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Courageous Vick?

Did the backup Eagles quarterback and convicted dog fighter deserve to win the team's Ed Block Courage Award?

Posted by Emil Steiner on December 25, 2009 8:30 AM

arancia12: catlitterpolitics1 and GrossDC. Of course Vick should be able to be employed and get on with his life. He paid his dues like any other felon...

nyrunner101: Dog-fighting is repulsive and Michael Vick deserved the punishment he received. However, he has served his sentence, paid his debt to socie...

EdgewoodVA: Amberlisa: yes, I'm very awake, and I completely agree with you about Bush. He's gotten away with countless atrocities, and it's an abomin...

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gotbra Author Profile Page :

Vick deserves to be turned into a giant red fire hydrant so that every dog in America can lift his leg and pee all over him. That would be fair and just. Anything more would be a travesty. This is a joke.

LouisianaVirginian Author Profile Page :

Let's see...Michael Vick receiving an award for "Courage." This says volumes about the integrity of the Eagles and the larger NFL. Am I supposed to believe that it takes courage to accept a $600,000 paycheck to re-enter professional football after a stint in prison? This Vick punk is a person who...despite his many, many millions...chose to watch dogs kill each other...cheering and jeering all the while just for fun. Courage??? He even had employees and a "training camp" to amplify the entertainment value during the off season. Courage??? This is a person who still can't manage to open his bloodshot eyes beyond half mast...a person who still has the gangster drug-thug strut...a person who still can't put together a simple sentence...even though he has a high school diploma and a degree from Virginia Tech. Courage??? No, there's no courage in Michael Vick...none at all...just that continuing arrogance and thug swagger so common in the NFL and NBA.

phyllisr5 Author Profile Page :

I, do not live in that perfect world--surrounded by family and friends who also are perfect people. I think Vic deserves the chance to correct the mistake he made and commend the NBA for allowing him that chance. And for those Perfect People -- Best of luck to you and the other Perfectionist. You are unique!

Joe4 Author Profile Page :

Ah yes. Once again, the NFL demonstrates why many of us call it the National Felons League. How anyone with intelligence could vote such an award to this thug is beyond me. But then again, we are not dealing with much intelligence here. Vick, is still a thug and criminal no matter what. The NFL is full of Vick's. Stupid, entirely stupid.....

sarahabc Author Profile Page :

No. He does not deserve much of anything good.

wmpowellfan Author Profile Page :

No. Michael Vick has proven himself to be a coward and a cruel, monstrous, ugly being. I don't think he deserves to be considered human. Anyone who would abuse, torture and torment helpless animals for his own "amusement" cannot be courageous. He's a POS.

wmpowellfan Author Profile Page :

Michael Vick is hardly courageous. He abused and tormented helpless animals for his sick idea of "fun." He could handily win a Shame award, however.

carlbatey Author Profile Page :

I cant imagine Ed Block being happy about linking his name to a piece of dirt like Vick. Since when is taking delight in the torture and murder of a defenseless animal considered heroic or courageous? Only to low rent ghetto thug types.

allknowingguy Author Profile Page :

I have long held a low opinion of the City of Philadelphia and its team, the Iggles, and especially their fans. Their hiring of Vick in the first place, and now giving him this award, just solidifies what I already new. Philly is just a no-class place.

rcubedkc Author Profile Page :

Low class slum dwelling mutts like vick are one of the reasons I wouldn't waste my time watching Pro Football.

What a worthless POS vick is.

MillPond2 Author Profile Page :

Given his conviction and sentence for animal abuse, just showing up at any NFL away game and possibly facing crowd animosity might qualify him for a courage award.

Of course, anyone who is not an Eagles fan and chooses to show up in Philly to conspicuously support their visiting team would be just as deserving.

clouburns Author Profile Page :

It takes "courage" to attempt to earn a lot of money playing football?

