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November 4th-11th Winner: VINGOLD



"Along with my brother, I've been a season ticket holder since Fed Ex Field opened.
This isn't limited to just Steelers games. Any of the NFC East games always have huge fan bases in the stands and it pisses me off.
I was invited to a Redskins-Jets game a number of years ago up in New Jersey. I was respectful of my hosts and I didn't wear my customary jersey.
However, during a good play by the Redskins I got up and cheered without thinking. There was only a smattering of us Redskin fans in the stands. As I was cheering, a Jets fan a few rows back and several feet to my right stood up - got my attention - and sternly, but somewhat politely, told me to "Sit the F*** down".
That would never fly at Fed Ex Field where most of the time other teams seem to have more passionate fans than the Redskin fans do.
People talk about establishing a "Winning Tradition" and the fans will come.
But this team was a play-off team last year, and up until Monday had one of the best records in the entire NFL. Plus it had a quarterback who had not thrown an interception and the leagues leading rusher. How much more winning do you need?
I think traffic and a Monday night game is part of it.
I like that the stadium is close to me (I live in AA county) but I do think it is a big deterrent to a lot of people.
I work in Fairfax and it took me 2 hours to get home Monday night (my brother went to the game) - it was bumper to bumper on most of the beltway heading toward the stadium.
I also think a lot of season tickets are held by brokers (I know the 4 or 5 behind me are) and that in the age of Internet these seats are bought by a lot of fans from other teams.
Plus, DC is an area where a lot of people who live here - didn't grow up here. So their loyalties lie with their hometown teams.
Lastly, I think too many people have season tickets as merely a status symbol - with really no real connection to the Redskins.
Watching from home Monday night - I was disgusted (even before the game looked lost).
When neither my brother or I can make it to a game - we give/sell our tickets to people we know are Redskin fans - or we let the seats go empty.
Unless you do the same, don't claim to be a fan of the team."

Vingold|November 6, 2008 12:16 PM

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