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Stick to Singing, Jessica


The rivalry between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Dallas Cowboys runs deep. For Eagles fans, there is little doubt which team invokes the most hatred and spawns daily vitriol on sports talk radio. It's not hyperbole to suggest Eagles fans would rather go 2-14 with victories over the Cowboys than reach the Super Bowl having lost twice to Dallas.

Neither side needs additional motivation when playing the other, but Jessica Simpson, celebrity girlfriend to Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, gave Eagles players just that after responding to a Philadelphia fan in the crowd yesterday on "Good Morning America."

During a post-performance interview, Simpson was discussing the Cowboys' season-opening victory over Cleveland, 28-10. Then someone in the crowd hollered "Eagles," and Simpson responded with: "That's next week, and we're gonna kick your butt too."

You just know Eagles players will have that soundbite running virtually 24-7 in their locker room. As if the Eagles and their fans aren't already sick of the preseason hype surrounding the Cowboys, now comes taunting on national TV from the girlfriend of the Cowboys' most prominent player.

You don't think that's going to give safety Brian Dawkins, for example, extra incentive to deliver a crushing blow to Romo come Monday night? It may sound ridiculous that a seemingly playful retort from Simpson could serve as motivation, but NFL players and coaches use any means necessary to gain a mental edge.

Publicly, Eagles Coach Andy Reid may call this latest Jessica Simpson episode nonsense. Or he may not dignify it with any response at all. In the locker room, however, he'll incite his charges by reminding them how they'll have a chance to quiet Cowboys nation -- Simpson included -- on national television.

Remember the Eagles did just that last season, winning, 10-6, on a night when Simpson stole TV face time by prominently displaying her pink Romo jersey while watching from the luxury seats.

Celebrity girlfriends could do well taking a lesson from Giselle Bundchen, the supermodel paramour to Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. She didn't mug for cameras while wearing a Brady jersey on game days. She didn't issue challenges to the Indianapolis Colts. She instead was not seen or heard as Brady continued to win championships and collect MVP awards.

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Hey Gene, Since your a bootlicking cowboys fan I can hardly blame you for being mad at Jessica for giving the Eagles some bullitin board ammo. You should be more worried that the boys will have enough players off parole or probation to feild a team.

Hopefully Romo will stay up all night before the game doing what any red blooded heterosexual male would do with a babe like her! Let's see if he has any legs on Sunday? HA HA Ha Ha !!!!!!Ha Ha Ha!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: donmac | September 11, 2008 2:35 PM

Speak for yourself DonMac.

I mean she's JESSICA SIMPSON. Ick. Double Ick, Ugh...And Ewwww for good measure.

And that's not counting that she's a cowboy fan. Her family tree has loop-de-loo's in it.

There ain't enough latex and viagra on the planet. Romo can have her.

Posted by: Red Blooded Hetero Male | September 11, 2008 3:11 PM

If the Igles need a quote from Jessica Simpson to motivate them, they are in more trouble than I think they are in. Which is, a lot.

Posted by: Fran | September 11, 2008 3:41 PM

If you are not going to give Jessica any credit for victory, and I am not planning on it, then she has no share of blame for a defeat. Getting sidetracked by a girlfriend when you are at work is like explaining a loss as a bad biorhythm day. Only losers have biorhythms; winners thank their mommies and daddies. If Romo is a good leader, he can think about football for three hours. Every player out there has a wife, parents, kids, or girlfriend. I can't remember Placido Domingo ever stopping in the middle of an aria to tell us about problems with his car, computer, bad food, or wife. "Professional" means concentrating on the job when it counts. If you are going to blame Jessica, remember to congratulate her for her contribution after a win, and why not congratulate the families of each of the other players? They contributed also, didn't they? Come to think of it, next time your dentist is going to be drilling, maybe you need to call his/her spouse and ask how things are at home.

Posted by: Harrison Picot | September 11, 2008 9:13 PM

I am a Cowboys fan and cannot stand the sight or sound of Jessica. Who in their right mind would want to be with a skank looking chick like her. Romo better be using protection, because if he ever fathers a child of hers, he will be tied to that nutty, celebrity seeking, no-talent family forever. What is wrong with Romo?

Posted by: Janie | September 11, 2008 9:23 PM

Hmmmm.... don't care.

Posted by: Rick | September 12, 2008 6:52 AM

The Dallas Cowboys players Have been clean dum A$$. Read the story Here on the WP. They have no players in trouble. An They Kicked the SHIP out of Philly and The helpless zorn led Washinton red heads will be crushed. Redskin fans will cry and want zorn gone after this seasons over. Cambell is an awwwful qb! a bunch of HAs-beens or never -was!

Posted by: Slapshot46 | September 18, 2008 12:32 AM

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