Awarding Michael Vick such an award is a travesty and disgrace, and perhaps more evidence that we are fast losing lost our collective mind...

arancia12 Author Profile Page :

No,no, and a resounding no. Michael Vick is greedy, not courageous. The NFL is greedy, not forgiving.

Once upon a time sports was supposed to build character. Now sports builds bank accounts.

Perhaps I am being harsh but the road to forgiveness, after such a heinous thing that Vick did should be long and hard.

The NFL is making cretins of Americans and they are too stupid to notice.

EdgewoodVA Author Profile Page :

No. Most people convicted of a violent felony and sent to prison for two years would have a hard time getting another decent job at all, but Vick returned to applause and glory--not to mention a still-enormous salary.

Playing a professional sport used to be considered a privilege. He doesn't deserve to a chance to play again, and he certainly doesn't deserve an award that's supposed to be reserved for people demonstrating bravery and good sportsmanship.

moebius22 Author Profile Page :

If his team felt he was worthy of the award, then he is doesn't really matter what anyone else thinks.

catlitterpolitics1 Author Profile Page :

Wow, we have a lot of innocent, sinless, never did anything wrong-saints on this blog. Who was the judge & jury that asked the question???? Where is liberty after justice. You are the same people that gave Micheal Phelps a pass for smoking pot and we must not forget Micheal Phelps is a role model for kids. the press played it down. Now, it seems all they do is follow Micheal Vick around and doubt him an his abilities. For god's sake write a good sports article with substance and a little guideance for our future,which by the way is our children. Mike Vicks has taught our children to "get back up when you fall". Oh I'm sorry everyone on this blog is perfect especially the jerk that posted the question. 2010 can't come fast enough.

MillPond2 Author Profile Page :

CATLITTERPOLITICS: I can't speak for other posters, but I never claimed to be perfect. Is that the criterion for being able to express an opinion? If so, are you the only innocent, sinless, never did anything wrong-saint commenter on this particular site?

jburnetti Author Profile Page :

Yup. Vick deserves the award. Barack Obama deserves the Nobel Peace Prize, what with peace breaking out all over. Vinny Cerrato is Executive of the Year. Dan Snyder is Owner of the Year. Albert Haynesworth wins the Lead by Example award.

KT11 Author Profile Page :

catlitterpolitics1 - you left your sense of proportion, together with decency, in the dog-fighting arena? How can you possibly compare smoking pot to brutalizing defenseless animals, including slamming them to death? You don't have to be a saint to criticize the gutless and out-of-touch Eagles players, coaches and owners, and apparently some fans too. Ed Block must be turning in his grave.

dbeins Author Profile Page :

Vick is a felon. He shouldnt be playing at all but he certainly DOES NOT deserve this. He didnt do anything! He just showed up and got paid.

fendertweed Author Profile Page :

what a joke -- as if the NFL had any credibility to start with.

"courage" might be if this low-life scum came back and played and donated his entire salary to the the ASPCA or some other worthy animal welfare/rescue society.

playing football for a pile of $$ that he can pocket or use to pay his creditors in bankruptcy = desperation & self-interest, not "courage."

His statements have already shown him to be a whiner who is fixated on his own "victimization" and other absurd crap.

what a crock ... the Eagles & the NFL are wallowing in the excrement along with this cretin...

I believe in redemption, but not hyperbolic hypocrisy, which is all this is.

2229 Author Profile Page :

"You are the same people that gave Micheal Phelps a pass for smoking pot and we must not forget Micheal Phelps is a role model for kids."

Pot is harmless, O! Dense One. Michael Phelps won more gold medals than anyone in history. Pot kills no one. Alcohol kills about 119,000 Americans a year, tobacco about 330,000 Americans annually.

Get educated. Willful ignorance ain't cute anymore. Just stupid.

Vick is criminal. Vick not only engaged in dog fighting and its attendant brutality with glee, he PERSONALLY MURDERED DOGS. Do you Vick apologists ever remember, this man in one instance picked up a dog and threw him repeatedly to the pavement until the dog died? Do you know this? Are you ignorning this?

