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Welcome to Fantasy Check Live Double OT. Thanks again for all your questions during the Friday chat. Here's some overflow:

Alexandria, Va.: Gene, what do you think about Larry Fitzgerald? I took him with a 9th pick, but he's having a pretty average season so far. I'm thinking about trading him for another RB1 and a WR2/3, because my current RB2 has about 2 points over the last three weeks, and I feel like I could pick up more points with a great RB2 and an average WR2/3.

But I'm hesitant to pull the trigger because . . . well, he's Larry Fitzgerald. If it helps, it's a 12-team PPR league, and I'm the only girl, so I don't want to get mocked mercilessly. Thank you!

FC: Don't lose faith in Fitzgerald. He's due to have a big game very soon because, well, he's Larry Fitzgerald. Plus the Cardinals' next two opponents are Houston and Seattle, both great matchups.

Bethesda, Md.: What are your thoughts on playing Marshawn Lynch this week?

FC: The Bills have said Lynch and Fred Jackson will split carries, but I'm not so sure it'll happen this week. Jackson has been too good, and Lynch has had a long layoff. Plus Miami's run defense has been sound so far. Lynch is a consideration as a flex player, but limit your expectations.

Baltimore: Hi Gene . . .

So it looks like I'll be playing running back roulette this season . . . I have to sit one of these guys: C. Portis (v. TB); C. Benson (vs. Cle), or D. McFadden (v. Hou). Which way would you go?

Personally, I've about had it with Portis after he exploded for four points last week.

FC: You and me both. I've managed to win games with Portis providing next to nothing. And he's listed as questionable against Tampa. That said, I'm rolling the dice on him one more time. If he doesn't have a huge game against the Bucs, I'm through with him. But I don't have Benson or McFadden, both of whom I'd probably start over Portis out of sheer frustration.

Miami: In a PPR league, would you trade Desean Jackson for Calvin Johnson?

FC: Jackson may end up with more catches, but he's no match for Megatron when it comes to yards and touchdowns. Johnson's advantage in those categories is reason enough to keep him.

Tysons Corner, Va.: Geno,

I have a back up QB question. Peyton is my starter, and his bye is week 6. I have Roethlisberger, who will be facing Cleveland, and Favre who will be facing Baltimore. Barring an injury to Peyton, I will only need a back up for this week. Should I dump Favre and open up a spot on my bench? I really need a back up TE, as Cooley has gotten no love from Campbell thus far. I doubt Favre has trade value in my 8 person league. Thanks Gene!

FC: No need to carry three QBs in an eight-team league, but I don't think you'll want to bench Cooley either. Cooley has started slow, but he's still at the top of the second tier of tight ends.

Falls Church, Va.: Any word on Wes Welker's status? How do you like Santana Moss vs Tampa?

FC: Welker's status -- as with all New England injuries -- is shrouded in mystery. He was limited in practice on Friday, and we probably won't know until noon Sunday if he'll play. Moss is a great option against Tampa.

Hopeless, Md.: I have Schaub and Campbell this weekend, and I'm 0-3. Who do I go with? Schaub, right?

FC: While Campbell has an attractive matchup, Schaub has seven touchdowns in the past two games. He's just a better quarterback in fantasy and reality.

Bethesda, Md.: Gene,

I lost my game last week when playing any of three different guys on my bench would have brought victory. I played Philip Rivers, Darren Sproles, and Chris Cooley and sat Jason Campbell, Pierre Thomas, and Brent Celek. Very annoying since all three of those plays were the "right" ones.

Need help with my RBs this week. I have Sproles, Thomas, and Buckhalter - pick two. Thanks.

FC: Thomas and Buckhalter.

Losing, Va.: Gene, please help. My main RB, Gore, went down and I was way too far down on the waiver list to grab Coffee. So, now I'm stuck with Buckhalter, Mendenhall (just in case FWP couldn't start), and was able to get Fred Taylor (who is unfortunately playing the Ravens). Please select one of those guys to start this weekend.

Also, what do you think for picking up Avery, from the Rams, now that Robinson went down?

FC: Mendenhall isn't a bad option against the Chargers, who are giving up 142 yards per game. Avery should get many more looks with Laurent Robinson done for the season, so if you're in the market for a wide receiver, it's a good way to go.

Clarks Summit, Penn.: With no additional room on the bench, should I keep Felix Jones and Anthony Gonzalez? When do you think they will be productive?

Is Thomas Jones (Jets) a bench warmer?

Will the Redskins be boo'ed early and often on Sunday?

FC: Yes, soon, yes, and most definitely if they start off slow against the Bucs.

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