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Welcome to the overtime edition of Fantasy Check Live, where I answer overflow questions from Friday's regular chat. Let's get started.

Pentagon City, Va.: Hi Gene,

I could go Hines Ward or Mario Manningham . . . any suggestions? Thanks!

Fantasy Check: Hines Ward has been a beast this season in every category except touchdowns. That could change this week with a great matchup against Cleveland. Manningham, meantime, has been dropping too many passes.

Bethesda, Md.: I have four mid-range dependable wide receivers and two slots (no flex): Jennings, Vincent Jackson, Nate Burleson, and the Giants' Steve Smith.

Who do you trust the most out of those four to produce?

FC: Jennings has a super matchup, and I like Steve Smith in a game that could be up and down the field. You might consider Burleson too in another game that could feature a lot of points.

St. Louis, Mo.: In a heavy receiver league - 1 point per reception. I'm short at RB - Portis and Steven Jackson. Got offered Ray Rice for Brandon Marshall. What do you think.

FC: I like the trade for you. I have Ray Rice and am expecting big things from him, especially since that Ravens offense is clicking. But remember Rice has a difficult matchup this week against the Vikings, so definitely factor that in as you consider the trade.

El Salvador: Hi Gene,

McNabb or Garrard?


-Super Purple Haze

FC: I have to believe Garrard will have a bounce-back game against the Arizona, which has the worst pass defense in the league (303 ypg). The Raiders have the 31st-ranked defense overall, but they are actually pretty good against the pass (15th) thanks to cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha, who is among the best in the league.

Stanton Park, Washington, D.C.: Hi Gene. With all the chaos going on with the Redskins offensive line, would it be crazy to pick up the Kansas City defense this week? Also, who would you start out of Jeremy Maclin, Derrick Mason, and Santana Moss? Thanks!

FC: I wouldn't use the Chiefs if you have other options. The Chiefs have the worst defense statistically in the NFL, and they are ranked 29th against the pass. Santana Moss could be in store for a big game. If the Skins can't move the ball against these guys, it's really worse than we thought.

Arlington, Va.: Gene, Thanks for the weekly chat. I have two questions:

1. What the heck do I do with Brandon Jacobs? Every week he has subpar performances while his "backups" rack up huge numbers! It's infuriating.

2. I have two WR spots and have Andre Johnson, Burleson, and Colston. I assume Johnson is a must-start, but who do you like between the other two?


FC: Yes, Johnson is a must-start regardless of matchup, and Burleson has a more favorable matchup against the league's worst pass defense. As for Jacobs, you have to hold your nose and play him because he's the starting running back on perhaps the best team in the NFC.

Bloomfield, N.J.: Hi Gene, love your column. Desperate here at 1-4 on the season. Also, I have never done a PPR league. Do you like them? Also, need two running backs from Portis, Tomlinson, Bradshaw, Hightower and Lynch. Thanks

FC: Portis and Bradshaw would be my choices, and I do like PPR leagues. Receptions are a pretty important statistic in football if you ask me. Now there are leagues that award points for carries, which I think is ridiculous. Carries and receptions are hardly in the same category.

San Francisco: Gene thanks for your inputs as always - this week I've got to choose from Warner, Cutler and Ryan at quarterback (TD's-only format, no points for yardage). I'm thinking Ryan . . . also going with Sproles over Jacobs (again, scoring only) . . . do you agree with these calls? Thanks

FC: If it were me, I'm going with Warner and Jacobs. But I do tell chatters all the time to go with their hunches if they feel strongly about them. Sounds like you do.

Brawltimore: Hey Gene-

Have to start a fourth WR in a formation league, and I already have Fitzgerald, Jennings, and Burleson going. Do I plug in Johnny Knox or Percy Harvin? Return yards don't count, but return TDs do.

Thanks, and keep up the good work!

FC: Your three wide receivers are all solid plays. No need to disturb that lineup.

Fantasyland: Whadda ya think Gene? Vincent Jackson against Champ or Nate Burleson against that atrocious Arizona pass D? Thanks!

FC: Burleson all the way.

Dupont Circle, Washington, D.C.: Schaub or Brees this weekend? And is Brian Westbrook finished as an automatic fantasy option?

FC: Brees, and yes, Westbrook isn't a must-start regardless of matchup anymore, largely because of LeSean McCoy. The Eagles want to keep Westbrook as injury-free as possible for the stretch run, which means less work. He has a great matchup this week though against Oakland (ranked 31st against the run).

Ashburn, Va.: Gene, I'm having issues with trades in my leagues . . . owners seem to want a lot in return for certain players. are other owners having the same issue in their leagues?

now my question - I'm in need of a decent WR . . . what do you think I should expect to receive in exchange for a package of Jamal Lewis and Larry Johnson.

FC: I'll open this question to all the fantasy players out there. How are trades working out in your leagues? For Lewis and Johnson, you shouldn't expect much. Except for Lewis's most recent game, he hasn't done anything, and LJ has been a fantasy bust.

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PPR league here with a bunch of similar RBs. Starting Slaton but need a flex. Have issues with all options, so looking for advice. Choices are:
1) Hightower -- Inconsistent but my opponent's QB is Warner
2) Pierre Thomas -- Stud but worried about injury, split carries, and the Giants D
3) Lynch -- Bills offense sucks and he is all they got. Could be a good thing or could be awful.
4) Kevin Smith -- with CJ out at WR, Smith becomes the focal point. Can he produce as the main option?

Posted by: Late Help Needed | October 17, 2009 6:29 PM

My league rarely trades. We average 1-2 trades in the league every season.

Posted by: Shock | October 18, 2009 2:45 AM

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