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Post Gameday Chat, Week 2: Games We Might Want to Watch


Tennessee (+1.5) at Cincinnati

bielerd: I know Cincy's at home, but how are they favored? they got handled last week by a team in the Ravens that's like Titans Lite
David Larimer: This is a line that weirds me out. I know the TItans can't score, but did anyone SEE the Bengals last week?
Matt Bonesteel: Can we make Vince Young jokes yet?
bielerd: yes, but only with his mom's permission
David Larimer: oh, snap!
bielerd: something he won't be taking for a while
David Larimer: wait, i guess i should be using some IM shorthand. ROTFLOLOWITHURTSSTOP
bielerd: I will say this: Albert Haynesworth has a concussion problem. if he's out, the bengals' job gets a lot easier.
Matt Bonesteel: "A concussion problem"?
bielerd: he was described as having "mild concussion symptoms," whatever those are
Matt Bonesteel: Is that like a broken leg problem?
David Larimer: True, the Titans have a really bad record w/out Haynesworth. How bad? I can't recall exactly, but take my word for it
Matt Bonesteel: See, the people come to us for exacting statistical analysis.
bielerd: he's missed 2 staight practices
Matt Bonesteel: In any case, I'll take the Titans. Because I have a "gambling problem."
David Larimer: anyway, titans called haynesworth a precaution (he's been working out), and i think kerry collins might actually be a better offensive threat right now than young, who should just stay at home and listen to pink songs for a week or so. titans.
bielerd: ok, that makes 3 of us
Matt Bonesteel: I believe that's all underdogs for me.

Game preview

Green Bay (-3) at Detroit

bielerd: Lock alert! Lock alert! I love me some packers
bielerd: I haven't found anyone online -- and I scoured -- willing to predict a Lions win in this game.
David Larimer: Hey, i was wondering if Des would get a lock shtick this week. It needs work.
David Larimer: I'm with the Pack too. I can't see any reason to go with the Lions right now.
bielerd: hey, you can't put lock schtick on a pig.
bielerd: oops, probably shouldn't have said that...
David Larimer: that was awful
Matt Bonesteel: Consider my underdog streak snapped! The Packers are the pick, even if they're forced to turn to someone named Kregg (the extra 'g' is for 'good') Lumpkin at running back.

Game preview

Buffalo (+5.5) at Jacksonville

bielerd: Another oddly high line. Jacksonville's o-line is still in a shambles, and ex-Jag Marcus Stroud is ready to pounce
bielerd: I could see the Jags winning this, but maybe by 3 or so
David Larimer: I never would have guess that I'd lock the Bills two straight weeks, but Ka-CHUNK. that's right, that's a BIlls lock. The Jags have no offensive line. Ka-CHUNK.
Matt Bonesteel: I hear the Jags have no offensive line. So I guess the Bills are the pick.
bielerd: Ka-CHUNK! Now that's quality schtick
bielerd: I get it, it's a "locking" sound

Game preview

Baltimore (+4.5) at Houston

Matt Bonesteel: I'm simply baffled by this one.
bielerd: Joe Flacco vs. Mario Williams. I'll take Mario
Matt Bonesteel: Oh, that makes things a little less baffling.
bielerd: you're welcome. I think Houston reminds folks why they were highly thought of, and why B-more wasn't
Matt Bonesteel: This didn't work for me last time, so why not try it again: NFL rookie making first road start. NFL rookie making first road start. NFL rookie making first road start. NFL rookie making first road start. NFL rookie making first road start. Texans.
bielerd: say it often enough, and eventually it'll look like sage advice
Matt Bonesteel: he has to lose sometime, right?
David Larimer: The Texans made us all look like fools last week. So it makes perfect sense that we all take them again
bielerd: seriously, who do the ravens have on offense? Flacco to Mason? Flacco to Clayton? Heap? Mcgahee is mcgimpy again, also.

Game preview

update: The Ravens-Texans game was postponed until Nov. 9 after Hurricane Ike caused damage to Houston's Reliant Stadium.

Pittsburgh (-6) at Cleveland

David Larimer: I'm willing to look stupid by going against the Steelers again. I'll take the Browns to keep it close.
Matt Bonesteel: I can't see the Browns stopping the Steelers any better than they did the Cowboys. Which is to say, not at all. So I'll go with Pittsburgh.
bielerd: Boy, I want to takevCleveland, I really do. I want to believe the Steelers aren't quite as awesome as they looked like this week, and in a rivalry game, at home, backs to the wall, various other cliches, the Browns will get it done, and by get it done, I mean lose by less than 6. But the browns are the browns and I think they're on their way to a rough start. steelers

Game preview

New Orleans (even) at Washington

[note: due to technical difficulties (translation: technically, we're morons), we don't have a discussion to post for this game. but we do have picks -- we all like the Saints!]

Game preview

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funnier name: Kregg Lumpkin or Michael Bumpus?

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