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Limbaugh vs. Goodell

Did the NFL commissioner overstep with his comments, or was he acting in the best interest of the league?

Posted by Emil Steiner on October 14, 2009 7:00 AM

kcbob: Words have consequences. ...

jabeane: Once again, speaking the truth on issues in today's Amerika has deleterious effects. Now the NFL is kowtowing to the left. ...

woodmack: "Sasha_206", responding (above) to my remarks yesterday, would seem to suffer from the same "crypto-racism" that afflicts Limbaugh and much ...

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rmorris391 Author Profile Page :

I support the NFL in this decision. The NFL and players work hard to build community relationships. I cannot imagine Mr. Limbaugh holding similiar views. His reputation preceeds his NFL dream.

NoWeCant Author Profile Page :

This country is turning into banana republic. We're in the era of the most divisive president since polling on this issue began. And political opponents are hand picked, ridiculed, harassed and now singled out for applying double standards. While those in public eye end up on the guillotine of political correctness, the real perpetrators of hate continue to hold and exercise the levels of power at all major institutions.

jnardo Author Profile Page :

"Was he right to comment?" It doesn't matter whether it was right to comment. What matters is was he right about what he said. And he was absolutely correct. Having Rush Limbaugh as an owner of an NFL team would be an insult to our athletes and to the League.

buckdharma Author Profile Page :

Keep Rush and wardrobe malfunctions out of the NFL.

rocky Author Profile Page :

The commish is on a good wicket here. Limbaugh is too divisive and extreme and his views on race are extremely uncomfortable. He has been racist in some of his recent comments stating that whites should start fearing blacks in Obama country and such and for a nation that just elected the President with a good margin, this and other statements are terrible.

Sports is one arena where we get away from this kind of nonsense, and let us keep it that way.Limbaugh is permanently painted of one color and as a nation we are of many colors. So the NFL must stay clear of him.

Imarkex Author Profile Page :

If Rush is descriminated against because of bias and left wing LIES I will NEVER go to another NFL game ,watch a NFL game or listen to a NFL game EVER AGAIN .I will suggest wherever I have influence and wherever else I can suggest others do not either.Rush Limbaugh would be the best and most fair owner in the NFL. And the best thing EVER to happen to the Rams. There is NOT a racist bone in his body anyone that says there is is a LIAR !

carpyoneill Author Profile Page :

I think what the commissioner said was entirely appropriate. I think it is important for Limbaugh to know how many people find his rhetoric and racism offensive. He is free to say what he wants even on public airways but he also must accept the consequences of his mouth. I am sure Rush is laughing all the way to the bank. It is amazing how someone can make so much money preaching hate. As for "NoWeCan't" , I thought George Bush was out of office. People may disagree with Obama's positions but he has gone out of his way to reverse the divisiveness we experienced during the Bush administration.

barryd53 Author Profile Page :

This is how racism has been perpetuated and legitimized in America:
A person from Group A makes a judgment about a person from Group B. The judgment may be true or it may be false, but it is not made from actually knowing the person. The judgment is made from superficial criteria.
Then the person from Group A talks it up among the other members of Group A instead of having honest dialogue with the person in question and others from Group B. They all agree within Group A that "those people" in Group B are bad.
Mr. Goodell and all other members of Group A are making judgments about Mr. Limbaugh based on Internet quotes. All they would have to do is speak with Mr. Limbaugh and those who really know him to ascertain if he is, indeed, a racist. Instead, they speak within their echo chamber and all agree with each other that Mr. Limbaugh and all those in Group B are bad.
Where is the courage to think for oneself and buck Group A?
Where is the dilligence to verify quotes before making judgment based on those quotes?
Where is the human decency it takes to get another person's side of the story before trying to ruin his life and career?
Where is the intellectual honesty to be fair to someone from Group B?
Do you not see the pricnciples involved are the same one that perpetuate racism, sexism and homophobia?
Aren't you ashamed?
Love to all.

interactidiomas Author Profile Page :

What? Doesn't anyone remember when Rush made a joke about the NFL, saying their games looked like gang-fights between the crips and the bloods, without weapons?

