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Did Riggo cross the line?

Will John Riggins' criticism of Daniel Snyder, Vinny Cerrato and Jim Zorn hurt or help his Redskins legacy?

Posted by Emil Steiner on November 6, 2009 12:00 AM

laboo: Riggins can say what he wants ... because he's not on the WaPo payroll. ...

jamesjiven55gmailcom: Daniel Snyder is a boy plain and simple, albeit one that knows how to squeeze every nickel out of his former fan base. Next season there oug...

bestmick1: Mike Wise is so wrong. If he thinks only the "rabid" fans agree with Riggo, he's nuts. Take a poll. My guess is that 98% of Skins fans hate ...

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1observer Author Profile Page :

Riggo is a man who still clearly loves the Redskins but hates what Snyder has done to them. He is a straight-talking guy who says what he thinks. Unlike Danny and Vinny, people respect his judgment, competence and wisdom. Hurray for what he said. It won't affect his legacy at all because he is just continuing to be himself.

PinotNoir Author Profile Page :

NO Riggo didn't cross the line. He told the TRUTH where the Redskins lie. I know this for fact, but I can't betray trust. It's nice however to leak the truth. Author Profile Page :

Riggins I think over did it. What else is new? Riggins is Riggins and I love it. Stir things up John!The fact is Snyder may not be a bad man , but is a terrible owner. Look at the Redskins record. The Cooke family would have never let this franchise become such a laughingstock. That is what we are now Redskins fans.

gs12 Author Profile Page :

I've known people that have worked for Snyder, the way he treated them and the stories they tell about him make me tend to agree with Riggins, he's not a good guy. Does that mean his 'heart is dark' that is probably a bit much. But this much i do know, the treats people (common people) like commodities, we seen already that he sues old-ladies, and he has no qualms about jacking the prices to his 'beloved fans'. The point isn't if Riggo went over the line, the point is this guy is a horrible owner, not a great person, and is driving a once loyal/rabid fan-base away.

hz9604 Author Profile Page :

The last time I checked the Constitution, Riggo has a right to say what he wants. The internet has certainly given rise to people voicing their opinions similarly as long as they do not threaten physical harm, etc.

The LEAGUE should examine the competence of their owners in particular cases. IF they can deny someone ownership then I see no reason to place incumbent owners on the level of God and above review by the League.

This owner (Dan Snyder) is an incompetent know-it-all and is denying the fans of a competent owner such as Rush Limbaugh who knows what he knows and knows what he doesn't know.

youngj1 Author Profile Page :

Big John has always had a flair for hyperbole so I'm not sure what all the hub bub is about. It's just Riggins being Riggins. That said I also think that just because one has the right to say something doesn't mean that it is the right thing to say. Dan Snyder is probably a good enough guy but that's not the issue. The issue is what is his track record as the owner/GM of the Redskins? And the answer is he's been a resounding flop. And it is his continued attempt to do the same things while expecting different results that drives many of us long time (much longer than Dan) fans nuts. God only knows Dan Snyder's heart and I'll leave any judgement of it to him but I feel I can safely say, that in judging his football accumen, Dan Snyder needs to step back and let the football guys run the team.

jackplane Author Profile Page :

Riggins is right. As usual.
When an owner sues his own fans 'cause they lost their job and can't afford season tickets, that's a "dark heart". When he bans all signs inside his stadium, that's a being a petty tyrant with a big ego.Then he tries to prohibit fans speaking to reporters at the stadium.
Dan Snyder, like Riggins said, is like a child running an NFL team, with a child's temperament. The Redskins' problems begin and end with Dan Snyder.
Do yourself a favor, stay home and watch the team on tv. You won't be charged $20 for parking either.

sbgrebe Author Profile Page :

As a former employee of the Redskins and having worked for John Cooke Jr. as well as Dan Snyder, I tend to agree with John Riggins. I think what goes around, comes around, and it is coming around.

Matt251 Author Profile Page :

If you mean the goal line, unlike the current Redskins, Riggo crossed it quite a lot.

As for his comments - he dead on. If the Redskins are looking for a new GM and coach, Danny should hire himself - he could save some money.

tojo45 Author Profile Page :

I think Riggo hit the nail on the head. A friend told me he knows a guy who was having a birthday party for one of his children who went to school with one of Dan Snyder's kids. When Dan dropped off the child at the party the man said "Hey Dan how's it going?"

Dan replied "It's Mister Snyder." A "dark heart", I think "no heart."

SkinsFan4life3 Author Profile Page :

Of course Riggo hit the nail on the head, only an owner with a "dark" heart would sue the fans over tickets in time of severe economic crisis.

scribebob Author Profile Page :

Riggo's comments aren't those of a disgruntled former employee of Snyder's, but a former player whose attachment to the Skins is strong and whose abhorrence of the manner in which they have been managed is heartfelt. It is the same feeling all of us fans feel, and he has a right to express them. Rather than lose any standing amongst his fan base, his stature will be elevated by his courageous comments.

