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Artificial Advantages?

When you destroy the equity between offense and defense for ratings, the game quality suffers.

By Doug Farrar | November 29, 2008; 6:36 PM ET | Comments (0)

What the NFL Wants

Take a look at the NFL's TV ratings. The people who run the sport know what they're doing, so don't argue with them.

By Mark Maske | November 28, 2008; 10:34 AM ET | Comments (0)

High Scores = Big Bucks

The more often teams are in the red zone, the more likely the league is to be in the green.

By David Carter | November 28, 2008; 9:27 AM ET | Comments (0)

Enough Shootouts Already

If scores keep going up, why not just tune in for only the fourth quarter?

By Cindy Boren | November 28, 2008; 9:26 AM ET | Comments (4)

November 27th Winner: PEOPLE WATCHER

Vick deserved to lose everything, but when someone has served their time, do you go down to their job, where they're trying to make a legitimate living, and picket?

By TOP COMMENTER | November 27, 2008; 11:00 AM ET | Comments (5)

Don't Pick Vick

He's a 30-year-old, ex-con, public relations nightmare... but some team probably will hire him.

By Zach Leibowitz | November 26, 2008; 11:30 AM ET | Comments (17)

He Has to Earn It

Vick has to not only prove that he's fit to play, he has to prove that he's fit to represent his team and the league.

By Peter Schaffer | November 26, 2008; 3:30 AM ET | Comments (26)

We All Make Mistakes

I do think Michael will play again in the NFL. Yeah, I do.

By Dan Reeves | November 26, 2008; 3:22 AM ET | Comments (99)

Contrition Aids PR

There are second chances in life and plenty of chances in the NFL. But a team will sign Vick only if he conducts himself in a way that allows the public to forgive him.

By Mark Maske | November 26, 2008; 3:15 AM ET | Comments (5)

November 26th Winner: RICHFROMPHILLY

Yes, Donovan was miserable, but it was Reid who lost the game for us.

By TOP COMMENTER | November 25, 2008; 11:27 PM ET | Comments (1)

How 'Bout Them Cowboys?

If the Giants stumble, Dallas just might be the team to take advantage.

By Mark Maske | November 25, 2008; 5:07 PM ET | Comments (2)

Sneaky South

From the Bucs to Indy, the NFC and AFC east had better watch their rising southern rivals.

By Doug Farrar | November 25, 2008; 12:51 PM ET | Comments (0)

Coy Colts

The less understood the Colts are heading into December, the more careful opponents must be.

By Zach Leibowitz | November 25, 2008; 12:38 PM ET | Comments (1)

Colts Cruising

Don't look now, but the Indianapolis Colts are a force again.

By Gene Wang | November 25, 2008; 12:29 PM ET | Comments (1)

November 25th Winner: BROWNS FAN 1980

I feel the pain of the Bengal's fans, being a fan of a continuosly lackluster team, the Browns.

By TOP COMMENTER | November 24, 2008; 11:08 PM ET | Comments (0)

Awkward to Go Back to McNabb Now

Once Andy Reid made the move to bench his prominent veteran quarterback, right or wrong, there should have been no turning back.

By Mark Maske | November 24, 2008; 3:20 PM ET | Comments (2)

Reid Was Right

Donovan has the worst fundamentals of any quarterback I've ever seen who's at his level.

By Joe Theismann | November 24, 2008; 2:41 PM ET | Comments (12)

Looking to Lay Blame? Try Mornhinweg

The real blame lies with the play calling of offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg.

By Emil Steiner | November 24, 2008; 12:56 PM ET | Comments (4)

Heavy is the Crown

Quarterbacks always get the blame, that's why they get the most money.

By Dick Vermeil | November 24, 2008; 10:27 AM ET | Comments (6)


The Donovan McNabb era in Philadelphia ended Sunday, when Andy Reid replaced him with Kevin Kolb.

By Zach Leibowitz | November 24, 2008; 9:27 AM ET | Comments (2)

Not the Only One to Blame

It's clear that McNabb needs a change of scenery, but he doesn't deserve all the blame.

By Doug Farrar | November 24, 2008; 9:15 AM ET | Comments (1)

Character Matters

You lie down with dogs, you wake up with fleas.