It might also be well to remember that he was fired as a ESPN announcer for racist comments- So his boss, many years ago was also discriminating against Baluga Limbaugh?

You Rush Lover's, don't need no NFL anyhow.
Limbaugh's racist commentary is all the sport you need, isn't it?

pwaa Author Profile Page :

of course if you are a black quarterback who has been in jail for horrifying killings of dogs, you are welcomed back in the name of forgiveness and a "second chance". What hypocritical nonsense.

zennheadd Author Profile Page :

Heck yes, he can express an opinion. Lots of people expressed opinions of this nature when Rupert Murdoch bought the Wall Street Journal. If he has that right, why shouldn't the football commisioner be allowed to make his opinions known. It's not like the guy can actually stop this action, but there's no doubt, Limbaugh couldn't keep his mouth shut if he bought the team, and he'd be the newest owner with the Marge Schott mouth.

doves316 Author Profile Page :


melj1 Author Profile Page :

Let me see if I have this right. Rush expresses opinions which upset some people including Jim Irsay who's father snuck the Colts out of Baltimore in the middle of the night. So much for integrity. This is the league with wife beaters, gun carrying thugs who shoot themselves, a player who murders his wife and is now doing time, gamblers, DWI convictions, and of course Vick. Talk about the height of hipocracy. NFL = Not For Limbaugh?

DebChatterjee Author Profile Page :

I believe that Rush Limbaugh is getting the short end of the stick. Because he is a conversative talk show host associated with the RNC, liberal hicks have made him a punching bag. USA is turning like its southern neighbors or a third world country where difference of opinion, views are not tolerated. NFL should be ashamed. (BTW, I don't endorse Mr. Limbaugh's views but I hate his demonization by the left.)

LAWNMAN209 Author Profile Page :

Let's be honest here. Limbaugh is being screwed over due to the fact that he's a very successful conservative entertainer. It will probably be proven that none of the ridiculous statements now being attributed to him are true, but oh how they spread in the highly biased, far to the left media. Gangster rappers have stakes in professional sports teams, and unless they have to relinquish ownership rights due to the extreme vileness of much of what they spew in their "music", then someone who's only sin is to be a conservative who believes in people more than government ought to not only be allowed to have a stake in an ownership group, but be applauded for it.

ballgame Author Profile Page :

The commissioner should not have commented. I believe the phrase is "tortious interference" with a contract or something like that (any contract lawyers out there). The Comish does not have a veto right here and actually has no vote in whether a bidder is approved as an owner. He does however have SUBSTANTIAL influence over member clubs during a course of a season. The argument I think we go, he interfered with the Rams' owner's right to sell his team (private club that is a member of the NFL league) by de facto threatening to use his discretionary powers against the team...he should have said nothing in public - this was never going to fly anyway.

haynes853 Author Profile Page :

The NFL is always harping about the importance of good character among its players. Well, the same should hold true for ownership. I don't think anyone who makes a living race-baiting and spewing bigoted remarks on a daily basis is of good character. And an owner's attitude does influence whether he would adhere to fair employment practices. For example, after Jackie Robinson integrated baseball, the last teams in their respective leagues to bring an African American to the Major Leagues were the Boston Red Sox and the Philadelphia Phillies. They were owned by Tom Yawkey and Bob Carpenter Jr., both of whom were vicious racists.