Safari1 Author Profile Page :

Riggo Rules!!!!
A Great Redskin !!!

Respected by those who appreciate someone who tells the truth and speaks his mind.

NO, has not even stepped on the line as far as what he has said about Danny Boy.
However, he sure crossed the Goal Line more times than any current Redskin.

Check out RFADS FaceBook Group...

Redskin Fans Against Dan Snyder (RFADS):

If you know anyone who is on Facebook and hates what has happened to the Redskins, then check out the following link:

Redskin Fans Against Dan Snyder (RFADS):

Danny Boy and his clown Vinny need to GO!!!
Boycott the game!
Don't buy anything with "Redskins" on it.

dashriprock Author Profile Page :

Touchdown!!!!!!!,,,,,,John Riggins

dashriprock Author Profile Page :

Touchdown!!!!!!!,,,,,,John Riggins

alucard1 Author Profile Page :

the Skins are just a joke. Can't even concentrate on football right now. Their heads are off somewhere, have Riggins say what he wants, pretty much most fans agree with him, Snyder is not the best owner in the world, this is the guy that blasted Norv Turner, humiliated a lot of coaches, sued fans that can't afford the tickets anymore, banned signs, can't admit he doesn't know how to run this org, kept increasing tickets and concession prices. I don't think that characterizes him as an angel, Yes, he does do Charity, and so does thousands of millionaires, Big Freakin Surprise! I DON'T REALL GIVE A CRAP WHAT BLACHE SAYS!

bharn Author Profile Page :

Snyder is a bad owner. As far as being a bad person, not sure. Bad person to work for? Lot's of things we hear. If they are true, then he's really not a great guy at all. If they aren't, then everyone should back off. But nobody's perfect. Fact is, the Skins don't have talent on the field. It's pretty simple. There are a few guys, but in football, a few guys doesn't mean squat. He needs to find someone good at assessing talent, keep Zorn, and put Cerrato into another position. He's a yes-man. That's no-good for any company.

sseedragon Author Profile Page :

Where does the buck stop? Mr. Dan Snyder should resign as owner of the Washington Redskins ...

MylesSchulberg Author Profile Page :

What does "bad" owner or "dark-hearted" mean? Riggo should have instead said, "The way Snyder operates is detrimental to the team" or something along those lines and give examples. It would have been more understandable and also more civil, if his civility is a concern.

blackknightjan Author Profile Page :

from where i sit the question not if he but why. one; i wonder how well does he riggo know mr. snyder. and two/ how well does he know the current skins and personnel. If i owned the skins I would make any move I wanted why because i used my money to but the team. How can an employee or even a fan feel than he should determine why a team fails.

courlin1 Author Profile Page :

Riggo is closer to the truth than not. The FAN radio station had a field day yesterday as callers responded with call referencing encounters, as employees, with MR. Synder "where they had to keep their back to him as they worked,.. speak only when spoken to, if you must face him, look at the floor/ground.. never eye to eye." For Coach Blache comments, how many of us refer to any friend as "Mr."; usually we say " friend, John Smith is...." NOT...Mr. SMITH.

courlin1 Author Profile Page :

Riggo is closer to the truth than not. FAN Radio had a field day yesterday. Callers responded with personal encoounters, as employees to the DAN, with words....."if you are near him speak only when spoken to...don't talk to him, don't ever look at him, look at the floor...keep your back to him at all times. Next,whenever I talk about a friend, I refer to him as John Smith. Unlike Mr. Blache who referred to his friend as "Mr. Snyder".....hmmmmmmmmm.

Meepo Author Profile Page :

What kind of "critique" did Riggo establish in his rant about the dark heart of one Daniel Snyder? I heard no specific accusations, I heard no specific evidence of dark-heartedness, other than something like "ask anyone who worked for Snyder and they'll tell you."

I love Riggo just the same. He's trying hard to tell it like it is. He just has a problem personifying the "is" part.

Owners are businessmen. There are good business men, and bad businessmen. Within the football business, Daniel Snyder is an excellent Six Flags owner.

Meepo Author Profile Page :

What kind of "critique" did Riggo establish in his rant about the dark heart of one Daniel Snyder? I heard no specific accusations, I heard no specific evidence of dark-heartedness, other than something like "ask anyone who worked for Snyder and they'll tell you."

I love Riggo just the same. He's trying hard to tell it like it is. He just has a problem personifying the "is" part.

Owners are businessmen. There are good business men, and bad businessmen. Within the football business, Daniel Snyder is an excellent Six Flags owner.

dober Author Profile Page :

Riggo is an idiot and an egomaniac. Snyder doesn't want the team to win, he has a dark heart? Are you retard John? Did you take to many shots to the head. Did you drink to many manhattans? Why don't you pull your head out of the orfice your talking from?

