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Peyton's Body of Work


If you were the AFC and had to pick your starting QB for the Pro Bowl, who would you select? I'll give you three choices.

QB # 1: 3,515 yards passing, 28 TD, 11 INT with a 101.4 QB rating.

QB # 2: 3,543 yards passing, 23 TD, 12 INT with a 90.3 QB rating.

QB # 3: 3,052 yards passing, 21 TD, 17 INT with an 86.5 QB rating.

Ok, the choice is yours.

At first glance, you would probably eliminate QB # 3. So let's hereby declare that Brett Favre should not be the starting AFC QB in the Pro Bowl.

Now let's look at the other two contenders. Well, going on head-to-head statistics, you would probably lean towards QB # 1. He's got more TD's thrown and a higher passing rating.

Now let's throw in some other fun little football nuggets. QB #1's team is 6-8 this season and will miss the playoffs. They will go the entire season without having ever been over the .500 mark.

QB #2's team is 10-4 and on a seven-game winning streak. He will be leading his team to its seventh straight playoff appearance -- one of which resulted in a Super Bowl title.

Ok, now which QB would you deem worthy of starting the Pro Bowl?

Unlike all other major sports, the NFL's all-star game comes after the season ends. That offers a chance to look at a player's complete body of work for that year. It enables a player to be evaluated less on just statistics, and more on what those numbers have meant for his team.

I'm sure QB # 1 would trade his statistics with QB # 2 if it meant they could also switch team records heading into Week 16.

The decision to start QB # 2 in the Pro Bowl is the right one. He deserves it given his performance and his team's performance in this season alone.

That's the ultimate reason why QB # 2 is starting the Pro Bowl and Philip Rivers is not.

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