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Who Would Endorse Vick?

Can Nike, or any company for that matter, ever endorse Michael Vick, or would the appearance of forgiveness carry too high a price?

Posted by Emil Steiner on October 2, 2009 12:00 AM

ladyredskins: I am so sick of having Vick shoved down my throat when I do not think he should have been reinstated into the NFL. Yes, people have done wr...

dem4evr: he needs to make a psa on the issue, in fact he should become a spokesperson for aspca (if he means it). also cough some cash to fund the re...

thecucumberfromak: michael vick will be sponsored by Kibbles Dog Food....

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bernieandruth Author Profile Page :

How much of the notion that Americans are a forgiving people is merely a story we tell ourselves to make ourselves feel good ? Michael Vick has committed a crime, paid the price and--as far as I know--regrets his acts and wants to get on with his life.If we do not forgive him and give him our support, then all of our Christian preaching is lip service and nothing more. If Nike wants to endorse Vick's turnaround, more power to them.

delOH Author Profile Page :

Too soon for any company to touch him. I am shocked Nike even supplied him shoes and apparel. Nike is doing the back pedal boogie on that move.

bobbarnes Author Profile Page :

Vick is only sorry because he was caught. Sure you've heard this before, but really think about it. He's doing what he can to save his hide.

Any company that endorses Vick will certainly face a lot of flack.

shippjohnson Author Profile Page :

Sorry, but everyone doesn't get all romantic over animals. They eat meat, wear leather and fur. There are people who don't care about the dog fighting issue, really, I know them. And these people will continue to buy Nike products for their children and themselves even if they endorse Mike Vick. Anyway, if it were anyone but PETA, I would listen, but they are extremists nuts who are weak from lack of protein.

shippjohnson Author Profile Page :

You can't say why he's sorry. Either you forgive or you don't. He went to jail! What else do you need him to do?

mbrumble Author Profile Page :

I would like to see him crawl back under that rock he slipped out from under. In fact, if I never heard his name again, I'd be real happy.

joy5 Author Profile Page :

Well, Dan Snyder would have done better to start Michael Vick rather than Jason Campbell. When the 'skins go 6 and 10, don't cry about it.
This IS the NFL, after all; it's a money-making machine second only to NASCAR or F1....get over Vick.

sailmaker1943 Author Profile Page :

Vick served his time. Pete Rose has faced more than a decade of public humiliation. Plaxico Burris is just starting down that long road. As a people, we can insist on rubbing people's noses in their public failures, or we can take the long view and hope that rehabilitation allows us to forgive those who admit their mistakes. While I was a tad surprised at Vick's apparent lack of insight into his own situation, e.g., "I thought I'd come back as a starter . . . " I'm still willing to allow him an opportunity to redeem himself by doing what he does best: play football. Perhaps a little humility will leach in, and he'll learn to know himself better. We've seen his worst side: for his sake I hope he really has a better one.

posttoastie1 Author Profile Page :

There's a big difference between saying Vick has done his time and should be allowed back in the NFL and being a Vick booster. I think Vick should be allowed to make a living, but I'm sure not required to be a fan. Until Vick does something to change my mind, any company or product he endorses would gain a negative connotation in my view.

ceemee Author Profile Page :

The guy is a sociopath and not trustowrthy and doesn't deserve the chance to be reinstated. Need convincing? Read the definition of a sociopath and judge for yourself.

Hillman1 Author Profile Page :

Given a choice between a product that Vick endorses and one that he doesn't, I'd definitely choose the one that he doesn't.

I saw his 60 minutes interview. He did not seem contrite. He seemed well-coached by a PR firm. But even that didn't stop him from blaming his dogfighting the alleged fact that when he was a kid he saw Newport News cops fail to stop a dog fight. Really? That's the reason you sponsored dog fights for years?

I can't honestly say that if I really loved a product that I would refuse to buy if Vick was associated with it. But I certainly would weigh that into my decision. And I'd certainly remember that name brand negatively.

magicInMiami Author Profile Page :

Vick will get endorsements eventually. Look at Kobi, people were very down on him for a period. Now all is forgotten.

The misconception is that Vick will never be a good athlete again. That's not necessarily true. Depending on the work he's willing to put in, he can be a starter again. In reality there are only about 5 good QBs out of 32 teams. Vick will get his chance.

I laugh at all you people saying Vick doesn't deserve to create a new life. I can't know for sure, but I'd bet none of you said anything about Rothlesburger and his situation. And he was accused of raping a HUMAN. How many of you have gone to message boards to denounce Polanski? He raped a 13 year old girl.

Vick served his time. He deserves to get what ever endorsements he can get, and make any amount of money he can.