A man this much of a coward and street criminal should be employed at a bus station, not be given over half a million to do NOTHING for the Eagles.

Vick is crap. Phelps is a hero. You're an idiot.

moebius22 Author Profile Page :

A dog isn't a human-it's property. Just like a cow, chicken, or animal isn't a human and is property.

Last I heard animals are still shot for sport, so therefore killing animals for entertainment is nothing special. Too bad the laws are so inconsistent in this regard. Kill a squirrel or raccoon and it's OK. Kill a dog and you go to prison-ridiculous!

mytbone Author Profile Page :

I don't know what the award stands for... however, I think he should get revenue for every bad joke about animal abuse that is attributed to him. I wrote comments and researched many other stories about people who abuse or neglect their precious pets. This year was a bumper crop for shooting black bears in some states and yet no one concerned and it was the first year that grey wolves were taken off the protection list and licenses were offered by lottery because there were so many shooters. If people are such animal lovers maybe they should do something about all the other offenses in this country. It also seems that there are not any A-student or upper income kids that play pro football simply because it is a dangerous gladiator game that most wimpy, white "jocks" can't do and have to sit on their walmart couches drinking beer, painting their faces, etc. I think all sports players are over paid but if they want to bash themselves to get the money - go for it. RAH RAH whatever part of the country you think is best.

ifordc Author Profile Page :

Sure Michael Vick should get it! By watching Eagles games he's played some key roles. Also his bounce back shows that everyone should have a second chance! Screw PETA and all their supporters with one track thinking. Folks need to move on, sure don't see these same folks trying to beat down Bush or Cheney! Now theirs two real criminals if I've ever saw them!

C-way Author Profile Page :

Let's not blow this out of proportion. The is a team award, voted on and presented by the players.....not a list in JFK's Profiles in Courage.

This award was presented within the context of a team. This is akin to a high school's "senior superlatives." Is the "class clown" of your high school doing stand-up at the Improv? Has your class's "most likely to succeed" made Fortune's list of richest people?

So, at the end of the day all this award tells us is that Vick has captured the respect of his fellow players...which should not surprise any football fan. Off the field exploits aside, Vick's always been the king of the locker room and greatly respected by his fellow players.

So this award tells us lots of things...but doesn't answer any big questions. Especially the key question everyone wants to know...Has he turned his life around?

Karmicquickdraw Author Profile Page :

Given the sad state of athletes today Vick is the perfect selection for a courage award.

That cowardly, sadistic, bully, felon, I'm sure, is the golden boy of pro athletes and their fans. I hope Vick's karma is fast acting and that we get to see him pay the universe back for his ignorant arrogance.

fresno500 Author Profile Page :

Have you ever had 200 million white people screaming for your head?

For standing tall and not withering in that storm is deserving enough.

jdonner2 Author Profile Page :

Only in the politicaly correct world of left wing politics could a bum like Vick be granted any award.

jayrockers Author Profile Page :

Andy Reid couldn't raise his own sons right, so he decided to take a flyer on Mike Vick, handed him wads of cash and told him to keep his nose clean.

For the Eagles players to vote him any sort of team award is the biggest travishamockery in sports today. He's been with the team, what, 4 months? And in that time he's displayed values higher than some Eagles who have been on the team for years? If I was a veteran Eagle player, I'd certainly speak up and say it wasn't "unanimous". It was a move by the Eagles FO and publicity departments. If the Eagle players actually made this numbskull move, they are part of the enabling problem in Vick's life, not part of the solution.

Sure Vick "did his time" and all that nonsense. Remember, he basically told the League a big FU when he straight up lied to the commissioner. Then he goes out and gets all doped up. Everything he did up until the moment he went to prison was done with his armor of invincibility on. Once it was stripped away in prison did he start to pay lip service to the fact he might have made some mistakes and offended some people.

