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Plaxico Should Be a Man


I think that first and foremost Tom Coughlin was trying to make Plaxico accountable to his teammates, and send a message. If he's willing to suspend one of the best players on the team, he'll suspend anyone. That doesn't just send a huge message; it keeps everyone on their toes. It means for players: I gotta be responsible, this is my job. It's not a game, it's serious business. We're here to win and we're all in this together, no one guy is bigger than the team.

But even if the Giants were playing Dallas this weekend, I think Tom would have suspended Plax, someone higher up may have tried to stop it, but Tom would still do it. He's pretty straightforward and doesn't jump to conclusions, he does his research. Back when he was my coach in Jacksonville, he suspended guys for just cause, for being late, for not attending meetings. You know as a player, that's part of your contract he has a right to suspend you. You know directly what the rules are, and there's no wavering. From number one to number 53 he expects the same standards. He expects you to be just as responsible and once you cross the line there's no amount of money on a contract that will change those standards. That's the way it should be run.

Of course we don't know all the details of the situation with Plax, and we probably never will. Burress is one of the better receivers out there, I've got respect for him, but he's got to get in touch with Coach. If you let Tom know what the situation is, he'll be on your side, just don't leave him out in the dark.

This goes for his agent Drew Rosenhaus too. If he knew what was going on, he has to step up and admit that his player made a mistake. He can't just defend Plax and blast the organization. They have to sit down first and find out what the situation is.
Plax has been great for The Giants, they like him and he likes New York. They just gave him a new deal. Plax wants to be a big part of the Giants future. Maybe he needs some help or maybe it was a simple mistake -- a communication error. But it's his mistake, and now he's got to take his medicine like a man.

The team started the season 3-0 and Plax was a big part of that. Now the team has to focus on Seattle and pushing their record to 4-0. That's the only way to move forward. Billy Martin used to that the Yankees always had turmoil in the locker room but when they stepped on the field, it turned to chemistry. This is just another one of those bumps that seems hard, but can actually bring the team closer together. When you win a championship, like the Giants did last year, everything isn't running smoothly, but those controversies usually happen behind the scene, this one got out.

But they're goal is to get to Tampa and that's what Tom is showing them with this suspension. Champions are accountable to each other.

By Keenan McCardell  |  September 25, 2008; 11:13 AM ET Save & Share:  Send E-mail   Facebook   Twitter   Digg   Yahoo Buzz   StumbleUpon   Technorati  
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Rosenhaus is a pitbull who only has loyalty to whomever is paying him, he knows nothing about personal responsibility, nor does he really care about the players he represents. He is a money man, that is his one and only job and he is exceedingly good at it. This whole situation is Plax's own doing and I agree that he needs to be the one to step up and deal with it. Public apologies, cheering from the sidelines, whatever it takes to keep himself away from becoming this year's T.O.

Posted by: YO KEENAN | September 25, 2008 12:37 PM

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