This will be an unpopular statement. But his victims were dogs, not humans. If you eat meat, wear leather shoes or drive a car with leather interior, and you criticize Vick, you're a hypocrite.

bake2061 Author Profile Page :

I am sorry, but I don't think he should be back in the NFL and so I obviously don't think he should have any endorsements. I hold Goodell and Dungy responsible for this. Vick is a very disturbed human being. His victims were helpless domestic animals. He didn't hunt or slaughter for meat, he tortured! Tortured! Death wasn't good enough; suffering was.
I applaud Dick's Sporting Goods for not selling any Micheal Vick priducts.
Someday we might started to act like hman beings rather than consumers.

dlkimura Author Profile Page :

Poor Michael.

Just trying to live what he'd define as "the good life" (for a street puck) and then got caught with his head in his rump.

Maybe he can do endorsements in some backwater in Asia, where a dog is considered cuisine and not part of the family. "Mike's Bow-wow Burgers".

capone1 Author Profile Page :

Vick is a cruel, inhuman individual who certainly should not have been permitted to play in the NFL or for any professional team. The NFL lost my support for good with their lousy decision to cave in to corporate greed over doing what's right for the sport and it's fans. I've boycotted every sponsor of the NFL and the Eagles and will never purchase one of their products again. Many of my friends and family are doing the same. It's going to take hurting their pocketbooks and bottom lines before they'll understand we don't want criminals in our NFL and coming into our homes via the TV screen.

As for Vicks, I wish him the same cruelty he showed to those defenseless animals. And, yes, I'm a proud pitbull owner. She would have been one of his bait dogs, not the fighting ones. So I'll never forgive him.

revbookburn Author Profile Page :

I will not spend a dime for anything associate with Vick, the Eagles, or the NFL. Nike is now added to the list. If you want an endorsement deal with someone who tortured and killed, why stop with Vick? If Charles Manson isn't busy, he may also be available. Blackwater could use the money for their murder and other charges. Perhaps the gang closest to company headquarters would be interested in an endorsement deal. I will never spend a cent on Nike. Rev. Bookburn - Radio Volta

donnolo Author Profile Page :

What a stupid question! Companies aren't wondering whether to "endorse Vick." They're (possibly) wondering whether to pay him to endorse what they sell. Got that? The companies don't do the endorsing, he does. Though why anyone would want Vick's endorsement or why anyone would buy something because he endorsed it is beyond me.

clarendon67 Author Profile Page :

No one is giving Michael Vick a pass. How do you know he was not contrite? I guess because he did not crawl on his hands and knees and beg forgiveness. This is like saying everyone should behave the same way in a tragedy. My father recently passed and I did not cry. Does this mean I did not love my father? It does not. I loved my father dearly. My other brothers and sisters cried but I didn't.Every body behaves differently.
We Americans love to talk about second chances but it is just talk. We are a very unforgiving people. The vehemence people show talking about forgiveness or lack tereof shows that the christian values we claim are just lip service. One of the first tenets of christianity is forgiveness. I will be bold to say if you cannot forgive you are not a christian.

Rubiconski Author Profile Page :

Vick is a disgrace to mankind, GO BACK TO JAIL WERE YOU BELONG!

He should be tormented every day for the rest of his life and shouldn't even be allowed to look at a football, much less play for the NFL!!!!

SecularHumanist1 Author Profile Page :

Michael Vick is being persecuted beyond his offense. Many murderers of HUMANS end up paying lesser penalties than Michael Vick has paid for his dog-fighting sins.
I do not endorse what he did; yes, he should have thought better about it before he got into it; yes, he did deserve a SHORTER stint in jail and perhaps HALF or A QUARTER of the money he has had to give up in fines and legal fees. But regardless of what PETA and other animal radicals think, animals ARE ANIMALS, not PEOPLE.

I have had dogs as pets, and yes, they were thought of just as any other part of the family, by myself as well as the rest of the family. But they are not humans.

If animal radicals would take half of the energy and money they put out hating Michael Vick and put it toward reducing population levels in the world and toward helping the involuntarily homeless and undernourished PEOPLE in this country, I would think a lot more of them.

Michael Vick stood up, took responsibility for his actions (more responsibility than he should have), without weaseling, whining, offering excuses, or BS-ing about it. That is more than I have seen any other public figure do in quite a long, long time. He has paid more than his dues. Let him use his great potential for good, and let him get on with his life.