By David Aldridge | November 21, 2008; 12:48 PM ET | Comments (0)

The Coach is a Keeper

Marvin Lewis should be retained. He needs a healthy Carson Palmer, and he needs full organizational support.

By Mark Maske | November 21, 2008; 12:40 PM ET | Comments (0)

Brown's "Bungals"

Who's to blame in Cincinnati? You got a couple hours to kill?

By Zach Leibowitz | November 21, 2008; 12:37 PM ET | Comments (2)

It Starts at the Top

Why should anyone on the Bengals believe that the franchise is being run by anyone with half a clue?

By Doug Farrar | November 21, 2008; 12:23 PM ET | Comments (0)

November 21st Winner: VIEW FROM THE COUCH

Despite what Mark Maske might think, being a good player never excuses poor sportsmanship.

By TOP COMMENTER | November 20, 2008; 11:31 PM ET | Comments (1)

Cue Up

Upon further review, score this one for the Team Obama.

By David Nakamura | November 20, 2008; 1:39 PM ET | Comments (2)

Go See Obama

It beats watching someone else say they're going to Disney World.

By Zach Leibowitz | November 20, 2008; 1:35 PM ET | Comments (1)

XLIII Beats 44

What's so exciting about catching pneumonia to watch a limo drive by?

By Emil Steiner | November 20, 2008; 1:04 PM ET | Comments (2)

Shut Your Mouth

Winning is tough enough already without getting the other team all riled up.

By Dan Reeves | November 19, 2008; 1:26 PM ET | Comments (0)

Depends Who's Talking

Joey Porter? Okay. Freddie Mitchell? Not okay.

By Mark Maske | November 19, 2008; 12:58 PM ET | Comments (0)

Porter Backs It Up

Porter may lead the league in pointed commentary, but he also is first in sacks.

By Gene Wang | November 19, 2008; 12:33 PM ET | Comments (1)

Keep on Talking

The Miami Dolphins franchise needs Joey Porter and all his loudness.

By Zach Leibowitz | November 19, 2008; 12:23 PM ET | Comments (0)

November 19th Winner: THEOTHERONE

Don't underestimate Pittsburgh. They're one bad snap away from being 8-2 (which would have given the mighty Giants an 8-2 record as well).

By TOP COMMENTER | November 18, 2008; 11:34 PM ET | Comments (1)

Cowboys (Yes, Cowboys)

The AFC remains wide open, even with the Titans unbeaten. It will take an NFC East team to beat the Giants.

By Mark Maske | November 18, 2008; 1:47 PM ET | Comments (0)

Could Be the Colts

Watch out for Indy in the AFC and Washington in the NFC.

By Carl Banks | November 18, 2008; 1:38 PM ET | Comments (2)

Panthers and Ravens

Nobody knows better then the G-men what it means upset a juggernaut.

By Doug Farrar | November 18, 2008; 12:28 PM ET | Comments (1)

Fox and the Genius

Jets and Panthers are on the prowl.

By Zach Leibowitz | November 18, 2008; 12:21 PM ET | Comments (0)

November 11th-18th Winner: GETTYLEIGH

Though gamblers lost out, what's really disturbing is that those extra 7 points may hurt the Steelers come playoff time.

By TOP COMMENTER | November 17, 2008; 6:13 PM ET | Comments (0)

A Win-Win Fix

Wouldn't the NFL be even more exciting if there was a college-type overtime format?

By Emil Steiner | November 17, 2008; 3:19 PM ET | Comments (1)

If It Ain't Broke...

There's no body of evidence that says we need to change it.

By Charley Casserly | November 17, 2008; 1:53 PM ET | Comments (0)

Just Not Fair

If you're on the sidelines and you battle your ass off to win the football game, you hate to see the game decided by a coin toss.

By Dick Vermeil | November 17, 2008; 1:38 PM ET | Comments (0)

They Deserved It

Someone tell Donovan McNabb that you can tie a game. After that, let's not worry about it any more.

By Mark Maske | November 17, 2008; 12:33 PM ET | Comments (0)

Keep the Ties

The NFL's OT system, while controversial, isn't as bad as it appears.

By Zach Leibowitz | November 17, 2008; 12:15 PM ET | Comments (4)

Worth Watching Again

Having Romo back is not a guarantee for the Cowboys. But at least they have a chance now.