Just because someone has the financial means to own a club doesn't mean he should be allowed to own one. Just because a nation has the technical means to put on the Olympics doesn't mean it should be allowed to host the games. Limbaugh should not own an NFL team any more than Hitler should have been permitted to host the 1936 Winter and Summer Olympic games.

fshaffer Author Profile Page :

who the heck is goodall? hm? never heard of him. unless , oh yea, the anthropologist?

limbaugh is killing these guys, and , without a college education.
of course, he is smarter than many of the knee-jerk oppositionists.

it's kinda funny

harttenj Author Profile Page :

I think that Rush has, over time, created a long paper trial of commentary on issues such as politics and race, including the Donovan McNabb comment we are all familiar with, and many recent statements about the Obama administration. Thus, there is accurate information available on Rush upon which a determination can be made by NFL owners. No need to claim that some misinformation campaign is responsible for causing the Commissioner to view Rush with a degree of skepticism.

crumppie Author Profile Page :

As another poster said, it's fine to return to the league a dog torturer/killer, yet won't allow a bigmouthed radio personality. The problem is, Rush is on the wrong side of the political spectrum. Goodell would never say the same thing if the person were black.

satxusa Author Profile Page :

The Washington Post should do an unbiased article on the so called quotes from Rush Limbaugh that would include an interview with him to answer his critics. I suspect the WaPo just wants to let him twist in the wind rather than do real reporting.

I wonder how a left wing Obama supporter would be treated under similar circumstances?

Angryman Author Profile Page :

This should serve as notice to every American! With Rights comes Responsibilities!! You shouldn't just go spouting off BS just because you have the right too! And you cannot get mad because of the the things that you've said, come back to haunt you! And it has NOTHING to do with Political Correctness, we should always watch our mouths!!

Julescator Author Profile Page :

Well I guess all those "Thugs and Ganstas" don't want to be "owed" by Massa Rush. Words have consequences. Rush is out of his element. On HIS radio who, he can be a racist and a blowhard, however, if he wants to step out of his private cesspool, civilized people will slap him back. Say NO to LIMBAUGH. The NFL is NOT his audience. So I guess all those "affimative action" athletes don't want to share the love with you! lol

Sonny53 Author Profile Page :

Personally, I'd like to kick Rush's fat ass! He is living proof that there are people who do not contribute anything psitive to society. All Rush does is get rich off of the fools who buy his message of hate. Actually, I guess he gets rich off of fools like me too who actually respond to the fat assed blowhard.

aeaustin Author Profile Page :

Very correct in not wanting Limbaugh in an NFL ownership position! The guy is very divisive and has made a career of profiting from personal attacks and negativism, in my opinion.

jdcw Author Profile Page :

I don't support political people as NFL owners, but I can only vote at the ticket office.

However, I wonder if the NFL would allow Keith Olbermann to own a team? Of course I doubt Olbermann has the cash.

pookiecat Author Profile Page :

Who wants that pillow-bellied cowardanyway?

If we are going to allow radio personalities to own football teams, then my vote is for HOWARD STERN. At least he would hire the hottest cheerleaders for his team, get big TV ratings,and actually know how to turn a profit. That gutless, loud-mouthed punk Rush would just gobble the profits down his into his big, bloated belly, or snort them up his droopy nose. But I guess everyone would get a chance to read from the Bible at he games. Oh, whooopee!

Sonny53 Author Profile Page :

Rush Limbaugh is living proof that one could get rich offering nothing positive to society. He is a drug addled blowhard, albeit a smart one because he knows that as long as he continues to say what what the right wingnuts want to hear, he'll continue to get rich.

jdonner2 Author Profile Page :

No one could posssibly be unualified to be an owner in the National Felons and Wife Beaters League.

yokosuka1985 Author Profile Page :

Rush is a self-made individual who overcame alot in his life. He loves the game and would be an outstanding NFL owner. I hope he gets the team!

chicago77 Author Profile Page :

Face it, there are a number of convicted felons in the NFL. So the Commish is off base with his comments. The NFL is no boy scout troop by any means.

It's a place where an ex-con like Michael Vick gets a second chance after going to prison for running an illegal dog fighting ring and brutally killing animals. By that standard Limburg is a shoe in.

He's just an obnoxious guy with a big mouth, a big ego and a lot of cash.

Sounds like half the players in the NLF right now, he should fit right in.

pleto Author Profile Page :

To paraphrase Rev. Jeremiah Wright: Rush Limbaugh's chickens.....are coming home to roost.

chicago77 Author Profile Page :

The All-Criminal Team

"Former New York Giants receiver Plaxico Burress pleaded guilty to a felony weapons charge Thursday and will spend the next two years in prison. He adds himself to the list of hundreds of NFL players who have been arrested in recent years."

