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Please tell me he wasn't this stupid.

Please tell me this $35 million-dollar, Super Bowl champion didn't completely ruin his career by "packing heat" before heading to some midtown Manhattan nightclub, only to accidentally shoot himself in the thigh.

You can't make this up. When I first read about the incident I could just anticipate the headlines: "Bullets over Broadway," "Burrested," "Personal Foul," "Giant Moron," "The Heat is on."

So apparently he had a thick wad of cash and some expensive jewelry on, so carrying the gun was his form of protection. Brilliant. 'Cause only good things can happen in that type of scenario. When I used to hit the nightclub scene the only form of protection I brought was a couple breath mints.

Though I wonder, can you get better bottle service if you carry a weapon? Hmmm.

I have an idea Plax, how about you leave the wad of cash and jewelry at home. Then you won't need to bring your unlicensed gun to a club. Then you won't shoot yourself, get arrested and be deemed an idiot by society.

How hard is it to spend the night with your wife and baby boy without getting a temporary restraining order?

It's all so sad and stupid and it doesn't make any sense.

So the question is whether this is good riddance for Plaxico Burress.

Let me take that proverbial "shot in the dark."


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You said it, Zach. Good riddance, Plaxico. I guess it wasn't enough to shoot yourself in the ass with your mouth, you had to shoot your leg with a gun, eh?

Posted by: Joel Giants Fan | December 1, 2008 3:19 PM

on one hand I feel sorry for the guy...he makes a ton of money, he's young, an athlete in his prime...he *is* a prime target but he *does* have a right to have a nightlife...

on the other hand...

This is just plain stupid.

Aside from shooting himself in the leg. That's stupid beyond comment.

But to take an unlicensed concealed weapon into a nightclub? Does the guy not read the papers? Does he simply not care? Is he just plain flat f-ing STUPID?

Sometimes you just have to say that a guy deserves what is happening to him.

Posted by: jfc1 | December 2, 2008 2:30 AM

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