By Mark Maske | November 16, 2008; 12:17 PM ET | Comments (0)

Dallas Done

Remember, the Cowboys lost as many games with Romo starting as they did when he was out for three games with a broken pinkie.

By Gene Wang | November 14, 2008; 12:53 PM ET | Comments (6)

Only Remember December

Cowboys will get this turned around, and make the playoffs

By Jim Fassel | November 14, 2008; 10:57 AM ET | Comments (1)

Portis the Difference?

To me, it comes down to this one game for the Cowboys and if Clinton Portis plays for the Redskins, I don't think the Cowboys win it.

By Randy Cross | November 14, 2008; 10:55 AM ET | Comments (0)

Tough Sledding

Cowboys have an uphill battle if they want to make the playoffs.

By Joe Theismann | November 14, 2008; 10:52 AM ET | Comments (0)

Don't Believe the Hype

Hottest, no. Most over hyped, perhaps.

By Emil Steiner | November 13, 2008; 4:55 PM ET | Comments (0)

Sure Feels Like It

This game has got all the trappings.

By Jim Fassel | November 13, 2008; 2:27 PM ET | Comments (0)

More Than Spygate

This one is right up there. It's got the most recent acidic history.

By Randy Cross | November 13, 2008; 12:40 PM ET | Comments (0)

It's Ali Without Frazier

The Pats are fighting Gerry Cooney and waiting for the "real guy" (Indy) to show up.

By Doug Farrar | November 13, 2008; 12:32 PM ET | Comments (0)

Pats Yes, Jets No

the Jets to get to that point, they need to actually beat New England

By Zach Leibowitz | November 13, 2008; 12:30 PM ET | Comments (0)

This One Is Personal

I'm not a big believer in true rivalries in today's NFL. But Pats-Jets is different, thanks to the dynamic between Belichick and Mangini.

By Mark Maske | November 13, 2008; 12:30 PM ET | Comments (0)

Not Yet

He's certainly my comeback player of the year, but it's too early to call him MVP.

By Joe Theismann | November 12, 2008; 2:34 PM ET | Comments (0)

It's Warner, For Now

Brees has bigger numbers. Collins has more wins. There are other candidates, too. But Warner is most reponsible for his team having success.

By Mark Maske | November 12, 2008; 12:58 PM ET | Comments (0)

Collins Not Warner

But I'm sure he's still number one in Brenda's book.

By David Aldridge | November 12, 2008; 12:14 PM ET | Comments (0)

In the Hunt, but Not a Lock

At this point, I'd say he's in the running with Clinton Portis and Albert Haynesworth

By Doug Farrar | November 12, 2008; 12:12 PM ET | Comments (0)

Warner Warning - He's Back

Warner is in fact the MVP to date in '08

By Zach Leibowitz | November 12, 2008; 12:09 PM ET | Comments (0)

It's Pretty Amazing

Aikman didn't win as a rookie starter. Peyton Manning didn't. But Flacco and Ryan are. Who would have thought it possible?

By Mark Maske | November 11, 2008; 2:45 PM ET | Comments (0)

Thank Their Teams

It's about right spot, right time.

By Charley Casserly | November 11, 2008; 12:11 PM ET | Comments (0)

All Quarterbacks Need Help

Before we hold the coronation, consider that the all-time rookie W-L runners-up through nine games are Kyle Boller and Rick Mirer.

By Doug Farrar | November 11, 2008; 12:07 PM ET | Comments (0)

Ups and Downs of Rooks

can teams win with rookie quarterbacks? Yes, but the question is for how long.

By Zach Leibowitz | November 11, 2008; 11:35 AM ET | Comments (0)

November 4th-11th Winner: VINGOLD

The terrible traffic at Fed Ex Field was as much of a fan killer as the terrible towels were last Monday.

By TOP COMMENTER | November 10, 2008; 4:27 PM ET | Comments (0)

It's Closer Than It's Been

The NFC South and AFC East are close. At least for now, though, it's still the NFC East.

By Mark Maske | November 10, 2008; 12:19 PM ET | Comments (0)

NFC South, Just Barely

The NFC South is the best division in football by a whisker over the NFC East.

By Gene Wang | November 10, 2008; 11:05 AM ET | Comments (9)

NFC East: Still King

Even the worst team in the division can hang with the best teams in football.

