Page :

Cheerleaders are ananachronism. We don't need useless stinking butt wigglers and cleavage flashers anywhere except at strip clubs. They contribute nothing to humanity. In fact you can get rid of the whole stinking NFL.

treadlefish Author Profile Page :

Love football. Could live without the cheerleaders. If they are going to have female strippers out there strutting their stuff, then they could at least throw a couple of Chipndales in for us ladies...

Tootsumi Author Profile Page :

Although the cheerleaders are less offensive than, say, 'WAY overpaying football players when there are people out here who can't make even a living wage, I say PLEASE -- let the cheerleaders go! What message do these women send to young girls (who, in many cases) unfortunately see them as women to look up to, or some sort of role model? For a supposedly progressive society, we are shamefully behind the times when we still believe that parading around 1/4-dressed barbie dolls is a GOOD thing.

ANTGA Author Profile Page :


dkmeyer3 Author Profile Page :

Absolutely. The faster the better.

Tootsumi Author Profile Page :

I agree with Dawn's assessment that cheerleaders are a diversified bunch these days -- in many cases, they are not just pretty faces and bodies. Many are well educated with advanced degrees, impressive resumes, and worthwhile careers. But what do you see on the field? Mostly naked bodies that are -- as usual -- being exploited.

ANTGA Author Profile Page :

Teams should get rid of them. The only ones who will get upset not having them are neanderthals who get off after the game with images of the cheerleaders in their heads. They can always go take out their frustrations at the shooting range or during rants about the 2nd amendment at rallies... or during town hall meetings about healthcare or other serious issues.

ANTGA Author Profile Page :

Teams should get rid of them. The only ones who will get upset not having them are neanderthals who get off after the game with images of the cheerleaders in their heads. They can always go take out their frustrations at the shooting range or during rants about the 2nd amendment at rallies... or during town hall meetings about healthcare or other serious issues.

ADCWonk Author Profile Page :

The cheerleaders certainly don't lead any cheers -- after all, nobody can even hear them. And I'd know when to cheer anyway.

Let's call it for what it is: soft core porn. Dawn Knight writes: "are a diverse group of women ... many are also highly educated, sophisticated individuals." I'm sure that's true, but who cares? The stripper at the local strip joint might be a med student, but it's still porn -- and she would have gotten the job no matter what her IQ was. (Conversely, if she wasn't shapely, she won't get the job no matter how smart she is, either).

It clearly objectifies women. The fact that even supporters of keeping cheerleaders say "they are nice to look at" proves that very point. And the fact that we tolerate it simply shows how insidious this is in our society.

tonyholst Author Profile Page :

Hell no, they are a part of the game's atmosphere. Maybe we should do away with football helmets. Then we could see the players faces!

tonyholst Author Profile Page :

Hell no! They are a part of the game's atmosphere. Or maybe we should have the football team's 3rd stringers dancing in tights!

A-Contrario Author Profile Page :

1. I'm not sure if people know this but a lot of these NFL cheerleaders do tons of charity work. So the 3 hours you see on TV is just part of the gig.

2. I can see why some are jealous because the Redskins cheerleaders I've met are smart, sexy, athletic and successful at their day jobs.

3. If you do something that you enjoy and it is not hurting anyone how is that degrading?

Ignore the haters (who likely were cut or never tried out) and enjoy the cheerleaders...

mallard1 Author Profile Page :

Add male cheerleaders. Then it'd be equal treatment ;)

trumeau Author Profile Page :

The only reason cheerleaders are important to the game is because of these constant breaks.

I am soccer fan and cheerleaders are unecessary because there are only few breaks that last less than a minute. There is only one soccer team (Columbus) that I know of with Cheerleaders and they are pathetic.

But, in Football, cheerleaders are great.

nc41585 Author Profile Page :

Why can't you humorless PC freaks just once leave the rest of us alone!?

jayp1 Author Profile Page :

Gosh No keep em around IMHO:

1. The only reason to ever watch Buffalo Bills are the Buffalo Jills

2. What networks really need are more decent looking scantily clad sideline newswomen and play by play announcers.

redskinsfan71189 Author Profile Page :

I don't mind cheerleaders, but I do mind that they seem to be wearing less and less as each year goes by, as observed with the First Ladies of Football.