FletcherChristian1 Author Profile Page :

44 only risks irrelevance if he goes off too often......but the woeful state of the DEADskins from top to bottom deserves NO sympathy for what the buffoons at the top have done to turn this once proud franchise into a joke..... or worse..... an irrelevant afterthought in the football world.....

billbridgesmaccom Author Profile Page :

There's a lot of smoke around this issue. Something is smoldering somewhere; it's called karma.

billbridgesmaccom Author Profile Page :

There's a lot of smoke around this issue. Something is smoldering somewhere; it's called karma.

pjohnson5333 Author Profile Page :

Let us face the fact. I don't think The
"Diesel" realy meant Snyder is a bad guy.
We all say something stupid when we are mad or upset. But, he is on the money.
Blache can defen Snyder all he want- he is his boss -hello! Snyder wants to win so bad he is screwing up the team. Cerato needs to go.Get a good GM, and stay out of the operation.

primegrop Author Profile Page :

I like listening to Riggo. The world has enough polite commentators. Is he right about Snyder? Well, I have an axe to grind as well. Having waited in Snyder in Old Town Alexandira some years ago, I can say he was an unpleasant man who found an opportunity to stiff me for someting not in my control.

A heart was not the body part I happened to utter under my breath once our encounter ended.

Ramya_ag Author Profile Page :

The only people who can confirm Riggo's feelings are the employees of Redskins - how are they being treated by the Snyder regime? Looking at the way fans are being treated, and an iron clad stadium (as if it is on the "other" side of the iron curtain, where free speech and expression is suppressed), it doesn't bode well for the employees.. they are probably too scared to talk, lest they should lose their jobs in a tough economy.. I stopped going to the Redskins game a few years ago and i probably will stop watching them on TV.. Better yet, adopt Baltimore Ravens as "my team".. :-)

JohnRice Author Profile Page :

John Riggins spoke the truth and Snyder's sycophants didn't like it.
Dan Snyder is not worthy to own the Redskins. Until he leaves, the situation will fester.

SeanTaylor211 Author Profile Page :

Riggo is right on the money. Snyder is the same useless nerd he was in high school.

johnwp Author Profile Page :

Riggo will always be one of the all-time Redskins greats. However, half of what he says these days is unstructured nonsense, the other half uninteresting blather. Nevertheless, his reputation will be intact, in fact probably enhanced by this. It's very trendy these days to jump on the Snyder-hater bandwagon.

Speaking of The Dan, Snyder is puzzling. I've read articles about how generous he is, almost to a fault. But then you read about fans getting sued, hear about the firing on long-time Redskin employees, see the Stalin-esque tactics of forbidding anti-Redskin signs. There's no question he's been a horrible NFL owner, however; his record, two playoff wins, and coaching carousel all testify to that. Sure, he may have only hired four real coaches, but it was he who fired Norv Turner at 7-6, the only time since the merger that a head coach was fired when his team had a winning record. Right then and there, in Synder's second year, I knew we were in trouble.

The second big warning sign was when Snyder tried to pull back the GM responsibilities he had given Schottenheimer. Marty had led the Skins to eight wins in their last eight games, finishing the year at 8-8, an obvious display of improvement, but yet Snyder couldn't stand not being THE MAN. That showed me that he (Snyder) would never, ever grant "real" GM responsibilities to anyone (other than himself) ever again, which is precisely why he has puppet Vinny around.

Until Snyder steps away from an active role in the Reskins' personnel management, the Skins will always be mediocre.

oknow1 Author Profile Page :

Simply put, let Dan Snyder stand up and be his own man!

Riggins said something about him, yet another man comes to speak up for him. The way i grew up that is some punk stuff. the statement was not that strong, it's just validation that these guys are a bunch of puppets.

LongTimeSkinsFan Author Profile Page :

Riggo is right on and just telling it like it is. Thank God someone has come out and said what everyone has been feeling for a long long time. Get these losers out of here!!! These idiots just don't get it...the Redskins are PATHETIC and going down hill fast! Fans are totally touching their toes not unlike NED in the movie DELIVERENCE!!

nomad4 Author Profile Page :

I don't think so.

Snyder treats people he doesn't like a crap.
When he falls out of love with a players he treats like them trash


I remember hearing that when he started disliking Laveranues Coles he sent a tv to his house as a message that he will be watching football on that tv.

Do you think a good hearted person would do stuff like this.

BJ921 Author Profile Page :

Yes! but D.Snyder just needs to hire a good football GM and keep himself out the football decision making process.

thomasuras Author Profile Page :

Riggins is right , I thing the next thing on Snider's list of people to sue would be Matt Goring the creator of the Simpson's for not paying royalties from using his personality as a model for Mr Burns the power plant owner.

thomasuras Author Profile Page :

Riggins is right , I thing the next thing on Snider's list of people to sue would be Matt Goring the creator of the Simpson's for not paying royalties from using his personality as a model for Mr Burns the power plant owner.

JCM-51 Author Profile Page :

Riggo knows football. Snyder don't...and he is evil to boot--recall the trees he had illegally cut along the Potomac to improve the view from his estate.

