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Dick Vermeil

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Don't even mention Donovan McNabb, quarterbacks always get the blame. That's why they get the most money, it's common throughout the league.

In terms of benching him for the second half, I would never second guess a coach's move. Only Eagles Head Coach Andy Reid is close enough to make a move like that. He knows the team and what's going on. I will say that moves like that can be effective. Whether this one will be permanent, we'll see.

The Eagles shouldn't give up on Reid or McNabb though. They haven't been successful running the ball all year. They're running back, Brian Westbrook, has been injured most of the season. And they've lost a number of close games they should have won. That switches your momentum from winning to losing. Had they won, it would have gone the other way.

In Philadelphia, they either love you or hate you. Right now McNabb is going through the hate. But I think he'll fight his way through it. He's got a lot of character, a strong arm, a lot of talent -- he'll bounce back. A lot of great quarterbacks have been benched. Look at Kurt Warner, you know? He got benched and now he should be the MVP.

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Philly fans have been done with McNabb and Fuzzilylip for 2-3 seasons. The TO thing destroyed the fans loyalty to Reid and the FO, showed them to be cheep for not wanting to pay Owens. Then McNabb was hurt and hurt and hurt.

Posted by: Alex35332 | November 24, 2008 11:30 AM

C'mon coach, grow a pair and call it like you see it. Reid is now firmly in the "terrible coach" group.

Posted by: Scoop | November 24, 2008 4:14 PM

Coach Vermiel, let's stop all of this ongoing binary nonsense that Philly fans either "love you or they hate you." Like anywhere else, in Philly there is a whole range of appreciation for an athlete or a coach. Regarding McNabb and Reid, many (not all) fans are tired of the Groundhog Day scene. We keep seeing the same mistakes repeated and the same tired faux-sincere postgame talk about taking responsibility, "making plays," and working harder. Reid continues with very questionable play calling and game management, and McNabb continues to rifle the ball at receiver's shoelaces. They need to fix it or move over.

Posted by: coolbeap | November 24, 2008 4:56 PM

Mr. Vermeil,

No kidding, you're a great guy and a great coach.

But you have a lot to learn about grammer and spelling: Jeeze- you have to be kidding, right?

Posted by: ASG | November 24, 2008 6:02 PM

You are right Coach, QB's do get the blame, so do referee's. I remember the 1980 Super Bowl that you coached. Jaworski missed two wide open Receivers who would have both scored touchdowns that may have won Philly the game, who do we blame on that one?

Also, the most game changing "non-call of the game was that 80 yard touchdown pass from Plunkett to Kenny King. Watch the play again and see if you can pick out the holding on the offensive line. As the play starts Plunkett rolls out to his right, sees nothing open, then starts to roll to his left, one of the hugh Defensive Tackles sees Plunkett coming his way and is about to tackle him, when the Offensive lineman grabs him (with both hands) in the front of his jersey and pulls him straight to the ground. In the background is an Official, hands on knees watching what was happening as he swallows his whistle. That play was a game changer.

Posted by: J. Matson | November 25, 2008 10:34 AM

J. Matson: You are on my Awesome list. There are fair-weather fans, and their are middling fans, and then there is You. J-friggin'-awesome-Matson. Way to support your team!

Oh, and Hail to the Redskins! MY TEAM!

Posted by: ProfWrightBSU | November 25, 2008 1:19 PM

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