See the entire current All-Criminal Team below:

chicago77 Author Profile Page :

Great book on the criminals of the NFL, Pros and Cons

"According to the authors' extensive research into more than 500 criminal complaints against the league's recent players, a shocking percentage have been formally charged with committing a serious crime (rape, domestic violence, assault and battery, drug dealing, DUI, etc.)."

Beingsensible Author Profile Page :

Rush needs to stick to what he knows best--racist slander and leave football to the experts.

Beingsensible Author Profile Page :

Imarkex :
If Rush is descriminated against because of bias and left wing LIES I will NEVER go to another NFL game ,watch a NFL game or listen to a NFL game EVER AGAIN .I will suggest wherever I have influence and wherever else I can suggest others do not either.Rush Limbaugh would be the best and most fair owner in the NFL. And the best thing EVER to happen to the Rams. There is NOT a racist bone in his body anyone that says there is is a LIAR !
You're joking right, really you are joking...right? Oh well, if not can I purchase your season tickets, LOL?

Julescator Author Profile Page :

yippeee - Rush is OUT. They told him they don't want his money. Now he can concentrate on more racial banter and never come out of his hole again. He is NOT ready for civilization!

DebChatterjee Author Profile Page :

I believe that Pookiecat is a loser as to spout so much venom against Rush. Rush, no matter how much you hate his views, is a smart intelligent man (with no college degree) who has for the past 21 years held a good job, and yes his talk shows deftly combine politics, common culture, news and sarcasm as an interesting combo which is entertaining. Some leftist jack-booted thugs, counterculturist Alinskites are of course angry at him because he has blown a hole in their plate which would crap out if Rush continues to pack the radio waves with his sarcastic views against the leftism.

Leftism is the last bastion of scoundrels.

austininc4 Author Profile Page :

Rush Limbaugh shouldn't be allowed to own a Football, much less a Football team...

Beingsensible Author Profile Page :

fshaffer :
who the heck is goodall? hm? never heard of him. unless , oh yea, the anthropologist?

limbaugh is killing these guys, and , without a college education.
of course, he is smarter than many of the knee-jerk oppositionists.

it's kinda funny

What is "kinda funny" is that you think Rush Limnord is "kinda smart", must be really "kinda smart" too, LOL...

tigman_2 Author Profile Page :

Limbaugh wins if 1. he becomes part of the ownership because its mainstream and a surefire way to command attention for himself when he sees fit. 2. he is turned down and plays the victim card his ditto heads identify with above all.
A $400 Million contract for keeping an audience prisoner in its ignorance and hate ready to pounce into adulation upon his command must be a little less than satisfying for him this week.

pizzichemi Author Profile Page :

NoWeCant's comments make me shake my head in disgust...this president is the most divisive president??? Let's all hop in the way-back machine and look at the Bush-Cheney era. If you did not agree with them you were un-American. I'm sick of Republican/Conservative whiners. You've done enough damage. Limbaugh is a joke, a self-important, crass, clown who panders to his herd of lemmings.

jenzinoh Author Profile Page :

No doubt Rush will fall upon his faux-victim meme about the black man keeping him down. He already said that the people speaking out against him are "jealous"... oh yeah, that's it. Everybody is jealous of Rush. What an egomaniacal a$$.

