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A return to the Ice Bowl?

Will a 2014 Super Bowl at New Meadowlands Stadium open the floodgates for future cold-weather championship games? Should the NFL no longer favor warm-weather climates and dome stadiums when selecting Super Bowl sites?

Posted by Matt Brooks on May 25, 2010 12:00 AM

concorde01: Hey, as Frankie said, "If you can make it there, you can make it anywhere". This also pertains to football fans. Go NY!!!...

BaltimoreCotls59: Why not? The temp will likely be 45-55 degrees, some drizzle -- that's perfect football weather! ...

grobinette: I guess it depends on if you think it's all about the game or all about the spectacle that the Super Bowl has become. If MLB can string out...

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didnik Author Profile Page :

It doesn't matter that much any more. Regular people can no longer afford to go to the Super Bowl. It seems to be attended by the rich and famous and their posses. All the tickets are sold to scalpers and tour packagers months in advance. Plenty of rich and famous will show up to party in Manhatten. If they don't actually go to the game, who cares? The tickets will have been sold and the money collected. I would, however, be shocked if it ended up in a place such as Milwaukee/Green Bay or Buffalo or even Cincinatti, where there is no chance any rich and/or famous people will party in February.

linroy62 Author Profile Page :

Just play the game. These are professionals, and weather shouldn't matter.

ged0386 Author Profile Page :

New York is too crowded a place to have the superbowl. Let them have the Yankees.

ozpunk Author Profile Page :

A snow storm during the Superbowl would be really cool.

chzhead Author Profile Page :

It is about time the NFL has opened up the Super Bowl to teams in cold weather country. To much politics in all this crap. Every team should have the opportunity to host a super bowl. Not just the "elete" warm weather teams. Go Green Bay in 2015

jsminteriors Author Profile Page :

It's about time. I am dying to see seventy thousand "real" fans don the parkas, hats, toe warmers, scarves, rain pants, boots, blankets et al for an afternoon of good freeze-to-death fun. Frankly, I pray for a really good storm. Next prayer is they host one in Buffalo, where with our western NY luck, it would turn out to be seventy degrees and sunny.

mi-ti-bear Author Profile Page :

It will not open it up for Baltimore or Washington only because it is New York

I hope the San Diego Chargers play the Atlanta Falcons in a blinding snowstorm, what to you think 0-0

NovaMike Author Profile Page :

Scientifically, thinking about "design," having either a Super-bowl (or the College Football bowl games) only in one clime is biased AGAINST teams that typically play some or most of those games (in college, those games typically are the conf games) in another clime. So, if the NFL is choosing vacationing fans and media over the hardcore fans and a proper method of choosing a championship, then the Super-bowl will always be in a nice warm winter vacation spot. But that sounds like the tail wagging the dog. A process, such as the path a champion must follow should be selected in a fashion that doesn't consistently bias for a set of it's competitors. Thus, both college football and the NFL should host their championships in a random selection of cities and climes. This effect is probably small in many instances, and it is probably a larger bias in college football. But the reality is you can wave your hands and claim that it is not a bias, but the fact remains that from a scientific design perspective, you'd be wrong.

stafford123 Author Profile Page :

The entire Stupor Bowl process is further proof the the NFL is not a real sport but more akin to WWF. In real sports, the championship game is played at the home field (or rink, pitch, whatever) of one of the teams, usually the team with the better record. If a team has worked hard all season to have the best record, it should be rewarded with the home field advantage. If that means that Green Bay or Buffalo hosts the championship game, then so be it.

By making the Stupor Bowl into a media spectacle, the NFL simply reinforces the notion that it is not about actual competition but about a scripted result. In the average NFL game, more time is spent standing around and having committee meetings than in actually performing an athletic activity. Boring.

gmpadilla2001 Author Profile Page :

Why wasn't a dome, or a re-tractable dome, put on the stadium when it was built? Look, it would have cost more, but you can have more than football in it. You could have had the NCAA Final Four, political conventions and other events. More events equals more money. What happens if there is a huge snowstorm, or worse, an ice storm? I'll watch it at home, thank you.

ANCLvr Author Profile Page :

Why do I hope this is an experiment that will go terribly wrong? For some strange reason, I'm hoping for a 33 degree temp at kickoff, sleet blowing horizontally, with two teams not used to playing in this type of weather (Cardinals vs. Dolphins?), and tens of thousands of miserable fans, soaked and frozen to the bone. It will be fun to watch, however...from my couch.

kevinnpost Author Profile Page :

I want to point out to reporters and fans of the NFL , The 2014 Super Bowl is NOT in NY it is in NEW JERSEY. Located off exit 16W of the NEW JERSEY Turnpike. That being said NY will have all the events and NJ will be in the shadows.
It is GREAT that the game is in a cold weather stadium. I am tired of seeing all the "pretty" Hollywood types going to the Super Bowl just to get TV time. If you are a real football fan the weather will not be even a factor, It is the Super Bowl and your team is playing!!!

Here2day Author Profile Page :

I sure hope not-!!!!! Oh wonderful-!! Give any team who plays in the great ice and snow outdoors a four point edge before they even take the field. . . . . It's no joke.

. . . . . Those of us who are old enough to remember the "ice Bowl" between the Dallas and Green Bay. Remember how the eliments penalized the Cowboys and meant about EIGHT points for the Packers ( I was pulling for the Packers who had an all SEC backfield, but I could see the difference ).

Warm weather teams of today are better equiped at handling the cold than Dallas yesterday-year. But it still can mean an unbalanced contest and a four point advantage.

mascmen7 Author Profile Page :

NFL president is semi insane, ultra liberal and a democrat lover in past. He nixed Rush Limbaugh as an owner of a team. So much for freedom in America. Now he is awarding the ultra liberal capital of the world his most prestigous award, the Super Bowl in the coldest month of the year endangering fans and players and he is not arrested for attempted murder of players and fans. All for money.

concorde01 Author Profile Page :

Hey, as Frankie said, "If you can make it there, you can make it anywhere". This also pertains to football fans. Go NY!!!

BaltimoreCotls59 Author Profile Page :

Why not? The temp will likely be 45-55 degrees, some drizzle -- that's perfect football weather!

grobinette Author Profile Page :

I guess it depends on if you think it's all about the game or all about the spectacle that the Super Bowl has become.

If MLB can string out the playoffs so they are playing baseball in the cold weather then why shouldn't the NFL let the teams play in adverse elements?

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