TE_number80 Author Profile Page :

Riggo earned the right to trash the worst owner in the league...

Shopping for a new team.

jethro1 Author Profile Page :

It's just a game. Some of you really get off on this.

knowalibis Author Profile Page :

I hired one of Snyder's marketing firms for tele marketing services. I witnessed this pompos ass(sorry if misspelled) treat his employess in a manner that had me searching for a loophole to cancel our contract which I promptly did. Snyder cares soley about himself and fulfilling his ego. He is an ass. Not until he lets go of the Skins will the team be a team. All the talent, coaches and players, is wasted in an aura of Syder's ego. I have not watched one of their games in 5 years and I give my tickets away. I keep them in hopes that a real man will once again acquire the team and lead them back into the glory that they deserve...whether they win or lose, Snyger is a loser.

Pangraz Author Profile Page :

This is Washington, where truth is scarce, so Riggins is a rarity. He's sometimes outrageous, but he always tell the truth. I don't care one way or the other about the Redskins, but the team deserves a better owner than Snyder. He's a disgrace, and now so is the team he owns.

msilva2 Author Profile Page :

Riggo is right on the button. The redskin org is a farce and an embarrassment. If I ran my business the way snyder runs the team, I would have been fired years ago. There is no pride left in that org. It's all about money and money. They know there are many fans and do care what happens because the fools will continue to pay to see a mediocre team.

bear21 Author Profile Page :

What line did he supposedly cross, the one that separates rich people from the consequences of their actions? This is America, he can say whatever pops into his mind. Sometimes it's stupid ("Lighten up, Sandy baby"), but sometimes (like now) he's on the button. I don't think an ineffective owner deserves kid gloves just because he's thin-skinned. Quite the opposite. Go Riggo go!

TGT11 Author Profile Page :

a football player making fun of little Danny - must remind him of his upbringing in Montgomery County

altruisticone Author Profile Page :

Riggo is entitled to his opinion; most of us agree with him. Snyder doesn't see it because he is in denial. While he may be benefactor to his staff and players, he doesn't seem to realize who enables him to - the Redskins fans. He also seems to fail to equate fans with what they really are - customers of an entertainment business. If he fails to please them, his business fails.

RNJ341 Author Profile Page :

I don't know if Snyder has a dark heart but I do know that he is an arrogant _____; fill in the blank.

MsGloriaAKA Author Profile Page :

Riggo didn't mention the fans being overcharged for tickets and parking and ladies purses being searched for candy bars.

lin22556 Author Profile Page :

Thank god for people like John Riggins. He has the courage to say what he really thinks, no matter how mad it makes some people! Riggo has always been a bright, articulate and frank observer of the Redskins. He's dead on target that the problem with this miserable football team is the owner. The dark heart comment is typical Riggo humor. But not everybody gets it.

vexed50verizonnet Author Profile Page :

John Riggins is the man! But he better watch out what he is saying or Mr. Snyder will send some ghoons over to get him! The boy owner does not know how to handle people or his team!He knows that his team is failing and he does not know how to fix it.The one thing that he could do is something thing that we all know that he will never do!Swallow his pride and go get a GENERAL MANAGER to fix the problems with his team!We all know that he is a fan of his team,but his EGO is in the way of his management!PLEASE hire a GM and sit back and watch the results.The team that he loves will become a winner! Vinny is no GM!

vexed50verizonnet Author Profile Page :

John Riggins is the man! But he better watch out what he is saying or Mr. Snyder will send some ghoons over to get him! The boy owner does not know how to handle people or his team!He knows that his team is failing and he does not know how to fix it.The one thing that he could do is something thing that we all know that he will never do!Swallow his pride and go get a GENERAL MANAGER to fix the problems with his team!We all know that he is a fan of his team,but his EGO is in the way of his management!PLEASE hire a GM and sit back and watch the results.The team that he loves will become a winner! Vinny is no GM!

vexed50verizonnet Author Profile Page :

Grow some nuts and fire Vinny! BTW DALLAS SUCKS! Sorry for posting twice.

calabash2 Author Profile Page :

I certainly enjoy Riggo's rhetoric. Sure, he doesn't have an English and Communications degree from Princeton, but he simply tells it like it is and he's not afraid of what the establishment thinks. Yes, he is a little stern at times, but, his general statement reflects what most Redskin fans agree about, which is they no longer, or perhaps like me, never have liked Czar Snyder.Stability starts at the top in the NFL. It's not happening in Redskins land and never will as long as Snyder is in town.

restephens11 Author Profile Page :

Snyder's heart has been replaced by a dollar sign

bigbrother1 Author Profile Page :

Those who speak the truth always go too far. That's why truth is such a rare commodity.

whiteriot87 Author Profile Page :

First, Riggo is right. Second, Riggo is now a member of the media and he gets paid to have an opinion. Third, Riggo's time in the NFL and with the Redskins organization make him uniquely qualified to pass such judgement. Unlike many, Riggo has earned the right to speak in harsh terms.

