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Memo to Al Davis, just do it already baby. Or don't do it. Either way, make a decision on what to do with Lane Kiffin because the uncertainty of the situation is not helping to put wins on the board and it's making a mockery of a once proud, championship franchise. I respect Davis for taking the risk on a young kid and putting an unproven Kiffin in charge of Raider Nation. But it's time to end it. Or not end it. Do something Al before Scott Linehan beats him to the finish line.

Kiffin may have in fact broken Davis' Raider code of loyalty by wandering his eyes towards some open college gigs last Fall. That's a no-no, a big one.

But for Kiffin, he's in his 30's, never played in the NFL, rode his father's last name a little and eventually made his own name as the OC at USC. So, why wouldn't he be eyeing such a position? Why wouldn't he want to be the main man on a college campus? Have you seen the way chicks dig the football coach? Kiffin may not feel it, but he's in a pretty good position in life.

And he knows the Raiders' woes are not his fault. When your franchise's best season since 2002 is a 5-11 record with Kerry Collins as your QB and Amos Zereoue as your leading RB, there are some issues well beyond a coach's control. It's called a lack of management. Such energy should be channeled elsewhere, not towards the "will he or won't he fire the coach" game. It does the franchise, the fans and the coach a complete disservice.

So if you want to fire him Al, then go for it. You'll still have your team and Kiffin will forever hold the label as a one-time young, former Raiders head coach.

Let's see, what ever happened to other young, former Raiders head coaches like Mike Shanahan and Jon Gruden after they left the Silver and Black?

Oh, thats right, they won Super Bowls baby, elsewhere.

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