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Thanks for coming to Fantasy Check Live Overtime, where I answer questions I was unable to get to during my weekly Friday chat.

Am I crazy?: I'm seriously thinking of benching Brees in favor of Campbell this week. I also have Santana Moss and drool over the prospect of double points against a truly awful Bucs defense. Even in the debacle last week, Campbell and Moss were money, fantasy wise.

Should I report immediately to the nearest psych ward?!?

Fantasy Check: Sometimes in fantasy, it's easy to overthink. Let's put it this way: If I drafted Drew Brees with my first pick, I'm starting him every week, period. There aren't many players you can say that about, but Brees certainly is one. I know Campbell's matchup is attractive, but consider what I wrote on my blog earlier this week about Brees averaging 290 yards and 2.3 tochdowns against top 10 pass defenses last season. Plus Jets CBs Lito Sheppard and Donald Strickland have been ruled out for the game.

Viera, Fla.: Talk me down off the ledge, Gene!

I'm in an 8 team PPR league with IDPs. I've really struggled so far this year -- mainly at the QB position. I've got McNabb and Edwards. So as I'm trolling the waiver wire, the best available qb is Jason Campbell. The more I think about it, the more I'm tempted. Bucs, Panthers, and Chiefs coming up.

And, other than the obvious lack of tds, completions and yards look good. Am I smoking something here or could this be a good play until McNabb is healthy?

FC: Unlike the previous chatter who was debating Campbell or Brees, your situation is completely different because, well, you don't have Brees. In that case, Campbell is a nice play.

13th St. S.E., Washington, D.C.: Thanks for continuing to do the chats.

I have Bowe, Roy E. Williams, S Holmes and Hester in a non-PPR league, starting two. You think benching Williams for Hester would be wise . . . and continuing to start Holmes?


FC: This week yes. Chicago has a much better matchup than Dallas. Holmes isn't a must-start yet, but he could emerge into that kind of player, Right now you're basically playing wide receiver by committee.

Minneapolis, Minn.: Gene,

What are your thoughts on playing two WRs from the same team? I have Andre Johnson and Kevin Walter (and Schaub for that matter) who are at Oakland this week.

I need 3 WR's in a PPR league, my other WR are Jennings and Holmes.

I was thinking of going Johnson, Jennings and Holmes, but Walter tore it up on my bench last week.

Also, will Portis get right this week, or is Coffee a better play as my RB2?

FC: I used to have a hard and fast rule not to start two players from the same team, but I've done a 180 on that. Johnson and Jennings are must-starts regarless of matchup, and the Walter-Holmes decision will be based on matchup. And if the matchup is close, I lean toward the home team, which in this case is Pittsburgh.

As far as Portis goes, I'm a Portis owner, and I'm about at my wit's end with him. If he can't produce big numbers against the Bucs, I'm through with him. Also be aware he's questionable this week. I just added Ladell Betts to my roster in case Portis can't go, but I'd feel safer if I were in your shoes and was able to start Coffee.

Washington, D.C.: What's your philosophy on having 2 players on the same team active -- for example, Adrian Peterson and Percy Harvin? Would you play Santonio Holmes instead of Harvin this week?

FC: AP and Harvin isn't a bad 1-2, but Holmes is becoming a true WR1 and at the moment is a better option than Harvin. Also you have to figure the Vikings want to get Peterson going after two subpart games, at least for him, and won't let Favre try to win the game by himself.

Reston, Va.: Hey Gene!

What's your take on the Dallas RB situation? I was lucky enough to snag Tashard on the waiver wire this week, but there are reports that Barber might play. My RB1 is Forte, and I'd like to start Tashard at RB2, but if he's going to be sitting behind Barber, I might consider Darren McFadden instead.

I can also substitute a WR if needed (thinking maybe Giants' Steve Smith). This is a PPR league -- any thoughts?

FC: According to multiple reports, Barber is good to go. He's listed as probable, and he practiced fully on Friday. McFadden has an outstanding matchup against Houston, which is last in the league against the run and giving up 205 rushing yards per game. This could be McFadden's bust-out game.

20024, Washington, D.C.: Fasano or Carlson at TE? Also, why don't you publish your position rankings any more? I miss them from year's past . . .

FC: Carlson, and those positional rankings took forever! Plus there are so many Web sites and experts listing rankings, I figured it would be a more constructive use of my time
to do blog post such as this.

Harford County, Md.: Harford County Question, Gene . . . Josh Morgan vs. St. Louis or Mark Clayton vs. New England for 3rd WR position? We appreicate it. (We, being my 8 month old son and I)

FC: Great to hear you're getting your son involved with fantasy early. The Ravens' offense is hot right now, so I like Clayton a bit more than Morgan.

Arlington, Va.: Which rookie RB should I start this week: Donald Brown or Knowshon Moreno?

Also, I have been holding on to Michael Crabtree as a reserve for three weeks now. Is it time to get rid of him?

FC: Brown has the better matchup. Until either Brown or Moreno emerges as a true RB1, you're looking at starting one or the other based on matchup.

Oakland, CA: Hi Gene!

Love the chat! I've got the deep-league, bye-week blues. With Steve Smith, Michael Turner, and Anquan Boldin off, I need to play three of the following (at least one WR):

Davone Bess vs. Buf

Andre Caldwell @Cle

Michael Bush @Hou

Maurice Morris @Chi

Larry Johnson vs. NYG

Pretty standard Yahoo scoring (no PPR). Who would you go with? Or is it time to punt and worry about Week 5?

FC: Caldwell, Bush and LJ, whom I'm ready to release, but at least he's going to get carries, while Morris will get limited work against a good run defense.

Crystal City, Va.: Gene,

How long do I let Reggie Bush occupy space on my roster? Obviously, he's not starting, but now I feel like he's preventing me from making moves at other positions.

FC: Depends who your other RBs are and which RBs are available. Right now it's clear Pierre Thomas is the true RB1, and when Mike Bell comes back, he's going to get more carries than Bush. I wouldn't necessarily release Bush, but his fantasy impact these days is minimal. He has 225 yards from scrimmage and one touchdown through three games. That's not going to help win many weeks.

Gaithersburg, Md.: I have Tom Brady and Matt Schaub on my team. Which one of these would you trade and what can I expect back in a fair trade for either?

FC: I'd keep Brady and deal Schaub for a lower-end RB1 or WR1, depending on your needs. Schaub's value is extremely high at the moment after he has thrown seven touchdowns over the past two weeks.

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