topwriter Author Profile Page :

He's absolutely correct. Danny also displays a classic Napoleonic pathology. Danny doesn't like to be questioned or criticized? Well, he'll just hire coaches that wont do either. He doesn't like to hear fans discontent? Well, just forbid signs at the stadium. Riggo is entirely justified.

aardman Author Profile Page :

I don't follow football, don't know who he is, and I'm not even from the DC area but I already hate this guy Dan Snyder!

jrickperryjr Author Profile Page :

Of course he did. I don't exactly think that Dan Snyder is the Anti Christ nor do I think that is as far as John could have gone. I think pointing out that Snyder is stupid when it comes to football and to stupid to realize it himself would have done the job. Hey...I just said it!

Gibbs4Pres Author Profile Page :

The deisel correctly pointed out that Snyder has gone too far in staying out of sight while suing ticket holders, banning 'Trade Vinny' signs, undermining coaches etc. It seems like a dark heart to me. There was nothing there that crossed the line. We needed a big name to chime in and speak for the majority of fans.

kenhyde Author Profile Page :

Alas, "the man" can't crush free speech outside of FexEx... snif, snif, snif

kenhyde Author Profile Page :

Alas, "the Man" can't crush free speech ouside of FedEx... snif, snif, snif.

WMEC166 Author Profile Page :

Look, let's face it iregardless of Riggins previous "open mouth, insert foot" issues, he's pretty much a straight shooter -- sure there is a lot of self promotion involved, but that goes for any public figure really.

As to his stating that Snyder had a dark heart. Would it have been more understandable if (forgetting tv censorship even if he was on Showtime) he had just said, "Hey this guy is a an "a-whole?" After all I dare anyone reading this comment to have not known a few of those people that are just that ... could be a boss, a co-worker, class mate, or a relative that thankfully you only see once a year at Thanksgiving and every year try to figure out how to get away from.

Given all the ancillary evidence that has piled up over the years and weighing it objectively and dispassionately, I can only come to one conclusion. Riggins is correct. Snyder is exactly that, a type of person we meet in life and want nothing to do with literally an "a-whole".

Unfortunately he has a storied NFL Franchise to play with....

wheeljc Author Profile Page :

"The diesel" is on the money! Dan Snyder was a 'poor little rich boy' when he bought the Skins. He had zero knowledge of how to run a football team -- whether it be hiring and managing players; pleasing fans; hiring and firing coaches (except for Joe Gibbs); or making the Skins a franchise for others to emulate! Jack Kent Cooke did it all! Snyder simply cannot fill his shoes!

tomhcasey Author Profile Page :

Public figures are all cartoon characters, but everything Dan Snyder has done as owner -- from self-aggrandizing statements to charging for parking at training camp -- makes him look as greedy as King Midas and as warm and fuzzy as George Steinbrenner in his prime. Worse, at least Steinbrenner brought championships to NY which at least allowed people to overlook what an awful person he was.

For good or for ill, owners in the age of free agency are the real symbols of their team. Dan Synder make people cheer for anyone playing against the Redskins.

Phillip258 Author Profile Page :

heck no; anyone who has done business with the danny will tell you the same thing. do not trust him!

randers001104 Author Profile Page :

NO. The truth isn't PC.

bbmcoachk Author Profile Page :

For the most part, Riggo is right on, but he perhaps he went over the line about as much as when Reagan crossed the demarcation line in Berlin many years ago.

It is interesting to see how so many people come to Dan Snyder's defense, praising him as an individual and saying how much he wants the team to win, yet none of them criticize him for his failures or suggest that perhaps he should respond directly to the fans, the press and the world and answer all the questions, charges, complaints, issues, etc. for himself. That staged 'apology' on Tuesday doesn't cut it all. Be a man Dan, and face the world on your own 2 feet!

BTW, it was written that Dan has asked Haynesworth and otehr players 'what do we need to do to win?'. Perhaps the players should show that they support the fans more and tell Dan to do what everyone is asking for day in and day out, that is fire Cerrato, hire a savvy GM and he himself stay out of running the team, instead of just saying probably that we need to execute better.

Dan Snyder should concentrate of trying to help the shareholders of the companies that he owns that are in bankruptcy who now have worthless pieces of paper in their hands. Lately it seems everthing Dan Snyder touches seems to turn in cow chips rather then gold.

alice00tdsnet Author Profile Page :

I think maybe riggins is like a lot of us skin fans. we are fed up. i've been a fan for 50+ yrs and monday night was was the first televised game that I did't was. I won't watch tehm at Atlanta

ProfessorWrightBSU Author Profile Page :

1) Snyder fires all of the personnel that worked for JKC as if this was some sort of dictatorship after previously telling them that their jobs were safe. FACT.

2) Snyder sues little old ladies who can't afford their season tickets. FACT.

3) Snyder alleges that he was unaware that tickets were being sold to brokers while at the same time cracking down on season ticket holders who sell their tickets on EBay. ACCUSATION.

