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Here are answers to some questions I was not able to get to during my weekly fantasy chat earlier today:

Ft Lauderdale, Fla.: I think Ray Rice will do pretty well against KC, but what do you think of starting Willis McGahee, thinking they'll go to him near the goal line?

The Ravens have indicated McGahee will be their goal-line back, but it seems an odd choice considering his injury history and size. I'd wait on starting him until we know he can handle the load.

Bush isn't a must-start; in fact I like Mike Bell more.: Can you expand on this? Bush sure seems like a must-start to me.

Bush is a good play this week with the injury to Pierre Thomas, but Bell is the real workhorse in the backfield. Bush isn't going to carry the ball 15 or more times, which Bell just might do.

Baltimore, Md.: Mr. Gene
How would evaluate Percy Harvin's role with the Vikings?

He's going to be a significant factor because the Vikings have said they've designed plays especially for him. He's great running after the catch, so look for him in slant patterns and screens.

Fairfax, Va.: Is Matt Hasslebeck back into form? Some experts have the Seabags as a sleeper team this season, and Mora does like to throw the ball around. Would he make a better backup for Peyton Manning than my current backup Jake Delhomme?

Yes, Hasselbeck appears back in form, and he's a tier 2 quarterback when healthy.

Washington, D.C.: Hi Gene. Which two of these three RBs: Forte; Slaton; Ronnie Brown? Forte is a no-brainer, but views on the other two seem to vary widely. Thanks!

I've been a big believer in Slaton since the end of last season, and there's no reason to panic just because the Texas have said Chris Brown will be used as the goal-line back. Slaton will get plenty of opportunities and is a must-start regardless of matchup.

Dayton, Ohio: Hi, Gene
I ran Chris Johnson last night and was surprised (and dismayed) to see Justin Gage getting far more touches. I'm not in a PPR league, but is Gage worth picking up off the waiver wire?

Yes, especially with injury concerns about Nate Washington.

Washington, D.C.: I'm in a 10-team league with a 15-man roster limit (8 starters each week). Do you think it's better to just pick a backup defense and kicker when my starters are on bye, or should I always keep a backup for each position on the roster, leaving just one flex player on the bench? The strategy seems to be split in the league with 6 of the 10 teams having a full roster of backups.

In a 10-team league, you'll always have ample opportunity to add a defense and kicker in bye weeks, so no need to keep backups for those slots.

Orchard Park, N.Y.: Good Morning Gene,
Thanks for your time and insight. I'd appreciate your thoughts/advice on a minor dilemma: I am in a PPR league and am heavy in WR and weak at RB. Of this group: Fitzgerald, Andre Johnson, Wes Welker and Roy Williams, who should I trade and what would I expect to get in return?

Wow. Fitzgerald and Andre Johnson is about as good as it gets at WR. If you wanted to trade one of them, you'd get a first tier QB like Aaron Rodgers or Philip Rivers.

Germantown, Md.: Hi Gene,
I really rely on your advice and it has really helped me out over the last few years. Best one of the following three to start in my flex (RB/WR) position: Joseph Addai, Eddie Royal, or Donnie Avery? My two starting RBs are Slaton and Portis, and my two starting WRs are Colston and Bowe. Feel free to rearrange my lineup. Thanks!

I'd cautiously go with Addai. My preference is to start RBs at flex.

Silver Spring, Md.: I'm in a PPR league. I'm counting on Rice the Raven to have a GREAT season and McGahee to be a non-factor. Does that sound right to you?
Discussion Topic - What do you think of managers who have wholesale roster changes after they draft but before the season even begins, making the draft almost meaningless. I hate that. Who's the crazy one? Me or Them?

I agree Rice is in store for a big season, but McGahee will be a factor, if you believe the Ravens, at the goal line. To the second part of your question, I've never been one to tinker that much with my roster. You're right, a complete overhaul does seem to devalue the draft completely.

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I am playing at and you have to pick the best player matchups each week. You can only start the same player twice during the season, my question is, is there a site that gives the best stats on head to head players versus what team they play?
$2500 is up for grabs this week and I need the money.

Who is the best choice for QB this week?

Posted by: Phillip Hatley | September 12, 2009 7:07 PM

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