As to the posters who keep carping about Vick, he committed crime AND did his time for it. Rush Limbaugh, not so much. Doctor shopping, possession... not a second anywhere near a jail... After all of his talk about drug abusers getting the book thrown at them, when that shoe is on HIS foot, he is strangely silent. Now THAT is hypocritical.

snapplecat07 Author Profile Page :

So funny how rev Al talks about "divisive". Back in 1991 when there were flare ups in Crown Heights New York(where there is a large jewish population)The "righteous Rev.Al complained about the"diamond merchants" down in Crown Heights and how "South Africa sends diamonds directly to Tel Aviv". Then there is Jesse Jackson's famous Hymietown" comment. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black(no pun intended).

vegasgirl1 Author Profile Page :

I cannot stand Limbaugh, but in a free country (something he really doesn't understand, no matter how much he blathers about "freedom"), everybody's favorite morally bankrupt, hyprocrite windbag should have a right to pursuing partial ownership of a team, if he has the money.
And when he totally screws over the Rams, don't say you were not warned, Dittohead/football fans.
(Note to Rush: If you're trying to garner support for your bid, acting like a bitter, arrogant 12-year-old during a T.V. i-view, complete with facial mugging and mock yawns, will not help you.)

JPRS Author Profile Page :

Goodell's comments were tame.

He should have said: "we care about our image, and we don't think allowing a draft-dodging, drug-addicted, racist into an ownership position is consistent with the message we want to promote."

The bottom line is that the NFL is a business with big ambitions. The league understands that small-minded, divisive, opportunists like Rush are more likely to be a liability to the entire league than he would be a net asset. There are plenty of other people out there with Limbaugh-like money and the same desire to buy into the NFL who don't have the same baggage as him.

wsbowles Author Profile Page :

Anyone on this blog who says Limbaugh preaches hate or is a racist is themselves an ignoramus. You, obviously, never have listened to his show, but you mindlessly repeat baseless lies and unattributed quotes. Goodell forgives unbelievably cruel animal abuser Vick, but can't stomach a man who preaches American exceptionalism, including the NFL, on his program every day. You people who trash great figures such as Limbaugh, who speak the truth, wallow in the sewer of your own ignorance. And the so-called journalists who repeat the lies are in the sewer drain above shovelling the filth on top of you.

gary4books Author Profile Page :

I have not been so surprised since I learned it was diffiicult to get into Clown College in Florida. Who would ever care about this?

bernieandruth Author Profile Page :

Limbaugh's life--both on and off the air-- has been marked by extremely poor judgments, one after another. No wonder he has been rejected as a part owner of the Rams.

chicago77 Author Profile Page :

In the end, money talks BS walks.

LarryinMD Author Profile Page :

All these comments that are attributed to Rush are being spewed as the truth. Curious thing though is where are the actual audio sound bites?
Hey WaPo - do some actual fact checking before you go to print or are you admitting you are in the same category as the Enquirer?
Remember a fact to a Liberal is like Kryptonite to Superman.

james_m_reilly1 Author Profile Page :

The reputation of the NFL. I must be on a different planet. These are the guys kicking the crap out of their girlfriends or wives. Driving around with unregistered pistols in their glove compartments and shooting themselves in the leg...I would call these guys model citizens. Besides if Rush sues now he will win in a walk.... There are no records of his saying the things that professional race baiter Al Sharpton alleges.

shhaz Author Profile Page :

NFL does not need Rush's divisiveness and neither does anyone else.

zernetizen2007 Author Profile Page :

I found Nowecant's comment amusing. This person fulminates that we are in the era of the "most divisive" President. Wake up Mr. Nowecant, that era is over. George Bush who governed from the far looney right, is gone. The Cheney-Rove combine that hand-picked all appointees including US Attorneys, is gone. Of course Obama is not ideal, but he is far more centrist than Bush-Cheney ever were. As for Roger Goodell's comment, I am not sure I would agree with him. Perhaps owning an NFL team might cause Mr. Limbaugh to temper his racially divisive outbursts.

COWENS99 Author Profile Page :

Limbaugh is all about Limbaugh, nothing more, nothing less. A leopard does not change his spots. Limbaugh has a long track record of lies, mistruth's and racist behaviour, he just can't help himself. He just has no self control, he would embarass the player's and the league with his big mouth in less than a week.

carolmag1 Author Profile Page :

So, let me see if I have this straight: The league promoting a sport based on violence and conflict, in which the only role for women is dancing in cages in skimpy costumes on the sidelines cheering for the men, which conducts its business on the Christian Sabbath, which promotes a team called the Redskins over the objections of Native Americans, whose poster boy quarterback dumped his pregnant girlfriend to run off with a model, which has a minuscule percentage of minorities in coaching positions and management, which segregates the classes by seat sections and luxury boxes, whose commissioner is married to a member of the Fox News Channel thinks RUSH LIMBAUGH would be a bad influence?

