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Brady, Brees or Peyton Who's Your Quarterback?

Between Tom Brady, Drew Brees and Peyton Manning who would you want under center with one game to win?

Posted by Emil Steiner on October 19, 2009 8:30 AM

jq1wyocboy: Kyle Orton-after the trade for Jay Cutler, the unbelievers started the bashing. With a 6-0 record, it is hard to compare w/ the Bears and J...

bill_butt_boy: i would pick Eli Manning...

flynnie321: I grew up watching Archie Manning win too few games on his own running for his life. Drew Brees and LeDamian Tomlinson work out with a train...

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ALL COMMENTS (22) Author Profile Page :

Joe Flacco.

Doesn't he have more playoff wins than Drew Brees?

Plus he's Joe Cool...have you seen him with his 4th quarter drives against Brady, Carson Palmer, and Favre yesterday?

mitlen Author Profile Page :

Who has the rings? Brady then Rothlesberger. That's the list.

zephyr99 Author Profile Page :

Tom Brady has done it all. Peyton Manning is second. Big Ben gets the bronze. Brees is next, followed by Eli Manning, Flacco, and Matt Ryan.

mloaks Author Profile Page :

why is Philip Rivers left out of all these discussions?

EJHooper Author Profile Page :

Drew Brees is currently playing great, but how does he vault above Big Ben? One game? Give me Peyton Manning.

niceshoes1 Author Profile Page :

Certainly Tom Brady and Peyton Manning would be on top two slots of anybodies list. Drew Brees is definitely under consideration. I would like to hold off judgment untill the end of the season. Let see how he does in the post season. I believe he is the real deal.

One note on Ben Roethlisberger. While he may not be in the top two, nobody - not Brady, Brees, or Manning - could have accomplished what Ben did last year - winning the Super Bowl with a super weak offensive line. Unbelievable accomplishment that only he could achieve.

ENJOYA Author Profile Page :

How can anyone true football fan go against "The Machine called Peyton Manning"?

The guy breaks down coverages, like a bear breaks down salmon.

So as you can tell my pick is Peyton....

rmattocks Author Profile Page :

Tom Brady because he's done it more big games than any QB, with Peyton Manning a very close second and Big Ben a very close third.

The only one who's done it and could even sniff a list like this ironically is the QB I absoluteley hate the most, and that is Brett Favre.

atvanoort Author Profile Page :

I'd take Peyton of those listed above because of his read on defenses but Brett Favre should have been on that list as well.

PaddyLu Author Profile Page :

Brett Farve!! As the years have proven, hands down!!

Durham2 Author Profile Page :

Tom Brady, hands down. he's proven he steps up in the postseason time after time.

Brees? never won in the postseason. Peyton? countless no-shows in the playoffs.

Big Ben may be the only playoff-tested QB whose resume could challenge Brady.

dosxxs Author Profile Page :

If the game is on the line I want Todd Collins, the man is gifted and will lead the Skins to the promise land this season, mark my words.

urSofakingdumb Author Profile Page :, pick me professor. I'd take the black one, what! no negro QB listed as an option. Prudice, blaintant racism. Who should be fired, not one single nigro QB listed. Shameful, how is it in this decade a negro QB isn't just given the award? Not even given an opportunity to compete, how shameful. What, outragious, top QB in the NFL and they are all white. No way, can't be, must be racism. That's it, simply racism, otherwise there would have to be a nigro QB listed

Favrefan Author Profile Page :

I mean its obviously close with brady and manning but brees is not in this discussion. His body of work is nothing even close to what manning and brady have done. Big Ben is a better quarterback than brees for sure. I think you would have to take brady and I hate the guy but when hes healthy and in rhythm he is the best.
3.Big Ben
Favre is lights out right now 12 tds 2 ints. Vikings Patriots superbowl

PS7900 Author Profile Page :

Brady. Hit Peyton Manning hard and he'll sniffle and quit. Hit Brady hard, he'll come back on you. Who on this list has more rings?

douglaslbarber Author Profile Page :

Best NFL QB?

Easy. Peyton Manning.

I happen to dislike him, particularly the way he berates his receivers on the field.

But he's in a league by himself.

adrienne_najjar Author Profile Page :

Eli Manning

Blarney Author Profile Page :

There is no debate: Drew Brees.


imzadi Author Profile Page :

Ben Roethlisberger is a god. Not THE God, but a god.

jq1wyocboy Author Profile Page :

Kyle Orton-after the trade for Jay Cutler, the unbelievers started the bashing. With a 6-0 record, it is hard to compare w/ the Bears and Jay Cutler. Who's the man in Denver now, Donkeys?

bill_butt_boy Author Profile Page :

i would pick Eli Manning

flynnie321 Author Profile Page :

I grew up watching Archie Manning win too few games on his own running for his life. Drew Brees and LeDamian Tomlinson work out with a trainer in San Diego with a routine so rigorous that other players can't keep up. Anyone with a heart has to pull for the Saints - they're all the city has. It helps if you grew up rooting for them. Brees, all the way. He's overcome being a normal sized man, like Flutie-with mobility and the football the Saints play is so entertaining! I watched the Saints hang 48 on the Giants while watching the Redskins game. Everything that's right v. Everything that's wrong.

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