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In Response to: Can the Eagles Count on Reid

As a lifelong die-hard Philly fan, I'm somewhat conflicted. I hear so many of "my people" say we would be better off without Andy Reid and/or Donovan McNabb. Let me remind you that there was a contingent of Philly fans ready to run Charlie Manuel out of town after the Phils got dumped in the divisional round of the 2007 playoffs. Today, he's the most loved sports coach in the city. It's amazing what a trophy will do to fix a tarnished image.

I challenge you to ask yourself one question.

Who out there is a better option than what we've got right now?

For Andy Reid??? Bill Cowher??? He wants John Fox's job in Carolina. Steve Spagnolo??? We already have a defensive genius on staff.

For Donovan??? Kevin Kolb??? Please... He's looked awful in every situation he's been in. He looked bad in pre-season and he's stinking the joint up in his mop up opportunities. Matt Cassell??? The Pats are gonna franchise him or trade him for a big return.

Think long and hard, I doubt you'll find a viable alternative for either post. We Philly fans are a passionate, demanding bunch and have shown on more than one occasion that we are not to be taken lightly. For the record, we did not boo Santa as the media loves to report. We booed a drunken fool dressed in a Santa costume. The guy could barely stand up and deserved all the venom the fans could send his way. We love our teams when they are doing well and we let them know what we're thinking when there doing poorly. I believe J-Roll called it frontrunning. We call it passion. We expect our teams to give as much for us as we give for them.

A few years ago, The Post insulted Redskins fans with their "Bandwagon" columns every week. The Skins are the only DC team with a tried and true, die-hard fanbase. Like Philly fans, they show up in good times and bad.

Where were all the die-hard Caps fans a few years ago? Nowhere to be found. All of the sudden the team is winning and has arguably the best player on the ice today and everyone is ready to "Rock the Red". I was at the Caps-Flyers game the other night and for the first time in longer than I can remember, there were more Caps fans than Flyers fans. Where were these "fans" 3 years ago? In case you were wondering Post writers, there's your bandwagon.

The media needs to stop dumping on Philly fans and reminding the world about a fanbase the booed a drunken idiot making a fool of himself and a mockery of Santa. Most teams would love to have a fanbase the likes of Philly, New York, Boston, Chicago or Detroit. I guess since the other city's fans didn't boo Santa, they're not as bad as we are.

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