It sounds like Limbaugh would fit right in.

patisok Author Profile Page :

Rush is a racist pure and simple. The NFL is 80% or more African American. I think Goodell did the right thing and he is a registered Republican. I think it is not party but the man whose hateful statements hold no bounds. He is going to die from the hateful bile he spews daily. Thank you Mr. Goodell from a 65 year old white lady who thinks Mr. Limbaugh has gotten plenty rich enough off the hateful right wing base that hangs on his every word. I know some to them folks. They think and talk and act like him. How very sad for America that he is allowed to make money this way.

Imarkex Author Profile Page :


DebChatterjee Author Profile Page :

Patisok wrote:

"The NFL is 80% or more African American."

It is you who is racist. You are upholding NFL's stupid decision to dump Rush because as a 65 year old white female, you are trying to be politically correct here.

Very deplorable !

KSVA Author Profile Page :

It's pretty bad when the Irsays don't want to associate with someone...

sasha_206 Author Profile Page :

Hmmm. If Rev. Wright wanted to buy the team, would the outcome be the same? I'm skeptical.

I hate Limbaugh, but I sincerely doubt his liberal equal would be treated the same way.

audiemurphy Author Profile Page :

Limbaugh is a drug addict who abused his housekeeper into buying him drugs illegally, manipulated doctors into giving him more drugs, and dodged the draft. He makes up stuff. He is a hypocrite and divisive, and a person of low moral character. Good decision commissioner.

woodmack Author Profile Page :

"Sasha_206" suggests that Wright's rhetoric is the same as Limbaugh's demagoguery. As outrageous as some of the Reverend's language was, it had a curious ring of truth about it. Limbaugh's crypto-racist rants carry only the ring of the cash register. Of course, Rush wouldn't be the first buffoon to own a professional sports team. But he would probably be the first adjudicated pharmaceutical-abusing thug-type to own a team in an "industry" plagued by such drug offenses. I just hope that NFL players have the integrity to stand up to him.

creepyjackolopeeye Author Profile Page :

The Al Sharptons and Jesse Jacksons are still making a living off racism while the NFL has shone its been left behind in their league. At least a step closer. Go NFL. Go Home Al and Jesse.

creepyjackolopeeye Author Profile Page :

Rush Limbaugh didn't dodge the draft he was positioned lower by his number. Alot of men didn't go to war based on their draft positon. This is the kind of nonsense they are making up about Rush. It all starts here. Don't make stuff up.

sasha_206 Author Profile Page :

Okay, you don't like the Rev. Wright reference. Let's go with the Al Sharpton. Cha ching. Deal closed.

sasha_206 Author Profile Page :

If the league had the "integrity" that keeps them from allowing Limbaugh ownership, shouldn't it do a better job of policing its own by eliminating each player with a rap sheet? It's hard to be righteous when you allow derelicts to play in the league and give them chance after chance after chance.

phylb123 Author Profile Page :

Absolutely. It's about time that the know it all Rush Limbaugh be exposed for what he is....a racial, insiteful, bigoted, hateful excuse for a human being...He has a similar group of listeners who have such venom in their hearts that they can't possibly do anything except devide our country....divide and concor is his mantra.....the Us v. Them mentality...Let's try to let the world see that we are a UNITED states of America. this was the right call. thank you.