4) Snyder has Riggins move back to VA to be closer to the radio station then fires him. FACT.

70s -> Super Bowl loss
80s -> 2 Super Bowl wins and a loss
90s -> 1 Super Bowl win (JKC)
00s -> not a sniff

Dark Heart is accurate. Not a football guy is accurate. Not to say that he can't learn but its been 10 years and the team is in no better shape than it was under Casserley/Turner.

swowra Author Profile Page :

Riggo's ad hominem attacks of Snyder undermined his arguments. If he leaves out the "dark heart" stuff, he is right on about the mismanagement of our beloved franchise.

aquablue Author Profile Page :

Riggo did not go far enough. When I moved to DC in 1988, one of the very few "intangibles" that united and motivated this diverse city (spread across two states and the Federal District) was the REDSKINS! Everyone (EVERYONE) who resided in this region loved and cherished the Redskins back in 1988, as did I. Everyone loved the team and the team owner. Today, 21 years later, most of my friends and colleagues (and myself) hate the Redskins and their selfish, greedy, narrow-minded owners. I wouldn't waste my time and go see a Redskins game today if you gave me free, front row tickets.

TRACIETHEDOLPHIN Author Profile Page :

The thing is, for those of us that have been around long enough, we have a clear basis for comparison. Jack Kent Cook was, by all accounts, a class act as an owner. He loved the Redskins and was all about the team.

Snyder may or may not love the Redskins, but to anyone with vision it's clear that he is all about the money. What stands out is the fact that he is greedy and narcissistic. His apology is empty and falls on deaf ears, because of his inability to man up and take blame, and change to help the team.

Riggo's legacy is etched in stone, and telling the truth about Snyder won't hurt it a bit.

hambone2 Author Profile Page :

Riggo said what Jurgensen and others are thinking. Riggins v. Danny is like New Orleans Saints v. Little Sisters of The Poor.

rdptdp2 Author Profile Page :

Of course not. If Snyder said Riggins is a big mouthed jerk, would that be too far? (It might be correct, but not out of bound.) Riggins notes personal experience, and he's entitled to his opinion. If any Snyder feelings are hurt, maybe being in the spotlight is just not a place for him. Running a football team sure isnt the place for him.

AG11 Author Profile Page :

John Riggins is right and there is no shortage of examples of Snyder's soullessness (see Darrell Green/Deion Sanders). Although the Redskins are possibly the leading example, it's really a statement on the entire league.

The NFL is a business. A cold, cynical, dark hearted business. The owner of a team does not care about fan loyalty, player loyalty or staff loyalty. What we're left with is corporate owned seats in corporate owned stadiums and corporate advertising on every available square inch. Net profit is the only thing that counts.

Perhaps the only thing worse is to be a Raider fan.

postfan1 Author Profile Page :

Riggo is correct.

Snyder runs a profitable franchise by shaking the fans of his team upside down until the spare change falls out of their pockets.

Too bad he doesn't spend any time at all trying to improve the fan experience. Or the team, for that matter.

DCFanatic Author Profile Page :

Riggo is right on. Well said.

MarkinJC Author Profile Page :

Only the idiot who asked this question on behalf of Lally Weymouth's Spoiled Brat went too far.

paul_lipscomb2 Author Profile Page :

No. A hall of famer like the Diesel? Please. He did not go far enough. Sonny, Sam, Joe, Art, The Smurfs, etc should pile on. This guy is a money grubbing clown and with him and the other bozo running the team you may as well get Caps or Wiz tickets.

priveye Author Profile Page :

Why are people upset that Riggo exercised his first amendment rights to freedom of speech? Sounds like the truth hurts.

jmccas Author Profile Page :

Of course Riggo's right. Danny Boy's not a football guy, hell, he's not even a guy's guy and certainly not a proper steward of one of the NFL's oldest franchises.

You know, Snyder should have paid attention to those wristwatch ads that say "You never actually own a Patek Philippe. You merely look after it for the next generation." And that's just a damn wristwatch.

Wealth without honor and dignity is an awful thing and we're seeing it on display in a most public arena.

mycrowsquish Author Profile Page :

While I don't think Snyder has a "dark heart" he does have an self-centric ego problem. Just look at how he just didn't care when he had a bunch of trees cut down on Maryland State Park property. He just didn't care what people thought.

I knew we had problems 4 years ago with an owner that believe this is his "fantasy football team".

There is a serious problem with an owner that feels the need to spend time on the field with coaches. That's not his job.

Cerrato is a puppet who hasn't a clue how to build a team. He knows who pays him and probably lets Snyder make all the decisions.

You must know that any team that has no head coach (from last year) and hires a QB coach as an "offensive coordinator" before hiring a coach it must be considered strange. Usually hiring the coordinators is a job for the head coach. However, when you suddenly elevate your recently hired coordinator, a person without coaching experience, to head coach that team has SERIOUS problems.