I wouldn't mind keeping cheerleaders, but perhaps it would be a more family-friendly environment if they wore a little more than just "bikini-style" costumes. No one ever seems to complain about the less-scantily-clad cheerleaders that you see at high school and college football and basketball games. And as Curmudgeon10 said, it's creating jobs.

DizzleMan26 Author Profile Page :

The Steelers never had cheerleaders and with 6 about to be 7 Lombardi trophies who needs em.

sampjack Author Profile Page :

In the words of Don Meredith, commenting on a Cowboys game, "the perfect American combination of sex and violence".

chuckholden Author Profile Page :

This is a clear attempt by Washington fugskins to take a shot at God's own team. When the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders tell you they're finished, that's when they're done. Not before.

Section104 Author Profile Page :

We need something to look at when the Skins are losing!! Hopefully I won't see them once this year though!

agupta1 Author Profile Page :

Hello No!

I'm surprised anyone even needs to ask.

jdhenry2 Author Profile Page :

Why even ask this question? Get rid of the guy (or gal) who ask this question.

Disbelief Author Profile Page :

As a fan of the team with the most super bowl wins...the Steelers have done so without having a cheerleading squad. The cheerleaders add nothing to the game, and send the wrong message that places beauty over ability.

If you want to see half-dressed women prancing around, go to a strip club or go to the beach. I go to football games to watch the game, not to watch women.

thadude33 Author Profile Page :

In this slumping economy, I say let the betties dance, gyrate, cheer, or whatever the hell it is they do. Yeah their outfits are usually too racy for normal family viewing and they "dance" way more than they cheer, but I blame the pervert camermen for fixating on certain body parts. 1 or 2 casual shots a game would be appropriate.

dj1123 Author Profile Page :

I have a question, why are they called Cheerleaders. Do they actually lead cheers? Is it possible for a group of women on the field to get 91,000 people cheering at once?

So what do they actually do. Getting rid of them, I don't know, if the team needs to save money then that's up to them. But don't continue to call them what they aren't, they're not cheerleaders, they're performers who dance along to music and perform a routine at halftime.

HawaiiBill Author Profile Page :

Getting rid of cheerleaders must be the first step to just getting rid of stadiums and fans in snow-covered seats where parking is difficult, beer is warm and hotdogs cold. I say, NO.

Cheerleaders might have a few detractors and lack of respect but I thought that passed when the Cheerleader in Chief--our most recent ex-president--brought respect and the hope of a future to them all.

When you no longer see players on the field urging their fans to make noise so the opponents can't hear their quarterback's play calling then it might make sense to give this thought some ink in WashPost. Otherwise forget it and apologize for even bringing it up.

May as well get rid of the water boy.

mariannette Author Profile Page :

Why not sell separate admission to the sex show as pre-game adults only entertainment, then open the stadium to the serious sports fans for the game.

cbmuzik Author Profile Page :

flyersout Author Profile Page :

Cheer leading is a bad sinful practice
for young ladies, especially those
professing faith in The Lord Jesus.

Cheer leading results in the pornographic
indulgence of exposing the youngster's
private parts to the self indulgent stares
and sinful thoughts of lecherous old
(and young) men. The Bible cautions against
this behavior (If one lusts after a woman
he commits adultery in his heart)

Parents, warn your girls about this. It
is better that they refrain from these sinful practices than die and go to Hell.

Remember - first cheer leading, then its
"beauty" contests, then it's Playboy,
then Hustler, Then call girls, then abortion !!!

Then what ?? You guessed it. Burn in Hell !!