By Emil Steiner | November 10, 2008; 11:04 AM ET | Comments (1)

NFL Rises East, Sets West

With inclusion for all, let's take a look at all eight divisions and rank them from top to bottom.

By Zach Leibowitz | November 10, 2008; 11:03 AM ET | Comments (0)

Falcons Spent Wisely

The big-money free agent signings usually don't seem to work out. But this one is, at least so far.

By Mark Maske | November 7, 2008; 3:03 PM ET | Comments (1)

Finding Free Agent Gems

The teams that succeed in free agency are the ones that find solid players at fair prices

By Peter Schaffer | November 7, 2008; 12:40 PM ET | Comments (1)

The Haynesworth Franchise

He's doing more for his team than any other player whose long-term contract outlook has been undecided this season.

By Doug Farrar | November 7, 2008; 12:08 PM ET | Comments (5)

Scott and LaBoy

I've got two free agent signings that no one really paid attention to, but have helped their teams a lot this season.

By Floyd Reese | November 7, 2008; 12:07 PM ET | Comments (2)

Day Two Drafting Key

The NFL draft is a crap shoot but the teams that excel on the second day are usually the teams that play into January each year.

By Peter Schaffer | November 6, 2008; 1:10 PM ET | Comments (2)

Forte For Sure

He's not only their leading rusher, but also their leading receiver.

By Floyd Reese | November 6, 2008; 12:43 PM ET | Comments (1)

It's Horton, That's Who

There have been some productive 2nd- and 3rd-rounders, for sure. But for a late 7th-round pick to have played well, that's doing something.

By Mark Maske | November 6, 2008; 12:27 PM ET | Comments (5)

All Along the Hightower

Hightower is the key to Arizona's newfound relevance as a franchise.

By Doug Farrar | November 6, 2008; 12:27 PM ET | Comments (2)

Force with Forte

Forget DeSean Jackson, Matt Forte has already begun to heal the disappointment of the Benson debacle in Chicago.

By Zach Leibowitz | November 6, 2008; 12:18 PM ET | Comments (1)

Win and They'll Come

If you put together a good team and play good football, most of those other things will usually take care of themselves

By Bobby Beathard | November 5, 2008; 4:06 PM ET | Comments (0)

Give Fans a Reason

It's tough to blame a team that was 6-2 entering the game, but you have to win consistently over time to inspire absolute fan loyalty.

By Mark Maske | November 5, 2008; 1:37 PM ET | Comments (0)

Yinzers to Cowpokes?

It's up to the Redskins Nation to say, "Yes, We Can!"

By Doug Farrar | November 5, 2008; 1:02 PM ET | Comments (0)

Terrible Housing Issues

Washington's fans sold their tickets fast and furiously -- FedEx style

By Zach Leibowitz | November 5, 2008; 1:01 PM ET | Comments (12)

Vote Election

I never thought I'd care more about an election than my team . . . until now.

By Gene Wang | November 4, 2008; 5:13 PM ET | Comments (0)

You Cannot Be Serious

Don't minimize the importance of winning the White House, just because the pundits use sports cliches to cover the campaigns.

By Cindy Boren | November 4, 2008; 12:46 PM ET | Comments (0)

Pick Your Candidate, Please

Sports do matter. But this election matters more.

By Mark Maske | November 4, 2008; 12:44 PM ET | Comments (1)

Super Day

I'll take winning the Super Bowl for $1000, Alex.

By Zach Leibowitz | November 4, 2008; 12:40 PM ET | Comments (1)

Stick to Sports, Please

Stick to what you do. If ESPN does that tonight, everything will be okay.

By Mark Maske | November 3, 2008; 1:42 PM ET | Comments (2)

Bummer Boomer Vote

This guy should not be hosting NFL Countdown anymore let alone chatting with two presidential hopefuls.

By Zach Leibowitz | November 3, 2008; 1:29 PM ET | Comments (1)

Belichick in the Big Chair

He's the ultimate cool practitioner of realpolitik.

By Sally Jenkins | November 2, 2008; 10:42 AM ET | Comments (2)

Gridiron Election Map

Why campaign issues should matter to football fans.

By George Allen | November 1, 2008; 11:39 PM ET | Comments (20)

Dungy-Manning White House

Talk about a dream ticket.

By Gene Wang | November 1, 2008; 3:16 PM ET | Comments (1)

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