This team will suck until Snyder is gone.

bobtich Author Profile Page :

What line is that?

Doug505 Author Profile Page :

A dumb question!!! No, no, no...his comments were tepid...I along with many other Redskin fans have used words that are much, much stronger words for Snyder than Riggo could use via the media---most words I'd use would prevent the posting of this comment.

skinsFan74 Author Profile Page :

I think any sucessful business person like Dan Synder didn't get there be being nice. I doubt Synder is the bad person Riggo makes him out to be. Clearly the Skins have not been good in the last 10 years but I don't think that makes Synder and evil or dark person. There are many people in the world doing much worse things than over paying for Randle-El, Archletta, or Brandon Lloyd. Although I must admit the Jason Taylor trade may be the worst crime of the century so far.

DoneWithDan Author Profile Page :

Hey Mike Wise - if the problem is not Snyder, what then is the problem? Everybody else had been traded, fired or driven away. The only constants in this whole mess are Danny Boy and cousin Vinnie. Why is it so hard for you to come to the conclusion that he and Vinnie are the real reason why the Redskins are the joke of the league? Why is it so hard to recognize that the fans are being preyed upon by an ownership that sees them as dumb lab animals to be drained of every possible cent? Come on Mike - it's as clear as the nose on your face. Look in the mirror!!! Riggo is only saying what most of us believe - the unavoidable truth - as long as Snyder owns the team, we will be in for more of the same.

Same crap, different season.
Same owner? There's your reason!!!

giuseppe59 Author Profile Page :

Riggo should shut up. I do not support Snyder, but Riggo has a history of doing many dishonest & disgusting things like cheating on his wife, drugs, booze,shaddy financial deals, etc.

thecrust Author Profile Page :

Riggins can say WTH he wants about the redskins/Snyder...last time i checked The Diesel has 2 things that "mr synder"( as he so elequently put at that bDay party tojo45 described) cant buy..
A SUPERBOWL RING and his bust in the hall of fame.a
good ole Dannyboy has options.. a.)SELL THE TEAM or b.)HIRE A FREAKIN GM OR .. c.) keep the team ,rename them the Washington CrackSmokers, hire marion barry as coach and continue providing us with quality comedic material for the next decade....

the crust has spoken

PainKiller Author Profile Page :

Ok.....let's step back for a second....suppose we put the "dark heart" and "bad guy" comment aside.

Granted, Mr. Snyder writes the checks. The buck ABSOLUTELY stops with him. Having said that, please allow me pose some questions:

Does Mr. Snyder believe that he is a good judge of football talent?

Does Mr. Snyder rely on and trust his coaches and GM to give him valuable advice about talent? If so, how often, if ever, does he does he not go with what they advise?

Does he let his ego rule, ultimately deciding to sign a big name so that he can say "Na-ne-na-ne-boo-boo!"?

Does he believe that having a team such as this is acceptable?

Is he only looking at the bottom line?

Is he truly satisfied with the GM and group of talent evaluators?

I have my own ideas and opinions...perhaps I'll share them one day. Though, I probably won't be asked to do so and that is fine. I'd probably write another longwinded diatribe.

I also will appreciate at least one credible person who actually KNOWS Mr. Snyder and the way he thinks to step up and add their two cents. Knowing the man is significantly different than knowing someone that knows someone- especially in matters of opinion.



What have you achieved now you're old
Did you fulfill ambition, do as you were told
Or are you still doing the same this year
Should I give sorrow, or turn 'round and sneer

billd527 Author Profile Page :

How far can a loud mouth alcoholic go? Riggo is a dear soul and a beloved member of the Washington sports establishment, however, he has little or no relevance to the Redskins currently or to the ownership of the team, no matter how dark it is!!!

aussiebones Author Profile Page :

OK...lets sum it the team name is a racial slur and the owner is a selfish idiot...don't think the "CrackSmokers" headed by Marion Barry may be the best solution...not bad though, crust...I think we need a contest to come up with a new team name and appropriate owner...
the "Washington BJ's" headed by Bill Clinton?
or maybe the Washington"Weapons of Mass Destruction" run by Gerge Bush...he's available I think...we can do this!...

ElSith Author Profile Page :

Too far? Uh, no. He said what needed to be said for years. Too far would be going to Snyder's house and throwing him off of the roof. Maybe...

aussiebones Author Profile Page :

A loud mouth alcoholic can go all the way to the White house!...this is America!

wineagent1 Author Profile Page :

Any owner who sues his own fans has at least as dark a heart as Ebenezer Scrooge of Dickens fame. I wish this recent visit from Riggo, a true "Ghost of Redskins Past," would shake Snyder up. His recent comments about empathizing with fans are either arrant hypocrisy or the darkest of ignorance. The Redskins will not be good again until he sells the team, but Snyder is too immature and self-absorbed ever to recognize that.

toiletking Author Profile Page :

He didn't go far enough, in my opinion. I'd also like to posit that everyone here who is defending snyder is working for him in some form.

