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Zach Leibowitz

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MLB Wins, if My Team's In


Nothing beats baseball -- except for the football playoffs. Baseball is the most historic game we have, but these days the majority of Americans prefer winner take all, helmet-to-helmet, smash-mouth football within a three-hour time-frame on weekends.

So when it comes to the playoffs, NFL prevails.

Start at the top: Super Bowl or World Series? Both represent the ultimate prize with tremendous fan bases, but you never hear at the water cooler people chatting about their favorite commercials during the World Series.

Now, if your team is still alive in the Fall, then it's hard to beat the baseball playoffs because there are more games to enjoy (or suffer through) and the season can continue. The baseball season for the fan becomes its own kind of life journey, shared through generations. So when your team is fortunate enough to make the post-season, it's the ultimate sports playoff experience. Such an experience for the non-Yankee or Red Sox baseball fan can be rare and therefore easily savored.

However, for the majority of cities whose teams are long eliminated, there's much less emotional investment for the fans when it comes to watching baseball playoffs. Baseball playoffs become less interesting, tedious and ultimately easy to skip, especially during the work week. The game appears overexposed and that's when the fan wants to turn the page completely to football. That's not to say they won't watch parts of various playoff and World Series games when they're on, but it's not a priority.

Football playoffs can be watched by any fan at any time. There's no best of five or best of seven or inevitable questions of whether the series are played in a 2-3-2 or 2-2-1-1-1 format. It's one game, you know the teams, it's winner take all, there's tons at stake and it's a fun three-hour weekend social activity. You don't hear the "Hey gang, let's get together for some steaks and beer for Tuesday night's ALDS Game 4 starting at 9:00pm." But you will bring the chips and dip to your buddies place for the AFC Divisional game Sunday at 4pm.

There is nothing sweeter than the baseball playoffs when your team actually makes it. But for the majority of those out there who aren't so lucky, the football playoffs become a more entertaining and efficient way to finish off what deep-down was another season that failed short of the goalline.

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