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Bummer Boomer Vote


The election needs to be held today, not tomorrow. If Americans went to the polls tonight, then we'd be spared Chris Berman "interviewing" John McCain and Barack Obama.

We'd be spared questions like: "So, John, will the GOP be heading back back back back to the White House for four more years?"

"So, Barack, if you win, will you and Michelle celebrate by watching the ABBA hit, ObamaMia?"

Seriously, this guy should not be hosting NFL Countdown, let alone chatting with two presidential hopefuls on the eve of one of the most critical election in our nation's history.

When it comes to football and politics, forget Berman's influence, the focus should be on the Steelers and Redskins. The "myth" has it that if the Redskins win at home on the weekend before Election Day, the incumbant party wins the presidential election. History shows this to be accurate in every election since 1936, except for the most recent one in 2004. Sort of loses its luster then, huh? That season, the Redskins lost 28-14 to the visiting Green Bay Packers. And the incumbent party remained in power.

Couple tips for Boomer. First, you are not the show and you are not running for president. Try to act like you understand that. Second, much less is more.
The attempts to connect biblical McCain and Abel or Ritchie Valens' La Obama is just pushing it. Let people enjoy what should be an exciting and competitive battle of two soon-to-be playoff teams and leave the politics for tomorrow. Haven't most people already decided who they're voting for yet? If not, isn't there something wrong with the idea that Berman is factoring into how history is decided tomorrow?

At the end of the day, it all makes sense -- free advertising for candidates who have spent stimulus package-type money on this election. Millions and millions of people will be watching and the hope is that the still undecided will finally make their minds up once and for all.

Maybe that decision is for McCain, maybe it's for Obama. But it should have nothing to do with Boomer and his antics. He should stick to his position as the long-time, incumbent NFL host on ESPN. And he should embrace it. Because sooner rather than later he will face a challenger of his own. Now that would be a halftime show.

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Geez, So much for unbiased reporting! I thought Chris Berman was going to ask McCain to father his children, right on MNF! It's too bad you can't even watch a football game without having to witness some right wingnut adrenalin pumped mutual love orgy in progress. You could almost count the drool lines on Berman's blue silk tie, after his "interview" with McCain.

Posted by: Doowadiddy | November 4, 2008 7:44 AM

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