I have never, never, not even one time, heard someone publicly defend that man who was not on his payroll.

Just something to think about.

DeeNicetheDigitalDynamo Author Profile Page :

Uh - Yeah Riggo is right! And probably being too nice about it in his comments. Snyder is a high-end corporate shark. More of a bottom-line guy only, and would definitely be considered by many who have worked or know him, as having a "dark heart" persona.


FredCFO Author Profile Page :

John Riggins tells it like it is. He has always been this way. Very refreshing. He has correctly diagnosed the problem -- it comes from the very top. I gave up being a Redskins fan back in the middle of the 2000 season because I saw the train wreck coming. The only way for this to get better is for Daniel Snyder to sell the team or hire a GM and keep his hands off. Not very likely...

al_hon Author Profile Page :

No, Riggo did not go too far at all. He just spoke the truth. He has a lot of feeling for the Redskins and it is very painful for him as well as the other fans to see their team being run by a d... and

I would like to ask the owner and the current management to leave /sell the team to someone who knows how to run a team and / or an organization.

We have not accomplished anything substantial since the new owner took place more than a decade ago.

josephfranklyn Author Profile Page :

Riggins didn't say enough.....Daniel Snyder is a bully businessman who cares nothing for coaches, players or fans. Given that reality, Riggins was modest in his criticism.

Tito_John Author Profile Page :

Ummm...didn't he already go too far when he told Madam Justice, "Loosen up, Sandy baby"?

ButzBestSkinEver Author Profile Page :

He's gone over the line. He's gone under the line. He doesn't care...nor should he have to. He earned his stripes way back. What unnerves many about him is that he's all too often dead on right. He is now. This team is as soulless and heartless as any team Washington has ever fielded. Even those w/ half the talent. I'm diehard Burgundy and Gold, will always be and will always support the team. However, leadership, or lack thereof, starts at the top. This season is no mere coincidence. Danny "Wile E. Coyote" Snyder will continue to field losers as long as he's meddling and pulling the puppet strings.

axolotl Author Profile Page :

Yes, Riggo went too far. So the guy is not likeable and is, surprise, a businessman. Get over it. And the fans who do not like it should go root for some other team. He is not the cause of all the Skins' problems, but he needs to get rid of Mr. Z.

dk9237 Author Profile Page :

Riggo is obviously rough around the edges but he's dead right and everyone knows it. Get over it, Danny is a joke. He is possible the worst owner in sports at this moment in time. But in fairness, the Skins have got to start playing some ball and stop crying.

jonepowell Author Profile Page :

I have no love for Daniel Snyder,however,he does not deserve the type of comments he is getting from Riggo. I was a neighbor of the "exalted one" when he was in his glory days. WHAT A SLEZE BAG.

WishfulThinking2 Author Profile Page :

I read that some time ago, Riggo was employed at a local radio station-when Snder bought the radio station he was no longer employed.

However,I doubt that was the reason for him calling Snyder a "BAD" man.

Snyder'main problem is he doesn't have any idea with all his millions as to how to effectively manage a professional football team and until he SOMEHOW learns how to do that this team will continue to it's demise not only in Wash. D.C. but the rest of the NFL looks upon this with disdain.

JPMcC Author Profile Page :

It doesn't make any difference whether anyone thinks John Riggins was 'out of line' or not. He has earned the right to say what he thinks -- ESPECIALLY about the way his old team is being run by the current owner.

filippoz Author Profile Page :

In sport what counts are the records.John Riggins has a winning record with the Redskins.Daniel Snyder has a losing record.

Freeman72 Author Profile Page :

This weekend, the Capitals scored 11 points. Who thinks the Redskins will get as many?

dbeins Author Profile Page :

Riggins is saying what so many others are saying. This owner is putting his making money first over having a team that is any good. Snyder's heart is dark. Look what he is doing to Zorn. Look what he did to Arington. Look what he did to the fans (the tickets and the signs)
Snyder is not a good person or owner.

laboo Author Profile Page :

Riggins can say what he wants ... because he's not on the WaPo payroll.

jamesjiven55gmailcom Author Profile Page :

Daniel Snyder is a boy plain and simple, albeit one that knows how to squeeze every nickel out of his former fan base. Next season there ought to be blackouts as many folks won't want to ruin their day, spend exorbitant sums of money on crummy food, parking, and watch a team of nobodies lose to accomplish perhaps a 0-16 record next season. Through Dannyboy's and Lapdog Sock Puppet Cerrato's ineptitude, the legacy of the Washington Redskins shall be one of a doormat to the league as long as Dannyboy owns this team. I wish he would just go away and sell this team to someone that cares about the fans and wants to bring a championship team back to DC. Riggins is right.

bestmick1 Author Profile Page :

Mike Wise is so wrong. If he thinks only the "rabid" fans agree with Riggo, he's nuts. Take a poll. My guess is that 98% of Skins fans hate Dan Snyder and agree with Riggo.

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