Of course he's been a model citizen since he got out of jail. He lost a hundred million dollars and still owes creditors. If he doesn't walk the straight and narrow, he'll never fully get back the lifestyle he once had. Reid & the Eagle players just want to help one of their own get paid. Not help him rehabilitate, contribute to society and learn the true meaning of hardship. It took him four whole months to achieve "courage" in the NFL. Truly a dark day in awards history. Maybe the media should just stop reporting on all these supposed humanitarian bauble lauded from one organization on their own. And maybe the League should start giving awards out to people in their communities who do ten times the work of Mike Vick, out of the goodness of their heart, not for a paycheck.



travisg2 Author Profile Page :

Considering the Eagles image of courage they now must be considering an honorable mention to Tiger Woods for "Courage and Grace under pressure" after his divorce becomes final .

As for Mr Vick.....does it really take a great deal of "courage' to simply refrain from being cruel to animals?

grossdc2 Author Profile Page :

It seems to me that Michael has kept his head down and worked and not asked for anything from anyone and been quiet and done what he has been asked to do. He made a mistake and paid for it. Now he should have a chance to redeem himself and not be subjected to constant hatred and criticism

MNWCSULT Author Profile Page :

My turn. Michael Vick, broke the law and was caught. Went to jail for 18 months. He lost his "Mega" NFL salary along with endorsment monies and is now getting the NFL mininum. He was then "benched" for the first four games of the season, meaning "no pay". He is doing everything he has been asked to do by the system and apparently by everyone else who wants to pile on. According to every American metric, Michael Vick has and still is paying his dues. What is the problem here? Didn't go burn in hell perhaps?

So by committing a crime, going to jail, losing millions, working his way back into football which is all he ever trained for, and keeping his nose clean. That he can be given an award by his fellow football players for being under the constant microscope of public opinion is too much for the some of the other posters to stand. No redemption allowed for Michael Vick.

It is called crime and punishment. As for the award it is a football award given by other football players. I'd probably have an issue if it the award came from the Nobel committee which it did not.

As for those among you that need more than the usual pound of flesh, you'll probably have to get it from the supermarket no back hand to the vegans intended.

dolph924 Author Profile Page :

Vick deserves to be stripped naked, coated in liverwurst and tossed into a dog fight ring with about 6 dogs who haven't eaten for a couple of days. The notion that this jerk could be "courageous" is absurd. He is pond scum and I won't watch a football game in which he plays.

Batman6 Author Profile Page :

Michael Vick gets an award for courage for accepting the incredibly paltry salary of $600,000 to play pro ball for Philadelphia? My goodness but that does speak volumes about America, from top to bottom. I hope his management company got an award for their performance. Personally, I'd like to give an award for courage to every disabled vet who has fought terrorism on behalf of Mr. Vick. Surely Mikey does have much to smile about. I can only hope that he sells his home in Virginia and moves to Pennsylvania on a permanent basis.

AuroraBee Author Profile Page :

Vick getting that award is somewhat like a person who'd killed both parents getting sympathy because they were an orphan.

reegospamoni Author Profile Page :

Sure, let's give him the award because we want to award negroes who haven't behaved like monsters in the last six months.

amberlisa Author Profile Page :

Sure, mike vick should get the award. Just as I had to read about the greatness of george'slavemaster' washington-I can respect the multiple sides of mike Vick. I'm not in the eagles locker room but I respect the way he has responded to the hatred spewed at him from all these good hearted christians-who clearly practice WWJD-lol. i can say this about Vick, he never started a war under false pretenses that resulted in thousands of people getting killed--just curious, where's the hostility towards bush? let's see--thousands of people killed vs. dozens of dogs? please...

ohthehypocricee Author Profile Page :

for those who think vick is not deserving of this award and has not paid his dues...what do you think of a country that slaughtered thousands of natives for what reason?, yet never paid a price...and you rant and rave about its greatness. as you contemplate vick's worthiness and refer to the nfl as the national felon's league, check out the record of your legislators...seems like different rules or perhaps a different "just us" system is being applied depending on who you are.

