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Cindy Boren

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You Cannot Be Serious



It's a sign of the jackassification of America by the sports world that this is even a question. I want to reply, "Ddduuuuuuuuuuuude, gaaaaaaaaahhhhhh, waaaaaaahhhhhhhhh, Sawx/Cards/Yanks/Titans/Giants/Redskins/Niners/Pistons/, whhhhoooooooooaaaaaaaaaa...duuuuuuuuude....waaaaaahhhhh..."

Don't get me wrong. I love the sports world. It has been terrific to me, fed me, clothed me, put a roof over my head and enabled me to refuse to grow up.

But in no way would I ever trade a sports championship for the presidency. Maybe this is just my plummeting 401k talking, but even I am not so immature as to argue that a World Series title for my team outweighs the genuine suffering of people and the problems that this country faces.

Please. In this one, sports does not have home-field advantage.

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