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Kornheiser: Brett May Come Back

Tony Kornheiser says don't bet the ranch on Brett Favre staying retired.

By Kornheiser & Wilbon | February 12, 2009; 4:06 PM ET | Comments (0)

Very, Very Good But Not The Best

Favre is in the lower part of my all-time top 10 QBs.

By Mark Maske | February 12, 2009; 12:15 PM ET | Comments (1)

Favre Vexes Me

I'd certainly put Favre in the top 10, but number one? Nope.

By David Aldridge | February 12, 2009; 10:36 AM ET | Comments (3)

Top 10, Not Top 5

His star is clearly tainted and tarnished by the complete bungling of his exit from Green Bay in 2007.

By Peter Schaffer | February 12, 2009; 9:04 AM ET | Comments (6)

Can We End This Hostage Crisis Already?

Favre's an old man who only cares about himself. There are at least five quarterbacks of his era I'd rather have under center.

By Dan Levy | February 12, 2009; 8:56 AM ET | Comments (5)

A Complicated Legacy

He wasn't a superhero, but he was one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time.

By Doug Farrar | February 12, 2009; 8:29 AM ET | Comments (0)

Favre's Numbers Lie

Forget top 10 Favre may not even be the best quarterback in Packers history.

By Gene Wang | February 12, 2009; 8:16 AM ET | Comments (17)

Lesser of (Four) Evils

In a division like that, with a born-again quarterback and the best receiver in the league, I don't see how they won't be the favorite to win.

By Dan Levy | February 11, 2009; 6:36 AM ET | Comments (0)

Outlook Not So Good

I think Whisenhunt is the real deal, but I wonder about his judgment if he had to fire two assistants after they made the Super Bowl.

By David Aldridge | February 11, 2009; 6:10 AM ET | Comments (1)

Odds Stacked Against Cards

Departures, dissension and disgust appear rampant in the Cardinals organization. That combination signals nothing but disaster for next season.

By Gene Wang | February 11, 2009; 6:01 AM ET | Comments (0)

Can the Cardinals Repeat/Compete

After losing the Super Bowl will the Arizona Cardinals make the playoffs in 2009? You decide.

By Reader Poll | February 11, 2009; 5:33 AM ET | Comments (3)

Drugs Were Baseball's Lifeboat

Drugs had the power to do for baseball what nothing else could: make it exciting again.

By Sean McCann | February 10, 2009; 2:42 AM ET | Comments (0)

Drugs were baseball's lifeboat

From almost the beginning, the NFL treated its drug problem with some respect, as a threat to the integrity of its extremely popular and lucrative product. Major League Baseball treated performance-enhancing drugs like a golden goose during a lean winter....

By Sean McCann | February 10, 2009; 2:42 AM ET | Comments (0)

February 9th Winner: DELOH

Was Bonds a jerk toward the media? Sure, but never underestimate the power of the pen, especially when the pen is used while grinding axes.

By TOP COMMENTER | February 9, 2009; 11:11 PM ET | Comments (0)

Baseball Is History and History Is Passé

Baseball, like our current economy, has been run as an institution that thought itself impervious to decay and decline.

By Jim McCormick | February 9, 2009; 2:36 PM ET | Comments (1)


The NFL long ago passed the threshold of plausibility, to where it now requires a healthy suspension of belief to enjoy it.

By Dave Sheinin | February 9, 2009; 12:54 PM ET | Comments (4)

MLB Records Sacred

Two reasons, baseball records are sacred and steroids helps less in football.

By Barry Svrluga | February 9, 2009; 11:56 AM ET | Comments (5)

NFL Made an Effort

The NFL had a testing program and discipline years ago. Baseball didn't. That's the difference.

By Mark Maske | February 9, 2009; 11:45 AM ET | Comments (2)

Baseball or Circus?

At best, Bud Selig's reaction to the issue of performance enhancing drugs was slow and simple, at worst it was fraudulent.

By Emil Steiner | February 9, 2009; 11:41 AM ET | Comments (2)

American Gladiators v American History

Baseball is American history. And history never forgets a cheater.

By Dan Levy | February 9, 2009; 9:00 AM ET | Comments (0)

Football is Visceral, Baseball is Pastoral

The ground rules are different. They shouldn't be, but they are.

By Doug Farrar | February 9, 2009; 8:22 AM ET | Comments (0)

It's All About Expectations

Because they risk so much, football players get much more leeway when it comes to testing positive for banned substances.

By Gene Wang | February 9, 2009; 8:00 AM ET | Comments (1)

Base Bawl

When are forced to admit that baseball is not the idyllic game we've long thought it to be, we lose a piece of our own innocence.

By Zach Leibowitz | February 9, 2009; 7:09 AM ET | Comments (0)

February 8th Winner: OZPUNK

Moving the Pro Bowl to a different place might save the NFL money but it will diminish interest in players. Who wants to go to Detroit in February to play a meaningless football game?

By TOP COMMENTER | February 8, 2009; 10:37 PM ET | Comments (1)

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