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David, Des and Matt

David, Des and Matt

Three Post editors who fearlessly preview each week's NFL games, and predict who'll win against the spread.

Post Gameday Chat, Week 2: Games We'll Skip in Favor of Whatever's on the Lifetime Channel


Oakland (+3.5) at Kansas City

David Larimer: The Raiders are already hilarious
Matt Bonesteel: I think there's a WNBA game on during this timeslot.
bielerd: another rivalry game. these teams are bitterly contesting which one is lousier.
Matt Bonesteel: I'll take the Shock, er, the Chiefs.
bielerd: hidden in the hullbaloo over Brady's tragic injury last week was the injury to Brodie Croyle, which should come as much less tragic news to people who want to see the Chiefs move the ball. Damon Huard lead a solid win over the Silver and Blecchh
David Larimer: I wonder who I would take if the Raiders played the Lions. Until then, I'll pick against the Raiders and the Lions.

Game preview

N.Y. Giants (-8.5) at St. Louis

bielerd: Let's make this quick. No one here's taking the Rams, right?
David Larimer: i've actually been debating it
David Larimer: 8.5 is a ton of points for any road team that's not the 2007 patriots, and past the first quarter the giants didn't look all that great last week
Matt Bonesteel: Even with my frenemy Eli at the helm, I gotta think the Giants are somewhat better than a team that looked worse than Syracuse last week. Plus, someone on the InterTubes said that Steven Jackson has that whole "Larry Johnson, 2007" look to him. G-men.
bielerd: ok, debate club, I'll take the Giants to club the pathetic Rams. Giants are a pretty decent road team, I've heard.
David Larimer: and yet, i just can't pick the rams. giants.
bielerd: I think Scott Linehan doesn't get the credit he deserves for being a terrible coach

Game preview

San Francisco (+7) at Seattle

Matt Bonesteel: Can we hurry this up. I gotta get to a tryout to become a Seahawks WR.
Matt Bonesteel: They're really impressed with my 14.10 speed in the 40.
bielerd: I'd say something but I'm distacted by the NFL networ's recap of the jets-dolphins game
Matt Bonesteel: get your hands out of your pants.
David Larimer: this game makes me sad.
bielerd: oh, favre, you are the dreamiest! anyhoo, I'll take the 49ers to keep the seahawks aerial assault in check
David Larimer: the seahawks shouldn't be favored by a touchdown over anyone. and yet....
bielerd: and by aerial assult, I men the seahawks will resort to hitting the Niners with radio antennas
Matt Bonesteel: Niners are the pick here. Hasselbeck will be like one of those lonely kids who have no friends and no father and play catch with themselves.
David Larimer: and what do the 49ers have?
bielerd: um, Vernon Davis?
Matt Bonesteel: frank gore. a crumbling stadium. sophisticated fans. glory from 20 years ago. what's not to like?
bielerd: they do have Frank Gore, who should be the best offensive player on the field
David Larimer: ok, seahawks will win, but they'll win 10-7. so i take the 49ers.

Game preview

Atlanta (+7) at Tampa Bay

bielerd: I think this is Rookie QB Road Game Comeuppance week
Matt Bonesteel: I thought that was the Ravens game?
bielerd: exactly, it's a theme
David Larimer: The Bucs' D is better than it was last week. They'll dare Ryan to beat them, and he won't be able to. Buccos.
Matt Bonesteel: Bucs. Brian Griese's glorious return to Mons Venus will spur TB to victory.
bielerd: Ryan and Flacco find things a little more difficult the second time through the order
bielerd: uh-oh, we're starting to agree again...

Game preview

MIami (+6.5) at Arizona

bielerd: I'm going to wait and see who you guys take, and go the opposite way
David Larimer: dang, you got dibbs on my strategy
Matt Bonesteel: I saw nothing in last week's game that led me to believe the Dolphins are going to be competitive, especially 3,000 miles away from home.
bielerd: you mean you saw nothing in the way the dolphins were competitive last week?
Matt Bonesteel: They couldn't even fluster a guy who hadn't completely learned the offense.
David Larimer: ok, here y'go des. i'll take the cards too.
Matt Bonesteel: Yes, I'll take the Cardinals. Good luck with the Dolphins, loser.
Matt Bonesteel: You can't do it, can you?
bielerd: they nearly won! good, I'll take the fins. Warner good for at least 2 fumbles

Game preview

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