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What they told me about the history of overtime is that it was put in, obviously, to eliminate ties. I'm assuming they went for one period of overtime instead of more because they didn't want to extend players any further physically in a regular season game. No one ever told me that. I'm just assuming that part.

The coin toss, you also put that in to eliminate ties. The alternative is that each team is ensured of getting the ball once in overtime, so the coin toss is to help eliminate ties. NFL Europe once put in a rule where each team was ensured of getting the ball once in overtime. I don't remember what the outcome was, but I don't think it was all that conclusive.

I don't remember it [the possibility of eliminating ties in regular season games] being discussed even once in my 17 years as a general manager.

My feeling is let's keep it the way it is. If you're going to change a rule, let's make sure there's a body of evidence that we're doing the right thing. That's what we always said. One tie in six years? I would keep it the way we're doing it right now. There's no body of evidence that says we need to change it.

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