EdgewoodVA Author Profile Page :


"...where's the hostility towards bush?"

Have you been conscious for the last 8 years?

amberlisa Author Profile Page :


I'm very conscious & i know bush is chillin' in texas & getting ovations when you attend sporting events. I'm also conscious of the fact that his crimes are far more heinous than vicks & yet he's not doing any nor will he do any time! Edgewood, are you still conscious?

arancia12 Author Profile Page :

catlitterpolitics1 and GrossDC. Of course Vick should be able to be employed and get on with his life. He paid his dues like any other felon.

The difference is twofold, however. What Vick did was torture animals. He didn't just shoot them and he didn't use them for food. He bet on their suffering and he encouraged others to become numb to their suffering. Did you ever wonder if he laughed and felt pleasure at the blood and pain?

Vick is not a courageous hero. He's a man who did something awful and walked right out of prison into a very well paying job. OK, lucky him but he should not be celebrated.

I don't want Vick to lose his job. But please tell me who ever said that once one pays their debt to society all is forgiven? All Vick has done is pay his debt and earned his right to work and live. He has not earned honor.

I wonder if either of you would welcome a child molester to your neighborhood if they had served their time in prison.

nyrunner101 Author Profile Page :

Dog-fighting is repulsive and Michael Vick deserved the punishment he received. However, he has served his sentence, paid his debt to society and, one assumes, is rehabilitated. I say let him move on with his life and, if his recent behaviour warrants, let him receive the honor he deserves.

As to those who compare him to a child molester, does anyone think that Michael Vick will ever participate in a dog-fight again?

I didn't think so.

EdgewoodVA Author Profile Page :

Amberlisa: yes, I'm very awake, and I completely agree with you about Bush. He's gotten away with countless atrocities, and it's an abomination that he will probably never be brought to justice for any of them. I care deeply about all the innocent people who suffered tremendous tragedies at the slightest wave of his indifferent hand.

I don't like to mince words, but you were asking specifically about "hostility," not punishment. There's a surplus of hostility towards Bush all over the world, so I didn't understand your original question. I'm sorry about that.

However, the Ed Block award is intended for players who've shown not only courage, but good sportsmanship and compassion for others. Block fought in WWII and was honorably discharged with a Purple Heart. He earned a fellowship in sports medicine, worked under Hall of Fame coaches as the Baltimore Colts' head athletic trainer for 23 years, and went on to work as a children's physical therapist while also creating a foundation for child abuse prevention.

The award named after him is considered a very prestigious one that has gone to the likes of Bruce Smith, Ryan Clark, and Jim Kelly. It's given to players who embody athletic excellence, integrity, and responsibility. Other recipients have worked tirelessly to triumph over injuries that should have ended their careers, or who mustered the mental, emotional, and spiritual strength to succeed on and off the field despite genuine personal traumas like near-fatal crashes and the deaths of their children. It's not about thugs scratching their way out of self-imposed depravity.

The players who deserve this award also often contribute tangibly to local charities because they actually care--not because the judge ordered it. If they have to take leave from the game, they come back because they want to, not because they have enormous bills and legal fees to pay. They prove themselves over time, not over the course of four flimsy months primarily spent on the bench. They come back stronger than ever before. They don't tote pot-filled flasks in airports, they don't flip off reporters in press conferences, and they certainly don't lie to the NFL commissioner when asked about multiple federal felonies.

When they accept their awards, they give ample credit to the people who helped them along the way. They don't pepper their acceptance speeches with comments like "nobody had to endure what I've been through...look at me...nobody else could have done it." Instead, if they've actually soldiered on in spite of great public criticism, they respond by saying things like "the scrutiny just comes with the territory." (Ed Grossman, Bears QB 2007) They win their teammates' votes not by eliciting pity, but by EARNING their genuine respect.

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