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Rivalries over Red Herring


Ah, the red herring, rarely referenced since it's glory days in the movie "Clue," perhaps discussed over Cantonese cuisine by Mrs. Peacock, engaging in a dining room table chat with Colonel Mustard and Wadsworth over whether Marion Barber will run all over the Redskins. The answer to that mystery would be yes, on the football field and behind a weaponry of monstrous offensive lineman. We'll see whether the Redskins can withstand the blow.

Regardless, there's no red herring in Redskins vs. Cowboys and there's no smoked salmon when it comes to rivalries either. Rivalries are the essence of sports competition. It's the reason the game, which is the most important thing, is significant to the fan. There's always that extra motivation and meaning when rivals face off. Pick a season, pick a sport from the major leagues to all levels below. UNC vs. Duke. Yankees vs. Red Sox. Lakers vs. Celtics. Ohio State vs. Michigan. Army vs. Navy. Canadiens vs. Bruins. Redskins vs. Cowboys. And the list goes on ...

The pride and passion of sports rivalries can be passed along to future generations. That allows each rivalry to have its own place in sports history. It's the reason Redskins and Cowboys fans remember the Sonny Jurgensen vs. Don Meredith battles in the late 1960's, or the 1972 NFC Title game or the 1974 Thanksgiving game in Dallas.

Rivalries are the real deal. Just ask the fans of both, the eventual 1-15 NFL team and the rival it beat at RFK Stadium on November 5, 1989.

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Or how about the 'Skins holding that awesome Cowgirls running game to ONE YARD rushing in the season finale last year? Oh, yeah, I forgot, the 'Girls didn't need to win that game and the 'Skins did. Or how about that 2005 comeback in the Big D? Two fourth quarter TD passses to Santana Moss and the 'Skins beat the 'Girls 14 - 13. How about them 'Skins? Who says the rivalry is dead?

Posted by: Lee in VA | September 26, 2008 12:47 PM

Rivalries are alive and well. If you were at FedEx field as the Skins were completing a victory against Arizona last weekend all you would ahve heard was chants of "we want Dallas" rising to the rafters. Ask any Redskin fan how he/she feels when they see someone on the streets of DC wearing a Cowboy shirt. I mean, have you even been to Dallas? Go Skins!!

Posted by: Tim | September 26, 2008 4:30 PM

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