Rev. Dr. Knowinso H. Jones
Thd.,Phd., D.D.
Southern Baptist Professor Emeritus

Speaking of know the Bible doesn't teach ANYTHING about anyone burning in hell when one dies. It's nothing more than the common grave. Jesus was in Sheol (Greek for grave) and that word is synonymous to Hell, nothing more than the Hebrew word for grave. Did Jesus say he was burning when he was in Hell? NO!!!

So all this cheerleader, porn, go to hell stuff, blah, blah, blah....go back to reading your Bible more carefully before you start throwing out scare tactics and let the cretans watch their bloodbath sport. They are no better than you my friend.

"Those loving violence God hates"

"Those adding or taking away from my Word will perish"

Say hello to Satan on your way to hell Rev...

h123 Author Profile Page :

Definitely. I can get better softcore elsewhere. Sat in the corner at FedEx last year - I don't know what to call the Redskinettes, but not cheerleaders because they are not choreographed or don't execute. My wife and I were amused that 8 year-olds pull off better routines.

BugEyedVinnie Author Profile Page :

I like to view beautiful women as much as the next guy, but I must agree that the NFL cheerleaders are over the top. There is no value added. Well, yes, there is a type of entertainment value added to a large segment of the population watching, but in general, would we really miss them? Are we really watching football for THAT kind of entertainment? They don't "cheer" and have zero athleticism like the college squads do. No pep, no gymnastics. Its only scantily clad women gyrating to primal thug music. If you take your kids to the game (especially daughters), or even watch it with them on TV, its hard to find a legit reason to explain the "cheerleaders" existence. Certainly not role daughters will not be ogled like pieces of meat by drunken football fans. And this isn't a put down to cheerleaders..they work very hard to do what they do, and I don't think they are paid. As nice as it is to watch, I really cannot justify their existence in this wide market venue.

A-Contrario Author Profile Page :

What's wrong with Cheerleaders?

-Chris Cooley

oc_ofb Author Profile Page :

To the people claiming cheerleaders are too much for children to see: You're OK with the brutal violence on the field? I'll never understand the outrage over partial nudity while men are practically destroying each other in the game itself. Why is implied sex taboo, yet violence (and the unrealistic standards of size & muscle set by most NFL players) just fine -- which do you think is more likely to have a negative impact on children?

jama452 Author Profile Page :

Get rid of the cheerleaders and the NFL.

stmr Author Profile Page :

The problem is not the cheerleaders themselves. The problem is that they are being used to kill time during the all-too-frequent timeouts and stoppages of play. Have any of you actually gone to see a football (and now basketball) game live? There's no flow, no continuity, no fluidity to the game. An important play will be followed by a five-minute delay while the network jams in all these inane commercials to convince you to get plastered on Bud while reordering your Viagra prescription. The fans at the game, meanwhile, would just be sitting there doing nothing, so they have the cheerleaders dance around. And then they have to get the "We will rock you" sign going on the scoreboard to get them interested in the game again. So Roger, keep the cheerleaders, they've been around a long time, but let the game be played!

h123 Author Profile Page :

Yes. Cheerleaders, furry mascots, same-old dance tracks, the wave, terrible towels, painted faces, animated robots, Rupert Murdoch, and all the other trite, formulaic, value-added distractions from the highest-level of best game on Earth.

imhodudes Author Profile Page :

Keep the cheerleaders, dump the "R-word" team name which is extremely racist.

palmtree2001 Author Profile Page :

Jeez . . . who cares?

I quit watching gladiator sports years ago.

"Our mercenary millionaires can beat up your mercenary millionaires."

A-Contrario Author Profile Page :

The same people complaining about cheerleaders being over the top go home and watch shows loaded with sex and buy their kids killing/sex filled video games.

Yawn....someone wake me up when the hypocrites are gone.

cheeringthemon Author Profile Page :

As a former professional cheerleader I find so many of these comments so disrespectful. The young women that are selected for teams like the First Ladies of Football are so much more than "big boobed bimbos" (you would actually be surprised to know that most of them are very small chested- it is amazing what a push up bra and pads can do these days).

