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NFL Playoffs Are a Diamond


Really, is there a choice here?

It wasn't always this way and (heed the warning, NFL) it may not always remain this way, but TV and the NFL perfect are perfect for each other, from the images to the tempo of the game, to the time of the year to the compact nature of the system (10 games over five days; no fuss, no muss, no rainouts). If you confess to your friends that you missed a baseball playoff game, they nod and understand and admit that, yeah, they fell asleep, too. Miss an NFL playoff game and it had better be because you had a sick relative. (Even then, hey, hospitals have TVs, you loser.)

NFL playoff games compel, command and demand total attention (even if, at the time, you're quaffing quantities of beer and socializing with friends). MLB playoff games allow you to take a nice nap or do laundry or caulk up the house for the winter (and often all three) as you check in and out ("Yep, it's still the sixth inning."). Do you ever channel surf during an NFL playoff game?

NFL playoff games are participatory. The zebras need to be told they made the wrong call, the playcalling must be challenged, the defense must be called out. Baseball playoff games allow you to take a nice nap. Or learn something new, like knitting.

Really, for now, is there any choice here?

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I have long thought that MLB is missing opportunity with their playoff format. The NFL has a wild card, a true wild card as the best team earns a bye. MLB's 'wild card' isn't the same. They need to give each 'pennant winner' a bye, and add two more teams.

Posted by: delOH | October 1, 2008 4:32 PM

I love this. No wonder the Post's baseball coverage stinks when these are the views of the Deputy Sports Editor. Cindy, only boring people get bored. Do you realize how little action there actually is in an NFL game?

Posted by: Coverage is lacking | October 1, 2008 6:49 PM

DELOH, do you realize that next year's World Series game 7 is schedule for something like Nov 5? And it's frigid at night in most of America. If you add an extra round, it'll be Nov 12, and even colder.

FYI, the "pennant" is the league championship.

Posted by: dckwanzaa | October 2, 2008 12:30 PM

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