Ombudsman1 Author Profile Page :

I don't understand the question. Nike just signed the guy.

darl1964 Author Profile Page :

Bottom line==Michael Vick==MONEY===. I asume Puppy Chow or some other Dog food company WILL want Michael Vick to be their Spokesperson!!! Before He was caught-Money was an enticement===Now MO_MONEY BRO!!! GO FOR IT!!!

woofman Author Profile Page :

The man's a scumbag and a menace. I don't care for people who say he only killed dogs or he served his time or any of that other BS. Somethings cannot be undone, and his sorrys don't seem sincere to me.
Now I don't think we should drown him and electrocute him, as a society we are better than that now, even if certain elements still remain uncivilized.
However I would boycott any company that tried to give him a red penny and personally see to it they heard why loud and clear.
God has a special hell picked out for Mr. Vick anyways and I am hope I am there to bear witness.

drwalljame Author Profile Page :

You will probably be there with him. Some of you have done much worst things than Vick, and never got caught but then that is not the problem. Most of you could care less about animals or at the least human beings. This has to do with the money he was making and the chance that he will make it again. How many of have ever ran over a cat, dog or any other animal. If your answer is yes maybe you need to be hung out to dry, take away all your rights, hey what's good for one is good for all right? Wrong, he is a young BLACK male who was making more money that all of you together will make in three or four life times and the likely hood of doing it again. You think NIKE care what people in this country think of who they support?Most of you complaining don't and probably can not even afford to wear NIKE's, guest who their best customers are? End of story.

dolph924 Author Profile Page :

I have a four-year-old pit bull mix named Al Pacino. He got his name when he was rescued by the Animal Shelter where my wife volunteers. His teeth had been filed down when he was about one year old and he had been used as a "bait dog" that the fighting dogs were allowed to maul as practice. The scars on his face led the shelter staff to consider naming him "Scarface" but concern about adoptability led them to instead name him after the actor who played Scarface. We had him as a two-week foster, but we then just couldn't let him go back and eventually be euthanized. The fact that he would need expensive dental surgery limited the potential adopting families. He is a very sweet natured dog, making up with all people and dogs he has met since we got him -- even dogs that have been aggressive to him. His scars have now healed and he's not only smart and athletic, but also very good looking. We kept the name when we adopted him because it tells his story. I can never forgive or forget the likes of Michael Vick who abused such a loving, gentle creature as Al Pacino. Doing his time has earned vick the right to no longer be incarcerated, but it has earned him NOTHING else -- he's still worthless scum and will be for the rest of his sorry life. I will boycott any company that gives him endorsements and will not watch any Eagles game on TV while he is on the team. I figure I owe it to Al.

JohnAdams1 Author Profile Page :

I suggest this slogan for Nike and Vick:

"Put your dogs in Nike shoes"

wmpowellfan Author Profile Page :

Vick is EVIL. Animals are LITERALLY AT THE MERCY of humans, and what unspeakable treatment helpless dogs received at the hands of this POS. I won't buy anything endorsed by this trash.

twdindep Author Profile Page :

I have no problem with vick making a living, but for anyone watching a sports program last weekend, the media fawning over this scumbag was pathetic. You'd have thought he was the second coming or something for crying out loud........

cococo Author Profile Page :

drwalljame wrote: "Some of you have done much worst things than Vick, and never got caught but then that is not the problem."

No, actually very few of us go out and torture animals for fun and profit, and you have to be a certain magnitude of stupid and cruel to believe that.

People who are repeating that ridiculous line, that he served his time, don't seem to understand that most of us don't get rehired after we're incarcerated. I know I wouldn't. I'd serve my time and I would no longer get to be a professor.

TackleBack22 Author Profile Page :

You peoples criticism is at best culturally insensitive and at worst racist. Dog fighting may not appeal to you but what gives you the right to vilify it? Would you call bull fighters of Spain such derogatory names as you have applied to Vick? What about the cock fighters of South America. You study them and read books in college that discuss their tradition and in some cases make them heroic or meaningful. But a black man's culture is automatically criminal.
The real hypocrisy is that most of you writing your hate eat food from animal bodies that are actually tortured, electrocuted and drowned (fish) on a daily basis. You swallow that as if it were fine, then throw a fit over Vick. That's what is disgusting, your closed minded ignorant hate masked in some white morality that is really just masking your racism like a hood.

sandnsmith Author Profile Page :

Tackleback22 are you suggesting that all black people believe in dogfighting?? I bet many blacks would be horrified to be lumped in with you and your kind.

Dogfighting is villified because it is cruel and inhumane. Or are you so insensitive that you can't see or care that animals actually suffer pain?

You do remember don't you, that slaveowners did not believe slaves were human or suffered pain. They were as inhumane as you are.

As for eating animals, there are laws that require slaughterhouse to behave in a humane manner.

ladyredskins Author Profile Page :

I am so sick of having Vick shoved down my throat when I do not think he should have been reinstated into the NFL. Yes, people have done wrong things, but Vick helped in murdering dogs which is unforgivable. My opinion is that he is sorry because he got caught, nothing more, nothing less. There is no excuse for what he did and this is my opinion.

dem4evr Author Profile Page :

he needs to make a psa on the issue, in fact he should become a spokesperson for aspca (if he means it). also cough some cash to fund the reward system they have. but truly if he wins in the nfl, all companies will want a piece of him. kobi came back because he wins. period

thecucumberfromak Author Profile Page :

michael vick will be sponsored by Kibbles Dog Food.

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