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Welcome to another session of Fantasy Check Live Overtime, where I answer some questions I was unable to get to during my weekly chat earlier today.

Washington, D.C.: Gene - For all the naysayers blowing up talk radio this morning remember these words of the late, great Lombardi, "You never win a game unless you beat the guy in front of you. The score on the board doesn't mean a thing. That's for the fans. You've got to win the war with the man in front of you. You've got to get your man. Beat the man in front of you, and the score will take care of itself. Our unit is more talented, but they have to play like it, or lose they will."

Onto 2nd the most important thing, fantasy roster questions:

Start - Mike Sims-Walker over Torry Holt?

Start - Darren McFadden over Ahmad Bradshaw?

Go Redskins!

Fantasy Check: Sims-Walker over Holt, and DMac over Bradshaw.

Washington, D.C.: Gene. Is there an injury report Web site that is reliable? Reading up on player reports on Yahoo! leads me to make bad decisions on players that are supposedly hurt but end up playing. . . . Also, do you know of a Web site that has a list of players that will play on game day?

I have four players with two flex spots in a ppr league with 1 point for every 10 yards receiving.

DeSean Jackson, TJ, Michael Bush, Patrick Crayton.

Which two would u play? Thanks Gene!

FC: I really like's injury reports that are updated regularly. And I like Jackson, who is expected to start this weekend, and T.J. Houshmandzadeh, though I would consider Bush too.

State College, Penn.: I need some help with a flex position. Should I play Felix Jones or Donald Driver in my flex slot? It's a PPR league so i am leaning towards Driver but if Marion Barber doesn't play, Jones could do well. Who should I start?

FC: First, the Nittany Lions have a big one tomorrow. Is Penn State's No. 5 ranking legitimate? We'll find out against Iowa. Now on to your fantasy question.

You have the right idea, I think, but you're in a difficult position since you'll have to decide which player to start by Sunday, even though the Cowboys don't play until Monday. Right now Driver looks like the better option, since it appears Barber will play because he has been practicing. Keep an eye on him though, and if we learn before kickoff on Sunday that Barber will be out on Monday night, you can swivel to Jones.

Washington, D.C.: I picked up Breaston off the waiver wire this week. Is he healthy enough to play as a third receiver?

(My alternatives are Ginn and Lance Moore.)

FC: Ginn is your best bet, since his heatlh isn't an issue. By the way, Moore has been ruled out of Sunday's game against Buffalo.

Boston: I have LeSean McCoy and Knowshon Moreno taking up space on my bench. Should I drop them to try and get some better options in the available free agents, or should I continue waiting for Westbrook to get injured and Moreno to step up?

FC: I'd hang on to both of them. No telling if Westbrook will break down soon, and the Broncos have big plans for Moreno.

Billy Gene, it's not my son! Help!: McNabb is hurt, so do I go with Favre or Leftwich? At WR, do I start L. Robinson or Manningham instead of Santana Moss? Moss has been killing me these past two weeks. Thanks!

You da man!

FC: Better matchup for Leftwich, and Manningham, assuming he's healthy. Monitor his progress through this weekend.

Naples, Fla.: Gene,

Any way I should consider starting Joe Flacco instead of Kurt Warner this weekend based on the matchup?

FC: Nope, stick with Warner, especially in a game that has shootout implications.

Centreville, Va.: Happy Friday Gene!

I'm in a PPR league. I have Reggie Bush, Brian Westbrook, Cadillac Williams, Cedric Benson, Darren McFadden and Jamal Lewis (ugh) as running backs, with two starting. Andre Johnson, Colston, Hines Ward, Eddie Royal and Braylon Edwards are my wide receivers, and we start three of them.

I'm looking to trade Benson and Edwards for Vincent Jackson and LeSean McCoy (handcuff for Westbrook that I got beat out on at the draft). Am I overpaying, or is Jackson that much better than Edwards? I believe it's a decent trade?


FC: You are not overpaying. Benson is a nice No. 2 fantasy back, but it appears this is a lost season for Braylon Edwards. Jackson is emerging as a legit No. 1 wide receiver, and McCoy's upside is tremendous.

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