EliPeyton Author Profile Page :

Over here in the virtuous corner we have Jerry Jones and Al Davis.
Over here in the idiots who sue grandma over season tickets is Darth Sidious Snyder.
Waiting your table will be O.J. Simpson, Leonard Little, Donte Stallworth and Michael Vick. Dwayne Goodrich has already left the scene. Ray Lewis will now lead us in the pledge of allegiance. Lawrence Phillips and Christian Peter have put together a seminar on marriage. Ricky Williams, the landscaper, says he uses weed killer on his grass.

pgr88 Author Profile Page :

Goodell is a fool to jump into a politically-correct fray caused by supposed quotes from Limbaugh that were, in fact, manufactured. Limbaugh has 20 million listeners every day, and yet no one has been able to find a single of his supposedly "divisive and racial" comments.

surfbum Author Profile Page :

the legacy of OJ and Michael Vick and other NFL legends cannot be easily besmirched. The dysfunctional teams are full of all sorts of criminals and abusers, obviously from all backgrounds. Integrity is not a fundamental value for any of these gladiators. Let's not play virtuous here now.

Karma2 Author Profile Page :

Am I the only one that finds it hypocritical that a league with a team called the Redskins is criticizing ANYONE for racism?? When does the double standard end?

akhtarman Author Profile Page :

Having Limbaugh- an open racist troublemaker- own a football team that includes many Afro-Americans is like letting a child molester in charge of a class of 2nd graders: You are just asking for trouble!!!!

Best to turn the guy down rather than waiting for the inevitable car wreck that would follow!

orionexpress Author Profile Page :

Even if this Repiglican Racist puke bought into the NFL , they would lose about thirty % of the average fans. Black and White . I wouldn't go to any of their games even if it was for free, because of his Racism and I am White on White.

madstamina Author Profile Page :

Wait, Rush Limbaugh was already fired by ESPN for racist comments. Then the league (NFL Network) refused to hire him as a commentator, why should anyone be suprised the NFL won't be elevate him from a commentator post that he couldn't achieve to an team owner? I don't know of any Liberal racist, who commentates or owns a team to answer the question that someone posed--NFL is not a political campaign they don't need this mess.

miglefitz Author Profile Page :

Jim Irsay, the owner of the Indianapolis Colts, an opponent of Limbaugh's being allowed to share in the bid, has been quoted as saying "We have to watch the words that we say."

That has become more true in Obama's Amerika than it has been since the Joseph McCarthy tyranny.

JLFuller Author Profile Page :

Owning a piece of a franchise is not a right - it is a business deal and business deals are subject to the rules set by the partners. In this case, as we have seen for years, players, and by extension owners, cannot be divisive or bring ridicule on the NFL. Sorry Rush, but you are not what the NFL wants in an owner and it is their bat and their ball. It is a shame, but there it is. I don't think it is anti-conservative, just anti Rush Limbaugh. It is proper to take it personally. It isn't political though. There are many conservative owners. Even some obnoxious ones. Maybe in rejecting you the other obnoxious owners will get the message that if they too cross the line, out they go.

racam Author Profile Page :

When a person sits there day after day and barks hate and racism it will bite him in the butt. What goes around comes around. Then when the decision comes down it is not that the fault lies with Limbaugh, it is a conspiracy of the left, it is the Democrats that did this. The man sits up there and even when he repeats things that a man of color may have said, he mimics him in an off color way. To even have been considered is a lot more than Rush deserves.

thetroubleboys Author Profile Page :

Well, if The Big Fat Stupid One does become an owner, he'll certainly have ample place to get his drugs and guns...

Mocarbgoode Author Profile Page :

Limbaugh's comment that the NFL and others are out to "destroy conservatism" is not quite true. They are out to destroy the White Power, Anti-Gay, Anti-Woman movement led by Rush that has disguised itself in the costume of Conservatism. Just listen to him.

jimsteinberg1 Author Profile Page :

Much as I love football, I will never pay a dime to anything in which Rush Limbaugh has invested a nickle. NFL players showed me more courage and smarts in running this cocky, racist thug out of their NFL than they have in all their great moves on the football field.
This is a great day for the NFL, a great day for African-Americans, a great day for all Americans. It may even wake up Rush Limbaugh from his self-satisfied, sweaty bed of hatred.