They are all either students or accomplished professionals- lawyers, engineers, political consultants, business owners. They participate in cheerleading for their love of the team, to perform, to be granted opportunities to travel, and to participate in tons of charities.
THey may not be paid tons, but they get some of the best seats in the stadium, free tickets for each game, and other amazing perks.

And they don't cost the team a ton of money either- they actually bring in money through hundreds of appearances and PR for the team.

No parent should be ashamed or not wish their daughters to grow up to become confident women who can juggle a successful career and a side job like being a cheerleader.

They are part of the game just like the bad food, beer, loud fans. And if teams are looking to cut money the cheerleaders would be one of the least effective manners.

sangliu Author Profile Page :

Steelers never had 'em. Enough said.

MajorMelFunkshion Author Profile Page :

Keep 'em, and JAMA452 can just shut the f--- up. posting the same thing over and over makes you an incredible bore.

mitlen Author Profile Page :

sangliu ... Steelers never had 'em. Enough said.

I'm an old time Steelers' fan. They did have cheerleaders at one time (late 60's) but got rid of 'em real quick.

revbookburn Author Profile Page :

Football was never my taste. I am even more turned off due to the presence of Michael Vick. However, while visiting some people, one can be subjected to such entertainment. While enduring the boredom, the cheerleaders provide occasional momentary positive stimulation. That must not be lost. It's not 'soft-porn' like some label (but so what if it was). It is an exciting contrast to the barbarians on the field. Rev. Bookburn - Radio Volta

larmoecurl Author Profile Page :

I know that most football and basketball teams have cheerleaders. Do women's basketball teams have male cheerleaders? Just curious.

Keliza64 Author Profile Page :

Redskins need a 12th Man, not 12 pom poms.

Kate C.

dyas666 Author Profile Page :

Why not get rid of the boombox music between plays and leave the girls alone?

dexterpeabody Author Profile Page :

More camera time for the lovely lasses, and how about adding them to baseball and other sports too? Don't like 'em? Don't look.

jama452 Author Profile Page :

Get rid of the cheerleaders and the NFL.

rcc_2000 Author Profile Page :

This is a stupid question. No they should not get rid of cheerleaders. They have been a tradition of the game. They work hard at what they do and they are part of the experience. And they add maybe a few cents to the cost of the tickets. Anyone who is offended by cheerleaders need to get a life . What is next getting rid of High School Cheerleaders?

kathymac1 Author Profile Page :

Went up to Pittsburgh for a game last year as my brother lives there, watched the Steeler Cowboy game

No cheerleaders, no fireworks, no guys running around with flags, just football, what a concept! Just Football! Guess what, they are sold out!

Most enjoyable game I have been to in years and years! (Had Redskin season tickets in the family since 1965, I have gone since 1989, turned them back into the Redskins and have not missed it in the least)

Would rather drive to Pittsburgh once a year to see a game than have season tickets to Snyder's team

maus92 Author Profile Page :

Cheerleaders belong in HS and college. Beyond that, they are ridiculous anachronisms.

jerkhoff Author Profile Page :

What a ridiculous discussion. There is ZERO chance of the NFL eliminating cheerleader squads any time in the next 100 years. So why exactly are you wasting time and effort on this non-issue? Maybe next week you could discuss the desirability of world peace, or how everybody should live forever, which are both just as likely to happen this century...

garoth Author Profile Page :

Personally, I wish the Steelers had cheerleaders - I get tired of watching Big Ben and his crew patting one anothers butts! Women may think it's hot, but give me some cuter butts to watch! Why is it that any time a guy says he likies to watch a cute woman, he's accused of being a pig, anyway? It sems that the differences between the two genders are there for us to enjoy. As my wife always says, "It doesn't matter where you get your appetite, as long as you eat at home!"

Keep the cheerleaders! They make the long pauses between plays bearable!

marcshank Author Profile Page :

I'd feel great if you dismantled your so-called newspaper. I know Kathrine would.

marcshank Author Profile Page :

I'd feel great if you dismantled your so-called newspaper. I know Kathrine would.

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