allen_osuno Author Profile Page :

With phony noblesse oblige, Rush, the world's biggest egotist, says "This is not about me,this is about the future of the United States of America and what kind of country we're going to have."I'm sure he cares what kind of country we are going to have as he practices demagoguery and reverse classism and touts his partisan as fair and factual even while he revises facts and history and slanders his opponents. He cares deeply about the good of the country when his radio show is all a marketing of hate as entertainment using finger pointing and blame casting...and defending his Republican pirate corporate friends who he claims can do no wrong. Every event is cast as some sort of evil socialist conspiracy. But criticize him and watch him whine and howl.

Rush has given his listeners their marching orders. They have been posting all day, today and yesterday, claiming how this is just a contrived mass media campaign to slander him, with false "quotes" and accusations, all drummed up to stop conservatism.You cannot confuse the right wing with the facts. They are very desirous that this all white reactionary bigot do well.
Can anyone seriously defend the proposition that Rush is not a racist? All one has to do is call up numerous shows where Rush launches long tirades against minorities. It is all well documented. But his followers are not interested in facts, rather in enforcing lockstep to his whipped up hate du jour and busying themselves defending him in his blind worship of the Republican Party. And Rush is not shy to give his robotic listeners their marching orders. The same Rush supporters of course who make their usual statements about Obama failing and the socialists taking over the country, have been posting all day, today and yesterday, on the various news website blogs, claiming how this latest controversy over the football team is just a contrived mass media campaign to slander him, with false "quotes" and groundless accusations, all drummed up to stop conservatism.He apparently has fired up his self-white-wash machine to spin away any inflammatory thing he has said in the past and attempt to turn it all around to make himself look like the victim of a left wing conspiracy. Everyone knows he has made snide comments about blacks, from things he said about Donavan McNabb to calling Barack Obama 'the magic negro' to his sneering pronunciation of the 'Reverennnnnnd Jesse Jackson" to his supercilious putdowns of blacks as underachievers and gang members and so forth, on any number of occasions.
His own past racism is in no way an invention of the left. He has sneered for years and now that he catches flack for it, instead of apologizing (and why would he, since he would never mean it), he tries to turn the whole thing into a blaming of the left (which he equates with evil) vs. right (which he equates with patriotic capitalist righteousness). Rush markets his paranoia about liberals to feed his vast radio empire and to use blameshifts to project his own faults and hatefulness onto onto his strawman enemies he creates. He is a completely cynical, angry mass marketer of hate and partisanship. I don't believe he posseses any skillset other than political put-down peddling, playing the victim when anyone disagrees with him and resenting any criticism he gets even though he reserves the right to go on the attack with his own outrageous slander of those he targets.. He has no conscience or sense of social responsibility over the divisiveness and poison he has sown into the American political atmosphere. He enriches himself by dividing the country and helping to create a partisan hatred. He richly deserves to be put in his place. He has done a lot of hurt to others. And it is poetic justice that he gets some back. And by the way, Rush's being dropped from consideration of part ownership in the team is simply capitalism at work, not the socialist plot he claims. They dropped him because Rush is BAD FOR THE FOOTBALL BUSINESS and would have hurt the team's profits. There is money, money everywhere but Rush has not a friend in sight among anyone but his dittoheads whom he has brainwashed. Rush is an overpaid sociopath who is blind to his own meanness and a projector of his own faults: a master slanderer who relies on twisting the truth instead of being fair to gain an audience. It is a sad commentary on the American public that he has any listeners at all, let alone the large number of people who actually believe the drivel he puts out.

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Words have consequences.

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Once again, speaking the truth on issues in today's Amerika has deleterious effects.
Now the NFL is kowtowing to the left.

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"Sasha_206", responding (above) to my remarks yesterday, would seem to suffer from the same "crypto-racism" that afflicts Limbaugh and much of the Fox network. This is sad. If one doesn't care for the composition of the player roster, one ought not watch the NFL. Goodell's comment about Limbaugh was right on mark.

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